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Records from Adair County, Missouri

1880 Census, Adair County, MO
House 51 James K PRIOR 30 farmer OH ?? ??, Caroline 32 wife IN OH OH, James A son MO, Luther son 4 MO, William son 1 MO

1890 Veterans’ Census
Robert A PRYOR, pvt, Co H, MO Cav. Enlistment dates not recorded. Syntha Pryor, widow, remarried.

1910 Census Adair County, MO
House 95 Lewis PRYOR 34 (md 6 years) MO IL MO, Hattie M 34 (2nd marriage) MO IL MO. Both were working as sales people at general store. (Possibly Lewis Pryor son of John and Marita Pryor from Scotland Co., MO. Lewis is on the 1880 Census in Scotland County)

Records from Andrew County, Missouri

1880 Census Andrew Co., MO
Lincoln Twp., page 312d, house 180/180 Lucy J. Shriver 28 divorced MO KY KY, Susan M. PRYOR niece 4 MO OH MO.

1900 Census Andrew Co., MO
Benton Twp, page 15, John G. PRYOR June 1852, 47, md. 23 yrs., IL IL IL; Sarah E. wife Dec. 1856, 43, 5 children/4 living, MO TN TN, John W. son Aug 1878, 21, MO, Fred L. son Feb 1884 16 MO, Jimmy son Dec. 1887 12 MO, Jesse A. son Feb. 1894 MO (Death record for Sarah Elizabeth Lewis Pryor states her birthdate as 12/27/1859 in Gladfly, MO, parents Jonathan Lewis and Winnie Mitchell, both born in TN.)

1920 Census Andrew Co., MO
Benton Twp, sheet 7b, house 85 Water St. John G. PRYOR 66 widow IL IL IL railroad laborer (Death record for Jonathan G. Pryor born Howard Co., IL, d. 5/8/1927 at age 68, father Lewis R. Pryor, mother not state.)
Benton Twp., sheet 7b, house 86 Water St. Jessie A. PRYOR 25 MO IL MO foreman railroad, Hazel wife 23 MO MO MO, Winonah K. dau 6/12 MO.

1930 Census Andrew Co., MO
Benton Twp., sheet 3b, Lime St., house 85 Marion H PRYOR 44, md 34, MO IL IL , Minnie M wife 26 MO MO MO, Robert L son 7 MO, Virgil L son 4 MO, William L son 4 MO, Vernita M dau 1 MO
Benton Twp., sheet 3b, Lime St., house 86 Jesse A 35 MO IL IL, Hazel B wife 32 MO MO MO, Wenonah K dau 10 MO

Records from Atchison County, Missouri

1870 Census Atchison Co., MO
Clay Twp., page 414b, house 292 W. D. Schooler 57 farmer VA, Polly 46 VA, Heath 24 farmer VA, W. K. 21 teacher VA, Ella 13 MO, Floyd 3 MO, James Shearer 11 MO, Jennie PRIOR 22 teacher VA, William Wright 22 laborer VA. (Virginia “Jennie” Pryor daughter of Thomas David Pryor of Cocke and Jefferson Co., TN. She married Wiley Kent Schooler)

1876 State Census, Atchison Co., MO
Rice D. Schooler over 45, Pollie D. over 45, Virginia T. 21 – 45, Wily K. 21 – 45, Sarah E. PRYOR age 21-45, can read and write, Henry Vogel 21 – 45, Ella T Schooler 18 – 21, Floyd under 10, Margaret P. under 10, Feel under 10.

