Pryor Records of Adams Co., MS

1808 News Article
From the Louisville Gazette, Mr Manuel  has just arrived from St Louis, from the neighborhood of the Rocky Mountains, with a very valuable cargo of Furs, informs that the Indians of the Missouri are peaceably inclined. That the Riccari’s are sorry for their behavior to Lieutenant Pryor, went on his way to the Mandane Nation. We learned that a company is forming at New York, with a capital of $100,000, to erect a chain of factories up the Missouri and down the Columbia river is to the Pacific Ocean, and Export their furs to China from the mouth of the latter River.  (Natchez Gazette, September 28, 1808)

1809 A Complete and Correct Register of the Army of the United States  – includes 2nd Lt Nathaniel PRYOR (Natchez Gazette, May 27, 1809)

1809 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – James PRYOR (Natchez Gazette, October 14, 1809)

1810 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – James PRYOR (Natchez Gazette, April 23, 1810)

1814 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – Robert L PRYOR (Natchez Gazette, October 5, 1814. The War of 1812 didn’t end until February 1815, so this was during wartime. Possibly the brother of Nathaniel Pryor, Lewis and Clark Exploration.)

1817 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – James PRYOR (Natchez Gazette, July 2, 1817)

1818 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post OfficeJoseph E PRIOR (Natchez Gazette, 7 Oct 1818. This is most likely Joseph E Pryor of Pope Co IL. He was a river boat pilot. Pope County is on the Ohio River which connects with the Mississippi River. Natchez is on the Mississippi River.)

1824 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – William H Pryor (Natchez Gazette, 3 Jan 1824)

1824 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – Richard PRIOR and Joseph PRIER (Natchez Gazette, 3 Jul 1824)

1825 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post OfficeGreen L PRIOR (Natchez Gazette, 8 Jan 1825. Possibly Green Lewis Pryor of Bourbon Co KY.)

1825 Notice of Letters of AministrationPryor McNeil, deceased and Miss Eliza J McNeil, Lemuel S McNeil, administrator (Natchez Gazette, 31 Dec 1825. Online family trees place Prior McNeil as a son of Henry McNeill and Dorothy Pryor, daughter of John Pryor of NC.)

1826 Notice of Public Auction – 40 slaves and “other articles” of Pryor McNeil, deceased and Miss Eliza J McNeil, Lem S McNeil, administrator (Natchez Gazette, 18 Feb 1826)

1826 Notice of Letters at Natchez Post Office – Jefferson Pryor (Natchez Gazette, 4 Nov 1826)

1829 Probate – PRYOR McNEIL, surety Eli Montgomery and Malcolm McNeil. Signed 25 Dec 1829

1840 Birth – Abner PRYOR (black), served in US Colored Troops during Civil War. Enlisted in August 1863 in Natchez, MS. (More research is needed to see if this was a son on John Benjamin Pryor. Also, how did he join Union Army from behind Southern lines? See Warren Co., MS for more records.)

1846 Letter – Held at Natchez Post office, letter for L M PRYER. (The Mississippi Free Trader, 3 Feb 1846)

1846 Letter – Held at Natchez Post office, letter for John B PRYER. (The Mississippi Free Trader, 3 Mar 1846)

1847 Deed – Grantor, George Evans, et al – Grantee, John B. Pryor, deed, Book GG p 357

1850 Census Adams Co., MS
Page 49a, house 232 Benj. PRYOR 39 VA, Jno. Alison 18 AL. (John Benjamin Pryor son of Luke Pryor and Ann Batte)

1852 Newspaper Notice
Pharsalia Race Track
There will be match races over the Pharsalia Track on Friday and Saturday of next week, the 2nd and 3d July. The racers will be none of your short-horned stock; and the open-hearted Ben Pryor will do his best, to make all comfortable and agreeable. His dinners will be sumptuous, and we know of no better place to keep up Independence festivities than at Captain Ben. Pryors’ Pharsalia Tract.
The Concordia Intelligencer, June 26, 1852

1860 Census Adams Co., MS
Natchz PO, sheet 138 J.B. PRYOR 48 TN, R. W. Samuel (male) 59 VA, James A. 21 MS, Susan S. 17 MS, Mariah 14 MS. 27 slaves recorded in the Pryor household.

1863 Union Enlistment – Abner Pryor born 1840, enlisted in US Colored Troops. (He served through 1866 and when he died in 1905 he was buried in Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS).

1870 Census Adams Co., MS
Natchez, page 69a, house 3988/3982 Royal PRIOR 76 (b) (male) drayman MD, Minta 72 (b) (male) keeping house VA (Minta may be female)
Natchez, page 37b, house 3183/3183 Ben PRYER 23 (b) “no occupation” MS
Page 180a, house 1538/1538 Charles? Brown 23 (b) laborer VA, William Brown 1 (b) MS, Francis PRIOR (f) 1 (b) MS.

1880 Census Adams Co., MS
Washington Twp, page 236b, house 614 Allen PRYOR (bl) 26 farmer MS KY KY, Lizzie (mu) 23 wife MS MS MS, Mary 5 dau MS MS MS, Caroline 1 dau MS MS MS (Mary Pryor Davis died in IL in 1924. Her death record states her parents were Allen Pryor and Llizzie Russin. Mary was born in Natchez, MS.)
Washington Twp., page 237a, house 617 Henry Pryor 24 (mu) MS MS MS, Eliza Pryor 28 wife MS MS MS, Willie Pryor 8 son MS, Edward Pryor 5 son MS, Stephen Pryor (bl) 18 brother MS MS MS.
Washington Twp., page 237a, house 618 David Bingaman (bl) 22 MS MS MS

1900 Census Adams Co., MS
Beat 1, page 23a, house 281/582 William E. PRIER May 1865 35 (b) MS MS MS, Ella wife Apr. 1874 26 md. 12 yrs, 6 children/4 living (b) MS MS MS, William son ?? 1890 10 (b) MS MS MS, George C. son ?? 1892 8 (b) MS MS MS, Prince A. son Apr. 1894 6 (b) MS MS MS, Agnes S. daughter July 1895 4 (b) MS MS MS, George Harris servant Jan 1878 22 (b) MS MS MS
Beat 4, page 276a, house 271 Allen PRYOR b. Jan 1842 58 (married 28 years) MS VA MS, Elizabeth wife b. Apr 1856 44 MS MS MS, Caroline dau b. Mar 1879 21 MS MS MS, Maria Tyler servant 24

Records of Bainbridge Co., MS

1823 Mississippi Territorial Census- Bainbridge Co., MS
Joseph PRYOR 1000 (Names on same page Page, Reddock, Welch, Carter, Harvey, Yates, Bonds, McInnis, Hall or Hale)

Records of Calhoun Co., MS

1860 Census Calhoun Co., MO
House 1293 Thomas PRYOR 40 farm laborer GA. Lucy 37 GA. Joseph 12 MS. John 11 MS. Caronline 8 MS. Ruth 1 MS. Susan 1 MS. Rebecca 1 MS.

1870 Census Calhoun Co., MO
Twp 22, Range 8 East, Page 441a, house 204 James T PRYOR 33 AL, Mary J 33 MS, Isabella 11 MS, James 7 MS, Lonzo 7 MS, Cora 1 MS.
Twp 22, Range 8 East, Page 442b, house 226 James PRYOR (bl) 40 farm labor AL, Sarah 35 AL, Levy 14 AL, John 12 AL, Jane 10 AL
Twp 22, Range 8 East, Page 443a, house 227 Hannah Simpson (bl) 58 TN, Mary Fox (bl) 28 MS, Sarah 12 MS, Sarah 10 MS

1880 Census Calhoun Co., MO
Page 629a, house 101/103 Joe PRYOR (bl) 57 farmer GA GA GA. Sallie (bl) 46 wife MS MS MS
Page 624c, house 25/26 James PRYOR 43 miller AL KY TN. Mary 43 wife MS SC SC. James 17 son clerk in store MS. Alonzo 14 son works in mill MS. Cora 11 dau MS. Minnie 6 dau MS. Tildero 3 son MS. (James T Pryor b. 1836 and wife Mary J are buried in Webster Co., MS per Find A Grave memorial. Ancestry.com matches this James Pryor as a son of Samuel O. Pryor of Choctaw Co., MS on the 1850 Census).

