Records from Adair County, Iowa

1860 Census, Adair Co., IA
Harrison Twp.,Page 20, House 153 S. W. PRYOR (male) 36 farmer TN, Matthew 12 MO, Sarah F. 11 MO, William 9 MO, Emmit 6 MO, Charles 4 MO, Sarah Glassop 63 domestic NC. (Samuel W. Pryor and family were on the 1850 Census in Washington Co., MO. Samuel Pryor is a son of Matthew Pryor and Henrietta Williams of Marion Co., TN. Samuel W. Pryor was married to Mary Jane Glosup).
NOTE: The History of Adair County, Iowa and Its People by Lucian Moody Kilburn mentions a Seth PRYOR in 1864 and Samuel W. Pryor who was a surveyor between 1857 to 1859. (1825 on Deed with Samuel W. Pryor in Marion Co., TN, 1840 Census Gasconade Co, MO, 1841 listed as a surveyor in Osage Co., MO, 1850 Titus Co., TX, 1860 Sebastian Co., AR, 1863 in Adair Co, IA)

1870 Census, Adair Co., IA
Harrison Twp., page 12a, house 19 Samuel W. PRYOR 49 farmer TN, Eliza A. 44 OH, William 19 MO, Ernest 16 MO, Charles H. 14 MO, Sarah 21 MO, Mary J. 6 IA, Julia M. 4 IA.

1880 Census Adair Co., IA
Harrison Twp., Page 105B S. W. PRYOR 59 male TN NC NC, E. A. wife 54 OH NC OH, C. H. son 24 MO teaching school, M. J. dau 16 IA, J. M. dau 14 IA, D. E. other male 10 IA TN OH. (Julia M. Pryor md. James P. Flemming Mar. 16, 1882, Millie J. Pryor md. Porter F. Murphy Nov. 7 1883 – both in Adair Co. Milly J. Pryor Bunce is on the 1925 Census in Adair Co. She states her father was Samuel W. Pryor of TN and mother was Eliza A. Barnett of OH.)

1885 Iowa State Census, Adair Co., IA
Samuel W. PRYOR 64 TN married, Eliza A. 59 OH married, Dayton E. 14 single born Adair Co., IA. (Matthew Pryor Jr. & Henrietta Williams of Marion Co., TN>Samuel W. Pryor born 12 Sept. 1820 in Marion Co., TN. Samuel is on the 1860 Census in Adair Co., IA)

1895 Iowa State Census, Adair Co., IA
Harrison Twp., page 264, house 132 Dayton E. PRYOR 24 b. Adair Co., IA, farmer, protestant, Elna A. 27 b. Adair Co., IA, wife, protestant, Clarence E., Samuel W. PRYOR 73 b. Tenn., weaver M. E., Eliza A. 69 Ohio, weaver M. E.

1900 Census Adair Co., IA
Harriston Twp., page 64B, house 78/79 Dayton PRYOR Jun 1870 29 md. 8 yrs. IA TN IN, Enda E. wife Sept. 1870 29 1 child IA OH OH, Clarence E. son Sept. 1893 6 IA, Samuel W. PRYOR head Sept. 1820 79 md. 39 yrs. TN TN TN, Eliza A. wife Feb. 1836 74 5 children/2 living IN NC OH. (Dayton Pryor son of Samuel W. Pryor and Eliza Barnett)

1925 Iowa State Census Adair Co., IA

Harriston Twp. Grant Bunce, Milly J. (PRYOR), Floyd. Census lists Milly’s parents as Samuel W. PRYOR of TN, Eliza A. Barnett of OH (Samuel W. Pryor b. 1844 in Overton Co., TN)

Records from Appanoose County, Iowa

1920 Census Appanoose Co., IA
Washington, page 302a, 7th Street, house 230, John T. PRYOR 45 MO VA MO carpenter railroad, Lenora wife 41 MO MO MO, William A. son 16 MO, Leta B dau 16 MO, Thomas R. son 12 MO, Herbert A. son 8 MO. (Thomas Pryor b. 1817>Thomas A. Pryor b. 1847>John T. Pryor b. 1874. John T. Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Chariton Co., MO. Obituary of William Archibald Pryor of Randolph County, MO states his parents were John Thomas Pryor and Lenora Mortimeyer. It also states he was a retired railroad worker and carpenter on the Wabash Bridge.He was a member of Masonic Lodge 505 in Albia, IA. – Moberly Monitor-Index, 23 Apr 1973)

