The Pryor Y-DNA Project and the FTDNA General Fund

The Pryor surname project on their General Fund. The donations are made by Pryor researchers and FTDNA holds the funds as a credit toward testing. Donations can be earmarked for specific testers or for specific Pryor lines.

Here’s an example: Say you’re a female Pryor who needs to reach out to a distant cousin to test. You can make a donation for all or part of the cost of a test kit and write a public “note” designating where the funds should go.

Here’s another example: Say you’re Pryor descendant and you’re female so you can’t take the Y-DNA test, but you want to locate a distant cousin who can test. You can make a donation and write a “note” designating who can be assisted for testing.

This works very well. How do I know? I made my donation and earmarked it toward a test kit for a Pryor from the line of David Pryor of Buckingham County, VA (d. 1804).

About Donations to the General Fund:

  • Donations are to further male Y-DNA testing for the Pryor Project
  • No money changes hands between donor and tester – it’s a credit held by FTDNA
  • You can be anonymous
  • The donor can earmark which Pryor line the donation will assist
  • The donor can make a general donation to assists any tester for the Pryor Project
  • “Notes” are public, so be careful what you say
  • A list of donations is visible online

Why is the General Fund Important?

1) If you’re a woman researcher this is a way to assist a male Pryor to test for your line.

2) Testing is expensive (no doubt!), a little extra help may help to sway a reluctant tester.

3) Putting up money for testing shows the Pryors are serious about finding new, and specific testers.

4) If you designate a tester, it makes you think about who will help to demonstrate relationships among your Pryors.

5) If you designate a tester, it makes you recheck your paper trail and also confirm the paper trail of your projected tester.


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More on The Murder of Beverly Pryor

I obtained a copy of the article on the racetrack death of Beverly Pryor which was published 17 May 1836 in The Democrat (Huntsville). It doesn’t add anything to ID this Pryor (see earlier post), however there is an extra paragraph of commentary– Almost 180 years ago “gun control” had entered the dialog in the US.

Comment upon this melancholy rencoutre is not, we presume, called for from us. One remark, however, we cannot refrain from making. The practice which is becoming so common, of carrying pistols and knives, cannot be too much condemned. If public sentiment does not restrain the strong arm of the law ought to be brought in to put it down.

History is interesting. It’s interesting that the commentary was run in the Alabama paper and by the time the story had made it’s way to the Gettysburg, PA newspaper, the commentary was discarded. I don’t know the history of the time so I don’t know if there was a difference of sentiment in the North vs the South (it was 25 years before the Civil War). Or did the PA paper have limited space and they cut the only paragraph that didn’t give details of the murder?

While this may be something for historians to ponder, genealogy researchers should always look for the difference in news articles… one paper may print a more complete article while another many carry an edited version.  Read each article…. you never know what you may be missing.

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1907 Suit Lists Heirs to Gaston Co., NC Pryor

lawsuit2I came across this 1907 lawsuit and I’m passing it on NC researchers. It may be useful to your research because it names lots of Pryor heirs. Yea, you’ll have to keep scrolling to get through this long list of names. This is a suit published 3 Dec 1907 in the Gastonia Gazette.

Notice of Summons

North Carolina
Gaston County
Superiour Court Before the Clerk

O.C. Pryor and J. M. McIntosh, administrator of the estate of Euphemia Pryor, deceased.
Mrs. Sophia Shuford (I think this is the sister of Euphemia Pryor)
Albert Sifford
Wiley Sifford
Mrs. Ellen Sifford
Mrs. Maggie Pryor
Lula Sifford
Julia Sifford
Lucy Sifford
George Sifford
John Sifford
Pinkney Sifford
Mrs. W. Edwards
Mrs. Martha J. Hart and her husband
Wiley Pryor
Asbury Pryor
Robert Pryor
Luther Pryor
Will Pryor
Hilton Thomas
Wiley Nance
Frank Nance
Mrs. Julia Dugerhart and her husband
Mrs. Euphemia Goodson and her husband
John Nance
Bill Nance
Mrs. Fanny Dugerhart and her husband
J. C. Pryor
Douglas Harris
J. E. Pryor
Mrs. Anna Wilkins and her husband
Janie Epton and her husband
Haynes Harris
Mrs Beulah Nelson and her husband
S W Pryor


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