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Pryor Records of Adair Co., KY

1852 News Article
Arrest of Counterfeiter.– A counterfeiter by the name of Pryor formerly a fisherman in Portland, KY., was arrested on the Belle Key, on her arrival in Louisville on the 30th ult. and lodged in jail. He had in his posession counterfeits of the denomination of ones on the Northern Bank of Kentucky, and twos on the Southern Bank, and on the State Bank of Indiana. He had been operating at Evansville, and the marshal of that town arrived in Louisville on the 2d inst. to take him in charge.
The Times-Picayune, December 12, 1852 (Portland is in Adair Co.)

1920 Census, Adair Co., KY
Little Cake Pct., page 44, house 17/17 Wiley C. Barrett 80 NC NC NC, Margaret wife 77 KY KY KY… household included children and grand children, Canzada PRIAR servant 17 single TN TN TN

1930 Census, Adair Co., KY
Dist. 3, Page 9B, house 199 Living with family of Douglas Holliday 53 KY… Juno PRYOR laborer 17 single KY KY KY (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Anthony Allen Pryor Sr>Anthony Allen Pryor Jr>Juno Pryor)

Page 9B, house 200 Living with Fannie Montgomery 70 widow KY… Willie PRIOR 5 KY KY KY.

Pryor Records of Allen Co., KY

1880 Census Allen Co., KY
ED#3, Page 18A, 134/135: Amos PRIER 33, works in handle factory, TN TN TN, Nancy 32 wife TN NC TN, James M. 6 son KY TN TN, Angeline 2 dau KY TN TN (Amos’ death certificate states he is the son of Nancy & Caleb Pryor. Amos was living with his mother on the 1860 Census in Jackson Co., TN. In 1870 he was living in Simpson Co., KY.)

1900 Census, Allen Co., KY
Dist. 1, page 199b, house 12, Amos PRIOR 2/1864 (1844?), 56 TN TN TN (md. 30 yrs) farmer, Nancy E. wife 1/1845, 55, 2 children/2 living TN VA TN.

1910 Census Allen Co., KY
ED#3, Spring Hill Voting Pct. House 173 Amos PRIER 68 TN TN TN, Nancy E. wife 68 TN NC TN, married 40 years, 3 children/2 living.

1920 Census, Allen Co., KY
Scottsville, Dist. 1, page 46, house 114 A. J. PRYOR 29 KS KS KS driller at well rig, Eva wife 27 OK OK, OK, Virgil son 5 IL, Vera dau 5 mo KY.
Scottsville, Dist. 4, page 63a, house 162 William Denson 25 TN TN TN, Etter (Etta PRYOR) wife 25 TN TN TN, Ethel dau 8 TN, Viola dau 5 KY, Laura G. dau 1 0/12 KY (William B. Denson and Etta Pryor identified as parents of Lozie C. Denson who died in 1918)

1930 Census, Allen Co., KY
Dist. 3, Scottsville, Page 11B: Charlie PRYOR 67 (md. 19), IL IL IL, Vina wife 42 (md. 17) TN TN TN, Clyde 23 dau (md. 17), Harshall 18 son TN, Wm J. 14 son TN, Eva 8 dau TN, Horace D. 5 son KY, Joe 5 gr-son KY
(William & Alsey Pryor 1850 Census Jackson Co.., TN>Wesley Pryor>Charlie Pryor)
Page 21B: House 506 William ____? 39 single TN TN TN, Flossie sister 26 single KY TN TN, Almeda mother 68 (25) widow TN TN TN, Nancy E. PRIOR aunt 88 (35) widow TN TN TN,(Nancy E. Pryor, widow of Amos Pryor died March 4, 1934 in Allen Co. On the death record her parents are recorded as William Ransom and Nancy Deckard )

Records of Barren Co., KY

1800 Tax Book – John PRYOR – surveyed land owned by Edmond Rogers.

1804 DeedEdmund Rogers to Clay Farley. Land on Fallen Timber Creek. Land was granted to Rogers as assignee of John Pryor by patent bearing date 24 July 1798. Barren Co Deed Book A, p.109

1810 Deed – Jonathan Davis and wife Margaret to William Shirley. Land on Fallen Timber Creek. Names included Edmund Rogers assignee of John Pryor, Jobe Glover. Wits: Nathaniel Carr, James McLain. Barren Co., KY Deed Book B, p. 339
(Nathaniel Carr, per Trigg Co., KY death record – born 1789 in PA, son of William Carr. Nathaniel Carr married Jane Rogers in 1816. Nathaniel’s brother married Abigail Davis. Job Glover is on the 1810 Census in Barren Co.)

1832 Tax Sale – Land sold by non-resident of Barren County. John PRYOR, 460a, Little Barren, 1829, sold 1832.

1830 Birth – James Pryor, son of George Morton Pryor, was reported born in Barren Co., KY. (See Clay County, MO)

1831 Deed – Ardemas D. Roberts and Fanny A. Roberts his wife of Warren County, KY to Joseph Lewis and George M. Pryor of Barren Co. Land on Peter’s Creek. Signed 1 February 1831. Book M, page 177.

1880 Census Barren Co., KY

Dist. 9, Part of Glasgow Pct., page 56c, house 246 Wesley Anderson 38 laborer TN TN TN, Serenie (PRYOR) 30 wife TN TN TN, William 16 son TN, Mount 14 son TN (Mounce?), Mary 12 dau KY, Bell 10 dau KY, Charlie 8 son KY, Mollie 5 dau KY, Johnnie 3 son KY, Lenie? 2/12 (born March) dau KY. (Serena E. Pryor daughter of Alfred Pryor and Serena Dill of Jackson Co., TN. This family is on later census records in Iron and Dent Co., MO.)

Records of Bourbon Co., KY

1791 Marriage – David Caldwell married Elizabeth PRIOR on 9 Sept 1791. Father James… Prior or Caldwell?

1809 Power of AttorneySamuel Pryor authorized “my brother” Thornton Pryor to assign name to a repl–en bond in the case of William Sulivan against Samuel and William Markham. Witnesses: Joseph Pryor and Baylis Grigsby. 12 July 1809. Deed book G, page 71.

