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Pryor Records from Autauga County, AL

1830 Census, Autauga Co., AL
Captain Taylor’s District, B Pryor 00001 – 1001
(Neighbors: R. Stokes, J Ross)

1837 Deed of Conveyance – James W. Pryor and Lydall P. Saxon, DBA Pryor & Saxon to Edmund J. Felder and James Bradford, merchants and partners DBA Felder & Bradford. All of Autauga County. For consideration $1. Signed 18 May 1837.

Whig State Convention starting on January 7, 1839 in Tuscaloosa. On January 9th, J W. Pryor from Autauga was appointed by the convention President to a Committee to prepare an Address to the People of Alabama, and suitable resolutions for the consideration of the Convention.
(The Selma Daily Reporter, January 19, 1839)

1839 – 1841 Notices in The Wetumpka Argus for Pryor and Fischer. James W. Pryor, attorney at law.

1843 Estate, Autauga Co., AL
Jas. W. PRYOR, administrator of Geo W. Magher. Case was in the Special Orphan’s court. (The Wetumpka Argus, 8 Mar 1843)

Pryor Records from Barbour County, AL

1850 Census, Barbour Co., AL
Div 23, Needham Lee Sr. 64 farmer SC, Sarah 49 GA, Martha 15, AL, Jane 9 AL, Sarah 8 AL, Columbus 6 AL, Winnifred 4 AL, John J. Terry 25 GA. (Needham Lee was the widower of Lydia Pryor per History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Volume 4 By Thomas McAdory Owen, Marie Bankhead Owen)

1900 Census, Barbour Co., AL
Faulk, page 331b, house 317 Thos PRIOR (bl) 1843 57 AL AL AL, Mary wife (bl) AL GA GA, Artis son 16 AL, Alice dau 13 AL, Thos son 1888 12 AL, Homer son 1892 8 AL, Nora dau 1893 7 AL, Mary dau 1896 4 AL, Flossie dau Nov 1899 5/12 AL. (Tom Pryor died 1933 in Barbour County. Death record index states his wife was Mollie Slater and his parents were Gus Pryor and Lydia Belle Pryor, both born in AL and that he was born 10 Mar 1850. Tom Pryor marreid Mollie Slater 28 Feb 1897 in Dale County. See death record for Rosie Corbitt in Dale County, AL)
Faulk, page 331b, house 318 George Ann PRIOR (bl) (f) 1863 37 AL GA GA, Jennie dau 1879 21 AL, Luranie dau 1877 23 AL, Aaron g-son 1892 8 AL, Joe g-son 1894 6 AL, Leila g-dau 1897 3 AL, Willie g-son 1898 2 AL (George Ann Pryor died 1919 in Barbour County)

Pryor Records from Blount County, AL

1820 MarriageJohn PRYOR to Dicey White married 19 Jan 1820.

1826 DeedJOSEPH PRYOR and wife Sarah deed to JOHN PRYOR of Blount County for land in Fayette Co., AL on January 13, 1826. (This is likely Jospeh Pryor who married Sarah Odle. His son John Pryor married Dicy White in Blount Co. See Fayette and Tuscaloosa County Records.)

1872 Marriage – Nicey Jane McCollum (nee Cannon) married Peter PRYOR on 22 Nov 1872 (The 1880 Census reveals that Peter Pryor/Priar was born in Ireland)

1880 Census
N. J. Priar 49 AL SC AL, L. D. Priar 16, O. M. Priar 13, J. T. Priar 8, Q. H. Priar 8 AL Ireland AL (Quincy/Quincie)

Pryor Records from Butler County, AL

1860 Butler Co., AL
Pct 15, house 2 Francis PRYOR 30 farmer GA?, Caroline 25 GA?, M. Pryor (f) 5 AL, Geo. Pryor 3 AL, Francis Pryor 1 AL. (George Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Escambia Co., FL, Francis “Frank” Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Nashville, TN)
House 3 Geo. Mayes 37 GA, Susan 31 GA, N. A. (f) 14 GA, J. T. (m) 9 GA, W. G. (m) 7 GA, Martha 5 GA, G. W. (m) 1 GA
House 7 J. M. PRYOR 33 GA, S. Pryor (f) 26 GA, J. T. (male) 8 GA, J. R. (f) 7 AL, T. J. (male) 6 AL, W. G. PRYOR 6/12 (m) AL.

