Charting Out the Williamson County, TN Pryors

photo (14)This post and chart is going to feel like a flashback to the Pryors of Pittsylvania Co., VA. But it’s not. Or is it? We’ve got some research to do to figure out how the Pryors in Pittsylvania County, VA and Williamson County, TN connect up. Or do they connect at all?

These are tough lines to follow because there are several of the Pryors who died without issue and many others we can only follow through the female line, which of course is the end of the Pryors in those particular lines.

Left Side – Descendants of John Henry Pryor

Children and grandchildren of John Henry Pryor who died in Orange Co., NC are found in Williamson County, TN.

  • Rhoda Pryor, his daughter. Her husband William Stone left a will in Williamson County dated 1838.
  • Peter Pryor and Green Pryor, his great grandsons. His son Green Pryor (Sr) married Susannah Perkins. Their son John married Eliza — they were the parents of Peter and Green. When John died Eliza remarried Hendley Stone and moved to Williamson County, TN. Hendley Stone left a will in Williamson County dated 1829.
  • Leah Pryor Perkins, his daughter. Her husband Nicholas Perkins is named in a 1827 “Revivor” case in Williamson County. It revived issues in his estate. Part of the case file is a copy of his will written in 1792 in Davidson County, TN (Williamson County was formed out of Davidson County). The copy was provided by the Davidson County clerk when the case was filed in the 1820’s. Nicholas’ will was witnessed by John Pryor. Was this Leah’s nephew John Pleasant Pryor? I have my doubts because John Pleasant Pryor’s know children were born between 1797-1813 and they were all born in North Carolina. So, who is this John Pryor?
  • Margaretta Flourney Dabney, his grand-daughter. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Pryor and Matthew Flourney. She married John Dabney and it may be his will filed in 1824 in Williamson County.

Right Side – Catherine Pryor

Susannah Lansford Reynolds was the daughter of Catherine Pryor and Henry Lansford. Susannah married George Reynolds who left a will dated 1813 in Williamson County, TN. I’ve drawn a “bubble” on the chart because Reynolds’ ties the left side and the right side together: George stated in his will that his property was next to William Stone (husband of Rhoda Pryor). Does this mean there is a familial relationship between these people?

Luke Pryor Box

The box on the lower right names the Pryors associated with Luke Pryor. It’s believed through the wills of Luke (husband of Nellie), Susanna Pryor Winstead, and Catharine Pryor Smith are siblings. All 3 of these wills name only one Pryor heir: Henry B. Pryor. Estate records in Williamson County reveal that the Mary A. Pryor and Rhoda A. Pryor living with William and Alsey Pryor in Jackson County on the 1850 Census were daughters of Henry B. Pryor. If Henry B. Pryor  b. 1790 was the only Pryor heir…. who is William Pryor b. 1814 of Jackson County?!! Ok, I know I’ve asked that before.

Sarah Pryor is often connected with this group however she may be related to Catharine’s or John Henry’s families. I found that David Squire, Sarah Pryor’s first known husband, purchased from the estate of John Tapley in Williamson County. John Henry Pryor’s daughter Lucy married a John Hosea Tapley, so this may be one of their relations. Other buyers of the Tapley estate were Thomas Perkins, Nicholas T Perkins, and Hendley Stone.

But…. There’s another hint.

Nicholas Perkins will had 3 witnesses… not just John Pryor.

nicholas perkins witness

Yup, Thomas Smith the husband of Catherine Pryor in Luke Pryor box witnessed the will of Nicholas Perkins, husband of Leah Pryor. Now, that’s interesting!