Croxton Pryor of Williamsburg and His Fascinating Shoes

Callimanco Shoes.  Thank you

I stumbled upon the estate inventory of Croxton Pryor. His will was filed in York County, VA in 1776, and there’s an estate inventory from Williamsburg.  He had some pretty nice things, an indication that he may have been one of the well-off citizens of the colony: a cloak, silver teaspoons, a silver buckle, a gold ring, furniture that included a tea stand, 2 coffee pots.

What really caught my eye was “4 pair Callimanco Shoes.”  When I started looking online I found that they were pretty much the Manolo Blahnik (hot shoes) of Colonial times.  I found an interesting article that shows ads from Colonial times and a rare listing of a pair of Callimanco shoes on eBay

Croxton had really cool shoes, but who was he related to? Croxton Pryor was one of the children of John Pryor and Mary Cox.  John and Mary are mentioned in William Cox’ will, filed in Essex Co., VA. The will was proved in 1754 and mentions also John and Mary’s children: Mildred, Caty, Croxton, and Frankey.  Frankey Pryor was married in Cumberland Co., VA in 1773 to John Ford Jr. Perhaps Frankey was alive in 1810 as there was a John Ford recorded on the census in Cumberland County.

Col. William Pryor of Goochland Co. was married to Sarah Wood whose mother was Martha Cox.  I’m thinking there may be a connection between these Pryor/Cox families.