1864 Power of Attorney – I William F. Prior of said county and state having been sentenced to the penitentiary for fifteen years. Appointed John Pickett agent by power of attorney to dispose of estate. Appointed Nancy Sims of Russel County as his “attorney in fact” under direction of Benjn. F. Porter of butler County to manage his property and children. 21 September 1864.

1866 AL State Census

1867 Voter Registration
Pct 12, Jackson PRYOR (black)

1870 Census Butler Co., AL
Greenville PO, Twp 9, page 353b, House 64 Allen PRIOR 76 farmer GA, Sarah 61 GA, Patrick 25 GA, Allen 23 GA, Martha 20 GA. (Allen Pryor b. 1794 is on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., AL and in 1850 in Pike Co., GA)
Greenville, page 403b, house 39 Hammon Dorkmeir 36 grocer born Brunswick… living in household John PRIOR 17 clerk in grocery AL.
Greenville, Twp 8, page 341a, house 194 John Halsi? 47 farmer NC… living in household Robt. PRIOR 6 at school AL.
Greenville, Twp. 8, page 341b, house 199 Pat’k Drake 70 farmer VA, Martha 70 GA, Celisa 15 AL, Frank 12 AL. (head of household Patrick Henry Drake, Celisa Pryor and Frank C. Pryor, children of Francis Pryor and Caroline. Estate of Paddy Drake in 1885 states he left no widow, children or grandchildren.)

1880 Census Butler Co., AL
Greenville, Beat 2, page 350c, house 590, A W PRYOR 86 farmer GA GA GA, Allen W. 33 son GA, Martha E 34 daughter GA, Patrick H. Pryor 36 farmer GA GA GA, Sarah J. 25 wife AL AL AL, Henry A 2 son AL (Allen W. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., AL. Is son Patrick H. named for Patrick Henry Drake who Pryor children were living with on the 1870 Census?)
Greenville, Beat 2, page 350c, house 591 George Pryor 46 (bl) GA GA GA , Jane Pryor wife 45 (bl) AL AL AL , Wash Pryor 23 (bl) , Martha Pryor 18 (bl) , Jim Henry Pryor 14 (bl) , Fannie Pryor 11 (bl)
Greenville, Beat 2, page 350c, house 592 Welborn Pryor 31 (bl) GA GA GA , Matilda wife 31 (bl) AL AL AL Mary 14 dau (bl) AL GA AL, Tom 12 son (bl) AL GA AL , Anna 10 dau (bl) AL GA AL , Ella 6 dau (bl) AL GA AL , Emma 3 dau (bl) AL GA AL , Lula 1 dau (bl) AL GA AL
House 591 Mose Smith 35 (mu) AL, Eliza 27 wife AL, Wash Pryor 22 (bl) AL, Major Taylor 55 (bl) AL VA VA

Beat 2, page 18a, William PRYOR 47 farmer GA, Callie 28 wife GA, Winnie 10 dau AL, Mary 8 dau AL, Sarah 1 dau AL (William Pryor and wife Caledonia Ewing, see 1870 Census Crenshaw Co., AL)
Greenville, page 34c, house 351 Frank C. PRYOR 18 clerk in store AL, Wiley Payne (bl) 21 servant drives wagon AL, Jno. B. Upshaw 16 at school AL (son of Francis and Caroline Pryor)
Greenville, page 40d, house 404 Wm R. Martin 28 confectionary GA, Amanda W. wife 27 GA, Geo. W. PRIOR boarder confectioner AL, D. S. Crumm 21 boarder clerk in store AL AL AL, Joseph Cook 18 brother in law works in mill GA, Eula Garrett 24 sister widow GA, Jimmie P. —- 2 dau AL. (son of Francis and Caroline Pryor)

1881 Marriage – Mary Pryor md George Washington Pryor born 1858 on 12 Nov 1881 (This couple is on the 1900 Census in Escambia Co., FL)

1881 Probate – Jackson PRYOR, died 8 Apr 1888 and left a will. No widow, children’s names Curtis B Pryor 9 years old, Eveline Pryor 13 years old, Minnie Gillespie 24 years old and married, residing in VA. Petitioners James T Gregory, Wm M Jones.

