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Records from Adams County, Illinois

1850 Census, Adams Co., IL
Gilmer Twp., page 96 Samuel PRYOR 32 KY carpenter, Sarilda 25 KY, Margaret 5 IL, Polly 3 IL, Caroline 1 IL (This family was on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., IL and in 1870 again in Adams Co., IL. Samuel M. Pryor was the son of John Alexander Pryor born Amelia Co., VA and wife Mary Cole. Samuel’s sister Prudence Pryor Tyson was in Ripley Co., IN and brother Nicholas was in Montgomery Co., IN)

1868 Marriage – Samuel M PRYOR and Mary E Donohoe on 7 May 1868

1870 Census Adams Co., IL
Qunicy Page 631A, house 679/779 S. M. PRYOR 51 carpenter KY, Mary E. 46 VA, Belle 21 IN, Maria 17 IL, James 15 IL, Peter 13 IL, Lucy 9 IL, Charles 6 IL, Curtis 10 IL.
(This family appears on the 1880 Census in Kingman Co., KS. Son Richard Curtis Pryor settled in Pueblo, CO.)
House 679/780 James Coulter 40 carpenter IN, Margaret (PRYOR) 25 IN
House 679/781
Isaac Rathbone 29 carpenter NY, Mary (PRYOR?) 23 IN
Keene, page 211a, house 15/15 William PRYOR 60 farmer OH, Phoebe 56 OH, Rachel 23 IL, Freeman 18 IL
Keene page 211a, house 16/17 Wilson PRYOR 31 farmer OH, Ellen 31 MO, William 10 IL, Euphema 9 IL, Sarah 7 IL, Milton 6 IL, Henry 4 IL, Walter 2 IL. (Ellen Pryor, Henry and Walter are listed in the 1887-1888 Stone’s City Directory living at 325 Cherry. In the 1890’s Walter and Miss Phemia Pryor were listed on 1330 N. 4th.)

1880 Census Adams Co., IL
Quincy, page 614d, house 498 Washington PRYOR 60 carpet weaver MO MO MO, Nice 55 MO MO MO. (Washington Pryor is recorded as a carpet weaver in the 1887-1888 Stone’s City Directory living at 131 N. 12th)
Keene, page 176d, house 108 William PRYOR 70 retired farmer OH NJ NJ, Pheby 66 wife OH NJ NJ, Freeman Pryor Jr. 27 farmer IL OH OH, Nancy 23 wife OH OH OH, Elizabeth 4 dau IL, William M. 6/12 son IL, Addison Peal 15 brother in law IL.

1900 Census, Adams Co., IL
Quincy, 4th pct., page 323a, North 6th – Henry E PRYOR b. Sept. 1867 32, md 5 years IL OH IL night watchman. Elizabeth D wife b. Aug 1869 30 no children MO OH KY

1910 Census Adams Co., IL
Quincy Ward 1, page 31a, Henry E PRYOR 42 married twice IL OH KY, Addie F. wife 42 married twice MO OH NY, Lorene dau 8 IL MO MO, Gertrude Gregory step-dau 19 MO MO MO, Sylvia Gregory 17 MO MO MO, James Matthew boarder 25 OH OH OH (Henry died 1940 in CA, death record reports mother’s maiden name is Asbury. Addie died 1964 in CA, death record reports mother’s maiden name is McKinzie. Addie’s obit state she was survived by daughters Gertrude Lay and Lorene Edinger)

Records from Alexander County, Illinois

1840 Marriage – Harvey Carmichael married Jane Pryor on 27 Oct 1840. (This family is on the 1850 Census and later in Weakly Co., TN)
1910 Census, Alexander Co., IL
Tamms Village, page 282A, house 33/34 Frank PRYOR 58 (md. 36 yrs.) TN NC NC, M. N. wife 50 (10 children/9 living) TN TN TN, Warren son 25 IL, Fred son 18 IL, George son 10 IL. (This family was on the 1880 & 1900 Census in Pulaski Co., IL. Per Illinois Death Index Frank Pryor died 2/21/1927 and wife Margarette died 6/10/1921 in Alexander Co.)

1920 Census Alexander Co., IL
Twp. 15, House 19 Frank PRYOR 68 TN NC NC, Margarette 63 TN TN TN, William 39 son IL, Giger [George?] 20 son IL

Records from Bond County, Illinois

1850 Census Bond Co., IL
Page 421A, house 893/913 Elizabeth Floyd 58 IN, Sarah 22 KY, John 20 farmer KY, Thomas 17KY
Page 421A, house 894/914 James Pryer? 26 NC, Nancy 25 NC, Robert 6 KY, Robert Tartas Davis Babcock 40 NY.
Page 421B, house 896/916 Stewart Floyd 62 farmer KY, Casiah 42 VA, Charles 19 KY, William 17 KY, John 15 KY, Nathaniel 13 IL, Martin 7 IL, George 5 IL, Robert 2 IL

