Pryor Records from Fairfield County, Connecticut

1850 Census Fairfield Co., CT
Norwalk Twp., page 158, house 448 Jasper PRYOR 23 tailor NY, Ann 18 CT, Henry M. 2/12 CT, Julia A. Bishop 1/12 CT.

1860 Census Fairfield Co., CT
Ridgefield, page 647b, house 762, Patrick PRYOR 28 farm labor Ireland, Julia 28 Ireland, Ellen 4 CT, Julia 2 CT, Barcley 2/12 CT.
Stamford, page 777b, house 533/654 Israel PRYOR 30 seaman NY, Eleanor 49 NY, Israel 16 clerk in store NJ, Ensley 14 NJ,
Stamford, page 77b, house 533/655 Martin PRYOR 30 seaman NY, Martha A. 29 NJ, Eugenia 12 NJ, Elvira 10 NJ, Alice 8 CT, Eliza 6 CT, Martin 3/12 CT.
Norwalk, page 625a, house 244, Jasper PRIOR 34 tailor NY, Ann E. 28 CT, William A. 8 CT, Josephine 6 CT, Jesse A. 2 CT.

1870 Census Fairfield Co., CT
Page 177b, house1398 Ansley PRIOR 25 saloon keeper NJ, Mary A. 25 IL, Elleanor Foster 19 NY, Eleanor PRIOR 63 NJ, William Foster 17 works in woolen mill NY

1921 Wedding – Greenwich, CT. Marion Carson married Jacques F. PRYOR (marriage announced in New York Tribune 16 Jan 1921. Names relatives: brother Samuel F. PRYOR Jr., Frederick Maurice PRYOR, Samuel Frazier PRIOR. Jacques was a graduate of Yale class of 1919. Jacques’ grandmother Frances F. Bailey Pryor was living with the family on the 1910 Census. She was the wife of Joseph W. Pryor, they married in 1850 in Fayette Co., VA)

Records from Hartford County, Connecticut

1719 Estate of Humphrey PRIOR, inventory taken by Eliakim Marshall and Samuel Strong.

1755 Inventory, estate of Sarah PRIOR of Middletown. States her home was located “butting north on highway north and south on land of Ebenezer PRIOR east on part of the same lot.”

1764 Will Middletown, CT (Middletown was incorporated into Middlesex County in 1785)
Daniel PRIOR, of an advanced age, wife Mary, sons Daniel PRIOR, Ebenezer PRIOR. Daughters: Sarah, Anna, Susannah, Mary, Experience. Witnesses: Francis Whitmore, John Davis, Lam’l Lay. Signed abt. 1764

1772 Will Hartford Co., East Windsor – Will of John PRIOR, wife Sarah, sons Abner, Azariah, Joel, John, and Gideon, daughters Sarah and Abigail witnessed by Mr. Alexander Osborn Thomas Potwine, and Lydia Potwine. Signed 26 April 1764. Proved in court in January 1773.

1777 Revolutionary War Service, Hartford, CT
William PRYOR, residence: Hartford, company: Bull, date enlisted: 8 Nov 1777, term: 3 yrs, remarks: Disc. 8 Nov 1780.
Abner PRIOR, residence Windsor, Com. Jan 1, 1777, prom. Maj. 1st Regt. Aug 27, 1780, cont in 1781.
Men in Captain Abner Prior’s Company (2nd Company): Sgt. Abner Prior, Fifer Allin Prior

1786 Will ProvedSarah PRIOR, will signed Middletown January 1782, names son Daniel (portions of will have rotted away), witnesses Daniel Clark, Samuel PRIOR, Giles Hubbard. Proved 2 January 1786 in Middletown. Named son Daniel Prior executor. Bond was filed by Daniel Prior and John Prior “both of Middletown” (Middletown was in Middlesex County as of 1786. This will may be filed in the same folder with the 1755 Inventory noted above.)

1786 Notice – Probate court announced the sale  of the estate of Daniel McLean at the inn of Allen PRIOR on 15th June 1786 in Windsor. (Hartford Courant, 5 June 1786)

1788 MarriageAnna Prior Watson made a statement (in 1838) that she was the sister of Eleanor Prior who married William Stroughton, a Revolutionary War soldier, at the home of John Prior in East Windsor on 7 April 1788. They were married by a minister of the Second Congregational Church. (see

1790 Census Hartford Co., CT
Berlin, page 447, Mary PRIOR 003
East Windsor, page 412 Joel PRIOR 244
East Windsor, page 412 Greene PRIOR 102
East Windsor, page 416 Roswell PRIOR 102 (Roswell was in Tolland Co. on 1800 Census)
Enfield, page 420 Isaac PRIOR 135 (possibly the Isaac Pryor in Franklin Co., MA. Born about 1742.)
Enfield, page 420 Azariah PRIOR 102
Enfield, page 421 Ebenezer PRIOR 305
Enfield, page 423 Ezekiel PRIOR 101
Enfield, page 423 Lashius? PRIOR 315 (possibly Zacheus Prior)

