Pryor Records From Dade County, Florida

1920 Census Dade Co., FL
Pct 10, Miami City, ED# 28, Sheet 7a, 505 10th St., Obed M. PRYOR head 54 AL AL AL retired, Florence M. wife 41 TX MS MS MS, Fred A Murrell lodger 50 NY, Fred A Murrell Jr. lodger 25 MA, (Obed M. Pryor is buried in Escambia Co.)

Pryor Records from Escambia County, Florida

1900 Census Escambia Co., FL
Pensacola Pct. 12, ED#21 sheet 16b, 10th Ave., George W. PRYOR b. July 1852 47 AL AL AL, produce merchant, Mary wife Mar 1867 33 AL AL AL, George W. Jr. July 1880 19 AL bookkeeper, John F. son Oct. 1882 17 AL, Clara N. dau Oct. 1887 12 AL, Maude Earley sister in law July 1882 17 AL AL AL, at school. (George W. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Butler Co., AL)
Pensacola Pct 13, ED#22, sheet 19a, house 723 Obed M PRYOR July 1861 AL GA GA furniture dealer, Sallie C. wife Mar 1870 30 AL AL Al, William F son Jan 1889 11 AL, DeWitt M. son May 1890 10 AL, Lillian L. dau Oct 1891 AL, Leana dau May 1893 7 FL, Rothmeyer dau Nov 1894 5 FL, Fannie Mae dau Apr 1896 4 FL. (Obed Pryor is in a 1913 City Directory for Mobile, AL listed as a commercial traveler. Death records for Dewitt and William Frank state parents Obed M. Pryor and Sallie Nord)

1907 Death – George W. Pryor died in New City on Feb 1, 1907 (His obtituary The Pensacola Journal, February 03, 1907, states his brother was Frank Pryor of Nashville TN)

1910 Census Escambia Co., FL
Pensacola, sheet 23b, house 1911 George W. PRYOR 28 AL GA AL, John F. brother 26 AL GA AL, C. L. sister 22 AL GA AL, E. M. sister in law 27 FL FL FL

Pryor Records from Hillsborough County, Florida

1854 Probate – Will of David C PRYOR, executrix Emma A PRYOR.

Pryor Records from Limestone County, Florida

1885 State Census, Limestone Co., FL
Page 7d 1885 State Census, Limestone Co., FL
Page 7d, Dist. 4, house 28 Elbert Warren 28 husband laborer AL AL AL, Manda 35 wife AL AL AL, Martha Holman 60 mother AL AL AL, John PRIOR 22 son AL AL AL, Wm (William) PRIOR 18 son AL AL AL.

Pryor Records from Okaloosa County, Florida

1930 Census Okaloosa Co., FL
ED#24, Page 214a, Beal St., Camp Walton, George W. PRYOR 48 (md. 25) AL AL AL Investments in Theatres, Rose J. wife 39 (md. 17) FL Chicago FL, Rose M. adopted dau 3 6/12 Carolina Carolina Carolina, Georgeanne adopted dau 3 6/12 Carolina Carolina Carolina, John F. PRYOR brother 47 (md. 24 AL AL AL) Investments in Theatres. (Sons of George W. Pryor Sr of Pensacola, FL: George W. Pryor was described as a pioneer of early cinema in the obituary of one of his grandsons. He and his brother were on the 1900 Census in Pensacola Co., FL).

1935 State Census, Okaloosa Co., FL
Fort Walton, George PRYOR 50 husband AL, Rose 45 wife FL, Rosemary 8 dau NC, George Ann 8 dau NC, John PRYOR 50? brother AL
Fort Walton, W. J. PRYOR 31 husband FL, Irene 29 wife FL, Betty 9 dau AL, Walter 5 dau TN.
Fort Walton, W. C. PRYOR 62 husband FL, Frances 58 wife FL, Angeline 30 dau FL, Billy 21 dau FL, John J. PRYOR 89 father FL?

1968 Wedding Announcement – Miss Mary Jane McGhee and John G. Sloat II, grandson of W. C. Pryor.
Playground Daily News (Fort Walton Beach, FL) 18 Nov 1968

1970 Wedding Announcement – Miss Mary Ann Power and William Malone Sasser, grandson of the late William Columbus Pryor
Playground Daily News (Fort Walton Beach, FL) 1 Oct 1970

Furnishings and misc. items of the late Mrs. W. C. Pryor. Mrs. Pryor was the first girl born in Ft. Walton Beach. Mr. Pryor was first Mayor of Ft. Walton Beach
Playground Daily News (Fort Walton Beach, FL) 11 Jul 1973

Pryor Records from Putnam County, Florida

1885 State Census, Putnam Co., FL
Page 7d, Dist. 7, house 72 Frank Kendrick laborer 33 GA GA GA, Josefine 24 wife GA GA GA, Henry Kendrick 7 son GA GA GA, Adline 2 dau GA GA GA, Julius Hannah 25 laborer GA GA GA, John PRYOR 14 laborer GA GA GA, Isaiah Martin (bl) 16 FL FL FL, Frank Pinkton (bl) 22 GA GA GA, Claria Medlock (bl) 25 GA GA GA, J. H. Medlock (bl) male 10 GA GA GA.
Dist. 5, page 23, house 248  H. K. PRIOR male 68 fruit grocer RI RI RI, Catharine 52 wife RI RI RI, W. S. 26 son RI, Robbie 17 dau RI, Lizzie 15 dau RI,
Dist. 5, page 24, house 249 Harris PRIOR 31 fruit grocer RI RI RI, M. C. 27 wife RI RI RI, C. H. 5 son FL, Harris 1 son FL.