Records from Benton County, Iowa

1850 Census Benton County, Iowa
Dist 11, page 54 house 49, Beal Dorsy 27 KY, Eliza J Dorsy 21 IA, Mary Dorsy 52 KY, Minerva Dorsey 12 IL, Luther Dorsey 10 IL, Mary Ann Dorsey 3 IA, George M Dorsey 1 IA, William Cl—? 36 farmer KY (Mary Pryor Dorsey from Henry Co., KY is on the 1852 CA state census in San Joaquin County)

1870 Census Benton Co., IA
Vinton Twp., page 283a, house Thomas PRYOR 37 KY, Martha 30 IN, John T. 11 IA, Eliza 10 IA, Cora 4 IA, Mattie E. 10/12 IA
(an online family tree states Thomas was born in Mercer Co., KY)

1880 Census Benton Co., IA
Vinton Twp., page 344c, house 541 John T PRYOR 22 brick moulder IA IN IN, Susannah C. 21 wife WI IN IN, Frederick 10/12 (born Auguust 1879) IA IA WI

Records from Boone County, Iowa

1870 Census Boone Co., IA
Des Moines, page 15b, house 37/37 Joseph PRIOR 35 coal miner Eng. Rachel 30 IA, Mortimer 2 IA, William 7/12 (Feb).

1880 Census Boone Co., IA

Boonesboro, page 135B, house 294/306 Rachel PRYOR 34 IA KY VA, Joseph M. (Mortimer) 11 son IA Eng IA, William V. 10, son IA Eng IA, Edward 8 son IA Eng IA, Florence 5 dau IA Eng IA.

1885 Iowa State Census Boone Co., IA
Des Moines, Joseph Pryor 48 farmer England, Raticho 38, Joseph Jr. 16, William 14, Edward 13, Florence 10, Mary Slater 14 Ohio.

Records from Cedar County, Iowa

1860 Census, Cedar Co., IA
Pioneer Twp, p. 243, house 1619 PRIOR Scott 62 farmer KY, Ruth 55 OH, Prior 23 IN, Martin W. 18 IA, Andrew J 15 IA, Ruth Ann 12, Elizabeth McCall 28 OH, James Cook 41 farmer NY (Find A Grave memorial states Prior Scott was born in Bourbon Co., KY in 1798, son of Joseph Scott b. 1775, and a grandson of John Scott and Mary Pryor– the one who was supposedly captured by Indians)

Records from Clinton County, Iowa

1870 Census, Clinton Co., IA
Comanche Twp., Page 45a, House 57 H. Farnswoth 29 farmer NY…. living in household John PRYOR 19 farm laborer AL (Possibly John Pryor from Butler Co., AL)

Records from Davis County, Iowa

1860 Census, Davis Co., IA
Fox River Twp., Page 916, House 623 John PRYOR 46 farmer TN, Susan 45 TN, William 22 IL, John 17 IL, Nancy 15 IL, Martha 12 IL, Rutha 10 IL, Kate F. 7 IL, Susan 4/12 IA. (This family is on the 1850 Census in Menard Co., IL. John and Susan Pryor are on the 1870 Census in Linn Co., OR.)

1900 Census, Davis Co., IA
Perry Twp., page 91B, house 41/42 George W. PRYOR Dec. 1839 60, md. 8 yrs. TN TN NC, Rebecca wife Aug. 1862 47 3 children/0 living GA SC SC, Ernest A. son Dec. 1888 11 MO. (Henry N. & Susan Pryor of Giles Co., TN>George W. and 2nd wife Rebecca)
Bloomfield Twp., page 5b, house 128 Richard J. PRYOR Feb. 1873 27 md. 4 yrs. TN TN TN, Edith wife Aug. 1876 23 no children MO TN TN. (son of George and Eliza Pryor of Linn Co., MO. His father George, is recorded above)

Records from Decatur County, Iowa

1856 Iowa State Census, Decatur Co., IA
Garden Grove, house 53, Allen PRYOR 32 VA, Amelia 33 VA, Martha J. 6 OH, Windfield Scott 5 OH, Augustus M. 2 IA, Walter L. 0 IA, Elizabeth Burkett 17 IN, A. Hankins 20 OH farmer.
House 5 John PRYOR 45 VA, Hannah 36 OH, Leroy 13 OH, Naoma 11 OH, Allen 9 OH, Lela 6 OH, Franklin 2 OH, Wayne 1 OH. (John Pryor and family are on the 1850 Census in Wyandot Co., OH)