1880 Census Atchison Co., MO
Dale Twp., page 32, Jas. M. Collins 27 farmer MO KY KY, Julia A. 27 wife MO KY KY, Delia J. 4 dau MO, Ebolena 2 dau MO, Joseph H. PRIOR 10 adopted works on farm MO.
Templeton Twp., page 497a, house 3 John Wood 33 farmer TN TN TN, Mary 24 wife MO TN MO, Lewis 4 son MO, Emma 2 dau MO, Bell 4/12 dau MO, Walter PRYOR 19 laborer WI ? ?
Clark Twp., page 471a, house 78 William Asa Rupe 27 MO MO KY, Mollie F. 24 (PRYOR) wife TN TN VA, Winnie Ward (bl) servant 20 MO MO MO, William R. Stone 25 MO MO MO. (Mollie Frances Pryor daughter of Thomas David Pryor of Cocke and Jefferson Co., TN. Molie Pryor Rupe died in Atchison Co., MO on 9/26/1926, death record states she was born 7/11/1855 in New Market, TN, parents Thomas Pryor of VA and Sarah Clark of VA)
Clark Twp., page 478a, house 24 W. K. Schooler 31 farmer VA VA VA, Virginia (PRYOR) wife 34 TN TN VA, Fred son 4 MO, Bartie 2 dau MO. (Virginia daughter of Thomas David Pryor of Cocke and Jefferson Co., TN. Virginia died in Clay Co. on 11/26/1918, death record states she was born 8/26/1845 in TN, parents Thomas D. Pryor of TN and Sarah Clark of VA)

Records from Audrain County, Missouri

1850 Census Audrain Co., MO
Dist. 4, page 172B, house 245/263 William Haynes 75 farmer VA, Mary (PRYOR) 69 VA (William Haynes and his sons Samuel & Thomas are on the 1860 Census in Sullivan Co., MO)

1900 Census Audrain Co., MO
Twp. 51 range 9, page 118b, house 13 Francis T. PRYOR Sept. 1848 51 MO KY KY, Margaret wife Jun 1854 45 md. 29 years, 7 children/4 living MO KY MO, George son Jul. 1883 16 MO

1920 Census Audrain Co., MO
Salt River Twp., page 114a, house 104 Francis T. PRYOR 72 MO KY KY, Maggie wife 65 MO KY US, George son 36 MO (Death record for Frank T. Pryor states born 9/2/1848 in Clay Co., MO to G. M. Pryor and unknown mother, died 10/19/1923. George Morton Pryor is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Clay Co. Death record for wife Maggie states her maiden name is Courtney)

Records from Barry County, Missouri

1870 Census Barry Co., MO
Capps Creek Twp., page 648b, House 15 Philip Haynes 30 MO, Mary A. (PRYOR) 40 TN, Sarah PRIOR 25 TN, Elizabeth 6 MO, Lucinda 1 MO. (Mary Pryor Haynes was the daughter of Thomas Pryor of Guilford Co., NC and Clay Co., MO. Sarah was the wife of Thomas’ son David Josiah Pryor. Lucinda Pryor Mitchell died in Jasper Co., MO. Her death record states her mother was Sarah Mitchell and father was Josiah? Pryor, and that she was born in Barry Co., MO– her father was David J Pryor of Lawrence Co., MO).

1880 Census Barry Co., MO
Shoal Creek, page 5, house 37 Philip Haynes 41 head, Mary A (PRYOR) 51 wife, Lucinda J PRYOR 9 niece
Page 267c, House 270/276
Jesse Cates 24 MO MO MO, Sarah C. 37 wife TN TN TN, Elizabeth PRYOR 15 step daughter MO MO TN, Ida B. Cates 6 dau MO MO TN, Sarah A. Cates dau MO MO TN (Sarah Mitchell Pryor Cates, daughter of Griffin Mitchell, researchers report her first husband was David Pryor of Lawrence Co., MO)
McDonald Twp., page 276a, house 392 George W. PRYER 54 stone & brick mason, carpenter VA VA VA, Mary J. wife 38 OH VA VA, Frances E. dau 11 MO, Joseph son 9 MO, John W. son 7 MO, Adam son 5 MO, Simon L. son 3 MO, Roland H. 1 MO (Family researcher on the Barry Co., MO website reports George Washington Prier was born in Kanawha Co., VA – later part of WV. George Pryor and family are on the 1870 Census in Bates Co., MO)

1881 Marriage – William Rupe Crane married Frances Elizabeth PRYOR on 4 Dec 1881. (Frances daughter of George W. Pryor, born in Kanawha Co., VA)