1791 Military Promotion – Lieutenants: Abner PRYOR vice Armstrong, promoted.(Hartford Courant, Apr 4, 1791)

1796 Death – Thompson PRIOR age 23, son of Ebenezer and Mary Prior. Buried Enfield Street Cemetery (Gravemarker on Find A Grave)

1809 WillJoel PRIER of East Windsor, wife Sarah, son Joel PRIER Jr., Harvey, Asa, George, Frederick, Augustus, daughters Rhoda, Abigail Osborn, Clarissa Booth. His sons George and Asa to be executors. Witnesses: Lucretia Osborn, Elizabeth Parke, Jonathan Parke. Signed 29 June 1809

1810 Death – Isaac PRIOR died 6 Feb 1810, buried Enfield Street Cemetery. (Gravemarker on Find A Grave. Buried near his “relict” Beulah Prior who died in 1814 at age 70)

1812 Death Notice – Joel PRIOR, died at East Windsor, age 71
Hartford Courant, 1 Jan 1812

1821 Marriage – Seth PRIOR married Sophia Allen 17 April 1821 (this may be the Sophia Pryor on the 1860 Census.)

1827 Death Notice – Miss Fanny PRIOR age 37. the only daughter of George Prior. at East Windsor (Hartford Courant, 25 June 1827)

1830 Census Hartford Co., CT
George PRIOR 001010001 – 000010001
Horace PRIOR 101001 – 10001
Seth PRIOR 100111 – 000001
Harvey PRIOR 1221001 – 110001
Joel PRIOR 001001 – 0100001001 (oldest female 70-80 years)
Augustus PRIOR 10111001 – 0110001

1831 Notice – The subscribers have formed a Copartnership, under the firm Averill and Prior and will continue the Grocery Comission Business at the Store recently occupied by E. Watkinson & Co.
Horace Averill, Isaac N. Prior.
Hartford, February 1 1831
Hartford Courant 22 February 1831 (another notice on the same day announces that the partnership between Edward Watkinson and Isaac N. Prior is dissolved)

1838 Death – 22 May 1838, Giles Prior. The Vermont Phoenix reported on 1 June 1838 that Giles Prior fell off a loaded freight boat into twenty feet of water. His body had not been found.

1840 Marriage – Horace PRIOR married Marilla Parsons. 7 May 1840

1842 Appointment – Nathaniel PRIOR appointed justice of the peace at Enfield.(Hartford Courant, July 14, 1842)

1846 Death – Nathaniel PRIOR, age 64 at Enfield on the 27th. (Hartford Courant, Nov 23, 1846)

1840 Census Hartford Co., CT
Augustus PRIOR 00111001 – 00001001
Joel PRIOR 0111101 – 0000001101 (oldest female 70-80 years)
Nathan PRIOR 00101 – 10001
Seth PRIOR 1110002 – 1010001
George PRIOR 0001000001 – 0000000001 (oldest male 70-80 years)
Horace PRIOR 0010001 – 0101001
Harvey PRIOR 00100001 – 1010001

1842 Death – Elizabeth PRIOR, wife of Zacheus PRIOR. Age 78. Buried Enfield Street Cemetery. (Gravemarker on Find A Grave. Born about 1764)

1843 Marriage – On 21 May 1843, Allen N Prior of Somers to Jane E Newton of Enfield (Hartford Courant 13 June 1843)

1850 Census Hartford Co., CT
Enfield, Page 40b, house 405 Alice PRIOR 84 CT, Alice 57 CT, Daniel 52 CT.
East Windsor, Page 74a, house 268 Harlo PRIOR 41 CT, Ellen 24, Geo 2, Mary 84 CT. (Find a Grave memorial states Mary was the relic of George PRIOR. She died in Sept. 1850)

1855 Ad for Eagle Hotel in Hartford, CT. H. G. Prior and D. A. Rood proprietors. (Hartford Courant, Apr 16, 1855)

1860 Census Hartford Co., CT
East Windsor, Page 77, house 172 Sophia PRYOR 62 CT, George A. 20 CT
East Windsor, Page 77, house 174 Horace PRYOR 67 farmer CT, Merribah 61 CT, Mary L 37 CT, Milon 33 cigar maker CT, Ellen A. 26 CT, Delia A. 7 CT, Roselle 3 CT.

