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A Beginning and An End

something special arrives January 2nd

January 2nd will mark a beginning and an end. There will be no future posts on the TennesseePryors website and Facebook group. If you want to stay in touch and get updates on my Pryor research, please see

The new beginning starts with the launch of a special project on January 2nd at

something special arrives January 2nd
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An Invitation To My New Website

My Genealogy Journey (or Why I Loved the Pandemic)

Interest in genealogy starts somewhere. Maybe it begins with stories of the “olden days” told by a relative, or it may start when looking at old photograph albums. My journey started when I was a child and my dad showed me a family tree sketched out on a brown paper bag. All the relatives who had gathered for a funeral and meal afterwards contributed their memories of kin to build the tree. I was hooked on this connection to family.

While working on my family tree I started the Tennessee Pryor website. A few decades ago I was making regular visits to the LDS Family History Library in Santa Monica, California. I collected boxes of data from records available in books and microfilms at the library. After moving the boxes several times, including a trans-Atlantic move, I decided to use my skills as a web developer to create a website to store all these notes. The website grew as Pryor researchers contacted me with more information.

Fast-forward to 2020 and to the pandemic no one expected. It should be an ancient proverb: With great change comes opportunity. 2020 was my opportunity to take (and pass) the Boston University course in genealogical research. It has been likened to taking in genealogy through a firehose. It was a lot of information in a short period of time, with an intense homework schedule. Thank goodness for the pandemic because the one thing it gave us was a brief period of time to explore new things.

The Genealogy Journey Ahead

While my genealogical journey has a definite beginning, it has not ended. There’s no end in sight. As I explored other genealogical research, I slowed down posts to the Tennessee Pryors website. I have written several articles for the Tennessee Genealogical Society and an article for the Illinois State Genealogical Society about a family (not the Pryors) who disappeared from records when they moved into “Unorganized Territory.”  

To Follow My Upcoming News and Projects…

I hope you will follow my genealogical journey as it evolves and move into new areas. My new website is This is where I will post sketches, stories, and updates. Updates are also posted on Facebook I’ve been working on an exciting project that I will be sharing on the this new website next week.

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Samuel Pryor of Montgomery County, TN Also in Mercer County, KY

Pryor Will

I’m not sure Samuel Pryor actual lived in Mercer County, KY or if he was just transacting business there.

Samuel Pryor of Montgomery County, TN, Christian County, KY, and Hardeman County, TN was married to Frances Hooe. Samuel and his brother in law Thomas B. Hooe are named an instrument filed in Mercer County in 1820 (DB 11: 284)

“…bonds was taken by the Sheriff of Mercer County by Virtue of an execution issued from the office of the Mercer Circuit court in the name of Ezekiel Barber assignee against the Estate of said Saml Pryor and which rep9?)n bond is dated the 12th day of November 1819 and is for the total amount of Four hundred and forty eight dollars ten cents payable…”

“…the second which —-? bonds was taken by the said Sheriff by virtue of an execution issued from the same office in the name of Jesse Head against the Estate of the said Saml Pryor and is dated on the said 12th day of november Eighteen hundred & nineteen and is for the total amount of one hundred & three dollars thirty one & one half cent payable with in three months from the date thereof which Interest…”

“…The third of which rep(?)y Bonds was taken by the said Sheriff by virture of an execution (—?) from the said office in the name of David Epperson assignee against the estate of the said Saml Pryor and is dated on the said twelfth day of November Eighteen hundred & nineteen and is for the total amount of Two hundred & sixty eight dollars thirty Eight & half cent payable with Interest thereon within three months from the date there of…”

“…Pryor paid by the said Waugh & Hooe the receipt where of is here by acknowledged hath bargained & sold and by these presents doth Bargain & sell unto them the said Geo L. Waugh and Thomas B. Hooe the heirs & the following described property {to wit} Sam a negro man Slave aged about Twenty five years by profession a Blacksmith, Anthony a negro boy slave twelve years of age and Billy a negro man slave aged about forty years and also a certain Bay stud horse with a blazed face called Tanner. All which Slaves & which horse are now the property of him the said Pryor …”

The witnesses were Richard Sutfield and Robert McCoun


Luke D. Pryor is Luke Pryor Sr. of Williamson County, TN

Ready for some more Pryor confusion? How about a deed from Williamson county that uses the name Luke d. Pryor and Luke Pryor Senr. interchangeably in the document? It appears they are one and the same person. The land transaction was to Samuel Winstead, the husband of Susannah Pryor Winstead Stephenson. This deed actually clarifies that Luke D. Pryor was likely the senior Luke Pryor in Williamson County.

1810 Deed – Luke D. Pryor (also Luke Pryor Sr. on same deed ) to Samuel Winstead. 22 March 1810. Book 2B, page 448. Wits: Henry Wisenor, Jno. Shores. (see Henry Wisener on 1807 data above).

Sumner County Pryor Deed Mentions Greene County, TN and Logan County, KY

This Indenture made this twentyeth of march in the year of our lord on thousand seven Hundred & Ninty six between Joseph Poyr of the one part of the county of Green & District of washington & Richard Proyer of the County of Lowgin & state of Kentucky witnesseth that the said Joseph for & in consideration of the sum of two hundered pounds current mony of virginia to him in hand paid the receip whereof is hereby acknowledges hath bargined sold [—?—] conveyed & confirmed & by these payments Doth bargin sell aline convey & confirm unto the sd Richard his heirs & assigns forever that certain tract of land situate lying & beaing on the Cainey fork of fork of Cumberland river in the Country of Sumner & District of [—?—] begining two hundred & eight three poles & forth poles east of the beach & dogwood trees marked ass for ta begining to survey which includes the bargined p[—?—] runing North five hundred & six four poles to teh North boundrey line of the original survey thence East with sd. boundry line seven hundred twenty six & one quarter poles thence South five Hundred & sixty four poles to the sout East corner of said Survey thence west to the begining containing two thousand five hundred & sixty five acres be the same more or less which tract of land is part of a tract of land grant to Captain Howel Taytom* for his services in the continental trupes of said State Conveyed to me by said howel togethe[r] with all woods water mines minerals [—?—]ments appurtenances & to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to [—?—] hold the aforesaid land & bargined premises to the [—?—] proper use benefit & hehoof of him thesaid Richard His Heirs & assigns & the said Joseph Doth by these presents [—?—] himself his heirs executors & administrators covenent & agree to and with the said aforesaid Richard his heirs executors & administrators that he aforesaid tract of land & bargined premises will worrent & defent against all maner of persons whatever laying claim to the same in witness whereof he the said Josepph Pryor hat hire unto set his hand & affixed his seal the day & year [—?—] above writen
Signed and delivered in presence of
James Ewing
John Young
Joseph Pryor [seal]
17 April 1796

  • This is likely Howel Tatum