1900 Census Barry Co., MO.
McDonald Twp., Dist. 9, James C. PRYOR b. 5/1852 47 MO TN TN, America wife 6/1849 50 IN IN KY, 3 children/1 living, William F. Dec. 1882 17 KS.
(This family is on the 1880 Census in Woodson, KS. Death record of James C. Pryor in Barry Co., MO does not give his parents’ names. Researcher reports James is the son of William Pryor and Surilda Wright of Vernon Co., MO. Death record for America Pryor states her father was Will Cox)

1917 Draft Exemption BoardWaymon D Pryor called before the exemption board. His place of residence was Monett. (The Monett Times, 28 Sept. 1917)

1922 NewsPharis Pryor of Barry County acquitted of first degree murder charge. Pryor had used a club to beat Harvey Wheeler to death over an altercation over Pryor’s father’s horses (Springfield Missouri Republican 26 March 1922)

Records from Barton County, Missouri

1860 Census Barton Co., MO
Lamar Twp., Page 40, House 345/289 A. J. PRYOR 30 Teamster MO, Tabitha 27 MO, Sarah L. 5 MO, John L. 2 MO. (Andrew Pryor and wife Tabitha are on the 1870 Census in Borboun Co., KS. Tabitha Duncan Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Bates Co., MO. Andrew Jackson Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Jasper Co., MO)

Records from Bates County, Missouri

1846 Deed of ConveyanceWilliam Pryor and wife Sarah to Enoch S. Weyand. $25 for land at SW corner of SW quarter of Section 15, Twp 37, Range 32. North to the centre of the now main channel of the Little Osage River. Wit: Samuel Smith. 14 February 1846. Deed book B, page 50.

1848 Land Patent was issued 1 July 1848 to Nathan Pryor for land at Southeast quarter of SW quater of section 25, Twp 38, Range 33, 40 acres (BLM General Land Office Records)… Nathan sold the land to William Pryor in 1850.

1850 Deed of ConveyanceNathan Pryor and wife Elizabeth to William Pryor. $200 for land at SE quarter of SW quarter of section 25, Twp 38, of 33, containing 40 acres. Witness Jonathan Pryor and John Wright. 4 March 1850. Deed book B, page 172.