1893 Petition – Sarah Jane Prior, widow of Patrick H? Prior, deceased. Their children Henry Prior under 21, William B under 14, Arthur D under 14, Charlie under 14, Effie under 14, Signed 2 December 1893. Petitioner Allen Waid Pryor

1900 Census Butler Co., AL
Page 260b, house 51/51 Mary E. Knight head Jun 1840 59 widow 5/5 living children AL SC SC, Thomas son May 1870 29 AL GA AL, David H.son Mar 1873 27 AL, John A. son May 1875 25 AL, Matilda Majors mother Mar 1816 84 widow SC, Allen W. PRIOR boarder Sept 1845 54 GA, James Knight grandson May 1889 11 AL

Pryor Records from Chambers County, AL

1850 Census, Chambers Co., AL
19th Dist., page 343a, house 1693 Mary PRYEAR 55 VT, Susan A. 13 GA, Charles B. 11 GA

Pryor Records from Cherokee County, AL

1819 Alabama Territory Census, Cherokee Co., AL

Pryor Records from Clarke County, AL

1816 Alabama Territory Census, Clarke Co., AL
William PRIOR 2513 – 11 – 4 4 – 19 (William Pryor of Stewart Co., TN who was married to Betsy Trammell and later moved to Texas as one of Austin’s Old 300)

1818 Land RecordWilliam PRYOR purchased from William Barton 5 Nov 1818. (Page 9, Register of Transfers Private Land Claims, St. Stephens)

1820 Clark County, ALWilliam PRYOR elected JP. Trammel Pryor elected constable. Letter from William Robinson Clerk CC to Gov. Thomas Bibb.

Pryor Records from Covington County, AL

1900 Census, Covington Co., AL
Andalusia Twp., page 177A, house 24/25 William G. PRYOR Feb. 1862 38 TN TN TN, Alice wife May 1875 25 (no children) AL GA AL, E. C. Davis mother in law May 1836 64 widow (1child) AL SC SC. (Probably William Pryor son of Andrew John Pryor of Jefferson Co., TN. William Pryor was on the 1880 Census in Jefferson Co. and also recorded as a carpenter).

Pryor Records from Crenshaw County, AL

NOTE: Crenshaw County was formed out of part of Butler Co., AL

1868 Marriage – Caledonia Ewing md William D. PRYOR

1870 Census, Crenshaw Co., AL
Twp 8, page 56a, House 251 Washington Holland 21 farming AL, Mary 21 keeping house GA, James 1/12 AL born in MAY
Twp 8, page 56a, House 252 John Pickett 53 farming and dep. shff (deputy sheriff?) NC, Harriet 29 AL, Stephen 9 AL, Barbary 5 AL, Elizabeth 5 AL, Malvina Coville/Calwell 22 AL, Mary 9 AL, Thomas PRYOR 15 farm hand, Green Cowart 57 farm hand GA
Twp 8, page 56a, house 253 John Cleghorn 46 farming AL, Elizabeth 53 GA, Mary 23 AL, Elizabeth Burgan 5 AL, Clementine 9 AL, William 5 AL, Martha 36 AL
Twp. 7, page 20, House 162 Samuel Ewing 44 farming GA…living in household William PRYOR 37 physician GA, Caledonia 19 AL (William Pryor, son of Allen W. Pryor who was in Pike Co., AL on the 1860 Census and in Butler Co., AL in 1880

Pryor Records from Dale County, AL

1937 Death Dale Co., AL
Rosie Corbitt died 10 Jan 1937, born abt 1880, daughter of Tom PRYOR and Georgie Ann Slaytor

Pryor Records from Dekalb County, AL

1860 Census, DeKalb Co., AL
Northern Div., page 51, house 319 Jesse L. Hibbs, 41 TN, Jeremiah 106 VA, Rhoda (PRYOR) 27 TN, Joseph 8 TN. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Johnson Co., AR. Jeremiah Hibbs age 73 is on the 1850 Census in DeKalb Co.)

1870 Census, DeKalb Co., AL
Twp. 4, Range 10, Sulpher Springs PO, page 894b…boarding house Henry PRYOR (bl) 27 works in smith shop TN.