1810 Marriage – Robert Hall to Prudence PRYOR, father Joseph Pryor granted permission. Witnesses John PRYOR, Richard PRYOR, Edward PRYOR. 20 Mar 1810

1810 Census, Bourbon Co., KY
Joseph PRYOR Sr. 00201 – 00001 (Son of Col. Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton)
Joseph PRYOR 0001 – 0 (son of Joseph Pryor Sr)
John PRYOR 0001 – 011 (probably son of Joseph Pryor who was deceased by 1812)
Robert McClelland 31150-2001 (Possibly Robert McClellan who married Nancy PRYOR on 7 Aug 1792 in Jefferson Co., KY. Nancy is supposed to be a sister of explorer Nathaniel Pryor per 1814 will drafted by his brother James Pryor in LA during the Battle of New Orleans – War of 1812)
Robert Hall 2001 – 0001 (Possibly Robert Hall who married Prudence Pryor in Bourbon Co., KY)

1812 Letter to the Secretary of War – Petition for discharge of Thomas Shoemaker. Signed by Joseph Pryor Sr, Joseph Pryor Jr., John Pryor, Benjamin Hallack, Simon Stall, Peter Sharer, George Hathman Jr., George Hathman Sr.

1812 Will, Bourbon Co., KY
Joseph PRYOR: wife Mary, sons Joseph, Samuel, William, Richard, Thornton, Edward, and daughters Ann Duvall, Polly, Nancy, Prudence Hall. Son John, deceased. Brother Luke, deceased. (Prudence Pryor married Robert Hall in Bourbon Co., KY on 21 Mar 1810. Ann Pryor Duvall is on the 1810 and 1820 census in Scott Co., KY)

1814-1819 George W. PRYOR born in Bourbon Co., KY. (See 1860 Census, Marion Co., MO.)

1820 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Thornton PRYOR 21001 – 2101 (Probably son of Joseph Pryor who died 1812)
Aquilla Talbott 30111 – 001 (Wife Frances Pryor)

1821 Tavern license – issued to Joseph Pryor, surety John Pryor / John PRIOR. (see

1823 Deed Richard Pryor of Bourbon Co., To Edward Pryor one negro girl named Polly. Witnesses Thornton Pryor, B. Brown. 9 February 1812.

1828 Court CaseJoseph PRYOR, John PRYOR, and Thornton PRYOR inform the court that their brother Edward PRYOR died intestate and that John Pryor has qualified as administrator of his estate. Asserting that there are eighteen heirs to Edward’s estate and there are only three slaves in said estate, the petitioners ask that the slaves be sold and the proceeds divided among said heirs.( ) Heirs of Edward Pryor: Benjamin Duvall, Cornelius Duvall, Harriet Duvall, John Duvall, Joseph Duvall, Marine Duvall, Samuel Duvall, Prudence Pryor Hall, Robert Hall, Peter Nance, Polly Pryor Nancy, Richard Pryor, Samuel Pryor, William Pryor, Nancy Ransel, Nancy Duvall Ransel, Zachariah Ransel, James K Wright, Kezia Duvall Wright.

1830 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Green F. PRYOR 00001 – 000101 (Green L Pryor owned and ran a tavern in Nicholas County. His nephew was also named Green L. Pryor and also had his name incorretly recorded as Green F Pryor on a census record. Perhaps both men shared an additional name that began with F?)
Jno. PRYOR 11210001 – 00010002

1836 Birth
– John P. Talbott born 8 June 1836 to Augustus Talbott and Fanny PRYOR, daughter of Dr. John PRYOR. ( History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 568 )

1840 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Page 300, Aquilla Talbott 00001001 – 0012001 (Mother Frances Pryor. Aquilla Talbott and family were in Shelby Co., KY in 1830)

1850 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Dist 2, page 230a, house 75 Aquilla Talbott 76 MD, Benjamin 33 KY, Rebecca 23 KY, Aquilla 10 KY (Death record of Dr. Aquilla Talbott b. 1838 states his parents were Gustavous Talbott and Frances Pryor both born in Broubon Co., KY)
Dist. 2, page 236a, house 169, William PRIOR 27 farmer KY, Catharine 19 KY, Rebecca 1 KY.
Dist. 2, page 236a, house 170, John PRIOR 77 farmer VA, John 21 KY, Samuel 23 KY, Sarah 60 VA, Elizabeth 33 KY. (Joseph Pryor & Mary —?>John Pryor md. Sarah Nance on May 1, 1805 in Bedford Co., VA. John Pryor died Jul 6, 1857.)

1860 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Dist 1, house 349, Sam PRYOR 34 farmer KY, Elizabeth 35 KY, Richard 11 KY, Wm 9 KY, Sarah F. 8 KY, Mary E. 2 KY
Dist 1, house 350 Sarah PRYOR 60 farmer VA, Jno 40 KY, Jno P. 28 “gent” KY.

1870 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Ruddles Mills, house 86 John PRYOR 41 carpenter KY, Sarah 35 KY, Sallie 11 KY, Jno 8 KY, Chas 1 KY, Emily Beck (bl) 35 domestic servant KY.
Page 315a, Middletown, house 32 Samuel PRIOR 43 farmer, Carrie M. 35 KY, Fannie 16 KY, Willie 20 KY, Lizzie 12 KY, Roger 7 KY, Sicily 4 KY, Jackie 2 KY. (Samuel M. Pryor was a breeder of the American Bershire pig. Several of his pigs are mentioned by name in “American Berkshire Record, Vol. 1”)

1880 Census Bourbon Co., KY
Paris, Dist 16, page 42d, house 52 Samuel PRYOR 53 farmer KY VA VA, Carrie 46 wife KY KY KY, William son 29 KY, Roger son 17 KY, Sisily (also spelled Sicily) dau 15 KY, Jack son 12 KY, Carrie B. dau 9 KY, John Brown 22 laborer KY KY KY, Sallie Smith (bl) 15 servant KY KY KY. (Mrs. Carrie B Pryor died in 1922 at age 90 (maybe, or was she 86?)–The Bourbon News., March 17, 1922)