1850 Census Bates Co., MO
Page 233A, House 35 Thomas Copeheart 43 blacksmith SC, Agness (PRYOR) 42 KY, John 18 MO, Elizabeth 16 MO, William 12 MO “dumb”, James 11 MO, Malissa 8 MO, Frances 5 M, Virginia 3 MO. (Thomas Caphart married Agness Pryor on 19 Jul 1827 in Gasconade Co., MO. Daughter Elizabeth Elvira Capehart married Richard/William Pryor– they are on the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO.)
Page 233B, House 36 Daniel PRIOR 45 KY, Tabitha 31 AL, George 14 MO, Cyntha 11 MO, Lafayette 8 MO, Elizabeth 4 MO, Agness 1 MO. (Daniel Pryor married Tabitha Crawford on 28 Feb. 1841 in Gasconade Co., MO. Daniel first married Cintha Ann Massie on 5 may 1833 in Gasconade Co. It appears that George and Cyntha are children from his first marriage Daniel and family were in Vernon Co., MO in 1860.)
House 37 Tabitha Frazier 60 TN, John 30 TN.
House 43 Daniel Simpson 33 MO, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 30 MO, Mary 13 MO, Rutha 9 MO, Martha 7 MO, Benjamin 6 MO, William PRIOR 19 laborer MO. (Daniel Simpson married Elizabeth PRYOR 29 May 1836 in Gasconade Co., MO. Elizabeth Pryor Simpson was deceased by 1860. Her widow and children were in Cedar Co., MO and later in Pulaski Co., MO. William and Elizabeth Pryor were children of Robert Pryor who died 1837 in Gasconade Co.)
Page 237b, house 107 Benjamin Simpson 35 KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 34 MO, Mary 14 MO, Martha 12 MO, Caroline 10 MO, Ben 8 MO, Nancy 6 MO, William 3 MO, James 6/12 MO, Samson Lingo 27 laborer NC. (Samuel Simpson md. Sarah Pryor 6 Jul 1834 in Gasconade Co., MO. This family is on the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO)
Page 238A, House 108 Bowles Duncan 50 MO, Catherine 44 TN, Samuel 25 MO, Tabitha 16 MO, Polly 14 MO, Robert F. 18 MO, Louisa PRIOR 6/12 MO (Bowles Duncan is on the 1840 Census in Gasconade Co., MO, Bowles sons Samuel and Robert are on the 1860 Census in Barton Co., MO near Andrew J. Pryor. Tabitha Duncan became the wife of Andrew J. Pryor.)
Page 258, House 403 William PRYOR 22 laborer TN, Surilda 19 MO, Sophia 4/12 MO. (William Pryor and wife Surilda Wright. Surilda’s second marriage was to William Willoughby and she and her children are on the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO. Parents of James Cody Pryor. William may be the Claiborne Pryor from Bates Co. whose death notice was reported in the Sacramento Transcript, 7 Dec 1850)
Page 259B House 421 Joseph PRYOR 58 TN, Polly 45 GA, Rachel 17 TN, Joshua 14 MO (Joseph was on the 1830 & 1840 Census of White Co., TN and the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO. William Pryor of White Co., TN>Joseph Pryor)
Page 259B House 422 Ezekiel Rhea 39 TN, Polly 36 TN, Elijah 18 MO, Ralston 14 MO, Shelton 13 MO, Nathan 9 MO, Claiborne 3, Hannah 15 NY, (Ezekial Rhea and family were in Van Buren Co., Mo in 1840 and in Vernon Co., MO in 1860. Several family trees on Ancestry.com have Ezekiel Rhea as the husband of Elizabeth “Polly” Woods and have his parents as Ezekiel Rhea Sr. and Elizabeth “Betsy” Pryor. The connection between the Rheas and the Pryors is not yet documented, however the wife of Elijah Pryor -below- was buried in the Rhea cemetery in Metz)
Page 259B House 423 Claiborne PRYOR 23 TN, Sarah 22 PA, Rebecca 16 OH, William 1 MO (William Claiborne Pryor and family are on the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO)
Page 260A, House 424 William PRYOR 59 TN, Elizabeth 22 MO, Russell 15 TN, James 17 TN,(William Pryor of White Co., TN>William Pryor. William was on the 1840 Census in Van Buren Co., MO. Son Russell Pryor was in NV by 1880 and San Francisco, CA in 1900. Wm is possibly the spouse of Sally Bartlett and also the father of Elizabeth Pryor who married John I. Wood and settled in Harrison Co., MO)
Page 260A, House 425 Jonathan PRYOR 42 TN, Polly 44 TN, Pleasant 14 MO, Caroline 10 MO, Henry 8 MO, Margaret 6 MO, Angeline 3 MO, Nancy 1 MO (William Pryor of White Co., TN>Jonathan Pryor. Jonathan was on the 1840 Census in Van Buren Co., MO.)
Page 260A, House 428 Sarah Welch (Nancy Pryor) 45 TN, Levi 18 TN, William 15 TN, Jackson 13 TN, Martha 11 TN, Elizabeth 9 TN, James 7 MO, Nancy 2 MO. (This family is on the the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO – head of household listed as Nancy Welch. Death Record of Thomas Nubia Welch b. 9/24/1843 in Platte Co., MO states his parents were Thomas Welch and Nancy Pryor both born in Tennessee.)
Page 260A, House 429 Potilla Bohannan (male) 27 TN, Sarah 22 TN, Elijah PRYOR 27 TN, (Per Ancestry.com parents of Potilla are Thomas Bohannon and Perdine Bartlett. Elijah Pryor was in Mendocino, CA in 1860 and in Vernon Co., MO in 1880 living near other Bates Co. Pryors)
Page 260B House 438 Abram Job 47 TN, Hamilton 22 MO, Sarah A. 20 MO, James 18 MO, William 15 MO, Mary 14 MO, Abraham 13 MO, Frances 9 MO, John 4 MO. (Richard & Mourning Pryor?>Mourning Pryor & Daniel Jobe>Abraham Jobe. Researchers report Abraham was born in Jackson Co., TN)
Page 261B, House 450 William Bartlett 49 KY, Margaret 40 TN, William PRYOR 38 Laborer MS
Page 263a, House 465 Andrew Townsend 30 farmer TN, Leah 23 TN, James 3 MO, Thomas 1 MO, Calista 12 NY. (1870 in Vernon Co., MO)