1900 Census Calhoun Co., MO
Twp 23 , Range 9 East. Page 240a, house 348 Joe PRYOR (bl) head May 1835 65 md 35 GA GA GA, farmer. Sallie (bl) wife don’t know month born/1825 75 VA VA VA. Millons son Apr 1873 27 MS. Mary A. dau in law Aug 1871 28 MS. Lesley grand-son Sept 1893 6 MS. Ester grandson Nov 1894 MS. Clara grand dau Feb 1898 2 MS. Un named granddau jan 1900 MS. Bettie Eans hired woman Mar 1882 18 MS. Creasy orphan girl Sept 1877 2 (huh?, the math doesnt work). John orphan boy Sept 1899 8mos MS.

Records of Chickasaw Co., MS

1900 Census Chickasaw Co., MO
Beat 4, Buena Vista, page 136a, house 83 Willie Wells (bl) May 1877 23 MS Unk MS, Annie wife Dec 1874 25 6 children/3 living MS MS AL Mattie dau Jan 1896 4 MS, Bradford son Dec 1897 2 MS, Lucile W. dau Mar 1900 2/12 MS, Ellen PRYOR mother in law Apr 1850 50 6 children/4 living SC Unk Unk.
House 84 John PRYOR (bl) Jul 1872 27 AL Unk Unk, Jane wife Jan 1881 19 MS MS MS, Louella dau Aug 1897 2 MS, Albert son Apr 1900 1/12 MS, Napoleon son May 1888 12 MS AL MS, William Miller boarder Mar 1884 16 MS MS MS.

Records of Choctaw Co., MS

1835 County Tax Roll, Choctaw County
No Pryor on roll

1839 County Tax Roll, Choctaw County
Samuel O PRYER 160 acres, 1 white pole, 3 slaves between 5 and 60 years, tax $3.05

1840 Census Choctaw Co., MS
Page 92, Samuel Pryor 30001 – 022001 (the oldest male, 20-30 years old)

1841 Mississippi State Census Choctaw Co., MS
Samuel PRYOR

1850 Census Choctaw Co., MS
Western Div., page 6a & b, house 78 Samuel O. PRYOR 39 TN, Unity 40 SC, Mary 18 AL, James 13 AL, Joseph 12 MS, Jacob 10 MS, Unity 8 MS, Nancy 6 MS, John L. 4 MS, George 2 MS, James Simpson 20 AL, Phebe Simpson (Pryor?) 16 AL (Samuel O. Pryor purchased land in Tuscaloosa Co., AL on Oct. 1, 1835)
Western Div., page 3a, house 32 William N. Pittman 28 NC, Winney (PRYOR) 19 AL, Mary E. Pittman 1 MS, William Wesley Stewart 19 farmer SC (Winnie Pryor was born 1830 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Married 12 Aug 1847 in Choctaw Co., MS)

1860 Census Choctaw Co., MS
Twp. 21, page 419, house 1632 W. N. Pittman 38 farmer NC, Manerva C. (Winnie PRYOR) 30 AL, Mary E. 11 MS, William 9 MS, Jane N. 7 MS, Thomas H. 5 MS, John M. 4 MS, Not Named Pittman 2 MS.
Twp. 21, page 421, house 1641 Samuel O. PRYOR 59 farmer TN, Sarutha 30 house mistress AL, Joseph H. 21 farmer MS, Jacob D. 20 farm laborer MS, Unity 18 MS, Nancy 16 MS, John S. 14 MS, George W. 12 MS, Martha F. 10 MS, William R. 8 MS. (Sons George Washington Pryor and William Richard Pryor were in Navarro Co., TX in 1880. Joseph is listed as J. H. Pryor, Confederate Prisioner of War – 5’7″ light, hazel eyes.)

1861 Gardner’s New Orleans directory
S. O. Pryor, cotton, Bellefontaine, Choctaw, Miss.

1870 Census Choctaw Co., MS
Page 352, twp. 21, range 8, Cadaretta PO, house 70/70 Charity PRYOR 40 (bl) MD, Fannie 8 (mu) MS, George A. 3 (bl) MS.
Page 352, twp. 21, range 8, Cadaretta PO, house 71/71 Jacob D. PRYOR 30 farmer MS, Martha M. 23 MS, Ardenia L. 2 MS, William W. 1 MS, Richard 10 (bl) MS.
Page 356b,twp. 21, range 8, Cadaretta PO, house 117/117 John S. PRYOR 23 farmer MS, Martha L. 24 AL, Sarah A. 2 MS, Jerry Golding 12 (bl) works on farm MS.
Page 356b,twp. 21, range 8, Cadaretta PO, house 123/123 Joseph H. PRYOR 31 farmer MS, Rebecca F. 31 MS, Margaret C. 39 MS, Prudence Morris 72 SC

Records of Claiborne Co., MS

1808 Mississippi Territory – inhabitants ot Claiborne Co. signed a memorial to the president in Oct. 1 1808. Signed by James PRYOR

1826 Divorce
State of Mississippi. Western District.
Sally Pryor vs. Wm Pryor.
In Chancery. Bill for Divorce.
To the Defendant.
Take Notice.–That I shall by Virtue of a Comission issued from the honorable court, on Thursday the 30th day of November next, at the office of Samuel Hoit, esq. in the town of Port Gibson, in Claiborne county, state aforesaid, between the hours of — o’clock am and 6 o’clock pm of that day proceed to take the depositions of James E. Douglass and John Moore witnesses on behalf, to be read on a hearing of the above case, when and where you may attend and cross examine if you think proper.
Oct. 18, 1826.
(Natchez Newspaper and Public Advertiser (Natchez, MS) 01 Nov 1826. An earlier notice published in the Natchez Gazette on 25 Feb 1826 stated that William PRIOR was living out of state and he was ordered to return and answer the complaint.)

1853 Probate – Green Pryor, his will was proved in Claiborne County

Records of Clarke Co., MS

1816 Mississippi Territory Census – William PRIOR 2513 (11 total people) (Today this is in Alabama. This is the William Pryor who was in Stewart County, TN and died in Austin’s Colony, TX)

1848 Land Grant – James Pryor in Clark Co., MS. Near Twp 3 or range 15 of east District.

Records of Desoto Co., MS

1837 County Tax Roll, Desoto County (alfa order)
J. C. PRYOR 1 white pole, 3 slaves between 5 and 60 years, tax $2.25

1839 County Tax Roll, Desoto County
John PRYOR 1 white pole, 5 slaves between 5 and 60 years, tax $3.50

1840 County Tax Roll, Desoto County
John PRYOR 1 white pole, 5 slaves between 5 and 60 years, tax $3.50

1840 Census Desoto Co., MS
Page 116, John C. PRYOR 0112001-100001 (David Pryor and Susan Ballow of Buckingham Co., VA & Davidson Co., TN> son Judge John C. Pryor This may be the same John C. Pryor who was on the 1820 Census in Franklin Co., TN. John C. Pryor md. Ann E. Bullard on 7 Mar 1818 in Davidson Co., TN. Is this the John C. Pryor who was mentioned in Rapides Co., LA?)
Page 123, John PRYOR 10001-220001

1841 Mississippi State Census Desoto Co., MS

1842 Revolutionary War Pension Documentation – For veteran Jesse Mitchell, John C. Pryor signed as the clerk of the the Probate Court of Desoto County.