1881 Bourbon Fair – Sam Pryor came in 2nd Place in the hog show (The Cincinnatti Enquirer, 8 Sept 1881)

1910 Duel – Jason Walker Bentley, aged 68, killed Roger Hanson Pryor well-known breeder of game chickens and handler of fighting cocks. The shooting occured in Fayette County. The article states Roger was the son of Samuel Pryor of Bourbon County. He was 47. He left his wife and a daugher namd Gloria Pryor who was in New York studing for the stage. He is buried in Paris Cemetery. (The Bourbon News, 2 August 1910)

Records of Breckinridge Co., KY

NOTE: Breckinridge Co. was formed out of Hardin Co. in 1799

1812 Will – Richard Etherington willed a bay horse, saddle, rifle and bridle to Edward PRIOR. Rest of estate to his wife Mary Etherington. Wits: Samuel Allen, Rebecca Allen. Executor: Samuel Allen. Signed 2 Feb 1812. Proved 18 May 1812

1816 Breckinridge County Court MinutesWilliam Prior & Stephen P. Pool are by the court appointed Pickers of Tobacco at the inspection at the mouth of Sinking creek who thereupon took the oak required by law. Monday, 16 September 1816 (page 195)

1817 Personal Property Tax List
Richard Mays (married to Juggy Pryor of Bedford County, VA)
William PRIOR, one male over 21 (no other fields entered)

1818 Deed – Harris Pryor and his wife Mahuldah of Breckenridge County, KY to Robert Houston and Joseph Allen trading as Houston and Allen. $220 for 50 acres more or less on Kate’s Creek. 26 January 1818. Description of parcel “in a deed to Anderson McCormack from him the said McCormacks father to him also deed fro the said Anderson McCormack to Harris Pryor which deed is recorded in Breckenridge County clerks office, KY”
Signed by Harris Pryor and Mahuldah Pryor
Mahuldah was examined to relinquish her dower’s rights in Breckenridge County on 26 January 1818.
Registered in Bedford county on 20 September 1818.
(Bedford County, Virginia deed book 14:81. The Breckenridge County deed is in book D:233)

1819 Order Book
Harris Pryor against Andrew Ackerman
This day came the parties aforesaid by their a[–?–]s and the Deft by his attorney filed a demurer to the plaintiffs declaration to which the plaintiff filed a joinder and which being argued and submitted to the court. It is the opinion of the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant his costs expended in defending himself against said demurer. And by consent of the plaintiff leave is given the Deft. to plead without withdrawing his demurer. Whereupon the Defendant filed two please to the first of which the plaintiff filed a joinder and to the second plea the defendant filed a Demurer and the deft a joinder which being argued and submitted it is the opinion of the court that the said plea and the matter and things therein contained are not good and sufficient in law to bar the plaintiffs actions and it is further ordered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant his costs incurred in consequence of the Defts. filing said insufficient plea. And thereupon came Jury to wit Barney Miller, Carter Robinson, Henry F. Lauder, Adam B[–?–], William Williams, James Blackwell, John Marlow, Joseph W. Loan, Samuel Spencer, Nathan Beedle, Richard Lauder, and George Glascock who being elected tried and sworn well and truly to try this issue joined upon the first pleas upon their oath do say that the Deft is guilty in manner and form as the plaintiff against him hath complained and they do assess the plaintiff the damages by [–?–] thereof to $42.05 besides costs. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the Deft the sum of $42.05 cents the damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed and his costs by him about his suits in this behalf expended & may have execution. Note In the progress of the trial of their cause the Deft tendered two [–?–]ral bills of execution which being signed and sealed by the court is ordered to be filed and made part of the record in this cause
Ordered that court be adjourned until tomorrow morning.
Henry M[–?–]
Thursday, 22 April 1819. Page 167.

1819 – Order Book
In Case
Edward Prior by his next friend, pltff
Richard Adams, Deft
Tusday, October 19, 1819. Page 264

1819 Personal Property Tax List
Richard Mays (married to Juggy Pryor of Bedford County, VA)
William Pryor, one male over 21 (no other fields entered)
Harris Pryor, one male over 21 and one horse

1820 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Richard Mays 41001 – 0111 (married to Juggy Pryor, daughter of Harris Pryor of Bedford Co., VA)

1830 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Richard Mays 02121001 – 000001 (married to Juggy Pryor)
Elijah Mays 10001001 – 000001 (married to Patsy Pryor of Bedford Co., VA)

1840 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Elijah Mays 001000001 – 0100001
Hudson Mays 000110001 – 10001001 (Probably Richard Mays and wife Juggy Pryor were the older male and female in the household. Juggy would have been 50 to 59 born 1781-1790)

1850 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Dist. 1 page 124a, house 414 Hudson B. Mays 38 farmer VA, Emily 29 KY, Richard 4 KY, Mary E. 2 KY, Eliza 1 KY, Jugga Mayes (PRYOR) 60 VA, James Cannell 12 KY. (Juggy Pryor married Richard Mays 26 July 1806 in Bedford Co., VA. Juggy was the daughter of Mrs. Polly Pryor who later married William Holliday. Richard Mays was surety for that marriage too.)
Dist 2, page 46a, house 11
, Samuel PRYOR 22 KY, Josephine 20 KY.
Dist. 2, page 46b, house 23, Andrew PRYOR 44 farmer KY, Cynthia H. 43 KY, America 17 KY, Emily 15 KY, Amanda 5 KY, Lucretia 4 KY (Death record of Creet Askin (Lucretia) born 4/1/1846, died 4/22/1913 in Breckinridge Co., KY. States her parents were Andy Pryor and Sinthia Smith. Daughter Emily Pryor Matthews death record also states same parents.)
Dist. 2, page 80a Elija Mays 77 VA, May 51 KY, Arthur 20 KY, Sally 17 KY. (Elijah Mays married Patsy Pryor, daughter of Harris Pryor in Bedford Co., VA on 6 Jan 1801. Richard Mays was surety. Patsy was deceased by 1830)
Dist. 2, page 660 Simeon PRYOR 26 farmer KY, Eliza 22 KY, James M. 1 KY

