Pryor Records of Hennepin County, Minnesota

1880 Census, Hennepin Co., MN
Page 188c, Minneapolis, house 1620 David Brooks 77 Eng Eng Eng, Margaret (Margaret PRIOR?) 66 wife NY RI NY, Dwight Green son in law 26, Amy A Green daughter 23, Anthony PRIOR 90 father in law RI RI RI, Charlotte Nilson 14 servant Sweden (Possibly the Anthony Prior who was in Wright County, MN in 1870, he is also possibly the A W Prior who was in Waukesha, WI in 1850)

Pryor Records of Ramsey County, Minnesota

1904 DeathWesley PRYOR, age 89 on 2931 La Salle St. (The Appeal, Saint Paul, MN. 2 Jan 1904)

Pryor Records of Redwood County, Minnesota

1870 Census Redwood Co., MN
Page 32, Redwood Falls, house 96 George PRYOR 29 VT, C D 20 PA, H L (m) 1 MN (George Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Addison Co., VT)

1902 Probate – Estate of George H PRYOR, died 28 February 1902 in Redwood Falls. Wife Callie D. 51, son Leonard D 34, daughter Elsie McDougall 31, son George Robert 29, daughter Callie J. 20, son Frederick A. 18.

Records of St. Paul, Minnesota

1884 Marriage – James H Jamar, clerk to James B PRIOR in the land department of the St. Paul and Manitoba Railway, to Miss Minnie Sheire. (St. Paul Globe, 13 Jan 1884)

Records of Wabasha County, Minnesota

1880 Census, Wabasha Co., MN
Page 517a, Zumbro, house 105 Lenard PRYOR 69 VT VT VT, Catharine 70 wife VT VT VT, Sydney 26 son VT, Ella 16 daughter in law ME ME ME (George Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Addison Co., VT)

Records of Wright County, Minnesota

1870 Census, Wright Co., MN
Page 598. Monticello Twp, house 149 – William PRIOR 46 NY, Martha 42 NY, Frank 17 WI, Anthony W PRIOR 81 RI

1880 Letters of Administration
– Estate of William A PRIOR who died 29 December 1879, widow Emily H PRIOR. Frank L Prior, son. Elizabeth L Davison, daughter.

1880 Census, Wright Co., MN
Page 379c, Monticello Twp, house 243 Emily PRIOR 54 keeping house ME ME ME, S. Forest Staples son 19 MN, ME ME.