1857 Power of Attorney – Elijah Pryor of Mendocino County, CA appoint James Bartlett as his attorney to take possession of land and slaves named Elizabeth about age 30, her child Alfred about eighteen, and Smith aged about fifteen. To sell land and slaves. Witnessed by John Brown. Signed at Sonoma County, CA. 3 August 1857. Deed book D, page 316

1870 Census Bates Co., MO
Page 150A, George PRYOR 45 farmer VA, Mary J. 33 OH, George J. 5 IA, Frances 2 MO. (George Pryor & Family is on the 1880 Census in Barry Co., MO.)
Page 153A, Living with John Guth and family… Nan PRYOR 20, house help, MO

Records from Benton County, Missouri

1831 Marriage – Rachel Woolums married Benjamin PRIOR on 24 Feb 1831. Benjamin was from Highland County, OH and only spent 3 years in MO. (The News-Herald, 17 Sept 1896, obituary)

1880 Census, Benton Co., MO
Union Twp., page 363d, house 79 Susan PRYOR 54 NC NC NC, William A. 27 son MO VA NC, James H. 25 son MO, Sarah J. dau 24 MO, Mary A. 20 dau MO (Susan Simmons is the widow of Tipton Pryor. She is on the 1850 – 1870 Census in Cooper Co., MO)

1910 Census, Benton Co., MO
Union Twp., page 91a, house 147 William A. PRYOR 62 MO WV NC, Susan N. wife 52 MO MO MO, Ida J. dau 11, Tipton W. son 19 MO, Thinnie M. dau 17 MO, Fred S. son 9 MO.

1920 Census, Benton Co., MO
Union Twp., sheet 3a, house 48 William A. PRYOR 71 MO VA NC, Susan M. wife 61 MO MO MO, Linnie M. dau 26 MO, Fred S. son 11 MO. (Death Record for William A. Pryor states born 8/13/1848 in MO, died 12/27/1931, parents Typton Pryor and Miss Simmons both of W. V. Tipton Pryor and son William are on the 1850 Census in Cooper Co., MO)

Records from Buchanan County, Missouri

1860 Census, Buchanan Co., MO
St. Joseph, 3rd Ward, page 551, house 2091 C. H. Peck 44 plasterer VA…..living in household R. PRYOR 19 male laborer born MO? (Possibly Robert Pryor who served in Civil War with brothers of Samuel Pryor)
St. Joseph, 3rd Ward, page 553, house 2406 A. PRIOR 25 laborer KY, C. (f) 19 wife KY, W. 5 mos. (m) MO. (Possibly Alph Pryor who served in Civil War with other sons of Denard Pryor. He is likely the muscian “A. Prior” listed in household of Alice Pryor Hughes on the 1880 Census)

1862 Military
– On 15 Feb 1862 Robert PRYOR enlisted in the Union Army in St. Joseph, MO. Pvt, Capt Johnson’s Co., Co. L, 1st Reg. for a period of 3 years. His description card states: 20 years old, height 6′ 0″, light complexion, eyes gray, hair brown, born in Clay Co., MO, occupation farmer.(His military records contain information that he was arrested 20 Jun 1864 near Bellvue, NJ for desertion and a $30 reward was paid. He was sent to Omaha, NE on 21 Jun 1864)

1862 Military – On 25 Feb 1862 Emsley PRYOR enlisted in the Union Army in St. Joseph, MO. Pvt, Capt Johnson’s Co., Co. L, 1st Reg. His description card states: 24 years old, height 6′ 0″, dark complexion, eyes dark, hair dark, born in Guilford Co., NC, occupation farmer, residence St Joseph, MO.