1843 Estate of John PRYOR, filed by Jarvis J. Milam of Marshall, MS and Thomas M. Monday? and David H. Evans of Madison Co. Milam was the administrator of the estate of John PRYOR in DeSoto Co. on about 19 June 1843. 1853 Letter of Administration filed in Madison Co., AL.

1843 Bankruptcy– U S Northern District Court, “David C Pryor of De Soto county has been duly declared a bankrupt by an order of this said court.” On 13 March 1843. (The Guard. (Holly Springs, Miss.), 26 April 1843. Was this David the man who married Emily McKissack?
If so he was only 17 in 1843. Could minor’s declare bankruptcy?

1850 Census Desoto Co., MS
Northern Div., Page 368B John C. PRYOR 56, VA. living in a rooming house.
(John C. Pryor’s daughter, Medora, is on the 1850 Census in Nelson Co., KY at boarding school)

Northern Div., page 369a, house 31 Archibald McKissack 59 farmer NC, Susan 50 TN, Cynthia M. 20 TN, Lucy J. 20 TN, Robert 18 clerk TN, David PRYOR 24 TN, Emily 24 TN, John 5 LA, Archibald 3 LA, David 4/12 LA. (David C. Pryor married Emily A. McKissack. They were the parents of Archibald M, David C. and Ike T. Pryor who were trail drivers in Texas – The Trail Drivers of Texas by John Marvin Hunter).
Northern Div., page 405b, house 544 W. W. Crawford 60 farmer NC, A. M. (Mrs. PRYOR) 47 NC, T. (m) 22 AL, W. (m) 18 TN, O. (f) 15 TN, E. (m) 12 TN, M (m) 10 TN, M (f) 9 TN, M (f) 8 TN. (Angelina Harris, widow of Peter Pryor married Col. William W. Crawford. She is the mother of Eliza Pryor Perkins)
Northern Div., page 410b, house 626 G. W. Perkins 37 TN, E. 30 TN (PRYOR), M. A. (f) 13 TN, A. M. (f) 11 TN, P. P. (m) 9 TN, M. W. (m) 7 TN, A. E. (f) 5 MS, H (m) 3 MS, W. (m) 6/12 MS. (Wife Eliza Pryor is the daughter of Peter Pryor and Angelina Harris. See Mrs. Angelina Crawford above.)
Southern Div. Page 334
House 287
John PRYOR 49, $1500 property, farmer, NC. Abigail W. 41 KY, Frances A. 19 TN, Martha R. 17 TN, Mary A. 15 AL, Susan M. 10 MS, John Jr. 7 MS, Emma 3 MS, Asa M. 1 MS, John M. Drake 13 MS. (John Pryor and Abigail W. Milam)

1858 Marriage – Marriage stated in Civil War Widow’s Pension Application filed by Amanda Pryor who states she was owned by a man named John Pryor in DeSoto County, MS. She married Wesley Russworm who was owned by William Russworm. Amanda filed the application on 3 August 1868 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. She was 27 years old (born 1841). Wesley served with the 61st Colored Infantry. They were married on 3 July 1858 near Auckman’s (?) Cross Roads in Desoto Co., MS by Jerry House. Eyewitnesses to the ceremony were Mary Adams and Adelia Brown of Memphis.

1860 Census Desoto Co., MS
Page 112, Flewellen’s Crossroads, house 811 A. W. PRYOR female 51 KY, Jno. (John) 17 student MS, E. E. female 14 MS, A. A. female 11 MS, Thadeus R. Stevens 4 MS, F. A. Stevens female 1 MS (Frances Pryor married J.A.C. Stevens on May 11, 1852. The Stevens children may be her children. Frances was probably deceased by 1860)
Page 189, house 1371 G. W. Perkins 47 farmer TN, M. E. (PRYOR) (f) 40 TN, M. A. (f) 23 TN, Peter P. 20 TN, N. W. (m) 18 TN, Annie E. 15 TN, Hardin 12 MS, William P. 11 MS, James C. 9 MS, E. M. (f) 6 MS, C. C. (m) 4 MS, Ruth 3 MS, L. M. (m) 2 MS, O J Crawford (f) 25 TN, F. M. Crawford (m) 21 clerk in store TN, M. A. McLane (f) 28 TN, Samuel T. McLane 7 TN, M. E. McLane (f) 5 TN, G. C. Dismukes (m) 22 overseer TN (George Washington Perkins and wife Eliza Pryor daughter of Peter Pryor. Eliza’s mother remarried to William Crawford. M. A. McLane is probably the Perkins’ older married daughter.)
Page 191, house 1380 M.B. Peterson 48 merchant VA..living in household J.A.C. Stevens 34 clerk in store TN (J.A.C. Stevens married Frances Pryor May 11, 1852 in Desoto Co.)

1880 Census DeSoto Co., MS
Dist. 48, page 370C John R. PRYOR 35 MS TN SC, Annie wife 35 MS VA TN, Sam son 8 TN, Oliver son 8 TN, Kelly dau 4 MS, John son 2 MS. (John b. 1845-6 possibly son of John Pryor and Abigail Milam, see 1850 Census. Death Record in Shelby Co., TN states Sam B Pryor was born 1872, son of John R Pryor and Kitty Eason. Social Security index lists him as Sam Bowen Pryor. Find A Grave states John Ray Pryor was married to Annie Catherine Bowen)
Dist. 59, page 580c, house 301 James D. PRYOR 25 famer Eng Eng Eng, Alice M. wife 22 TN TN TN, William D. son 2 MS, Myra C. 4/12 (Jan 1880) dau MS.

Records of Harrison Co., MS

1910 Census Harrison Co., MS
House 42 O. M. PRYOR head 48 married 22 GA GA GA drummer furniture, Sallie wife 38 12 children/9 living AL AL AL, Lucile dau 19 AL, Lena dau 17 FL, Fannie M. dau 14 FL, Richard son 9 FL, Edward 1 MS (Obed M. Pryor is buried in Escambia Co., FL. He was counted twice in 1910, also in Mobile, AL)

Records of Hinds Co., MS

1840 Census Hinds Co, MS
Page 209 James W. PRYEUR 00001 – no females (oldest male 20-29 years)

1841 Mississippi State Census – Hinds Co., MS
James W. PRYOR

Records of Holmes Co., MS

1850 Census Holmes Co., MS
House 724 William PRYOR 36, physician VA, Elector W. 21 OH, Florence B. 1 MS, Edwin 11 OH (This family is on the 1860 Census in Scioto Co., OH.)

Records of Itawamba Co., MS

1850 Census Itawamba, MS
Fulton Dist. 7, page 439a, house 27/27 Andrew J. McWilliams 25 physician AL, Emily (PRYOR) 23 AL, Albert P. 4 MS, Mary Allison 16 MS (Mary Allison is probably the daughter of Martha Pryor and William Davis Allison)

1860 Census Itawamba, MS
Sheet 20, house 127/127 John PRYOR 25 day laborer AL, Sarah 21 AR, Richard C. 1/12 MS, Abiel S. Dennison 36 rail road contractor NY, James Wien 35 day laborer Ireland, Alfred Loomis 47 carpenter & joiner NY
Sheet 283, house 1904/1904
Andrew J. McWilliams 35 physician AL, Emily (PRYOR) 34 AL, Pryor 14 MS, Alice 10 MS, Ewing J. Thompson 30 medical student AL, Goligah Chillcook 33 farm laborer, AL. (Andrew J. McWilliams md. Emily Pryor on 24 Jun 1845 in Limestone Co., AL.)

