1844 – Samuel Pryor of Dinwiddie County

I love real estate ads from old papers. I don’t know if the houses and land were as glorious as described, but they give a good idea of where people lived and when they lived there. This ad from 1844 was placed by Samuel Pryor. I suspect this is the Samuel who married Mary Hamlin since the ad mentions Thomas Hamlin as the person who can show the property. I’m intrigued… Any ideas about his occupation?

Elmwood for sale, at the very reduced price of 3.50 per acre. A desire to change my occupation has induced me to offer the above place at so reduced a price. This Plantation possesses advantages rarely to be found combined in one tract, such as fine Health, extensive pasture for stock of every kind, agreeable and moral neighborhood, and a large two story dwelling house, with three rooms and a large passage below, and five rooms above and a passage, and almost all other conveniences calculated to make it a desirable residence. It lies in the county of Dinwiddie, on the Old Stage Road, 27 miles from Petersburg and 12 miles from the courthouse, and contains between 15 and 1600 Acres, one half of which is now standing in the original growth of Oak and Hickory, and is fair tobacco land. This land is peculiarly adapted for the growth of wheat, tobacco and grass. It is divided into 3 sh—s With about 20 acres well set in clover. There is also a meadow of herds grass that may be enlarged to 8 or 10 acres, if desired. All persons who wish to purchase are requested to view the premises. Also another tract in the same county lying on Appomattox River, 15 Mile above Petersburg, containing 120 and a half acres. This land is of a very superior quality, every foot of which is standing in the Virgin Growth, and was valid to be by commissioners 3 years ago at $5 per acre. Mr. Thomas Hamlin, who lives near, will show it to any person who wishes to purchase. Terms for both of the above tracks will be liberal.
Samuel Pryor
(Richmond Enquirer, August 6th 1844).