Cornwall England

Records from Cornwall, England

1695 Burial – Eleanor PRYOR

1697 Burial – Frances PRYOR, daughter of Daniel PRYOR.

1697 Burial – Eleanor PRYOR, wife of Daniel PRYOR

1699 Burial – Daniel PRYOR

1702 Burial – Grace PRYOR

1703 Burial – John PRYOR

1707 Christening – Baptism of Richard PRIOR son of Bennett PRIOR 27 May 1707 in Wendron, Cornwall.

1713 Burial – William PRYOR

1715 Burial – Bersheba PRYOR

1744 Will – Phillippa PRYOR, widow in Helston. (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK)

1757 Burial – Philadelphia PRYOR

1766 Will – William PRYOR yeoman in Helston. (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial Jan. 30 1766.

1766 Burial – Mary PRYOR (a child)

1771 Burial – Moses PRYOR

1772 Will – Abraham PRYOR victualler of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial 24 Aug 1772.

1774 Burial – Dorothy PRYOR, daughter of Richard PRYOR

1775 Marriage – John PRIOR and Elizabeth Cheqwidden on 28 December 1775. Witnesses John Cheqwidden and Anthony PRIOR.

1777 Burial – Mary PRYOR, daughter of Abraham PRYOR, deceased.

1778 Christening – John PRIOR, son of John Prior and wife Elizabeth. Christenened 12 May 1778.

1779 Burial – Angelot PRYOR, widow.

1779 Burial – Richard PRYOR

1780 Burial – Richard PRYOR, son of Richard PRYOR

1783 Burial – Mary PRYOR, 60 years, widow

1786 Burial – John PRYOR, 72 years, pauper, Wedron

1787 Burial – Julian PRYOR, 14 years

1788 Burial – Elizabeth PRYOR, 56 years, widow

1791 Birth – John Pryor b. abt. 1791 is age 60 on the 1851 Census in Montgomeryshire, Wales. States place of birth as Phillack, Cornwall.

1792 Burial – Johannah PRYOR, spinster, 72 years

1799 Burial – Mary PRYOR, 53 years, pauper

1799 Cornwall Chancery Court Case – States John PRIOR husband of Elizabeth Cheqwidden, daughter of Thomas Cheqwidden– John went to America 18 years earlier and died there in 1797, leaving property. His wife in Cornwall was alive in 1799 as was his son John, daughter Mary. The son John PRIOR and postmaster Nicholas Hichens left for America to administer the estate. (See Edgefield County, SC [South Carolina]. Will dated 1797)

1802 Will – William PRYOR blacksmith of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial 1 Jan 1802, 40 years.

1803 Burial – Joseph PRYOR, 33 years, son of Richard PRYOR

1803 Burial – William PRYOR, infant son of Thomas PRYOR

1803 Burial – Jane WEARNE, 83 years, widow – There was a Wearne PRYOR who married in Cornwall.

1803 BurialJohn PRYOR, 35 years, son of John PRYOR

1804 Burial – Thomas PRYOR, infant son of Thomas PRYOR

1806 Will – Edward PRYOR gentleman of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial record states 90 years (born about 1716)

1806 Burial – Richard PRYOR, 75 years.

1810 Burial – John PRYOR, 78 years.

1810 Christening – Anthony PRYOR, son of Anthony Pryor and Margaret. (Probably the Anthony Pryor who was in Tavistock, Devon)

1812 Notice – Sale of estate of John Pryor and Thomas Pryor, occupants of Weedron parish, Menbarrion tennement. (The Royal Cornwall Gazette, August 22, 1812 )

1813 Marriage – John PRYOR md. Johanna Glanvill on 6 Nov 1813 in Phillack. (This is probably the John and Joanna Pryor who are on the 1851 Census in Montgomeryshire, Wales)

1818 Marriage – John Pryor married Lydia Old 8 Jun 1818 in Wendron, Cornwall

1819 Burial – Rachel PRYOR, 82 years, Helston.

1819 Notice:
On Wednesday, the 29th day of September instant, by four o’clock in the afternoon, public survey will be held at the house of Athanasius PRYOR on the Tenement of Tregunstis, in the Parish of Wendron, for selling for the remainder of a term of ninety nine years, determinable on the death of three persons, aged respectively 69, 42, and 41.
The said tenement of Tregunstis, consisting of three dwelling houses, Barn, and stable, about 21 acres of Arable and Pature land, and upwards of 21 acres of inclosed crofts.
For viewing the said premises, application may be made to the said Athanasius Pryor; and for futher particulars to Mssrs. Grylls, Borlase, and Tipet, solicitors, in Helston.
(The Royal Corwall Gazette, Sept. 25, 1819. Record held at the Cornwall Record office dated 1839 refers to Athanasius Pryor, “Mine Agent”)

1820 Christening – Helston, Cornwall. Frances Cowls PRYOR daughter of Anthony Pryor and Margaret (There was a John Cowles Pryor b. 1815 of Helston Now Wendron who was in Bodmin gaol around 1833).