1860 Census Decatur Co., IA
Garden Grove Twp., page 171, house 1278/1184 Allen PRYOR 34 farmer VA, Amelia F. 35 VA, Martha J. 9 OH, Winfield 7 OH, Augustus M. 6 IA, Walter L. 5 IA, Mary E. 3 IA, John A. 2 IA, Leroy 18 farmer OH. (this family was on the 1850 Census in Wyandot Co., OH. 1885 Census, Allen and wife report born in West VA. Kanawha Co., VA became part of WV when the state was formed after the Civil War. Allen Pryor enlisted Aug. 9, 1862.)
High Point Twp., page 191, house 1428/1331 John PRYOR, 49, VA Farmer. Hannah Pryor, 40 OH, Leroy S. (or L) Pryor, 17, OH, Naoma R. 15 OH, Ethan A. 12 OH, Lelia 10 OH, Wayne B. 5 OH, George W. 1 OH, Franklin 7 OH. (John Pryor, son of Luke and Fanny Johnston who were married 1805 in Kanawha Co., VA. John Pryor enlisted Aug. 9, 1862, died Helena.)
High Point Twp., page 191, house 1431 James Hite 39 PA, Margaret Hite 36 OH, Hannah Hite 8 OH, John R. W. Hite 6 IA, Samuel B. Hite 4 IA, Isaac T. Hite 1 IA, Ruth F. PRYOR 14 IA, Elinora E. PRYOR 11 OH, Luke PRYOR 8 IA. (Margaret widow of Samuel Pryor was on the 1850 Census in Wyandot Co., VA with her children).

1870 Census Decatur Co., IA
Garden Grove Twp., House 124 Allen PRYOR 45 VA, Frances M 47 VA, Martha J. 19 OH, Winfield S. 17 OH, Augustus 16 IA, Luke W. 15 IA, Mary E. 13 IA, John A., 12 IA, Barnett O. 8 IA, Guy 7 IA, Elenor Neuman 73, VA.
High Point Twp., page 319b, House 128 Hannah PRIOR 50 OH, Libbie S. 20 OH, Franklin 17 OH, Wayne B. 15 IA, George W. 12 IA, John H. 8 IA.

1880 Census Decatur Co., IA
Garden Grove Twp., page 203c, house no number recorded, Allen PRYOR 56 farmer VA KY KY, Amelia wife 59 VA PA VA, J. Martha 29 dau OH, L. Walter son 25 (Luke) IA, A. John 22 son IA, O. Bart 29 son (Barnett) IA, F. Guy 16 son IA.
Franklin Twp., page 193c, house no number recorded, W. Scott PRYOR 28 farmer OH VA VA, E. Mary 26 wife IN IN TN, M. Alma 3 dau IA, A. Mary 2 dau IA, A. William 9/12 son IA, (Son of Allen Pryor and Amelia Frances)
Franklin Twp. page 194a, house no number recorded, Franklin P. PRYOR 27 OH VA OH, Julia A. 24 wife OH IN OH, Josephine H. 3 dau IA, Charley A. 2 son IA (son of John Pryor and Hannah)
Franklin Twp. Augustus N. PRYOR 26 IA VA VA, Amelia 25 wife IA NY PA, Maude L. 5mo dau IA. (Son of Allen Pryor and Amelia Frances)
High Point, page 269b, house 279 Benjamin L. Baldwin 28 farmer IN TN KY, Lea S. (PRYOR) 34 wife OH VA OH, Hannah J.4 dau IA, William W. 3 son IA, Louis S. 1 son IA, Hannah J. PRYOR 59 mother in law “tumor on leg” OH OH PA.(Hannah is the widow of John Pryor on the 1860 Census)

Records from Dubuque County, Iowa

1836 Iowa State Census
Mountfort S. PRYOR over 21 years
(Montfort S Pryor registered for the military in MN near Fort Crawford. He was born in Halifax Co., VA)

Records from Fremont County, Iowa

1880 Census Fremont Co., IA
Hamburg, Page 145C, J. C. Pryor, 37, clerk in dry goods store, TN TN VA, Malissa, wife, 30, VA, VA, VA, William O., son, 9, IA, Bessie L., dau, 1, IA (This family is on the 1900 Census in Pottawattamie Co., IA and on the 1920 Census in Los Angeles Co., CA. John Clark Pryor was living with parents Thomas and Margaret on the 1850 Census in Cocke Co., TN and in 1860 in Jefferson Co., TN)

1915 Iowa State Census, Fremont Co., IA
Card 347, Hamburg Twp., J. D. PRYOR 52 born MO, father born AR, mother born AR, single.

