Mary Kennerson Pryor born around 1720

I’ve been checking more of the families who associated with the Pryors. Going back to an older post I wrote about Harris Pryor (see post) I was able to ID Harris’ wife as Mary Kinnerson. I gotta say the handwriting is really difficult. Her surname is written at least 3 times in the Chancery Court case I used to ID her. The best 3 examples I’ve shown below:


You can see, sometimes it’s spelled in the document with a “C” and sometimes it’s spelled with a “K”. I looked up the name online and saw that it’s a variation of Gunnison, Gunneson, Kenneson, Kenniston, Kennison, Kennerson, Gunnerson, and Kenson.  I’m adding this to my list with Pryor and Ballew that have more variations than you can shake a stick at.

They must be out there. I just haven’t found anyone living near the Pryors in Prince Edward County, Bedford County, Henrico County, or Goochland County with similar surnames.

You’ll notice familiar names on the deed below (George David vs. Harris Pryor, filed in Prince Edward Co., VA 1773). Yes, it’s Charles and Landis Patteson/Patterson who with Harris Pryor, were witnesses to the will of John Wright in Prince Edward County in 1775 (John Wright was the son in law of John Pryor and Mary New).

harris pryor