1820 Notice – On list of insolvent debtors: Thomas Pryor, late of Falmouth, in the county of Cornwall, grocer and cooper. (The Royal Corwall Gazette Sept 23, 1820)

1821 Newspaper ArticleSimon Pryor of Redruth (in Cornwall) reported a murder that had happened 16 years earlier, resulting in the apprehending of suspect James Matthews. The murder occurred while Pryor was working for Matthews and the victim, John James in 1804 in Tavistock, Devonshire. Pryor and Matthews were holding a rope that was attached to James who was down a mine shaft. Matthews let go and told Pryor to do the same. Pryor’s brother, not named in the article, was working the smith at the mine. Matthews was to be tried in Exeter. (Maryland Gazette, 3 May 1821)

1823 Marriage – Miss Mary PRYOR to Mr. Molony in Helston, having previously been married in the “Romish” Church in Bristol (married in the Roman Catholic church). (The Royal Cornwall Gazette, March 23, 1823 )

1825 Burial – Ann PRYOR, 88 years, Helston

1833 Notice
Cornwall. Manor of Tregrannick, in the Parish of Sithney, near Helston. To be sold by auction, on Tuesday, the 26th day of February at the angel Inn, Houston, at 2 in the afternoon the  following valuable property viz… Part of Anvower, 8 -1 – 17 Acres, Bennett Pryor tenant, Mary Pryor lessee, lives (at property) and ages: James Richards 88 Margaret Johnson 81 B Pryor 52. Reserved rents 080. (The Royal Cornwall Gazette, 23 Feb 1833)

1833 Will – Thomas PRYOR of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial Record states 69 years of Helston

1837 BurialJane PRYOR of Helston, 80 years

1837 Death – At St. Day a few days since, a man named W. Pryor was taken so desperately ill of the rheumatic fever that he sunk under it in a few hours, leaving a wife who is a cripple, and a numerous family to lament their loss. The Royal Cornwall Gazette January 6th 1837

1839 Probate – Estate of George PRIOR who had lived in Lanvallay Cotes Du Nord, France. He died 7 Aug 1839. His wife was deceased. Letters of Administration granted to Rev. George Sayle PRIOR of St. Breoke, Cornwall (son). (George Sayle Prior married in 1791 to Dinah Boyles in Gloucester, their children were baptized there)

1839 Birth – Elizabeth PRYOR born to Henry Pryor and Mary Bowden in Cornwall on 25 Nov 1839. Recorded on 1909 Death record in Lehigh, PA

1839 News Report of “Incredible murder at Gwennap” in which two Pryor men provided witness testimony. H. Pryor, of Gwenna, minor. Met White on Wednesday morning, as near as possible to seven coming along the Great Road from Trevarnth. Came close to him and is quite sure it was he. He was looking about the road, as he walked along. Witness took particular notice of him, because he had not  been at the mine for some days, and because witness had heard that he had been taken up for desertion. Joseph Pryor, of Gwenna, miner. Saw White last Wednesday morning about half past 8, at John Paul’s shop. He was “striking” to John Paul. He came away with witness. He asked witness if his face was dirty, and when witness told him it was, he wiped it with his handkerchief. He then left witness, and went towards Trevarnth. The Royal Cornwall Gazette February 8th 1839.

1839 News – Rebecca Pryor 43, was charged with stealing, from the house of Andrew Hennah, of st. Austell, about 2 lb of flour. The case was fully proved, but the Constable gave the prisoner a good character. Guilty. 2 days and Christmas. The Royal Cornwall Gazzette April 5th 1839.

