Kent England

1785 Birth – Joseph PRYER, son of Thomas PRYER and Mary. Baptized in Mersham, Kent, England (Church of England records)
1789 Bankruptcy – Robert Spencer and Thomas PRYOR of Rochester, Kent, drapers. (The Times, 21 jan 1789)

1820 Baptism – Alfred Nash PRYOR, son of Alfred Pryor and Marianne in Sevenoaks, Kent. (The older Alfred was the governor of the work house in 1841. Alfred nash PRYOR died 28 Sept 1884. Probate was filed in Maidstone.)

1836 Execution. On Thursday James Joyce age 19 for arson and Thomas Pryer aged 18, for highway robbery and attempted murder, convicted at the Assizes, suffered the extreme penalty of the law in front of the Maidstone Gaol. Between 6 and 7000 spectators were present, among whom were a considerable number of females. The behavior of the unhappy culprits, since their condemnation, had been to be coming there Dreadful situation. Joy address the crowd, and expressed a hope that their fate might be a warning to all present. The sufferings of Joy were of short duration, but Pryer was convulsed for several minutes in consequence of the Rope having slipped from the position in which it was first placed. While he was shaking hands with joy. After hanging the usual time the body of Joy was taken away by the Constable who apprehended him, and Pryer was delivered to his uncle.(The Morning Post, April 6, 1836. Thomas Pryer is buried at Preston-By-Wingham, Kent, England. He died on March 31, 1836)

1841 UK Census, Kent
Deptford, St. Paul Parish, Mills StRichard PRYOR 35 shoe m. born outside county. Richard Pryor 10. Henry Pryor 4. Clarisa Pryor 30. Sarah Pryor 13. Ann Pryor 11.
Mary Pryor 4. Clarisa Pryor 8 mos. (Richard PRYOR married Clarissa Lindegreen in 1839 in Lambeth, Surrey. Richard’s profession was recorded as shoemaker. His father was recorded as Richard PRYOR, deceased and also a shoe maker. The younger Richard was recorded as a widower on the marriage records, so perhaps the older children are from this previous marriage.)
Hollingbourn, Union Workhouse, page 2, Alfred PRYER 50 governor, born in county. Cecilia 35 matron, born out of county. (Alfred PRYER married Cecilia Carpenter in 1824 in Gillingham, Kent)
Mersham, Chequer Tree Farms – Joseph PRYOR 50 (b. 1791) farmer born in county. Elizabeth Pryor 45 born in county.
Caroline Pryor 20. Robert Pryor 11. Ellen Pryor 9. Fredirick Pryor 7. Joseph Pryor 5.

1851 UK Census, Kent
Greenwich, Union Workhouse, page 387Henry PRYOR 48 inmate grave digger b. Deptford, Kent.
Maidstone, Kent County Gaol (Jail), page 668John PRIOR married 57 prisoner sawyer (or Lawyer) b. Eynsford, Kent
Sevenoaks Alfred Nash PRYOR 30 b. Sevenoaks. Mary Pryor 29 (Son of Alfred Pryor and wife Marianne)
St. Paul Deptford, Mills StRichard PRYOR 45
Clarissa Pryor 42.
Richard Pryor 20.
Henry Pryor 14.
Clarisa Pryor 10.
Nathaniel Pryor 5.
Charles Pryor 3.
John Pryor 7 Mo

1871 UK Census, Kent
Maidstone, 5 Tonbridge Rd. Alfred N PRYER 50 plumber b. Sevenoaks, Kent.
Mary C 52 wife b. Rochester, Kent.
Emma J D 12
adopted dau, born Rochester, Kent. Cecelia PRYOR 65 mother in law (ie. step mother) b. Miles End, Middlesex.
Rhoda Burgess 17 servant. (Alfred Sr. and Cecilia were in charge of the Union Workhouse in Hollingbourn on the 1841 Census. The younger Alfred N Pryor is likely Alfred Nash Pryor)

Records from Lancashire, England

1822 Marriage – James PRIOR and Ann Armstrong, married in Prescot on 11 Feb 1822