1864 Birth S. L. PRYOR born 10-9-1864 in Breckinridge Co., per his 1938 Death record. His parents were Simon Pryor and Miss Frazer

1870 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Wheatly’s Precinct, page 175a, house 106 Cinthy PRYOR 67 KY (Cinthia Smith Pryor, widow of Andrew Pryor)

1880 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
house 72 L H Matthews 76 farmer KY VA VA, America (PRYOR) 46 wife KY KY NC, America Emma 11 dau KY, E— Ulysses Samuel Matthews son 7 KY, Franklin Sherman Matthews son 6 KY, Armindica dau 3 KY

1900 Census Breckinridge Co., KY

McDaniels Pct., page 343a, house 217 Henry S. McAdams Aug 1871 28 (md. 2 yrs) KY KY KY Farm Laborer, Florence (PRYOR) wife Jan. 1880 20 (2 children/1 living) KY KY KY, Ursula dau Sept. 1898 1 KY (Henry S. McAdams and wife are on the 1930 Census in Jefferson Co., KY).
McDaniels Pct., page 348a, house 301/305 H. James PRYOR Dec. 1857 42 KY KY KY, E. Sarah wife Aug. 1861 38, md. 17 yrs, 7 children/7 living KY KY KY, M. Iva dau Nov. 1883 16 KY, E. Virgil son Apr. 1885 15 KY, Jan. 1887 13 KY, Emmie dau Apr. 1889 11 KY, F. William son Oct. 1891 8 KY, C. Willard son Mar. 1894 6 KY, B. Mamie dau May 1897 3 KY.
McDaniels Pct., page 349a, house 217 William PRYOR Aug 1848 51 (md. 22 yrs.) KY KY KY farmer, Mary wife May 1854 46 KY KY KY, Delia dau May 1885 15 KY, Anderson son Mar 1889 11 KY, Clayton son Nov 1892 7 KY, F. Minnie dau Sept. 1895 4 KY. (William Pryor & Mary Lucas. William, father of Florence above, is living with the McAdams on the 1930 Census in Jefferson Co., KY)

1910 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
6th Dist., page 208a, house 244, James PRYOR 57 (md. 28 yrs) KY KY KY, Sarah E. wife 47 (9 children/8 living) KY KY KY, Virgil E. son 25 KY, Emma E. dau 20 KY, William F. son 18 KY, Willard C. son 16 KY, Mamie B. dau 12 KY, Hallie V. dau 6 KY.

1920 Census Breckinridge Co., KY
Glen Dean Pct., page 191a, house 79 William PRYOR 69 KY KY KY, Mary wife 59 KY KY KY, Clayton son 26 KY, Roy son 19 KY, Thomas Bratcher grandson 14 KY KY KY, Daisy grand-dau 12 KY KY KY, Mary grand-dau 9 KY KY KY. (William Pryor died 31 Aug. 1935 in Breckinridge Co., death record was obtained by a Pryor researcher. Noted on the record– father William Pryor, mother Martha Dawson, wife Mary Lucas. Mary L. Pryor died 17 May 1926 in Breckinridge Co.)
McDaniels Pct., page 1b, house 12/12 James H. PRYOR 62 KY KY KY, Sarah E. wife 59 KY KY KY, Virgil E. son 34 KY, Emma E. dau 30 KY, Willard C. son 25 KY, Hattie V. 16 KY (James Pryor died 14 Apr 1924 in Breckinridge Co. James is recorded in an family tree as the son of Simon Pryor and Lydia Bozarth– both Simon and Lydia are single and on the 1850 Census in Grayson Co., KY)
McDaniels Pct., page 1b, house 15/15 Willie F. PRYOR 27 KY KY KY, Mattie F. wife 24 KY KY KY (Willie and Mattie Pryor are on the 1930 Census in McLean Co., IL)

Records of Bullitt Co., KY

1800 Tax List Bullitt Co., KY
Simon PRYOR (Per book “Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana DAR” Simon Pryor born 17 Feb 1760 in NJ, died 10 Feb 1842 in Grayson Co., KY md. 25 Aug 1785 Susannah. Children: Anne, John, Simon, Rachel (Ober), Mary (Probus), Moses, Sarah, Samuel, Daidma, Charles, Hannah, Andrew, David S. – David died 1855 in Meade Co., KY. Simon Pryor is probably the son of Andrew Pryor and Polly Marsh of Elizabeth, NJ.)

1803- Robert L. PRYOR married Polly Shepherd in Bullitt Co. Married by Simon Hall (Robert L. Pryor is suspected to be the brother of explorer and trader Nathaniel Pryor, also see Jefferson Co., KY)

1810 Census Bullitt Co., KY (Alpha-order, it’s hard to tell who lived near who)
page 342 George Orer 1001 – 001 (George “Ober” married Rachel Pryor 10 Sep. 1806 in Bullitt Co.)
page 343 Alexander Probus 1001 – 001 (Alexander “Proebus” married Mary PRYOR on 8 Mar. 1809 in Bullitt Co.) (Simon Pryor and Alexander Probus were in Grayson Co., KY for 1820 Census)
page 343 Simon PRYOR 32101 – 21001
page 343 Robert L. PRYOR 1001 – 201 (Oldest male 26-44 years – born 1766-1784. Possibly Robert Pryor who married Polly Shepherd in Bullitt Co., in 1803. Robert L. Pryor is believed to be a brother of Nathaniel Pryor, they are mentioned as brothers in the 1814 will of James Pryor in New Orleans.)

1820 Census Bullitt Co., KY
page 196 George Over 300001 – 2001 (George “Ober” married Rachel Pryor 10 Sep. 1806 in Bullitt Co.)