Records from Guthrie County, Iowa

1860 Census Guthrie Co., IA
House 500 Gurdon PRIOR 66 CT, Hannah 61 CT, Sarynetta? 18 school teacher OH (Gurdon Prior is on earlier census records in Portage Co., OH)
House 501 Erastus PRIOR 30 OH, Sarah A. 22 OH, Effie 3, Eugene 2, Almeda Saxton 18 school mistress MI. (Eugene Prior’s passport application states he was born 4/19/1858 in Guthrie Center, IA. He was living in Great Falls, MT in 1904).

1870 Census Guthrie Co., IA
Beaver Twp., page 164b, house 87 Rufus PRYOR 25 OH, Alice J 24 IN, Maud 2 IA. (Rufus Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Noble Co., IA)
Cass Twp, page 185a, house 295 Thomas Prior 48, Nancy Prior 49, Ellen Prior 19, Mavanda Prior 18, Margaret Prior 16, Amtrere Prior 14, Willie Prior 11, Mary R Prior 9 (All family members born in OH. Son Willie may be the William Pryor in Furnas Co., NE. Daughter Ellen married Joseph Carson and also was in Furnas Co., NE)
Richland Twp, page 233a, house 41 J. T. Mitchell 32 IN, Samantha 22 OH, Emma 4 IA, Oscar W 1 IA, Peter Newton 24 OH. (John T Mitchell married Samantha Pryor in 1866, by 1880 he was living in Furnas Co., NE)

1885 Iowa State Census, Guthrie Co., IA
Panora Twp., page 200, Thomas PRYOR farmer OH, Nancy 63 OH

Records from Henry County, Iowa

1840 Census, Henry Co., IA
Wesley PRIOR 1120001 – 1012001 (oldest male 40-49 yrs., born 1791-1800) (Wesley Prior and Hannah See were married in Kanawha Co., WV. They are on the 1820 census in Wayne Co., IN and in 1830 Census in Henry Co., IN.)
George PRIOR 10001 – 10001 (Son of Wesley Prior and Hannah See Prior)

1850 Census Henry Co., IA
New London Twp., House 167 Henry Sheets 31 VA, Henry Sheets 69 VA, Susan 46 VA, Catharine 42 VA, George W. 43 VA.
House 168 Hannah PRIOR 54 VA, Elizabeth 25 IN, Michael 23 IN, John 19 IN, Juliana 15 IN, Letitia 8 IA, Eveline 6 IA. (Hannah See Pryor widow of Wesley Pryor from Kanawha Co., VA)
House 169 George PRIOR 33 VA, Mary 29 VA, Hannah 11 IA, George 8 IA, John 5/12 IA. (LDS Family Group Sheet: Wesley Prior & Hannah See>George Washington Prior & Margaret See who died in 1846. George was born in Kanawha County, VA on 10 April 1817 per Margaret Elizabeth Ferrel Hayes and Her Ancestors, Volumes 4-5, by Edward R. Hayes. His second wife was Mrs. Mary Brooks Burge. George and his second wife are on the 1870 Census in Barry Co., MO)
House 170 Allen PRIOR 22 VA, Mary J. 14 WI. (Allen md. Mary Jane Brown on 30 Jun 1850 in Henry Co. They are on the 1870 Census in Taney Co., MO. Allen’s place of birth is listed as IN)
House 171 Tunis Brooks 54 VA and family.

1855 Lawsuit filed in Macon Co., IL names George Prior and Hanna Prior.

1860 Census Henry Co., IA
New London, sheet 282, house 2211 George PRYOR 44 VA, Mary 41 VA, Hannah 20 IA, Geo. (George) 18 IA, John 10 IA, Mary 8 IA, Allen 5 IA, Leticia 2 IA, William Burge? 17 laborer OH.

