An Invitation To My New Website

My Genealogy Journey (or Why I Loved the Pandemic)

Interest in genealogy starts somewhere. Maybe it begins with stories of the “olden days” told by a relative, or it may start when looking at old photograph albums. My journey started when I was a child and my dad showed me a family tree sketched out on a brown paper bag. All the relatives who had gathered for a funeral and meal afterwards contributed their memories of kin to build the tree. I was hooked on this connection to family.

While working on my family tree I started the Tennessee Pryor website. A few decades ago I was making regular visits to the LDS Family History Library in Santa Monica, California. I collected boxes of data from records available in books and microfilms at the library. After moving the boxes several times, including a trans-Atlantic move, I decided to use my skills as a web developer to create a website to store all these notes. The website grew as Pryor researchers contacted me with more information.

Fast-forward to 2020 and to the pandemic no one expected. It should be an ancient proverb: With great change comes opportunity. 2020 was my opportunity to take (and pass) the Boston University course in genealogical research. It has been likened to taking in genealogy through a firehose. It was a lot of information in a short period of time, with an intense homework schedule. Thank goodness for the pandemic because the one thing it gave us was a brief period of time to explore new things.

The Genealogy Journey Ahead

While my genealogical journey has a definite beginning, it has not ended. There’s no end in sight. As I explored other genealogical research, I slowed down posts to the Tennessee Pryors website. I have written several articles for the Tennessee Genealogical Society and an article for the Illinois State Genealogical Society about a family (not the Pryors) who disappeared from records when they moved into “Unorganized Territory.”  

To Follow My Upcoming News and Projects…

I hope you will follow my genealogical journey as it evolves and move into new areas. My new website is This is where I will post sketches, stories, and updates. Updates are also posted on Facebook I’ve been working on an exciting project that I will be sharing on the this new website next week.

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