1862 Military – On 25 Feb 1862 James PRYOR enlisted in the Union Army in St. Joseph, MO. Pvt, Capt Johnson’s Co., Co. L, 1st Reg. His description card states: 27 years old, height 5′ 11″, light complexion, eyes blue, hair light, born in Guilford Co., NC, occupation farmer, remarks: deserted April 1862. (His military records contain information that he was arrested 20 Jun 1864 near Bellvue, NJ for desertion and a $30 reward was paid. He was sent to Omaha, NE on 21 Jun 1864)

1862 Military – On 15 Mar 1862 Dennard (Denard) PRYOR enlisted in the Union Army in St. Joseph, MO. Pvt, Capt Johnson’s Co., Co. L, 1st Reg. His description card states: 45 years old, height 5′ 11″, dark complexion, eyes gray, hair gray, born in Madison, VA, occupation farmer, remarks: discharged by order 30 May 1863.

1863 Military – On 19 Mar 1863 at Warrensburg, MO it was noted that Robert PRYOR was never paid as he deserted at St. Joseph, MO on 23 Apr 1862.

1863 Military – On 30 Apr 1863 Dennard PRYOR was discharged from the army with pay. (An 1890 pension document (it doesn’t elaborate on whether a pension application was filed or by whom) states Dennard was discharged on order of Gov. Gamble due to “incurable drunkeness and age.”)

1863 Draft US Registration
Washington Dist
Alson PRIOR 20, laborer, single born in MO
Burton PRIOR 28, laborer, married, born MO, prior service 11th MO Cav. (born 1835)
Elmsley R. PRIOR 29, laborer, married, MO, prior service in Johnson’s Artillery
Alph PRYOR 24 gentleman, single, born in MO,
Samuel PRYOR 20, gentleman, single, born in MO.

1863 Military – On 29 May 1863 Burton PRYOR signed an Oath of Allegiance in Buchanan Co., MO. He had been arrested for “disloyalty” and posted $1000 bond. (Burton Pryor is in Holt Co., MO in 1860, Gentry Co., MO in 1870 and Denton Co., TX in 1890. He is a son of Denard Pryor).

1870 Census, Buchanan Co., MO
Washington Twp., Page 696A S. H. PRYOR 60 farmer VA, Lavinia 45 OH, James 25 OH, Missouri 16 MO, Filmore 15 MO, Florence 12 MO, Bell 9 MO, Tarlton 30 OH, Margaret 30 OH, Alice 4 MO, Silas 1 MO. (Silas H. Pryor and family are on the 1850 & 1860 Census in Daviess Co., MO. Death record for Tarlton Fulton Pryor states he was born in OH to Silas H. Pryor and Lavina Fulton on 3/29/1843, he died in 1917)
St. Joseph, page 611a, house 21/23 (a hotel)… William PRYOR 30 MO.
St. Joseph, page 620b, house 98/103 (a rooming house)… William PRYOR 45 laborer VA.
St. Joseph, 1st Ward, page 412a, house 68/68 Frank A. PRIOR 30 retail liquor OH, Sarah 22 MO, Laura 3 MO, Sarah 1 MO.
St. Joseph, 1st Ward, page 428a, house 350
James T. PRYOR 48 cistern builder IN, Julia A. 22 MO, Olive, 2 MO (James Pryor married Julia Lewis 5 May 1866 in Buchanan Co. A 1923 obituary of Dale Pryor, a grandson of James Pryor and his wife Julia, reported that Dale was a cousin of Arthur Pryor the famous bandleader from St. Joseph).
St. Joseph, 2nd Ward, page 438a, house 9 Mary M. PRYOR 30 KY, Benjamin 16 MO, Fanny R. M. 12 MO.
St. Joseph, 2nd Ward, page 454b, house 285
Robert PRYOR 29 brick mason MO, Mary 23 Canada, Kattie 1 MO, Alice 23 MO. (Possibly the R. Pryor living with C. H. Peck on the 1860 Census. Robert is the brother or other close relation of Samuel Pryor and trombonist Arthur Pryor. In 1863 after joining the Union Army Robert went AWOL from MO to Bellview, NJ where they were arrested and returned to the midwest in 1864)
St. Joseph, 2nd Ward, page 452b, house 253 Emsley R. PRYOR 39 well digger NC, Caroline 27 MO, Edward A. 6 MO, Charles H. 4 MO, Anna M. 2 MO, Mary 3/12 MO (born March).(Emsley Pryor married Caroline Self on 29 Jun.1857 in St. Joseph, MO. Emsley served in the Civil War in 1st Reg. Co. A & L of the MO State Militia. He received a Union pension and his wife applied for a widow’s pension. He served as a “musician”. Emsley Pryor brother of Samuel D. Pryor, father of the bandleader Aruthur Pryor).
St. Joseph, 3rd Ward.page 516B, house 258/285 Ida Stone 8, MO, Alice PRYOR 23 TX. (Alice Pryor, sister of Samuel pryor, aunt of Arthur Pryor. Alice is on the 1880 Census married to John J. Hughes)
St. Joseph, north half of 4th ward, page 562A, house 279/282, Samuel PRYOR 25 musician MO, Mary 22 MO, Walter 3 MO, Arthur ??/12 MO, born “Sept” 1869. (Arthur Pryor is the famed trombonist who played with John Philip Souza and later had a successful radio career)