1830 Census Bullitt Co., KY
page 130, George Over 001100001 – 0010001 (George “Ober” married Rachel Pryor 10 Sep. 1806 in Bullitt Co.)

Records for Butler Co., KY

1918 Draft Registration – Anderson Blain PRYOR registered for WWI draft. Residence in Love, Butler Co. Wife Alice Pryor. Born 13 Mar 1880. Occupation farming and mining.

Records for Caldwell Co., KY

1810 Court Record – Ord. John Pryor, Zedekiah Ledbetter, Joel Reynolds, William Reaves and Harry Darnall or any 3 be appd. to to View a road from the state line on Tennessee River the nearest & Best way to Harry Darnels & Report to next court. And that Jacob Lewis, William Bond, James Adams, Alexr. Anderson, & John Lewis or any 3 being first Sworn be appd to View a road from Harry Darnals the nearst & Best way to the county line on a Direction to Mouth Cumberland & Report to next court.

1830 Census Caldwell Co., KY

Page 145, Matthew PRYOR 10001 – 22001 (Possibly the Matthew Pryor who was in Mercer Co., KY in 1840)

1850 Census Caldwell Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 347b, house 103 William Barnes 23 farmer KY, Mary J. 18 (PRYOR) TN (William Barnes married Mary Jane Pryor on Mar. 14, 1850 in Christian Co., KY).

1860 Census Caldwell Co., KY
Princeton, page 72, house 502 William Barnes 34 farmer KY, Mary (PRYOR) 26 housewife TN, Jane 5 KY, Lucy 2 KY.

1870 Census Caldwell Co., KY
Bucksnort, page 411a, house 67 Wm Barnes 46 farmer KY, M. J. (Mary PRYOR) 36 TN, E. J. (f) 14 KY, L. A. (f) 11 KY, W. H. (m) 9 KY, M. A. (m) 8 KY, M. F. (f) 5 KY, J. N. (m) 2 KY, W. W. Barnes (m) 23 farm laborer KY.

1880 Census Caldwell Co., KY
Princeton Mag. Dist., Page 423a, house 161 W. M. Barnes 50 KY KY KY, Mary (PRYOR) wife 43 KY ?? KY, Eliza dau 21 KY, Lucy 19 dau KY, William 17 son KY, Milton 16 son KY, Mary 13 dau KY, John 11 son KY.

1900 Census Caldwell Co., KY
Princeton, Dist. 7, page 24a, house 84 John N. Barnes, June 1867 32 widow KY KY KY, Mary J. (PRYOR) mother Aug 1849 50 KY KY KY, Dave Thomasson boarder Jan. 1872 27 KY KY KY.

Records of Calloway Co., KY

1823 Tax Record
Jonathan Prior
Mourning Pryor

1824 Deed – Signed 24 May 1824, registered 30 November 1824, Arthur H. Davis, Harry Darnall, and Linzer Martin trustees of the Town of Wardsboro to James Pryor of Graves County, Kentucky. Town lots numbers 49 & 85. (A:27)

1827 Deed – Signed 5 January 1827, registered 17 January 1827, James Pryor of Graves County, KY to John Heasly of Calloway County. $65 for two lots in Wardsboro, lot 49 and 85. Signed James Pryor. (A:101)

Records of Campbell Co., KY

1798 MarriageRichard PRYOR to Polly Sapp Jul 20 1798. Edward Sapp bondsman. Consent given by John Sapp.

1800 Tax List Campbell Co., KY
Richard PRYOR

1813 Marriage – Samuel PRYOR to Nancy Reynolds Jul 29, 1813. William Gosney bondsman.

1820 Census Campbell Co., KY
Samuel PRIOR 10001 – 3001 (oldest male 26-45 years, born 1775-1794)
Richard PRIOR 211201 – 1101

1825 MarriageElizabeth PRIOR to Silas Parker May 12 1825. Jacob Prior bondsman (Silas Parker is on the 1850 Census in Pendleton Co., KY)

1830 Census Campbell Co., KY
Richard PRIOR 00203001 – 0110101 (oldest male 50-59 years, born 1771-1780)

1833 Marriage –
George Phillips to Mrs. Mary Smith Jan 16 1833. James Pryor bondsman.

1844 Marriage – Alexander Rachford to Eliza Ann PRYOR 10 June 1844. James Pryor bondsman

1840 Census Campbell Co., KY

Richard PRIOR 010310001 – 00011001

1842 Marriage Mary Ann PRYOR to David Parker May 22 1842. Silas Parker bondsman.

1850 Census Campbell Co., KY
2nd Dist., page 121b, house 725 Alexander Rachford 34 KY, Eliza E (PRYOR) 30 KY, John H 3, Richard A 3/12 (born May), John Eaton 18 KY.
2nd Dist., page 126a, house 787 David PRYER 47 KY, Elizabeth 38 KY, James H. 17 laborer KY, Rebecca 12 KY, Mary A. 10 KY, Frederick A. 8 KY, Elizabeth 5 KY, Frederick 49 OH?, Michael C. Sellers 27 KY, Margaret J. 22 KY.
2nd Dist., page 126b, house 793, William PRYER 39 KY, Richard 79 VA, Nancy 67 VA.
2nd Dist., page 127b house 808 James PRYER 40 farmer KY, Cassandria 25 KY, Mariah J. 4 KY, Sarah E. 21850 KY, William S. 1/12 KY (born Aug. 1850), Edmund Shogal laborer 24 KY. (James Pryor md. Cassandria Shanks)

1854 – Revolutionary War Declaration made by 91 year old Zebulon Alphin, a substitute for John Hamilton who was drafted in Orange Co., VA. Garrett Burns and Richard PRYOR, residents of Campbell County witnessed the document stating they were personally acquained with Zebulon. Both men signed the document with a “X”. (Kenton Co., KY death record for Zebulon Alphin states he was born in Albemarle Co., VA, son of Ramone Alphin)

1860 Census Campbell Co., KY
Alexandria PO, page 717, house 504 James PRYOR 51 farmer KY, Cassandra 35 KY, Mariah J. 14 KY, Sarah E. 12 KY, William S. 10 KY, Ann Eliza 8 KY, George B. 6 KY, Mary Louisa 3 KY, Emma Bell 9/12 KY, John Enswiler 19 farm laborer Germany, Nancy J. Shanks 25 seamstress KY.

