Records from Nova Scotia, Canada

1786 Poll Tax
Shelbourne Twp, Edmund PRYOR
Shelbourne Twp, James PRYOR

1794 Poll Tax
Annapolis Twp, John PRYOR
Windsor Twp, Edward PRYOR, carpenter

1798 News – “From a Halifax Paper of September 26: HURRICANE…”A schooner belonging to Messers. Pryors, drove from their wharf, and forced a passage through to the next wharf, nearly 30 feet from its head” (Green Mountain Patriot, Peacham, VT, Oct 26, 1798)

1824 Church Warden – At St. Paul’s Halifax, William Pryor. Edward Pryor also mentioned. (Report and Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, published 1883)

1858 Death – On August 27, 1858 Eliza Phoebe Pryor, wife of Henry Pryor, Mayor of Halifax. She was the eldest daughter of Hon. George Pyke, a judge from Montreal. (The Gazette, Montreal, Sept 15, 1858)

Records from Ontario, Canada

1861 Marriage – Thomas PRIOR to Johanna Blatchford on 26 Mar 1861. The record states Thomas was born in Devon England and his parents were William and Joannah Prior. He is on the 1851 Census in Devon, England. (Thomas’ Find A Grave memorial is linked to his parents who are also buried in Ontario)

1866 MarriageJonathan PRYOR to
M Cubbage on 1 Dec 1866 in York

1881 Death – Cyrus E PRYOR, farmer, born abt 1808. Age 73. Died of cerebral apolplexy at intervals of 5 years (Note: this matches with the “Paralized” Silas Prior on the 1880 Census in Michigan, USA.) (Online family trees ID him as Silas Eaton Pryor, son of Silas H Pryor a loyalist during the Revolutionary War. Silas is possibly the same Silas b. 1808 in NY, living in Michigan in 1850).
Ontario, 1881 Census of Canada, St. Thomas, Elgin East

Hiram PRIOR M Male 52 USA Tin Smith C. Methodist
Mary Ann PRIOR M Female English 47 England C. Methodist
Amelia PAULIN Female English 22 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Frederick PAULIN Male English 20 O <Ontario> Tin Smith C. Methodist
Edward PAULIN Male English 15 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Elizabeth PRIOR Female English 9 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Samuel CHARLESWORTH M Male English 80 England Gentleman Bible Christian
Ann CHARLESWORTH M Female Irish 72 Ireland Bible Christian

Ontario, 1881 Census of Canada, Westminster, Middlesex East

John PRIOR M Male African 79 USA Labourer C. Methodist
Jane PRIOR M Female African 53 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
John PRIOR Male African 27 O <Ontario> Labourer C. Methodist
Mahala PRIOR Female African 25 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Thomas PRIOR Male African 23 O <Ontario> Labourer C. Methodist
Frank PRIOR Male African 20 O <Ontario> Labourer C. Methodist
Sarah PRIOR Female African 18 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Nelvina PRIOR Female African 16 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Matilda PRIOR Female African 13 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Elsy Jane PRIOR Female African 12 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
Emiline PRIOR Female African 8 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
James PRIOR Male African 6 O <Ontario> C. Methodist
David MONE Male African 20 O <Ontario> Labourer C. Methodist

Ontario, 1881 Census of Canada, Chatham, Kent

Himm PRYOR M Male African 40 USA Laborer B M Methodist
Frances PRYOR M Female African 50 USA B M Methodist
Henry PRYOR Male African 22 USA B M Methodist
Sarah PRYOR Female African 19 USA B M Methodist
Thomas PRYOR Male African 17 USA B M Methodist
Mathew PRYOR Male African 15 USA B M Methodist
Joseph PRYOR Male African 13 USA B M Methodist
Mary PRYOR Female African 9 O <Ontario> B M Methodist
Edward PRYOR Male African 7 O <Ontario> B M Methodist
William PRYOR Male African 5 O <Ontario> B M Methodist
M GATEWOOD W Female African 82 USA B M Methodist

Ontario, 1881 Census of Canada, Windsor, Essex

Emely PRIOR W Female German 55 USA Weslyan Methodist
Charles E. PRIOR Male Scottish 15 USA Weslyan Methodist

Ontario, 1881 Census of Canada, Moore, Lambton

Peter PRYOR M Male English 33 USA Laborer C. Presbyterian
Elisa PRYOR M Female Scottish 36 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
Alisander PRYOR Male English 8 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
James PRYOR Male English 5 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
William PRYOR Male English 3 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
John PRYOR Male English <1 Born: <Jul>; 9/12 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian

1899 Marriage – Jonathan PRIOR age 53 to Sarah Jacks. Groom’s parents were recorded as Richard Prior and Philippa Harper (see Cornwall, England for possible parents and family)