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Hello, I’m the web master. I’m Vanessa Wood the owner and developer at Design to Spec LLC in Newtown, CT.  That’s my day job. Nights and weekends I’m working on the Pryor family genealogy. My own Pryor family I can trace back to Tennessee in the 1820’s and in to Campbell County, VA through an 1812 marriage. My search has been fraught with lost records, burned court houses, and too many Pryors with the same first names. When I had collected banker boxes of records I used my web skills to create TNPryors.com which started out as a repository of Pryor information, but  has developed into a means of organizing the Pryors and all the old records into a meaningful way of identifying family groups. With introduction of social media I turned to Facebook as a way of connecting Pryor researchers in the Pryor Group on Facebook. We have a really nice group of more than 200 researchers on Facebook and I invite you to like the page to get updates and to see what others are sharing. I’m always encountering new information and blogging became a natural step to sharing information and sharing interpretations of the old records. A blog is an evolving project — relationship conjectures may change as information is developed.

I  hope you enjoy the website and learning more about the Pryors.
Welcome to ALL the Pryor families!

Vanessa Wood
DAR member (# 940599, Isaac Darnall)

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  1. Great website! You should commended for your efforts.

  2. I’ve looked at your site, since I’m searching for the parents of Prudence Pryor. I think from what I’ve seen on the site that she was the dau. of Samuel Pryor and unknown wife of Goochland Co., VA. Prudence was b. about 1750 or so and married Benjamin Mevey/McVey, 3 Aug. 1786, Botetourt Co., VA. They lived in Allegheny Co., PA and are buried at Robinson Run Cemetery. Prudence seems to have been older than Benjamin, and I’m only aware of two children: Martha and Benjamin Alexander. Thanks for the info on your site.
    Karen E. Griffin

  3. Vanessa, I heard you are leaving the Tennessee Pryor project. I’m so sorry to hear that. You’ve been great and will be truly missed. Barbi

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