1840 Housing Ad “Capital. Freehold and Leashold” – Lot 10. the residue of a term of 99 years, now determinable on the death of One Life aged 49 years of and in all those promises, Situate on and parcel of Goonrawe otherwise Sparnons Downs in the said Parish of Redruth, consisting of six cottages and Gardens at about five and a half acres of land, customary measure, and now in the retrospective occupations of Henry Chapman, Maria Nichols, Charlotte Jenkin, Eliza Jane, James Oates, John Johns, and John Pryor, as yearly tenants (the Royal Cornwall Gazette October 30th 1840)
Note: If you want to view this area it has a streetview on Google maps

1841 UK Census, Cornwall
Breage, page 14, Elizabeth PRYOR 30 Ind. John 10. William 8. Richard 5. Elizabeth 3, Ann 4 mos. (All persons in household born in Cornwall. In 1851 this family was in Glamorganshire, Wales.)
Breage, page 22 Dist 9, Frances Hoskey 60 born in county, Philip Hoskey 20 tin miner born in county, Simon PRYOR 55 copper miner born in county.
Camborne, Dist 14, page 31 Samuel Wheat 45 schoolmaster… living in household Ann PRYOR 70 ind. born in county.
Helston Cornage Hall St., page 32 Frances PRYOR 65 fruiter b. in Cornwall, Anthony 20 wheelright f. b. in Cornwall. (Anthony maybe the same man who was recorded as a a carpenter and in Bodmin prison, released in 1840–he was about 22 and had stolen a gelding)
Helston, Wendron St., page 29 John PRYOR 30 born in county, Elizabeth 25 born in county, Sophia 25 born in county, Thomas PRYOR 60 agriculture laborer born in county.
Helston, Penhole Down, Dist 9, page 25 Richard PRYOR 60 ag lab born in county, Elizabeth 60 born in county.
Illogan, Carnathan, Dist 14, page 31 William PRYOR 55 farm born in county, Susanna 55 born in county, Francis 20 miner, Richard 15 miner, Joseph 15 carpenter.
Kenwyn, Dist 2, page John PRYOR 68 black smith born in county (possibly the son of Arundel Pryor and Jane Millwood)
Phillack, Page 36 Vinton Cages? George Watts 70 ind born in Cornwall, Mary (Pryor) 70 born in Cornwall, Philippa 14 born in Cornwall, Rebecca 9 born in Cornwall, George Watts 45 works in iron foundry born in Cornwall, Thomasine 50 born in Cornwall, Edwin 15 born in Cornwall works in iron foundry, George 15 born in Cornwall works in iron foundry, Emma 5 born in Cornwall, Richard Harris 75 Ind. (Pallot’s Marriage Index states Mary Pryor married George Watts in Phillack in 1793. “Ind” may be an abbreviation for indigent)
Sithney, Dist 5, page 8 Thomas PRYOR 60 farmer born in county, Arundell PRYOR 24, John 22 tin miner, William 18, James Pane 16, Thos Harris 3. (Thomas Pryor and Lovelady Pryor christened Arundel Pryor on 3 Jan 1817. Lovelady Pryor is on the 1841 census in Wendron)
Sithney, Dist 7, page 32 Henry PRYOR 70 miner of tin born in county, Elizabeth 70 (Henry Pryor married Elizabeth Pryor? 11 Apr 5 in Sithney)
Sgnes, Dist 13 James PRYOR 53 born in county copper miner, Mary Pryor 50, William Pryor 22, Joseph Pryor 20, Harriot Pryor 1John Pryor 16, Felissa Pryor 7
St. Austell,t 1, Western Turnpike, page 13 John PRYOR 43 minor born in county, Grace 57 born in county.
St. Keverne, Tregaminion, Dist. 2, page 31 Nicholas Barker 50 farmer born in county, Charity PRYOR 45 born in county, Mary Nicholls 15 born in county.
St. Stithians, Dist 27, William Roberts 50 farmer, Ann 45, William 25 copper miner, Joseph 20 agr lab, Josiah 15 copper miner, Henry 14 ag lab, Mary 12, Grace 8, Charles 2 months, Angelina 4, Mary PRYOR 80 ind. All persons born in Cornwall.
Wendron, Trevennin, Dist 11, page 30 Bennet PRYOR 25 tin miner born in county. Mary 25 born in county, John 1 born in county.
Wendron, Dist 13, page 57 Rosamond PRYOR 60 born in county, Eliza 30 school mis– born in county.
Wendron, Dist 14, John PRYOR 80 farmer, Lidia 60, Arundell 20 tin miner, John 15 ag lab, Lidia Old 20 F.L., William Dale 15 MS. All persons born in Cornwall.
Wendron, Dist 14, page 5 Gideon PRYOR 60 miner born in county, Ann 55 born in county. (Gideon Pryor married Ann Shugg 1806 in Stithney)
Wendron, Dist 19, Carnkey, page 5 Lovedy PRYOR (Lovelady Pryor) (f) 50 born in county, Thomas 20 stone mason born in county.
Wendron, Dist 21 Thomas PRYOR 30 copper miner, Ann 30, Thomas 7, Joseph 5, Ann 3, Edward Moyle 6 mos.
Wendron, Dist 21 Simon Pryor 53 copper miner, Richard PRYOR 67 copper miner, Ann Moyle 20
Wendron, Dist 22, Menherion, page 50 Thomas PRYOR 55 copper miner born in county, Dorthy 50 born in county, Thomas 25 copper miner, John 20 copper miner, Sampson 20 copper miner, Grace 17, Richard 15, Walter 13, William 10,
Wendron, Dist 22, Menherion, page 50 Jane PRYOR 53 ind (indigent) born in county. Richard 20 copper miner, Martin 14 copper miner