1870 Census Itawamba, MS
Fulton, page 336a, house 19/19 Andrew McWilliams 45 medical doctor AL, Emily 43 (PRYOR) AL, Alice 19 MS, Hattie 5 MS

Records of Jasper Co., MS

1870 Census, Jasper Co., MS
South East Beat, Claiborne PO, page 577 Regans PRYOR 45 SC, Sarah 56 GA, Angeline 20 AL, Charles 18 AL, Henry 23 AL married in January, Martha 17 MS married in January (Reggins Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., AL.)

1880 Census Jasper Co., MS
Page 88D, Regius PRYOR 60 SC SC SC, Sarah wife 67 Page 88D, GA GA GA (Reggins Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., AL.)

Records of Jones Co., MS

1870 Census Jones Co., MS
Twp 9, page 208b, house 24 Dorcas Clark 46 keeping house MS, Sarah E. 13? MS, Barney PRYOR 24 farm laborer MS, MIssouri 19 MS, John L. 0/12 MS,
house 29 Richard Patrick 55 SC and family. (Barney Pryor’s brother married Mildred Patrick)

1896 News Report – An Attempt to Assassinate W. L. Pryor. (The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). 31 Jan 1896.)

1909 News ReportW L PRYOR appointed special agent of the government (The Laurel Ledger reported in 1909)

1900 Census Jones Co., MS
William L Preyor 22, Ida J Preyor 24, Ray Preyor 6, Homer E Preyor 5, Teddy Preyor 10/12, Quinna Thigpen 34 (Draft registration card for WWI states he was born 17 June 1873 in US and was currently employed as a Cotton Specialist by the US government. NY Passenger list in 1921 states the same DOB but states he was born in St. Louis, MO)

1910 Census Jones Co., MS
W P Davis 38, Mary Davis 32, Marion Davis 13, Cecile Davis 11, Elise Davis 6, E J Pryor 71 b. NY NY NY widow. (Mrs. Eliza Jane Brady Pryor was on the 1900 Census in Perry Co., MS)
Laurel City, page 171 W L Pryor 35, 2nd marriage, MS MS MS, employee Dept of Agriculture. Inez Pryor 25 wife MS MS MS, no children.

1920 Census Jones Co., MS
Laurel Ward 3, page 179, William Pryor 47 MS, Inez Pryor 34, William Pryor 8, Tom Pryor 6, Homer Pryor 22

1912 Laurel, Jones Co., MS Directory
Eliza J PRYOR widow W K Pryor at 804 6th ave.
Jno J PRYOR millright wife Eula at 704 Joe Wheeler Ave.
Wm L PRYOR trav slsmn (salesman) wife Inez at 837 7th Ave.

1947 Laurel, Jones Co., MS Directory.
Wm L. PRYOR mechanic wife Inez h. 837 7th Ave.

Records of Lafayette Co., MS

1850 Mississippi State Census Lafayette Co., MS

1850 Census Lafayette Co., MS
Page 293, house 937 John PRIOR 46 farmer NJ? (NC?), Margaret 33 AL, William M. 21 laborer AL, Nathaniel W. 18 laborer AL, John H. 17 laborer AL, Milton S. 16 laborer AL, Permelia E. 14 AL, Eunice M. 11 AL, Benj. F. 9 AL, Mary A. 6 AL, Margaret M. 5 MS, Greenberry 4 MS. (son Nathaniel West Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Iron Co., UT. Several of the Pryor children were in Perry Co., AR in 1860. John Pryor married Margaret Barton 2 July 1850 in Natchez or Yalobusha Co. per a researcher).

Records of Lauderdale Co., MS

1821 – 1825 Will – Martha E PRYOR Will books 3 & 4 1821-1825 page 156 and page 113 (Who is Martha E. Pryor? Is she an heir of Peter Pryor?)

1821 – 1825 Will – Peter PRYOR Will Book 3 1821-1825 page 39. (Peter was the son of John Pryor and Elizabeth Perkins. He resided in Williamson Co., TN in 1812 and in Maury Co., TN on the 1820 Census. Peter was married to Angelina Harris)

1835 County Tax Roll, Lauderdale County
No Pryor recorded

1836 County Tax Roll, Lauderdale County
William PRIER 1 white pole, tax 37 1/2 cents.

1838 County Tax Roll, Lauderdale County
Wm PRIER (William Prier) 1 white pole, tax 37 1/2 cents.

1839 County Tax Roll, Lauderdale County
William PRIER 1 white pole, tax 37 1/2 cents.

1840 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
page 52, Wm B. PYOR 21011-02001

1840 County Tax Roll, Lauderdale County
William PRIER 1 white pole, tax 37 1/2 cents.

1841 Mississippi State Census – Lauderdale Co., MS (index)
William B. PRYOR
Morgan Coats (see 1850 Census in Catahoula Co., LA)

1845 Mississippi State Census – Lauderdale Co., MS (index)
William B. PRYOR

1850 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
Page 376 A, house 708 Caleb J Miles 37 GA, Ginsey A 36 GA, Wm J 8 AL, Joshua P 7 AL, John T 6 AL, Telitha C 4 AL, Harriet A A 2
Page 376B, house 717 Joshua Miles 56 GA, Elizabeth (Hale) 44 GA, Sarah A Miles 20 AL, Wiley Miles 16 AL, George W Miles 13 AL, Elizabeth A Miles 11 AL, Wm J Miles 10 AL, Thomas F Miles 6 AL, Amanda M Miles 5 AL, Harvy Miles 2 AL, Francis M Miles 1, Joshua Miles 8 AL (War of 1812 Pension Application states that Joshua Miles first married Elizabeth Pryor and then married Elizabeth Hale. Ancestry.com marriage record to Hale is dated 1828, however pension application states she married Miles in 1824 or 1825. Application also states that Pryor died a year before the marriage to Hale. Will of John Pryor gave division of his estate to the two children of his daughter Elizabeth Miles– possibly Caleb Miles and Ebanezer Miles in Lauderdale county were those two children ).
Page 377A, house 718 John Coats 46 MS, Lydia (PRYOR) 46 GA, William P. 24 GA, Caroline 22 GA, Sam 17 GA, John D. 21 farmer GA, Almedia 16 GA, Wilson P. 12 GA, Susan E. 11 GA, Lucy A. Fells 7 GA, Fidelia 12 MS (John Coats married Lydia Pryor on Aug. 11, 1825 in Jasper Co., GA. 1840 Census John Coats was on the Pike Co., GA Census)
Page 377A, house 723 Ebanezer Miles 26 GA, Sarah 20 MI, Rice Carpenter 22 AL, Martha A 22 MI, Martha L. 1 MI (Family tree on Ancestry.com states Ebenezer was the son of Joshua Ballard Miles and Elizabeth Pryor who married in Pike Co., GA date unknown. Joshua’s second wife Elizabeth Hale)

1860 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
Beat No. 3, Page 361, house 843 John Coats 60 farmer GA, Lydia (PRYOR) 58 GA, Lucy A. 22 GA, Fida 13 MS

1900 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
Beat 1, Meridian, page 312a, house 475 Henry B. PRYOR Oct. 1847 52, md. 26, AL AL GA Car Repairer RR (rail road). Catherine M. wife Dec. 1843 53 GA SC SC, Charlie S. son Oct. 1877 22 MS AL GA laborer building, James Sept. 1880 19 MS AL GA painter, William son May 1882 18 MS AL GA laborer building, Bettie dau June 1887 12 MS AL GA. (Henry B. Pryor>Reggins Pryor (see Jasper Co., MS)>Henry B. Pryor born 1847)

1910 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
Beat 1, Meridian, page 103a, house 78/81 James PRYOR 29, md 3 years MS AL GA broom maker at broom factory, Orlevia wife 18 (1 child) MS AL MS, Viola dau 1 6/12 MS MS MS, Henry father 62 AL SC GA carpenter at car shop, Charlie brother 31 md. 5 yrs MS AL GA carpenter at car shop, Corrie sister in law 21 (3 children) MS MS MS, Robert nephew 4 MS, Annie niece 2 MS, Charlie nephew 8/12 MS.