1880 Census, Buchanan Co., MO
St. Joseph, ED#59, page 224B, Sixth St., house 76/80, Samuel PRYOR 36 musician MO MO MO, Mary 30 wife MO MO MO, William 12 son MO MO MO, Arthur 10 son MO MO MO, Sallie 3/12 dau MO MO MO, Ida Stone 18 niece school teacher MO MO MO. (Samuel Pryor, father of trombonist Arthur Pryor. Ida Stone was living with Alice Pryor in St. Joseph on the 1870 Census).
St. Joseph, page 62b, house North 2nd St., house 9/16, Emsaley (Emsley) PRYOR 49 well digger VA VA VA, Caroline 38 MO VA MO, Edward 16 MO VA MO apprentice lithographer, Anna 12 dau MO, Mary 10 dau MO, Frank 5 son MO, Frederick 3 son MO, Eliza Allison 21 boarder, clerk in store MO SC SC (Emsley R. Pryor, brother of Samuel Pryor, uncle to trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Page 251 a, house 63 John Hughs 33 bartender KY KY KY, A (Alice Pryor) 32 wife TX NC NC, Robert 12 son in school MO KY TX, A. PRIOR 45 brother musician MO NC NC (Alice Pryor sister of Samuel Pryor, aunt to trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., St. Joseph, page 389c, house 25/25 Silas PRYOR farmer 70 VA VA VA, Lavinia 56 wife OH PA PA, Florence 22 dau MO, Belle 18 dau MO, Thomas McDaniel 38 school teacher son in law KY KY KY, Missouri 26 dau MO, Floyd 6 grandson MO, Levinia 3 grand dau MO, Martha 1/12 (born April) MO. (Silas H. Pryor was on the 1850 Census in Daviess Co., MO)
Washington Twp., St. Joseph, page 389d, house 26/26 John PRYOR 40 farmer OH VA OH, Mahala 34 wife MO KY KY, Mary B. 6 dau MO, Lucius 3 son MO. (From the History of Buchanan County and City of St. Joseph…, by Christ Rutt. States Silas H. Pryor was “reared” in VA, educated in Washington DC and Harpers Ferry (now WV), he lived in Chillicote, OH and migrated to MO in 1848) History of Buchanan County and the city of St. Joseph
St. Joseph, page 11b, Highly St., house 11/11 James PRYOR 49 well cleaner NC NC NC, Julia wife 32 MO MO KY, Ollie (Olive) dau 12 MO, Chas. (Charles) son 10 MO, Katie dau 4 MO. (James T. Pryor brother of Samuel Pryor, and uncle of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
St. Joseph, ED#58, page 212A, Angelique St., house 240-269 boarding house with numerous actors and opera singers… Alice PRYOR 40 boarder, musician MO MO KY. (Possibly Alice Pryor Hughes, sister of Samuel Pryor, and aunt of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
St. Joseph, page 10c, Jones St., house 50/51 Willis Stanley carpenter 30 TN TN TN, Jennie 33 wife MO KY KY, Charles Calbert 13 son in law MO MO TN (probably a step son), Cora Stanley 8 dau MO MO TN, Minnie PRYOR 9 boarder MO MO MO, J. K. Stanley carpenter 35 MO TN TN, Louis 20 harness maker MO TN TN. (Minnie is the daughter of Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA. . Minnie Pryor is the Minnie C. Fallis in Clinton Co. in 1900)
St. Joseph, page 43a, Washington Ave., house 311/338 John Baxter 35 MO and several roomers who are brakemen for the railroad…Andrew PRYOR 30 laborer KY KY KY.