1870 Census Campbell Co., KY
Alexandria Pct., page 30, James PRYOR 60 KY, Cassandria 44 KY, Sarah E. 22, KY, William S. 20 KY, George T. 16 KY, Mary L. 13 KY, Emma B. 10 KY, John C. 4 KY, Cassandria 5 KY, Nancy E. 1 KY.

1880 Census Campbell Co., KY
Dist. 47, page 327b, house 49 John Enzweiler 38 farmer Rhein Rhein Rhein. Mariah J. (PRYOR) wife KY KY KY, Elizabeth C. dau 14 KY, Matilda E. dau 8 KY, Mary 6 dau KY, James P. 1 son KY, Fredrick PRYOR uncle 79 works on farm KY VA OH.
Dist. 47, page 327b, house 50 James PRYOR 70 farmer KY VA ??, Cassandra 54 wife KY MD KY, George J. B. son 26 son KY, Mary L. dau 23 KY, Emma B. dau 20 KY, Cassandria dau 15 KY, Nancy E. dau 11 KY.
Dist. 47, page 345a, house 354 William S. PRYOR 30 KY KY KY, Fannie wife 27 KY KY KY, Eva M. dau 4 KY, Mabel dau 9/12 (Aug) KY KY KY.
Dist 47, page 346c, house 373, William PRYOR 61 farmer KY VA VA, Nancy 41 wife KY KY KY, Milard F 21 son KY KY KY, Archibald 18 son KY KY KY, Richard 16 son KY KY KY, William G. 13 son KY KY KY, Charles H. 13 son KY KY KY, George T. 11 son KY KY KY, Amelia C. 6 dau KY KY KY.
Newport, page 114a, house 37/39 Hugh PRYOR 35 retail grocer Ireland Ireland Ireland, Kate 20 wife KY Ireland Ireland, Alice 3 dau KY, Maggie 1 dau KY.
Newport, page 114a, house 39/44 Peter PRYOR 27 clerk in grocery KY Ireland Ireland
Newport, page 114a, house 39/45 Thomas PRYOR 33 Ireland Ireland Ireland
Alexandria, page 325a, house 4/4 John Hully 34 KY England England, Sarah J. 35 wife KY VA Ireland… living in household Clay PRYOR 17 farm laborer KY KY KY.

Records of Carroll County, KY

1850 Census Carroll Co., KY
Dist. 1, page 156a, house 1 James PRYOR 48 judge KY, Caroline B. 47 KY, Ann M. 14 KY, Mary C. 12 KY, Eliza S. 10 KY, Mary Butler 40 KY. (Judge James A. Pryor lived in Carrollton, KY, biographies of subjects who were his students state he taught law. James was the son of Samuel Pryor and Polly Curd in Henry Co., KY. James Pryor and family are on the 1860 census in Kenton Co., KY. By 1856 he was a law professor in Louisville.)
Dist. 1, page 156a, house 8 H. W. PRYOR 40 merchant KY, Barbara 25 West Indies, M. T. (m) 18 clerk KY, Catharine 14 KY, Mary 6 KY, Rosa 4 KY, Anna 2 KY. (Henry W. Pryor md. Barbary Robbins on 30 Nov. 1843 in Carroll Co.Henry was the son of Samuel Pryor and Polly Curd in Henry Co., KY)

1860 Census Carroll Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 57, house 430 M. T. PRYOR 28 trader KY, Barbara 24 KY, Henry G. 3 KY, Moses 1 KY. (Moses Tandy Pryor md. Barbara Giltner. Moses and family are on the 1870 Census in Woodruff Co., AR. )

1862 – Henry W. Pryor of Carroll County was arrested on charge of “high treason” and taken to Madison Co., IN by gun boat.

1870 Census Carroll Co., KY
Page 19b, Barbra Pryor 39 West India, Mary Pryor 23 KY, James Pryor 19 KY, Carrie Pryor 15 KY, Eva Pryor 12 KY, Alice Pryor 10 KY, Chas Hoards 40 engineer KY

1880 Census Carroll Co., KY
Barbara A. Pryor 44, Noble N. Pryor 21, Kate J. Pryor 19, Moses T. Pryor 17, Parker Pryor 14, Michael Pryor 12, Mary A. Pryor 9, Amelia T. Pryor 7, J. Michael Giltner 24,Ida M Giltner 18

1900 Census Carroll Co., KY
B A Pryor 63 Feb 1837 KY KY KY, Katie Pryor 38 dau Feb 1862, N P Pryor 34 son Apr 1866, Amelia Pryor 27 dau Dec 1872

1904 Illness/Death – Newspaper notice which may pertain to death of Barbara Giltner Pryor… We regret to learn that Capt. Mike J. Pryor was called to Carroll county, on Thursday morning, by the desperate illness of his mother, who has pneumonia. Trouble never comes singly. Capt. Pryor lost his wife last week.
(The Frankfort Roundabout (Frankfort, Kentucky), 20 Feb 1904)

Records of Christian Co., KY

1804 Deed – William Rasco (Christian Co., KY) to William PRYOR, 640a on S bank of Cumberland River at the state line; wit: Thomas Brigham, Benjamin Downs, William Hubbard – (note Benjamin Downs was recorded on the 1809 Stewart Co., TN Tax list with William Pryor)