1844 Burial – Elizabeth PRYOR of Helston, 71 years

1845 Burial – Bennett PRYOR of Helston, 64 years

1848 Baptism – Mary Ann, daughter of Richard Prior and wife Philippa on 30 Apr 1848 in Camelford, resident of Helston. (Son Jonathan b. 1846 married in 1899 in Ontario Canada, lists parents as Richard Prior and Philippa Harper)

1849 Will – Frances PRYOR of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK)

1851 UK Census, Cornwall
Helston, Wendron St. Anthony PRYOR 73 farmer b. Wendron. Margaret wife 71 b. Wendron. Margaret J dau 30 b. Helston. Frances C dau 28 b. Helston. Mary C. dau 24 b. Helston.
Wendron, Wheat Butson (village), St. Agnes (parish), Grace Blight widow 63 b. Cornwall, St. Agnes. Joseph son 32 copper miner b. same, Jane dau 23 b. same, Joseph PRYOR lodger widow 76 smith born Wendron, Cornwall.
Wendron, Bodilly, Grace PRYOR widow 80 in receipt of parish relief, born Wendron, Cornwall. Frances PRYOR daughter 60 general laborer, born Wendron, Cornwall.

1856 Vice Warden Court – Feb 14, 1856. The case of West Basset Mine. Pike vs Pryor. The defendant was Francis Pryor or Redruth, a mining agent. (The Royal Cornwall Gazette, February 22, 1856)

1861 UK Census, Cornwall
Wendron, page 6, Richard PRYOR head marr 41 copper miner, b. Wendron. Ann wife 39 b. Wendron. Joseph son 16, Methuselah son 14, Jane son 12, Martin son 10, Richard son 6, Mary Ann dau 2.
Wendron, page 8 Ann Date head widow 32 formerly miners wife b Wendron. Athanasius PRYOR boarder unmarried 76 tin miner b. Wendron.
Wendron, page 8 Richard PRYOR head 75 farming 7 acres b.Wendron , Margaret wife 68 b. Wendron, Athanasius son 35 tin miner b. Wendron
Wendron page 8 Thomas PRYOR head marr 33 tin miner b. Wendron, Johanna wife 37 b. Germo, Richard William son 1 b. Wendron

1862 Death – Notice of death of John PRYOR of parish of St. Hillary, age 18 was killed in the Wheal Grylls mine on May 16, 1862. He was killed by the bursting of a steam stamps boiler. He had been attempting to heat his kettle on the boiler. (The Royal Corwall Gazette, May 23, 1862)

1881 Census of the United Kingdom, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Bennet PRYOR 35 b. Wendron, Cornwall tin miner, Grace wife 29 b. Wendron, Benet J son 5 b. Nevada Eureka, America. John PRYOR 3 b. Nevada Eureka, America. Grace dau 7m born Wendron, Cornwall.

1891 Census of the United Kingdom
Wendron, Cornwall, England, Bennett Pryor 45 b. Wendron tin miner, Grace wife 38 b. Wendron. Bennett J son 15 b. Nevada USA tin miner. John son 13 b. Nevada USA stone cutter. Grace dau 10 b. Cornwall. Jane dau 8 b. Cornwall. Henry B son 5 b. Cornwall. Elizabeth A dau 3 b. Cornwall. Amelia dau 2 b. Cornwall.
Breage, Cornwall, England, Thomas H Pryor 54 b. Wendron living on own means. Nellie F. wife 45 b. Vermont USA. Minnie R. Parbor dau in law 14 b. Sioux Co., USA