Luke D. Pryor is Luke Pryor Sr. of Williamson County, TN

Ready for some more Pryor confusion? How about a deed from Williamson county that uses the name Luke d. Pryor and Luke Pryor Senr. interchangeably in the document? It appears they are one and the same person. The land transaction was to Samuel Winstead, the husband of Susannah Pryor Winstead Stephenson. This deed actually clarifies that Luke D. Pryor was likely the senior Luke Pryor in Williamson County.

1810 Deed – Luke D. Pryor (also Luke Pryor Sr. on same deed ) to Samuel Winstead. 22 March 1810. Book 2B, page 448. Wits: Henry Wisenor, Jno. Shores. (see Henry Wisener on 1807 data above).