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1793 Petition to GA Governor Edward Telfair

The 1793 Georgia Petition to Governor Edward Telfair an interesting document for anyone trying to figure out Wilkes county genealogy because it contains the signatures of county inhabitants and it helps to explain a period when counties were formed from Wilkes county and apparently inhabitants were engaged in disputes with newcomers to the region. I’ve transcribed the document below, including the signatures. Be sure to go on to the section below the document where I explain the some of the relationships of the signers to known Pryors.

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D’Arcy, Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, etc., etc.

I looking at a surname that may have as many variable spellings as Pryor. Dorsey. Wait. Wait. Also spelled Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, D’Arcy. I’ve run into them before because I have a paper trail that solidly lands me into them (spelled Dorsey by the way) in Maryland during the first decade of the 1800’s. But that’s another line of my family tree and I was looking at Dorseys connected with Pryors.

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Allen Pryor of Georgia

I was looking at the Allen Pryor who appears in Green County, GA records. I was wondering if there were one, two or even more Allen Pryors and how many of them overlapped in family trees. I wasn’t able to determine how many Allen’s but hopefully this sheds some light on Allen for people who are working on this tree.

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Franklin County, GA Land Grant to John Pryor in 1784

When 2 new counties were added to Georgia in 1784, John Pryor from Virginia requested a land grant. Franklin county was cut up in the decades after 1784 to form Jackson, Clarke, Banks, Madison, and Stephens counties.

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In Georgia: Changing Robert Prior to Pior

Out of the the review of Revolutionary War Pryors I’m making a change to a Prior to a Pior. Why? Because that’s what the documents say.

In 1769 a Robert Pior petitioned for 200 acres for farming. He stated he had lived in the colony of Georgia for about a year. He had a wife and one child. So he had arrived in Georgia about 1768, was married, and his child was born in 1769 or earlier. This reference to Robert is on Google Books: The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 10, pub. 1907.

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