1807 Estate Inventory – John Prior
deceased, witnesses Adam Lamb, Peter Simons, Jonathan Delass, about Feb. 1807

1807 Estate SaleJohn Prior, deceased. Buyers of estate items: Robert Sharrard, Elizabeth PRYOR, John PRYOR, Elizabeth Henkman/Kirkman, James PRYOR, John Burdine, Obadiah DeWhitt, John Bayley/Bailey, Vinson Layston, Jacob Dalmaldson (Donaldson?), Hoxa Boren, Matthias House, James Nunn, Able Crawford, William Dunlop, Peter Simon, John Burdine. (John Pryor married Rebecca Baily 1800 in Logan County, KY. John Pryor married Elizabeth Crawford 1803 in Logan Co., KY. John Baily was counted a few lines from Mourning Pryor White on the 1810 Census in Logan County, KY. Abel Crawford also in Logan Co. 1810 on the same page with Jacob Dollason/Dalmadsn, James Nunn on the following page of census)

Abt. 1807? — See 1849 Death Notice – from THE NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE for REBECCA PRYOR wife of James Pryor, died Pike Co., Ill., Jan. 7, 1849; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Stewart Co., Tenn., to Pike Co., Illinois. (James B. Pryor b. 1788 in VA was living in Pike Co., IL in 1840, James was on Stewart Co. records as early as 1809. Is this the James Pryor who purchased from John Pryor estate in 1807?)

1 Jan, 1808 – Sale Bill of Shepherd McFadin decd. David & John McFadin, administrators
William Rushing, Mary McFaddin, George Coventry, Richard Stanford, William PRYER, James A Williams, John Poore, North Rushing, James Phillips, — Vandue, Hans Black, William Pyle, William Hall, James Gamble, Nicholas Pyle, Allen Bobbitt, Reuben Harrison, Joseph Mitchen, John Brasher, Thomas Roberts, Henry Brewer (Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Vol. 25, No. 74 )

1810 Census Christian Co., KY
Hopkinsville: Esther Waldrip
Hopkinsville: Elizabeth Waldrip
Hopkinsville: Joseph Waldrip (Waltrip)
(Joseph Waltrip is in Daviess Co in 1820)

1818 DeedJames Prior and Rebeckah Prior his wife of Stuart [Stewart] County, Tennessee to James Humphrey of Christian County. $250 paid by James Bayless. Bounded by survey made for John McIntosh, John Shagle, John Breathett “proper agent for” James Breathett. Witnesses: Zachariah Duncan, John Humphrey, John Bodin. 2 March 1818. (I:21)

1820 Census, Christian Co., KY
Page 42 Robert PRYOR Henry 410010001 (born 1788 in Scott Co. when it was still part of VA. Elected to congress in 1823).
Hopkinsville, Page 43, Samuel PRYOR 21001 – 1201 (oldest males 26 – 45 yrs, born 1775-1794)
Page 33 PRIOR W Neal (or Prior McNeal) 00001 – 0010001 (next line David Boyd)

1824 Christian Co., KY
Dorothy PRYOR b. 23 Mar 1755 in VA, died 17 Mar 1824 in Christian Co., KY. She was the daughter of John Pryor of Dinwiddie Co., VA. This information is from “Living Descendants of Blood Royal”, Volume 4 by Arthur Adams, Howard Horace Angerville, published in 1959. This is possibly the Dorothy Pryor who married Henry McNeil. Elizabeth Harper’s book states Dorothy was the daughter of John Henry Pryor of Orange Co., NC)

1824 Marriage – Joseph Hise married Harriett P. PRIOR on 14 Dec 1824

1848 Marriage – 8 Nov 1848 Claiborn Pryor married Mahala J Frasier.

1850 Marriage – 14 Mar 1850 William Barnes and Mary J PRYOR (they are on the 1850 Census in Caldwell Co., KY)

1850 Census Christian Co., KY
Dist 1, page 469B, house 568/616 Ab Nixon 40 farmer KY, Rebecca 40 unknown, Sally 9 KY, Zachary 4 KY. (Possibly Rebecca Cook Pryor wife of Jonathan Pryor of Wilson Co., TN. Estate of Absolom Nixon filed in Christian Co.).
Dist. 1, page 471A, house 590 Claiborn PRYOR 24 farmer, TN, Mahala J. 21 KY, Wm. A. 6/12 KY, Frances F. Cotton (f) 49 NC, Martha A. Cotton 13 KY (Charles Claiborn Pryor md. Mahala Jane Faughn Nov. 8, 1848 in Christian Co. Charles was the son of possibly Jonathan Pryor and Rebecca Cook Pryor)

1857 Marriage – 20 May 1857 Sarah Ann Caroline Pryor married Thomas Wilson

1860 Census Christian Co., KY
page 514A, #79 Thos. Wilson 30, farmer, TN, Sarah A. J. Wilson (PRYOR) 17 KY, G. A. Wilson 11/12 KY, R. PRYER (f) 51 TN, Zack A. (m) 13 KY (Jonathan Pryor & Rebecca Cook>Sarah Ann Pryor md. Thomas Andrew Wilson 20 May 1857 Christian Co. KY. 1870 Mortality Schedule state Rebecca Pryor aged 60 born in TN died in November.)
Page 543 # 295 C. PRYER 35 TN, M. G. PRYER 30 KY (f), W. J. H. 9 KY (m), M. L. Pryer 8 KY (f)., G. 6 KY (m), Jas. Ladd 18 KY laborer(Claiborn Pryor and family)
Hopkinsville Twp., Page 685, house 248 John W. Breathitt 25 farmer KY, Catharien 24 KY…. and included in the household Fannie PRYOR 33 KY value of Fannie’s real estate $900, personal property $3000.
PO Hopkinsville, page 772 house 858 Wm A Haskins 44 wagon maker blacksmith VA, Frances P Haskins 38 KY. Wm M Haskins 19, James H Haskins 17, Sarah L Haskins 16, Benj C Haskins 14, Frances Haskins 12, Charles E Haskins 9, Danl Haskins 6, Windfield Haskins 4, Bettie A Haskins 2 (Frances Pryor Titterington. Son Daniel Haskins born 1853, mother’s full name stated on his Christian County birth record.).