1925 Iowa State Census Henry Co., IA
Thomas Hennessee 72, Farzina (PRYOR) Hennessee wife 71 IN , parents Michael C. Pryor IN, Mary J. Elcock IN Michael Hennessee 68 single brother
(On the same page, Mary Hennessee Sullivan 53 and Leroy Hennessee 28 report to be children of Farzina Pryor and Thomas Hennessee)

Records from Jackson County, Iowa

1850 Census, Jackson Co., IA
Page 311b. house 440/440 William PRIOR 57 farmer England, Sarah 53 England, William C Johnson 53 England

Records from Jasper County, Iowa

1925 Iowa State Census, Jasper Co., IA
David PRYOR 83 b. OH, father b. PA, mother b. MD

Records from Keokuk County, Iowa

1870 Census, Keokuk Co., IA
Richland, page 32 J W PRYOR 37 OH, Margaret 29 OH, Walter 8, Chalmers 5 OH, Anna M 3 IA. (Chalmers Tidball Pryor died in 1921 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.).

Records from Montgomery County, Iowa

1900 Census, Montgomery Co., IA
Red Oak Twp, page 127B, house 166/172 W. C. PRYOR Oct. 1847 52 md. 23 yrs. TN TN TN traveling salesman, Carrie wife Sept. 1860 69 5 children/3 living IL PA Scotland, Roy son Oct. 1880 19 IA, Verna dau Oct. 1882 17 Dakota Ter., Ray son Mar. 1884 16 Dakota Ter. (W. C. Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Page Co., IA and reports his place of birth as VA. William C. Pryor was the son of Thomas David Pryor and Margaret J. Clark of Jefferson Co., TN.)

1905 Iowa State Census, Montgomery Co., IA
Red Oak Twp, W. C. PRYOR, Carrie D., Verna B., Ray,

Records from Page County, Iowa

1880 Census, Page Co., IA
Essex Twp., page 348B, house 62/63 W. C. PRIOR 32 druggist VA VA VA, Carry 19 wife IL PA Scotland, Nellie Snider 16 sister in law IL PA Scotland. (Carrie & Nellie Snyder are the daughters of John H. and Isabella Snyder on the 1870 Census in Mercer Co., IL. William C. Pryor was born to Thomas David Pryor and Margaret J. Clark in Jefferson Co., TN, not VA!)

Records from Polk County, Iowa

1850 Census Polk Co., IA
Page 42A, #418/489 James H. PRIOR 23 farmer TN, Rachel J. 19 IL, James P. 2 MO. (This family is on the 1860 Census in Warren Co., IA and 1870 -1900 Census in Ray Co., MO. James Pryor is in Allen Twp., Polk Co. on the 1852 Iowa State Census.)

1905 Iowa State Census, Polk, Co.
Ben PRYOR 69 b. PA, Father b. England, Mother b. Wales

Records from Pottawattamie County, Iowa

1895 Iowa State Census, Pottawattami Co., IA
Council Bluffs, J. C. PRYOR age 53, born TN

1900 Census, Pottawattamie Co., IA
Kane Twp., page 170B, 316 Planter St., 183/190 John C. PRYOR Jun 1844 55 md. 32 yrs., TN TN VA, Melissa L. wife Apr. 1850 50 6 children/5 living VA VA VA, William O. son Dec. 1870 29 divorced IA, Carl son Oct. 1883 16 VA, Garland E. son Jul 1887 12 IA, Rolla Nov. 1890 9 IA. (John C. Pryor and family are on the 1880 Census in Fremont Co., IA. John is probably the son of Thomas and Margaret Pryor of Cocke Co., TN and Jefferson Co., TN.)

1905 Iowa State Census Pottawattamie Co., IA
Council Bluffs, John C. PRYOR , Melissa, Carl, O. E., R. H., Bessie Fletcher.

Records from Warren County, Iowa

1860 Census Warren Co., IA
Washington Twp., Page 30, House 228 James H. PRYOR 33 farmer TN, Jane 29 IL, Pleasant J. 12 MS, William M. 9 IA, Caroline B. 7 IA, Harvey E. 5 IA, John C. B. 3 IA, Douglas 3/12 IA. (James H. Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Polk Co., IA and 1870-1900 in Ray Co., MO. Death record of Kelly G. Pryor in Ray Co., MO states his parents were James Pryor and Jane Simpson.)

1885 Iowa State Census, Warren Co., IA
William W. Loring 41 dentist IN, Ada M. 24 PA, Wesley V. 1, Phebe (Phoebe) PRYOR 62 PA