Pryor Records from Santa Rosa County, Florida

1880 Census Santa Rosa Co., FL
10th Pct, page 16d, John Rogers 55 carpenter MS GA SC…. living in household Thomas J PRYOR 25 laborer AL GA GA, Ona 17 wife FL MS GA. (Wikipedia article states Thomas Jefferson Pryor was born in Greenville, Butler Co., AL and sailed to Florida, a early settler of Mary Esther, FL)
Dist 1, Page 44d, house 407 John J PRIOR 21 laborer GA GA GA, Narcissa 19 wife AL AL AL, William 5 son FL, Emma 3 dau TX, Lula 5/12 dau FL

1885 State Census, Santa Rosa Co., FL
Page 121, no house # J. J. PRYOR 33 laborer inspector GA GA GA, Narcissa 29 wife AL AL AL, William 11 son FL, Emma 8 daughter FL, Loula 5 daughter FL, Leona 1 daughter FL, Thomas 1 son FL.
Page 108d, no house #  T. J. PRYOR 31 carpenter AL AL AL, Ona 27 wife FL FL FL, Mary 4 daughter FL, John 2 son FL.(Thomas Jefferson Pryor born in Greenville, AL married Ona Rogers in May 1879. Sons Tom and Roger served terms as mayor of Mary Ester in Okaloosa Co., FL)

1900 Census, Santa Rosa Co., FL
Page 201b, Mary Ester Twp., house 145 John PRYOR Sept. 1852 47 GA GA GA day laborer, Narcissa wife ?/1854 45 8 children/8 living AL AL AL, Ona dau Feb 1884 FL GA AL, John W son Sept 1886 FL GA AL, Ollie dau Feb 1891 9 FL, Sybil G dau Apr. 1883 17 FL, Fannie Hinson servant Aug 1848 51 widow 4 children/4 living AL AL AL, John son Oct 1883 16 AL AL AL
Page 202a, Mary Ester Twp., house 148
Thomas PRYOR Jan 1854 46 md 21 years AL GA GA mill owner, Ona wife Jan 1863 37 FL MS GA, Mary Ida dau Sept 1880 19 FL, John E son Sept 1882 17 FL, Allice V dau May 1886 14 FL, James E son Oct 1888 11 FL, William F son Mar 1891 9 FL, Bessie dau July 1894 5 FL, George W son Jan 1898 2 FL
Sheet 10b, Bagdad, house 134, Thomas PRYOR (bl) Aug 1836 63 GA GA GA, Mary wife Aug 1854 45 AL AL AL, John son May 1880 20FL, Mary dau May 1883 17 FL, Susan dau May 1885 15 FL, Willie dau Mar 1890 9 FL, Aaron son Apr 1899 1 FL

1910 Census, Santa Rosa Co., FL
Boggy Bayou, house 130 John J. PRYOR 65, md 40, AL AL AL own income, Narcissa wife 55 8 children/8 living AL AL AL, John son 22 FL AL AL saw mill, Sybil dau 15 FL AL AL , James J. Raines boarder 30 single AL AL AL saw mill.

1930 Census, Santa Rosa Co., FL
Camp Walton, Thomas J. PRYOR 76 AL GA GA, Alma wife 23 FL FL FL, Dorothy P dau 3 FL, Woodrow W. son 1 FL

Pryor Records from Walton County, Florida

1880 Census, Walton Co., FL
Page 460a, house 40 William Holman 65 SC SC SC, Martha 60 wife AL VA TN, Manda (PRYOR) 30 dau AL, William 12 gr-son AL, Martha 9 gr-dau AL, John 3 gr-son FL, Mary L. 1 gr-dau FL (Martha Bartlett Pryor Holman, widow of Allen Pryor of Pike Co., AL.and her daughter Amanda Pryor)
Page 460a, house 41 Benjamin Holman 39 AL SC SC, Alda (PRYOR) 30 wife AL SC SC, Jackson 10 son AL, Edmun J. 5 son AL. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Pike Co., AL.)
Page 460a, house 42 Manda Holman 39 AL SC SC, James S. 8 son AL SC AL, Samuel 2 son AL SC AL, Alda A. 1/12 May 1880 FL SC AL.
1900 Census, Walton Co., FL
Page 91b, house 155 Ellsworth Warren 1860 40 married 19 yrs AL SC FL farmer, Mandy (PRYOR) wife April 1855 45 8 children/7 living AL ?? AL, James son May 1885 15 FL AL AL, Allie dau March 1888 12 FL AL AL, John PRYOR step-son July 1879 20 FL AL AL, William A. step-son ?? 28 FL, Sofronia A. step-dau 1878 22 FL, Jimmy gr-son May 1891 9 FL, Allen gr-son Oct. 1893 6 FL, Franklin gr-son March 1895 5 FL, Louanne step-dau 1883 17 FL AL AL, Martha Hollman mother in law 1817 83 widow, 3 children/3 living AL Unk Unk (Martha Bartlett Pryor Holman, widow of Allen Pryor of Pike Co., AL.and her daughter Amanda Pryor)
Page 91b, house 156 Benjamin Hollman 1850 50 AL AL AL, Alda (PRYOR) wife Oct. 1851 48 AL AL AL, Crawford son Jan 1872 28 AL, James E. son May 1875 25 AL, Orrie O. son March 1891 9, Emma dau in law May 1870 30 AL, Man gr-son Jan 1894 6, Allen gr-son Mar 1896 4 FL, Henry O. gr-son Aug 1897 2 FL.