1870 Census Christian Co., KY
Hamby Pct., page 549B, #65 Claiborn PRYOR 42 TN, Mahaly J. 41 KY, William A. 20 KY, Gustavus H. 16 KY, Mary Ellen 11 KY
Hamby Pct., page 363B, house 54 Thomas A. Wilson 42 works on farm TN, Sarah A. C. (PRYOR) 27 KY, George Allen 11, John T. 9, Mary J. 7, Margaret B. 5, Nathaniel H. 3, James M. 1, Joseph W. 1.
Mortality Schedule: Dist. 1, Rebecca PRYOR, 60, TN, died November 1869, consumption.
Dist. 3, Hopkinsville PO. page 508b house 191 Richard Armstead 56 NC physician, A E Armstead 41 KY (nee ATTWAY PRYOR daughter of Frances Ann Pryor), Richd P Armstead 21, Fannie B Armstead 16, Louis Jones 48, Martha Wallace 26

1880 Census Christian Co., KY
Bainbridge, Page 312B, Gus PRYER 29 KY TN TN, Paralee wife 23 KY KY KY, Charlieson 4 KY, Ben W. 3 KY. (Charles Claiborn Pryor & Mahala Jane Faughn>Gus Pryor md. Paralee Dickerson 30 Jul 1874 Christian Co., KY)
Next house… C. C. PRYER 54 KY KY KY, Mabel wife 53 KY KY KY. (Charles Claiborn Pryor & Mahala Jane Faughn)

1900 Census Christian Co., KY
Hamby, Page 147B, Milton Haley Aug 1852 47 KY KY KY, Margaret wife Nov. 1864 35 KY TN KY, Ernest son Feb 1892 8 KY, Lelia dau Sept 1895 4 KY Sarah A. Wilson (PRYOR) mother in law Jun 1843 56 widow 13 children/10 living KY TN TN (John Pryor and Rebecca Cook> Sarah Ann Caroline Pryor, widow of Thomas Andrew Wilson)

1900 Report of ShootingSam Pryor was arrested after a report of a shooting. He fired at John Dean. The case was to go to the grand jury (Hopkinsville Kentuckian, 6 Mar 1900. Another article on 10 Apr 1900 states the jury could not agree and the case was carried over to June.)

1900 Marriage – Sam PRYOR a cooper in one of the local stave factories, and Mrs. Effie Clark, also of this city, were maried Saturday evening by Rev. W. L. Nourse. (Hopkinsville Kentuckian, 28 Aug 1900)

Records of Clark Co., KY

1802 Will – Will of Peter Noe names a PRYOR Noe.

Records of Clinton Co., KY

1850 Census, Clinton Co., KY
2nd Dist. , Page 183B, 9/9 Edward PRYOR 26 laborer TN, Eliza 20 AL, Shadrick 1 KY (Wm & Spicy Taylor Pryor of Overton Co., TN> Edward Pryor & Eliza Knight)

1880 Census, Clinton Co., KY
ED#31, Voting Pct. 5, Page 638, House 26: Albert PRIOR 21 ? ? ? , renter, Julia 20 TN TN KY, Lewis B. 11/12
(William Pryor & Spicy Taylor>Overton Pryor> Albert Pryor. Several surnames familiar to Overton County, TN were noted in Clinton County in 1850 and afterwards. These names include Huddleston and Flowers)
Albany, page 588a, Cyrus PRYOR mu 44 TN TN TN, Mary M. wife black 36 TN TN TN, Anderson son mu 15 TN, James son mu 13 TN, Josiah son mu 10 TN, General son mu 9 TN, Ann S. dau mu 7 TN, Margaret dau mu 5 TN, Mary dau mu 6 TN.

Records of Cumberland Co., KY

Cumberland County. Deed Book C. Page 117.
Know all men by these presents that I, Thornton Pryor of the county of Cumberland of the state of Kentucky have this state granted, bargain and soul to Edward King the county and state before said, for any consideration of the sum of $100 to me and hand paid by the said Edward King and receipt where of I do hereby acknowledge, a certain negro slave named Joanna of the age of six or seven years to have and to hold the said negro girl  and her increase if any to him the said King his heirs and assigns for ever and the said Thornton Pryor, don’t hear by warrant and defend the title to said negro girl to set King, against all and every claim or claims of any person or persons whatever, and I do also warrant the said negro girl to be sound and healthy, and testimony whereof I have hereunto to set my hand and seal this 26th of August 1816
Thornton Pryor.  Witnesses Robert Galbraith and Joel Owsley
(Possibly the same Thornton Pryor who was in Robertson Co TN)

1820 Census Cumberland Co., KY
Samuel PRYER 0001 – 001 (oldest male 16 – 26, born 1794-1804)

Records of Daviess Co., KY

1820 Census, Daviess Co., KY
— Waltrip 4400103101
(There’s also a Joseph Waltrip and Jesse Waltrip on the 1820 Census in Amelia Co., VA In 1810 Joseph Waltrip was on the census in Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY)

1830 Census Daviess Co., KY
Henrietta Waltrip 01132 – 1030101 (oldest female 40-49 years)

1840 Census Daviess Co., KY
Joseph P. Waltrip 00001 – 0001 (Joseph Waltrip md. Henrietta Pryor abt. 1803, she was born in Amelia Co., VA in 1785 and died 1844 in Daviess Co. Online data- married Dec 22, 1802 in Halifax Co., VA. Father James Pryor.)

1830 Census Daviess Co., KY
Henrietta Waltrip 01132 – 1030101 (Henrietta Pryor Waltrip died 28 Sep 1844)

1840 Census Daviess Co., KY – on Panther Creek
Henrietta Waltrip 0001 – 00100001 (Henrietta Pryor Waltrip died 28 Sep 1844, McLean Co., KY)

1840 Charter Members of Mt Liberty Baptist Church
Henrietta Waltrip

1844 Estate – Estate of Henrietta Waltrip, James Waltrip admin. Security Walker Glover and Finley Wall. Filed 13 January 1845

1850 Census Daviess Co., KY
Owensboro, page 355a, William PRYOR 17 laborer KY, Sarah J. 10 KY.