1880 Census Bond Co., IL
Mulberry Grove, page 256d, house 141 John PRYOR 53 OH NC OH, Elizabeth wife 56 VA VA VA, Joel M son IN OH OH, Mattie E Keller niece 11 IN IN IN , Lunetta Keller neice IN IN IN, Maggie E Beaty boarder 32 SC SC SC (John Pryor was in Hancock Co., IN in 1850)

Records from Cass County, Illinois

1837 Poll Book, Cass Co., IL
Listed in poll… John Pryor, next line Standley Lockerman (see Delaware records. History of Cass County, Illinois edited by William Henry Perrin – on Google Books)

Records from Clark County, Illinois

1830 Census, Clark Co., IL
Abel PRIOR 10001 – 00001 (Abel Prior was a great hunter from KY and eventually had 16 children. Illinois Historical, Newton Bateman, Paul Selby, pub. Unigraphic, 1909, page 640. (Abel Pryor md. Francis Martin 3/19/1827 in Crawford Co., IL) Per HISTORY OF CRAWFORD AND CLARK COUNTIES, ILLINOIS, pub. 1883, married Frances )

Records from Clinton County, Illinois

1830 Census Clinton Co., IL
Page 104 James B. PRIOR 00001 – 10001

Records from Coles County, Illinois

1840 Census Coles Co., IL
John PRYOR 00001 – 0001
1850 Census Coles Co., IL
Wabash, House 32 John PRYOR 34 KY, Faithy 26 TN, Margaret J. 10 IL, Sarah 8 IL, Nancy 6 IL, Ann 4 IL, Mary W. 2 IL (John Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Nodaway Co., MO. Death record of Mary W. Pryor Anderson states her mother’s name was Faithy Champion)

Records from Cook County, Illinois

1857 Marriage – B F PRIOR married Sarah Eaves on 14 Nov 1857. (NOTE: There was a Hardin Pryor living in the household of Jesse Eaves in Union Co., IL in 1860)

1920 Census Cook Co., IL
Tract B3, Precinct 44, House 148 Frank Pieffer 75, Mary 51, William PRYOR (lodger) 62 TN TN TN

Records from Crawford County, Illinois

1840 Census, Crawford Co., IL
Page 292, Abel PRIER 220101-10001(Abel Pryor md. Francis Martin 3/19/1827 in Crawford Co., IL)

1850 Census Crawford Co., IL
House 622 Abel PRYOR 48 KY, Frances 40 KY, Alfred 21 IL, James 18 IL, William 17 IL, Allen 11 IL, Albert 11 IL, Josiah 6 IL, Abrilla 4 IL, Emeline 2 IL, Margaret 13 IL.(Abel Pryor md. Francis Martin 3/19/1827 in Crawford Co., IL)

1860 Census Crawford Co., IL
Twp. 6, Range 13, page 555, house 1285 Allen PRYOR 23 farmer $400/$150 IL, Jane 20 IL, James 1 IL (Allen Pryor is in Cross Co., AR in 1900)
Twp. 6, Range 13, page 555, house 1316 James PRYOR 30 farmer $1200/$200 IL, Lucy 30 KY, Angeline 5 IL, Abel 3 IL, Amanda 8/12 IL, Andrew Simons 8 IL, Catharine Roe 58 KY.
Twp. 6, Range 13, page 555, house 1321/1321 Alfred PRYOR 31 farmer $800/$200 IL, Matilda 32 IN, Mary 9 IL, Charles 3 IL, Sarah 1 IL, Thomas Flinn 20 laborer IL, Mary Flinn 14 IL
Twp. 6, Range 13, page 565, house 1394/1394 Abel PRYOR 57 farmer $400/$500 KY, Frances 50 KY, William 27 farmer IL, Abel 21 IL, Peter 10 IL, Aberilla 14 IL, Emaline 15 IL

1865 Illinois State Census, Crawford Co., IL

page 29, Abel PRYOR 0012100000011

1870 Census Crawford Co., IL
House 207 Albert PRIOR 66 KY, Frances 60 KY, Albert 33 IL.
House 208 Alfred PRIOR 41 IL, Matilda 42 TN, Mary 18 IL, Charles 13 IL, Emma 9 IL, John 5/12 IL, Ruth Higgins 53 IN, Margaret 28 IL school teacher, Stephen 12 IL. (Alfred Prior md. Matilda Flinn 8/1/1850 in Crawford Co., IL)

1879 Event – Mrs Keller of Hardinsville was arrested for the burning of a barn belonging to Allen PRIOR. Mrs. Keller was discharged because of lack of proof. (the Cincinnati Enquirer, 13 Jun 1879)

1880 Census Crawford Co., IL
Martin Twp., page 455d, house 79 Allen PRIER 41 IL KY KY, Claisa wife 46 IL IL IL, James 26 son IL, Able 19 son IL, Joseph 15 son IL, Franklin 14 son IL, Ed 8 son IL, Fred 6 son IL, William 4 son IL, Susan 1 dau IL. (Allen Pryor and son Fred are on the 1900 Census in Cross Co, AR)

Records from DeWitt County, Illinois

1901 Death – Allen PRYOR killed in bar fight with Henry Bowles, the son of R. H. Bowles who died in Clinton County.. 5 Nov 1901 (Decatur Review)