Sarah Pryor Parker of Person County and Orange County, NC

The estate of Jonathan Parker of Person County, NC is a wealth of information to tie together the relationships of the the Pryors. He died in 1777, but his estate settlement went on and on and on. In 1803 depositions were noticed for Susannah Pryor, wife of Micajah Bullock and Matthew Pryor. Susannah answers questions about Sarah Pryor Parker, the widow of Jonathan Parker which confirm they were sisters and daughters of Ann Pryor (probably Ann wife of Philip Pryor) (  Susannah’s depositions helps with dates so we know that Sarah was born about 1755. It’s not often that there are 18th’s women’s signatures on documents, but in this case Susannah signed the deposition.

susannah pryor bullock signature

And Matthew Pryor also signed his deposition.

matthew pryor

William Waite was appointed administrator of the Parker’s estate in 1777. I’m thinking this is the William Waite who married Tabitha Pryor in Caswell County, NC on 11 December 1778. Matthew Pryor was also in Caswell County about this time: he was the chain carrier on a survey in 1779.  Matthew’s Revolutionary War pension application states he was born in 1759 so he was not yet 21 when his older sister married and became a young widow.

william waite tabitha pryor

Haden Pryor was also mentioned in the accounts for the estate record.