Middlesex, England

1819 Criminal Case – Matthew PRIOR, age 24, convicted of fraud and whipped.

1830 Bankruptcy Announcement – Brewer, William PRIOR on Charlotte St., Bedford Square, and Tottenham Court Road.

1830 Marriage – Thomas PRIOR to Ann Saunders in Heston. 28 July 1830.

1831 Advertisement – The estate sale of David Pryor, deceased. Included rare books, candelabras, stained glass, a violin, old china, French clocks, oriental curiosities, marble busts. (The Times, London on 22 Jul 1818. The auction was held at Clifford and Bond St. Was that Pryor’s house?)

1841 UK Census, Middlesex

St. Luke, Radnor St. Frances PRYOR 24 brewer’s servant b. out of county. Harriet PRYOR 26 b. out of county. George 8 months b. in Middlesex. James Richardson 30 brewer’s servant b. out of county. Joseph Burgess? 55 born out of county. Martha 21 b. out of county. Edward Burgess 20 servant b. out of county. Henry 17 app (apprentice?) b. out of county. Harriet 13 b. in Middlesex. Ely Powers (female) 50 b. out of county, Sarah 55 b. out of county. Henry Rogers 45 b. out of county.
Enfield, Parsonage LaneThomas PRIOR 85 ind born in county. Elizabeth 80 ind born in county. Connor Monk 60 ind born in county.
Finsbury, St. Luke, 13 Finsbury Place Edward PRIOR 50 house –? born in county. Sarah Mann Prior 45 born out of county. Edward Prior Jr. 20 born in county. Beaumont 15 clerk born in county. Kate 15 milling born in county. Eleanor 15 born in county, Elizabeth 7 born in county. 5 servants in the household. (Edward Jr. was baptized 1818 at St. Leonard’s Shoreditch- his father was recorded as a “wholesale linen draper.” Catharine was baptized 1821 as St. Leonard’s. Beaumont died in 1842. Sarah Mann Prior died 1868.)
Finsbury, Clerkenwell, 12 Hamilton Row.Benjamin PRIOR 62 Sup Postn born in county. Elizabeth 60 born out of county. Mary Ann 16 born in county. (In 1832 Benjamin Prior was registered to vote and gave the address 9 Hamilton Row. Benjamin Prior died in 1869, he was living at 334 Grays Inn Rd, his daughter Mary Ann Dothwaite was appointed administrator.)
Hackney, St. John, Waterloo TerraceMary PRYOR 50 laundress born in county. Nehemiah groom 15 born out of county. Theophilus 15 appr (apprentice?) born out of county. Elizabeth Biggs 55 born out of county. (This family was in Hackney in 1851. Mary Biggs married Joseph Prior in Boxted, Essex in 1809 – Joseph of St. Andrew, Holborn. Theophilus was baptized at St Andrew Holborn in 1826. Theophilus possibly married a cousin, Mary Ann Biggs, in 1863.)
Hampstead, St John, Heath House, Hannah PRYOR 60 Ind. born in county, Ellen Pryor 30 born in county, Robert PRYOR 25 barister born in county. Henry –? Pryor 25 merchant born in county. 8 servants.
Hammersmith, Chapel St.William PRIOR 60 bricklayer born in county. Mary 58 born in county.
Marylebone, St Marylebone, Lawford St.John PRIOR 63 gardiner born in county.
Stepney, Essex St.Nancy PRIOR 70 born out of county. Thomas PRIOR 12 born out of county.
Tower Hamlets, Christ Church, King St. – Judah PRIOR 60 silk winder born in county.

1851 UK Census, Middlesex
Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, page 35 14 George St., John PRIOR widower 79 dyes setter b. Whitechapel, Middlesex. Susan dau 45 servant b. Spitalfields, Middlesex. John PRIOR grand son 16 servant boy b. Bethnal Green, Middlesex. Jane Hines grand dau 20 servant b. Hackney. (Possibly John Prior son of Michael and Elizabeth who was baptised 11 Jun 1771 in St. Mary, Whitechapel.)
Chelsea, Chelsea South, Royal Hospital for Invalid SoldiersJonathan PRYOR widower 70 born St. Que (St. Kew?), Cornwall
Hackney, Heston Ecclesiastical Dist., 40 WoodlandMary PRIOR 65 laundress Boxted, Essex. Theophilus PRIOR 24 watch jeweler b. Clerkenwell, Middlesex. Elizabeth Biggs sister 66 laundress b. Boxted, Essex. (This family is on the 1841 Census in Hackney)
London, 109 Gloucester Pl, St. Marylebone, Robert PRYOR head 38 barister b. Hampstead, Middlesex. Elizabeth Caroline wife 31 b. Wrexham, Norfolk. Marlborough Robert PRYOR son 2 b. St. Marylebone, Middlesex. Frederick Robert Pryor son 2 mo b. St. Marylebone, Middlesex. 6 servants — butler, footman, cook, housemaid and 2 nurses. (the elder Robert Pryor is on the 1841 census in Middlesex)
Stepney, Tower Hamlets, page 27 23 Bedford St., Thomas Nash PRIOR 60 superan’d East I Co Serv. b. Coggshall, Essex. Jane 61 wife b. Redding, Berks. Jane Robson 55 unmarried visitor annuity fund B. Stepney, Middlesex. (Thomas’ estate was probated in 1860. He died 17 Nov 1859 at the Grove Hall Asylum – a lunatic asylum – in Bow. His daughter Jane Norton, wife of James Norton had rights to the estate. Thomas married Jane Smith in St. Leonard, Shoreditch 23 September 1821)

1859 Probate – Will of Anthony PRYOR – names attached to will as witnesses were Samuel Perry, William Charley, fishermen – and his wife Mary Charley who was actually there and witnessed the will. Will dated 5 Nov 1836 (The Times, 4 Aug 1859)

1861 Census, Middlesex, UK
Paddington Parish, Marylebone, 20 Norfolk CrescentJohn PRIOR 72 b. Ireland Knight Bachelor, Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals Royal Navy Retired. Caroline PRIOR wife 61 b. Sherness, Kent. 3 servants in the household. (His wife was issued Letters of Administration for John’s estate in 1869. He had died in Sussex.)
London, St Giles in the FieldsJames PRIOR 40 b. Portsmouth, Hants. Shoemaker. Louisa 3 b. London. Hannah 29 b. Colchester, Essex. Hannah 2 b. London (This family is on the 1871 Census in Midlothian, Scotland. Birth record give child’s full name: Louisa Keziah. )