1920 Census Lauderdale Co., MS
Beat 1, Meridian, page 167a, house 218 35th Ave., James PRYOR 37, MS MS MS broom maker at broom factory, Elvie wife 28 MS MS MS, Viola dau 11 MS, James son 8 MS, Will N. brother 35 MS watchan for railroad, Henry father 72 MS MS MS watchman for railroad.

Records of Lee Co., MS

1880 Census Lee Co., MS
Tupelo, page 117a, house 10/13 A. J. McWilliams 55 physician AL KY KY, Mrs. E. (PRYOR) 53 wife AL VA VA, Hattie 15 daughter MS AL AL (Emily Pryor McWilliams and family were on the 1850-1870 Census in Itawamba Co.)

Records of Madison Co., MS

1840 Census Madison Co., MS
Page 110, Jasper R. Sutton 0002001 -00000001 (Jasper Sutton md. Mrs. Susannah Pryor on 6 May 1811 in Davidson Co., TN. Susannah was the widow of Samuel Pryor)

1850 Census Madison Co., MS
Page 155b, house 361 Amsey Hobbs 31 overseer NC, Ellen 25 TN, James C. 2 MS, Mary J. 1/12 MS. (Ellen R. King, wife of Amsey Hobbs was named in 1848 Will of Luke Pryor in Williamson Co., TN.)

1860 Census Madison Co., MS
Post Office Canton Twp., house 773 Felix H. Pryor 24 planter GA, Victoria P. 20 MS, William Owen Pryor 1/12 MS, Ben…? F…n 21 overseer MS.

1870 Census Madison Co., MS
Police Dist. 4, page 70, house 544 Felix H. PRIOR 35 GA, Victoria 30 MS, William O. 9 MS, Headon M. 7 MS, Walter 4 MS,
Police Dist. 4, page 70 house 545 Vincent PRIOR (bl) farm laborer TN, Hannah (bl) 45 MS, Ellen (bl) 10 domestic servant MS,
House 546 James PRIOR (bl) 30 farm laborer GA, Rutha (b) 25 MS, Napoleon (bl) 9 MS, Elizabeth 11 MS, George 4 MS, Fereby 2 MS.

Records of Marion Co., MS

1818, 1819, 1820 Tax Roll, Marion Co., MS
There is no Pryor on the roll

1820 Census, Marion Co., MS
Page 81 Joseph PRYOR 1001-202
(neighbors are Daniel Brown, William Pool, James Thigpen, Zachariah Farmer, Joel Easterling, Robert Duke, Isaac Fastenberry. Neighbor Moses Brown possibly related to Moses Brown of Amherst Co., VA?)

Records of Marshall Co., MS

1842 Marriage Notice
MARRIED–at Cool Springs, Marshall county, Miss., by Rev. Mr. Baker, Mr. FENDALL WODD, of Hardeman county, Tenn, to MARY AGNES, daughter of Green Pryor Esq. “May their pathway through life be amonng the bright places of the earth.”
Holly Springs, MS Guard – 16 Aug 1842

1845 Letter Held at Holly Springs Post Office for Green Pryor (Holly Springs Gazette, 10 Jan 1845)

1850 Census Marshall Co., MS
Northern Div., page 277, house 37 Benjamin S. Williamson 54 hotel keeper VA… living in hotel… John P. PRYOR 25 lawyer AL (John Polk Pryor son of Green Pryor and Olivia Polk Mareberry)
Southern Div., page 238a, house 421 G. R. (George R. ) Anderson 24 farmer, TN, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 28 TN, Mary 5 MS, Judy E. 3 TN, Martha E. 6/12 MS. (This family was in Jackson Co., AR in 1860 Elizabeth is buried in Yell Co., AR.)
Southern Div., page 238a, house 420 James H. Alexander 38 TN, Martha E. (PRYOR) 31 TN, H. L. 11 MS male, O. M. 9 MS female, M. E. 7 MS female, Lucy J. 5 MS, Z. P. 1 MS male, C. N. Snipes 21 GA male, J. N. ?. Borner carpenter 38 NC, J. R. Alexander 66 TN female. (Martha Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of Green Pryor, married James Henry Alexander in Hardeman Co., TN on Sept. 14, 1837)
Southern Div., page 240b, house 453 Walter I. Jenkins 65 VA, Agnes P. 50 VA, Mary 24 TN, Ruth H. 21 TN, Green P. 20 student TN, Walter N. 18 TN, Peter P. 9 TN (Agnes P. Stone is the half sister of Green and Peter Pryor)
Southern Div., page 241A., house 457 Green PRYOR 54 VA, Jane M. 38 TN, Adam H. 12 TN, Samuel H. 6 MS, Mariah J. 3 MS, Malinda Barnett 18 AR. (Green Pryor married Jane Marie Alexander in Hardeman Co., TN On July 15, 1831. Daughter Olivia M. was on the 1850 Census in Davidson Co., TN attending boarding school.)
Page. 275b, Northern Div., James C. Alderson 43 president of bank VA, Lucy Ann 37 Dixon Co., TN, Lucius M. 18 student Murray Co., TN, John 16 student Giles Co., TN, Elizabeth 15 TN, Ann Elizabeth Ross 12 Holmes Co., MS, Gordential Waite 38 clerk TN, Julia P. Waite 35 TN, Amanda Bradford 18 TN. (Julia Pryor Waite is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS. Born 1813, Died 1878)

1850 Mississippi State Census, Marshall Co., MS
Green PRYOR (Southern Div.)

1860 Census, Marshall Co., MS
Twp 1, range 1 & 2, Lagrange PO, page 188 John P. PRIOR 32 lawyer AL, Mary E. 30 VA, Richard G. 8 MS, Henrietta O. 6 MS, Fennell male 4 MS, William 3 MS (John Polk Pryor son of Green Pryor and Olivia Mayberry Polk. John Pryor married Mary Parham on Oct. 9, 1850 in Marshall Co., MS.)
Page 6, house 41 Fendell Wood 42 planter VA, Mary (PRYOR) 33 AL, Fendell Pryor 4 TN (This family was on the 1850 Census in Hardeman Co., TN. Green Pryor and Olivia Mayberry Polk>Mary Pryor Wood. Married 26 Jul 1842 in Marshall Co.)
Page 14, Wall Hill, house 99 P. B. Baker 31 mechanic VA, M. R. (PRYOR) 25 AL. (P.B. Baker married Martha R. Pryor, probably the daughter of John and Abigail Pryor, on Mar. 15, 1860 in Desoto Co., MS)
Chulahoma, sheet 41, House 296 Jas. N. Alexander 46 TN, M. E. 39 (f) TN, A. L. 21 (m) MS, M. E. 17 (f) MS, Lucy M. 15 MS, J. P. 11 (m) MS, V. O. 3/12 (m) MS, S. H. PRYOR 16 MS, E. P. Alexander 2 (m) MS, Olivia Fenner 4 TN, S. T. Cocke overseer 22 (m) TN (Samuel H. Pryor born 1844, son of Green Pryor and Jane Alexander. Olivia Fenner is probably a daughter of Olivia M. Pryor and Dr. Christopher Smith Fenner)