1875 Probate Horace PRIOR will was signed 10 June 1861 and names wife Merribah. Will and administration papers filed on 9th July 1864 state Horace was from East Windsor. Harvey PRIOR signed the admin paper. Names heirs Mrs. C A Wright, Mary L PRIOR.
Estate of Horace PRIOR of Enfield who died before 18 July 1875. Estate included cash from estate of Sophia PRIOR, a house worth $400.

Records from Middlesex County, Connecticut

Middlesex County formed out of part of Hartford County in 1785

1786 Will of Sarah PRIOR (see Hartford County above)

1790 Census Middlesex Co., CT
Middleton, page 423 Jesse PRIOR 141
Middleton, page 423 Daniel PRIOR 101
Middleton, page 423 Samuel PRIOR 113
Middleton, page 423, Elijah PRIOR 111
Middleton, page 424, Oliver PRIOR 111
Middleton, page 422, Josiah PRIOR 125
Middleton, page 426, John PRYOR 123

1800 Census Middlesex Co., CT
Elijah PRYOR 20010 – 00101

1827 Death – Oliver PRIOR age 60 in Middletown on 9 April 1827 (His gravemarker is on Find A Grave. His first wife Ann died in 1810. His “relict” Abigail D. died in 1847).

Records from New London County, Connecticut

1787 Notice – House and land for sale in Lebanon, CT. Enquiries to be made of David Prior in Lebanon.
Hartford Courant, 11 June 1787

1817 Obituary – Sag Harbor, December 6th. Another revolutionary Patriot gone. Died in this place on Saturday morning last, Captain Elisha  Pryor, formerly of Norwich Connecticut. He enjoyed a painful illness of about 9 weeks, which he has sustained with Christian fortitude and resignation to the will of Divine Providence. Captain Pryor received a severe wound defending Fort Griswold, from the traitor Arnold, in the Revolutionary War. He lived respected and beloved by all who knew him, and was esteemed as an honest man and a worthy member of society. His funeral was attended by a large Concourse of people, and a sermon adapted to the occasion was delivered by the Reverend John D Gardiner, from 1st Corinthians 15, 26 (American Yeoman, Battleboro Vermont December 30th 1817. Death Notice for Elisha Prior states he was 72 years old in Hartford Courant, 16 Dec 1817)

Records from Tolland County, Connecticut

1800 Census Tolland Co., CT
Coventry, page 199, Roswell PRIOR 10010-10010

Records from Windham County, Connecticut

1784 Death – Rachel PRIOR, wife of Benjamin PRIOR. B. 1743. (Photo of marker on Find A Grave. Inscribed wife of Benjamin Prior)

1790 Windham Co., CT
Lebanon, page 247 Azarion PRYOR 30601
Mansfield, page 269 Joshua PRYOR 302
Plainfield, page 354 Benj. PRYOR 215 (Born about 1747)
Plainfield, page 357 Joseph PRYOR 113

1802 Death – Otis PRIOR Son of Benjamin and Tabitha Prior. Age 1. Buried in Old Plainfield Cemetery. (Photo of marker on Find A Grave. Inscribed son of Benjamin Prior and Tabitha)

1826 Death – Benjamin PRIOR, age 79 years. Buried in Old Plainfield Cemetery. (Photo of marker on Find A Grave)

1844 Death – Tabitha PRIOR, Buried in Old Plainfield Cemetery (Photo of marker on Find A Grave. Inscribed wife of Benjamin Prior)

1850 Census Windham Co., CT
Plainfield, page 295b, house 115/127 Augustus PRIOR 58 carpenter Plainfield, CT. Olive B. 50 Plainfield, CT. Charles R. 25 Plainfield, CT (Augustus born 1792, buried in Plainfield Cemetery per Find A Grave)
Plainfield, page 297a, house 134, Benjamin PRIOR 53 laborer Plainfield, CT. Sally 60 Plainfield, CT. Betsy 56 Plainfield, CT. Lois 47 Plainfield, CT. John J. Penrose 28 New York City.
Plainfield, page 310a, house 318 Erastus L. PRIOR 41 manufacturer Plainfield, CT. Sarah L. 30 West Greenwich, RI. Daniel 11 Plainfield, CT. Helen C. 4 Smithfield, RI. George A. 2 Smithfield, RI. Edward Burleson 65 laborer West Greenwich, RI. Sarah L. Burleson 63 West Greenwich, RI. Rowena Burleson 34 West Greenwich, RI.
Plainfield, page 313b, house 377 John PRIOR 68 Plainfield, CT. Ruth 67 Smithfield, RI. Joanna 29 Plainfield, CT. Harlish? M. 22 Bozrah, CT.
Plainfield, page 299b & 300a , house 185/301 William S. PRIOR 32 machinist Plainfield, CT. Maria 30 Plainfield, CT. William 4 Plainfield, CT. Mary 1 Plainfield, CT.