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Charles R Pryor b. 1832 in Brunswick County, VA


Time to dot an “i” and cross a “t” in the Virginia Pryor families.  Charles R. Pryor was a physician, a newspaper editor, and a high-ranking member of the Confederate government. http://tennesseepryors.com/texas-pryors/mid-19th-century-pryors-in-dallas-tx/

Charles all but disappeared after the Civil War. In 1880 he was living in Kentucky in a Shaker community. I can’t believe it… I found his death record which sheds more light on his later years.

He died 26 August 1882 in City Hospital in Boston, MA. He was buried in Gloucester, MA (cemetery not recorded), The MA death record states he was a resident of Louisville, KY and his occupation was a “reporter”.  He was 50 years old and of course, born in VA.

Mr. Pryor Shot Mr. Green in 1875 – Waco, TX News Report

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It was reported in the October 11, 1875 in The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) that a Mr. Pryor indicted Mr. Green in a magistrates court for obtaining money under false pretenses. Afterwards Mr. Green and his witness, a Mr. Evans tried to assault Pryor but were stopped by the police. Later that same evening they found Pryor again and this time he pulled out a gun and shot Evans dead. Pryor turned himself in to the police in the morning.

When I first started reading news stories about the Pryors I noticed that some reports were in papers far from the actual event.  I wondered if that was because the parties involved were from the area originally. Possibly. However I see that newspaper editors were subscribing to and reading other news reports– eventually re-printing them much in the same way (but not exactly) the AP syndicates news stories.

The most interesting part of the report was that Pryor, Green, and Evans were brothers-in-law. Sad to know this may have been a family dispute.

A report in The Waco Examiner stated that Evans was shot and killed and that J. S. Pryor escaped (see report).

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Murder of Sally Pryor in Rusk County, TX (1902)

The death of the widow Sallie Pryor was reported in The Liberty Vindicator. The story states Mrs. Pryor was aged 50 when she was shot by a stray bullet when her brother in law Robert Pryor Jr. was out bird hunting. She was in her garden about 200 yards from where the shot was fired. The report contained no information of a police investigation, inquest or any other criminal proceedings.

There was a Prior family on the 1880 Census in nearby Cherokee County, TX. Perhaps this is Robert Sr.

Dist. 11, page 286, house 64/64 Robt. PRYOR 50 farmer SC SC SC, M. P. wife 43 AL TN SC, J. J. son 26 AL SC AL, J. T. son 21 AL SC AL, M. J. daughter 16 TX SC AL, R. son 18 TX SC AL, B. F. son 11 TX SC AL, C. A. son 8 TX SC AL, E. A. Delaney 14 step daughter TX AL AL, R. M. Wier boarder 43 school teacher MS VA KY.

Does anyone have more information on this family or what happened?

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1842 – Benjamin W. Pryor of Robertson County, TN

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If you’re looking for Benjamin W. Pryor who may have been in Nashville and later in Tipton County, and definitely on the 1850 Census in Ellis Co., TX – I may have found another record of him. There’s a Benjamin W. Pryor recorded in 1842 on a document titled “Report of Unconditional Certificates Issued by The Board of Land Comrs. (Commissioners?) for Robertson County.” The certificate was issued in August 1842 and the amount of acres was left blank.
https://familysearch.org/photos/documents/3962510?p=1580303 The witnesses on the transaction were John West and James Lane.

Originally published in the Waxahachie Enterprise, on May 31, 1889 are the Reminiscences of Robert Mayfield. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txellis/mayfld.htm
Mayfield states that Benjamin W. Pryor was one of the early settlers of Ellis County. He also recounted a story that When a Mr. Sterrett married, “In order to claim his bride, he had to go to Franklin, in Robertson County, to procure a license.” I mention this in order to avoid confusion—he’s talking about Robertson County, TX.