1870 Census, Marshall Co., MS
Twp 5, Range 2, Holly Springs PO, page 409b, T. J. Hill 50 TN, Martha (PRYOR) 37 TN, Janet 19 MS, John 15 MS, Calvin Mathers 26 (bl) laborer MS , Chas. Byman 18 (bl) laborer VA (Martha Adelaide Pryor is possibly the daughter of Samuel N. Pryor of Tippah Co. She and her husband Thomas Jefferson Hill are on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Tippa Co.)
Chulahoma, Page 505b, house 687 Samuel H. PRYOR 26 MS, Annie F. 20 AL, Lyda L 4/12 MS (born in Feb), Bernie Tipton (f) 10 AL, Victoria Talley 6/12 MS, Hannah PRYOR 96 VA (bl)
Range 1, page 530a, house 412 John P. PRYOR 44 editor AL, Mary E. 40 VA, Richard G. 18 MS, Henrietta O. 16 MS, Fendal M. male 14 TN.(John Polk Pryor son of Green Pryor and Olivia Polk Mareberry. This family is on the 1880 Census in Franklin Co., KY)
Twp. 6, range 4, page 494a, house 504 Stephney PRYOR (bl) 31 MS, Edith (mu) 26 MS, Bettie (mu) 6 MS, Pattie (mu) 3 MS, Nancy (mu) 2 MS.
Twp. 6, range 4, page 494b, house ? Alexander PRYOR 21 farmer MS.
Twp. 6, range 4, page 494b, house 510 Fendal Wood 53 VA (widower of Mary Pryor)
Twp. 6, range 4, page 494a, house 512 Samuel PRYOR (bl) 55 farmer MS, Ellen (bl) 35 MS.

1880 Census, Marshall Co., MS
Dist. 4, page 554D, house 222 James H. Alexander 65 mayor TN VA TN, Martha (PRYOR) wife 57 AL TN TN, Mary E. dau 25 MS TN AL, Amanda McClean 14 gr-dau MS MS MS, G. Waite McClean 12 gr-son MS MS MS, Claude McClean 10 gr-son MS MS MS. (Martha Pryor and husband are also on the 1850 Census in Marshall Co.)

1899 – Sam H PRYOR, clerk of the chancery court of Marshall Co., MS. Signed numerous documents filed in the court.

Records of Panola Co., MS

1900 Census, Panola Co., MS
b. March 1851 49 married 8 years, SC SC SC. Cary Boice wife May 1854 44 MS SC SC. Munro Tate servant (bl) b. Jan 1880 MS MS MS, Silas Carter servant (bl) May 1878 22 MS MS MS, Ella Beck servant (bl) b. Feb 1876 24 widow MS MS MS. (J M Prior married in Tate County and is on the 1920 Census in Tate Co.)

1910 Census, Panola Co., MS

Page 52a, Joseph PRYOR 59 SC SC SC, Carry Pryor 57 wife MS SC SC, Lizzie Willard 61 sister MS SC SC, Cally Parkar 32 sister MS MS MS, Mary Smith 40 servant (bl) MS TN TN, Ane Craffard 35 servant (bl) MS MS MS. (There are 2 Boyce sisters on the 1870 Census in Shelby Co., TN, students at Bishop College)

Records of Perry Co., MS

1900 Census Perry Co., MS
J D Warren 38, Mary E Warren 33, Lolia Warren 12, Wm C Warren 2, Tom P Warren 4, J D Warren 2, Eliza J Prior 62 mother in law widow b NY, parents born Ireland (Widow of William Keenon Pryor. Mary Elizabeth Pryor Warren died in New Orleans in 1909 per death record. In 1880 Elizabeth and her mother were in Jackson Parish, LA. In 1910 Eliza J Pryor was living with daughter Mary Davis in Jones County, MS. Death record of Thomas B Pryor states his mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth ).

Records of Prentiss Co., MS

1870 Census Prentiss Co., MS
Twp., 5, Range 6, Booneville PO, page 44, house 310, John W. True 30 farmer AL, Letha J. 25 TN, Sarah PRYOR 22 AR, Samuel (PRYOR) 4 MS. (Samuel Pryor appears on the 1880 in Graves Co., KY and on the 1900 Census on the Choctaw Reservation in Indian Territory. Sarah Pryor is the daughter of Richard C. Wade and Alice on the 1850 Census in Perry Co., AR. Family Trees on Ancestry.com state that John Henry Pryor of Jefferson Co., AL was the father of Samuel Pryor and husband of Sarah Wade.)

Records of Scott Co., MS

1835 Tax List, Scott Co., MS
James PRYOR and Jackson PRYOR (Jackson Pryor recounted that he migrated from White Co., TN to MS with his brother James Pryor. They are also on the 1838. They on later tax lists together. Only Jackson is on the 1840 Tax List.

1850 Census Scott Co., MS
Page 262a, house 122 Nancy Toney 48 GA, William W. 19 MS, Martha 15 MS, Rebecca 12 MS, Thomas B. B. 10 MS, Susan D. 8 MS
Page 262b, house 123 PRYOR T. Berry 34 SC, Elizabeth 29, MS, Washington 10 MS, William 8 MS, Henry H. 6 MS, Emeline 5 MS, Altholoney (female) 3 MS, Gracy Edianna 8/12 MS, Hanson Berry 20 MS, William 13 MS. (Pryor Talley Berry, father John Berry Jr. is on the 1800 Census in Chesterfield Co., SC)
House 210 William Toney 80 SC, James M. 50 SC, Jackson PRYOR 38 TN, Milly 40 SC, William 12 MS, Mary 10 MS, Martha 7 MS, James 1 MS. (Jackson Pryor and wife Millie Toney)

1860 Census Scott Co., MS
page 82 house 548 Jackson PRYOR 47 TN, Milly 50 TN, Mary 19 MS, James 11 MS
House 549 James Toney 50 SC. (Jackson Pryor was from White Co., TN).

1864 – Aug 22 to Sept 14, Jackson Pryor in Co. C, 1st Battalion Inf, MS State Troops,. Enlisted in Confederate Army

1870 Census, Scott Co., MS
page 198B, Beat 2, Sherman Hill PO, Jackson Parker [sic] (PRYOR), 57 farmer TN, M. A. 63 SC, James 20 MS.

1880 Census, Scott Co., MS
Beat No. 2, Page 36D, House 98 Jackson PRYOR 66 works at water mill, TN TN TN, Tilda 40 wife, MS SC SC (In 1900 Jackson Pryor was living in Smith Co., MS)

Records of Smith Co., MS

1900 Census, Smith Co., MS
Beat 1, West of Leaf River, page 26, house 199 Jackson PRIOR 4/1813 87 md. 21 yrs. TN Unk Unk, Frances wife 12/1839 60 1 child/1 child living MS NC NC (Jackson Pryor married Frances A. Barnes 17 Mar 1878 in Scott Co., MS. Jackson Pryor is on earlier census records in Scott Co.)

Records of Sumner Co., MS

1880 Census, Sumner Co., MS
Dist. 2, page 398a, house 262 J. D. PRYOR 39 MS TN TN, Martha M. 36 wife MS SC SC, Hordencia dau 12 MS, William 11 son MS, Samuel W. 10 son MS, George E. 7 son MS, Joe H. 6 son MS, Cynthia 3 dau MS. (Joseph Pryor & Sarah Odle>Samuel Odle Pryor > Jacob D. Pryor. Samuel and son Jacob are on the 1860 Census in Choctaw Co., MS.)

Records of Tate Co., MS

1880 Census, Tate Co., MS
M E Woollard (f) 32 MS SC SC, B Woollard son 12 MS AL MS, Gay Woollard son 9 MS AL MS, George son 7 MS AL MS, Dan’l son 6 MS AL MS, Corra Boyce sister 26 MS SC SC, Drury Boyce sister 24 MS SC SC, J. M. PRYOR boarder 28 SC SC SC, J C Hill 28 laborer SC SC SC, H How 40 laborer (bl) SC SC SC.

1893 Marriage – J M PRYOR to Carrie Boyce on 28 Feb 1893 (they are on the 1900 Census in Panola Co. and in 1920 in Tate Co.)

1920 Census, Tate Co., MS
Senatobia Twp., sheet 7a, house 143, Ward St., J M Pryor 58 SC SC SC, Carrie Pryor wife 59 MS SC SC, Lizzie Woollard sister in law 70 MS SC SC, John Young servant 75 (bl) MS VA MD

1921 WillJ M Prior estate. Willed estate to his wife Carrie Boyce Pryor, his living siblings (although not named). C. H. Babb, his nephew, appointed executor and if he chose not to act as executor he nominated H. R. PRIOR of Fountain Inn, SC. (Fountain Inn is located in part of Laurens County and part in Greenville, SC. Joseph M and Henry are probably children of Joseph and Mary Pryor who were on Laurens Co., SC census records.)

Records of Tippah Co., MS

1840 Census Tippah Co., MS
Page 176, S. N. PRYOR 000001 – 010001

1841 Mississippi State Census Tippah Co., MS

1844 Legal Notice – list of judgments forsale on the Tippah County Courthouse. Notice placed by Samuel N PRYOR, sherriff. (The Ripley Advertiser, Ripley, MS, 6 Jul 1844)

1845 Mississippi State Census Tippah Co., MS
Samuel N. PRYOR

1850 Mississippi State Census Tippah Co., MS
Dist 2, Page 453b, house 830 Samuel N. PRYOR 57 NC, Delana 45 TN, Anthony Street 70 NC (insane), Elizabeth 30 TN (blind) (Samuel N. Pryor was on the 1830 Census in McNairy Co., TN and may be a son of Matthew Pryor of Marion Co., TN)
Page 477b, House 1170, T. J. Hill 29 father TN, Martha A. (PRYOR) 17 TN, Lutitia Ann 2 MS, Samuel C. 3/12 MS (Possibly daughter of Samuel N. Pryor)

1860 Mississippi State Census Tippah Co., MS
Southern Div., page 781, Ripley PO, house 915, Samuel N. PRYOR 67 farmer NC, Delana 54 TN, Anthony Street 75 NC (insane), Elizabeth 38 TN (blind)
(I’m unable to locate Samuel N. Pryor on the 1870 Census, but “History of Mississippi: The Heart of the South, Vol 2” indicates he was an Assessor and Collector in 1873)
Page 776, house 877, Thomas J. Hill 39 TN, Martha A. (PRYOR) 26 TN, Lutitia A. 11 MS, Daniel P. 8 MS, Jenn 4 MS (Martha Adelaide Pryor and husband Thomas Jefferson Hill are on the 1870 Census in Marshall Co., MS)

Records of Tisomingo Co., MS

1850 Census, Tishomingo Co., MS
house 145 Samuel Long 54 VA, Mary 55, James 21 TN, Samuel 15 TN, Catharine 16 TN, Sarah J 15 TN, Henry Mi (MS?)

1860 Census, Tishomingo Co., MS
Page 269, house 1798 Minor Bibb 44 VA, Lydia (PRYOR) 36 LA, William W. 15 TN, Alex. 13 TN, Lorrer (Laura) E. 11 TN, Benj. R. 9 TN, Andrew 7 TN, Mary A. 5 TN (Lydia Pryor Bibb was in Dickson Co., TN in 1850 and in Humphreys Co., TN in 1870, daughter of Benjamin Pryor.)

Records of Warren Co., MS

1819, 1820, 1820 Tax Roll Warren County, MS
No Pryor recorded

1820 Census Warren Co., MS
Page 332, Isaac B. Holt 1000103001 (Isaac B. Holt md. Frances B. Prior in Orange Co., NC. Possibly the Isaac Holt living with parents William and Catherine Holt in Maury Co., TN in 1850. William and Catherine md. in Orange Co., NC, bondsman Isaac Holt.)

1830 Resident of Vicksburg – “William B Pryor (or Pryer) was living in Warren Co. as early as 1830. In 1839 he owned over 1,000 acres of land and two town lots valued at $7,000 in addition to sixty slaves” (“The Papers of Jefferson Davis: June 1841-July 1846“)

1830 Census Warren Co., MS
Page 211, John B. Holt
Page 212, Calvin PRIOR 10001 – 00002 (Calvin and Adaline Pryor, parents of Belfield Pryor and William Pryor who were in Shelby Co., TN)

1831 Tax Roll Warren County, MS
William B PRYOR
1 white poll, 25 slaves between 5-60 years, $16.00

1834 Estate – John Smithart, deceased. William B PRYOR, administrator
(Vicksburg Whig, 4 Dec 1834)

1835 Estate – William W Maclin, deceased. Nominated to divide the estate: James Bland, S M Hanna, Calvin Pryor.
(Vicksburg Whig, 15 Oct 1835)

1836 Buisness Dissolution
The partnership hertofore existing between GORDON & PRYOR is this day dissolved, in consequence of the death of Richard H Pryor. The business of the firm will be closed by the undersigned.
Saml. Gordon.
August 1, 1836
(Vicksburg Whig, 4 Aug 1836 – A March 31, 1836 ad in the same newspaper for Gordon & Pryor Steam Boat agents, Produce, Grocery, and Commission Merchants from Vicksburg.)

1838 Letter – Letter held at Vicksburg for Miss Mary A Pryor. (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 30 May 1838)

1839 Trust Deed – William B Pryor for Roger B Atkinson, who died without a will. Filed in Probate Court. Names slaves Winston, Stephen, Charles, Polly, Nelly, Chester, Polly, Sylvia, Eliza, Nancy, and Henry. Trustees, W R Norcom, Richd. E. Bolling. Another Trust Sale mentions slaves Blunt, Lewis, Edward, Wesley, Rita, Peter, Isaac, Betty, Hannah, Bob, William, Moses, Eve, and Amy. (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 28 Feb 1840)

1839 Notice of Runaway Slave – Runaway named Wesley purchased from William Conner near Brownsville, TN (located in Haywood Co., TN). Suspected of making his way up the Ohio River to a free state. – W B Pryor, Vicksburg (The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY 5 Mar 1839 — Possibly the Wesley named in the trust deed above.)

Jan 1840 – The Planters Bank vs William B PRYOR and John Elliott. Venditioni Exponas Warren Circuit Court, May Term. Ordered the sale of slaves Berry, Will, Abraham, Blunt, Delia, Jane. (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 23 Jan1840)

10 Dec 1840 – Land Patent from the US General Land office to John G. Parham and William B. Pryor of Warren County, MS. “As tenants in common and not joint tenants.” (see BLM website – there are 6 patents issued to these men.)

1840 Court Case – William B PRYOR vs. James Noe. Filed in Chancery.
(Vicksburg Daily Whig, 16 Apr 1840)

1840 Census, Warren Co., MS
Page 266, Wm (William) B. PRYOR 0000201-0002001 (The oldest male is 40-49 years, born 1790-1800).
(William Bland Pryor is on the 1830 Census in Tipton Co., TN and in 1850 in Madison Parish, LA.)

Dec. 1840 Letter Held at post office for T. B. PRYOR
Vicksburg Daily Whig, 10 December 1840

1841 Letters held for Samuel L PRYOR and Calvin PRIOR (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 4 Mar 1841)

1842 Letter held for Pryor Lea (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 1 Oct 1842)

1844 Resident of Vicksburg – “Mrs. Jane Pryor wife of William B Pryor announced the opening of a boarding house on Washington Street… she remained there only until October 1845″ (“The Papers of Jefferson Davis: June 1841-July 1846”)

1845 Mississippi State Census, Warren Co., MS
Richard PRYOR
William B. PRYOR
(William B. Pryor and wife Jane are on the 1850 Census in Madison Co., LA)

1846 Court Case – A C Henderson admr vs. Bazille Pryor, decd. affir (Southern Reformer, Jackson, MS, 2 March 1846. Proceedings of High Court Errors and Appeals)

Jan 1846
“PUBLIC AUCTION!! – Will be sold at public auction at the late residence of Capt. Pryor on Washington street opposite Messrs. Brown and Johnson, on Thursday, the 15th instant, a lot handsome furniture, such as sideboard, two sofas, pier table with marble slab, one dozen mahogany chairs, &c., &c.” (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 14 Jan 1846)

Jan 1846 “The Mayor reported to the Board the resignation of Wm B PRYOR, assistant assessor, and collector of taxes, which was read and received. ” (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 23 Jan 1846)

Mar 1846 Letter held for L N PRYOR. (Vicksburg Daily Whig, 3 Mar 1846)

1847 Probate – Permelia Pryor, John Freese guardian, Jacob Oates and E. W. Morris sureties.

1850 Census, Warren Co., MS
Vicksburg PO, page 193 William Bohannon 33 clerk MS, Mary J. 28 LA, Louisa 12 MS, Ophelia 9 MS, Simeon 5 MS, Jackson Vandine (Vandiver?) 17 clerk MS, Sarah Bohannon 35 TN

1853William B. Pryor appointed postmaster (published in the Nashville Union on 11 April 1853)

1854 Death – Capt. Pryor, postmaster died at Vicksburg. This probably William B. Pryor (published in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on 2 Sept 1854)

1855 DeathMary A. Pryor, 30 years old, daughter of William B. Pryor. (Obituary published in the Vicksburg Tri-Weekly Whig on 29 Sept 1855, quoted in “The Papers of Jefferson Davis: June 1841-July 1846”) Mary A. Pryor left a short will in Warren Co., leaving her estate to her mother Jane B. Pryor. The will is dated 26 Sept. 1855 and signed by witnesses R. Barnett, Mrs. Margaret Babcock, Mrs. Mary C? Crump, Julia M. Barnett.

1855 Property Ad – FOR SALE. A house and lot on Cherry St. North of Main Street, lately occupied by Miss PRYOR as a school House. A credit of one and two years will be given. Alex. Montgomery. (Vickburg Daily Whig, 27 Dec 1855)

1860 Census Warren Co., MS
page 971, house 651 R. S. PRYOR 40 deputy sheriff VA, Margaret 37 VA, Ann 12 MS, John 10 MS, Walter 7 MS, Jane B. 5 MS, Sallie 2 MS (WB. Pryor & Jane>Richard S. Pryor. Richard and his parents were on the 1850 Census in Madison Co., LA).
page 891, Vicksburg PO, house 17/17
Sarah Bohannon 43 sewing TN, Mary 27 LA, Louisa 20 MS, Ophelia 17 MS, Simeon 13 MS.
house 18/18 Jane B. PRYOR 61 VA, Agnes Creasy 38 school teacher VA, William P. Creasy 19 druggist MS. (widow of W. B. Pryor. They were on the 1850 Census in Madison Co., LA. Is there a connection between this Pryor family and the Pryors who married in to the Bohannons and Robinsons in White Co., TN?).
house 19/19 Gordon Robinson 46 brakes clk. VA, Martha 38 VA, Charles 16 VA, Eugene 14 VA, Henry 12 VA, George 10 VA, Virginia 5 VA, Frank 3 VA.

Sept. 26, 1860
We have also been furnished by Mr. R. S. Pryor, the United States census taker, with a statement about similar to the above.* In 1850, the population of the county was 18,120. Mr. Pryor says there are eight slaves in the county over one hundred years old– two of them one hundred and twenty. He says one of the latter is the mother of twenty-three children. The oldest white inhabitant is eighty-eight. F N Steele, county assessor had sent the tally of whites and slaves to the Vicksburg Whig newspaper.

1860 Notice of Guardian’s Sale of Land – By order of the Probate Court, during August Term. Margaret G. Pryor, guardian of Ann J Jolly, John H. Jolly, Walter A Jolly — minor heirs of Walter A Jolly deceased.

1870 Census Warren Co., MS
page 220A Richard PRYOR 50 druggist VA, Margaret 35 VA, John W. 19 clerk MS, N. A. Jolley (male) clerk 17 MS, Anna S. 15 MS, Jane S. Pryor 13 MS, Sallie B. 16 MS, James Thomas 16 servant MS.(WB. Pryor & Jane>Richard S. Pryor. Richard and his parents were on the 1850 Census in Madison Co., LA).
Vicksburg Ward 3, page 244B J. B. PRYOR (female) 71 VA, A. P. Bircluth (female) 45 VA, W. P. Crucey 29 druggist MS.

1880 Census Warren Co., MS
Brundswick Landing and Prior’s Chruch Precinct, page 461c, house 366 Abner Prior 30 MS MS MS, Luvenia Prior 36 wife MS MS MS, Abner Prior 17 son MS, Eliza Prior 13 dau MS, Arena Prior 10 dau MS, Eliza PRIOR 70 MS MS MS no relationship recorded — all family members recorded as black (see Adams County, MS)

Records of Wayne Co., Mississippi

1860 Wayne Co., MS
House 347 Calvin Sellers 37, Richard 29, Spicy 61 SC,

1866 MS State Census
James PRIER 0310001 – 01
next page: Calvin Sellers 2101 – – 2101
(1850 Census – James Pryor and family are on the census in Washington Co., LA)

1870 Census Wayne Co., MS
Twp 9, page 217a, house 6/6 Calvin Sellers 43 SC and his family
Twp 9, page 217a, house 7/7 James PRIOR 59 TN, Louisa 49 MS, Abel 20 MS, Mary L. 19 MS, James 15 MS.
Twp 9, page 217b, house 1 William PRIOR 27 MS, Mildred 19 MS, Elbert 1 MS.

1880 Census Wayne Co., MS
Page 355a, 4th Dist., house 11/12 J. S. Pryor 70 MS MS MS, Eliza 60 wife MS MS MS (Gravemarker identifies wife as Eliza Elliot. Gravemarker identifies James S Pryor born 10 Sept 1816, died 10 Jul 1886)
Page 355a, 4th Dist., house 13/14 Abel Pryor 33 MS, Caroline 25 wife MS, Nina 4 dau MS, Jackson 7 MS, ____? dau 1 MS

Records of Yalobusha Co., Mississippi

1846 MarriageLucius L PRYOR to Nancy Nations on 23 Dec 1846
(Nancy Pryor was widowed and living in Robertson Co., TX in 1900)

1850 Census Yalobusha Co., MS
Page 427b, C J PRYOR 26 planter GA, Jane 20 GA, Holland 3 MS, Angeline 5/12 MS

Page 436b, house 859 L L PRYOR 28 planter GA, Nancy 30 AL, Frances 3 MS, Marshall 2 MS, Racheal 9/12 MS

1860 Census Yalobusha Co., MS
page 813 living in hotel… Patrick PRYOR 30 laborer Ireland