1883 AccidentCapt. PRYOR, one of the oldest residents of the county, was involved in a wagon accident when his team was spooked. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and a mangled hand. It stated he lived in the county many years. (The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette. 31 May 1883)

1888 St. Joseph City Directory
Agnes PRYOR, sales lady, 823 S. 2nd
Allison PRYOR, bds., 823 S. 2nd
Annie PRYOR, milliner, 823 S. 2nd
Armilda PRYOR, col’d, 4th N of Highland Ave
Arthur W PRYOR, musician, 312 S. 6th
Benjamin PRYOR, col’d, cook, I Haas, 512 N. 3rd
Bennet B PRYOR, bkkpr, Thomas & Gibbons
Edward PRYOR, 917 N 2nd
Emsley R, PRYOR, 823 S. 2nd
Samuel D PRYOR, manager and leader Pryor’s Military Band and Orchestra, 312 S. 6th
PRYOR’S MILITARY BAND AND ORCHESTRA, the leading band of the west, S D PRYOR manager and leader, 312 S. 6th

1900 Census Buchanan Co., MO
St Joseph Ward 8, Washington Twp., Buchanan Co., MO, page 161b, 2115 12th St., house 17, John J. Hughes 1/1849 51 md 30 KY KY KY day laborer, Alice (PRYOR) wife 9/1849 50 md 30 no children MO VA VA, Robert S. Stone newphew 9/1868 31 MO IN TX brick layer (Alice Pryor Hughes, aunt of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., 3rd Ward, St Joseph, page 208A, 229 N. 5th St., 111/116 S. D. [Samuel] PRYOR May 1844 56 (md. 34 yrs) MO MO MO musician, Mary wife May 1847 53 (3 children/3 living) MO TN TN TN, Walter son Jun 1867 32 MO coronetist, Sam son Feb. 1879 21 (md. 3 yrs.) MO drummer, Phiney dau in law July 1879 20 (no children) MO TN TN, Betty Montgomery Jul. 1879 20 MO MO MO, W. L. Coker (f) roomer Aug 1845 56 MO MO MO, A. W. [Arthur] PRYOR son Sept. 1870 29 (md. 6 yrs.) MO, Josie Russel sister in law May 1844 56 widow? PA TN TN, Arthur PRYOR gr-son Jun. 1896 3 MO, Ruby Clark niece July 1887 12 NY MO MO, Maude PRYOR daughter [in law] May 1873 27 (md. 6 yrs.) (no children) UT MO MO. (Samuel Daniel Pryor & Mary “Mollie” Coker, Arthur Pryor married Maud Russell and settled in Asbury Park, NJ. Arthur is on the 1910 Census in Monmouth Co., NJ and in 1930 Census living in Manhattan)
Washington Twp., 3rd Ward, St Joseph, page 208A, 409 N. 4th St., 114 living in a boarding house… Fred PRYOR Nov. 1877 23 MO MO MO, Sarah Apr. 1877 23 MO MO KY. (Fred son of Emsley R. Pryor, a cousin of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., 1st Ward, page 8a, house 1218 North 10th St., Caroline PRYOR 1/1842 58 MO KY KY dress maker, Mamie dau 5/1870 30 MO NC MO book keeper, Ruby dau 12/1882 17 MO NC MO at school. (Caroline is the widow of Emsley R. Pryor, aunt of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., 1st Ward, page 8b, house 1302 North 10th St., James PRYOR 1/1830 70 md. 38 yrs NC NC NC, Julia 1/1848 52 (7 children/6 living) MO KY MO, Charles son 1/1871 29 MO tinner, Leroy son 10/1881 18 MO day laborer, Mildred dau 10/1885 14 MO at school, Harry son 7/1889 10 MO at school, Amanda dau 10/1878 21 MO married no children, Ollie Matthews son in law 1/1869 31 MO MO NC married no children, Blanche Matthews dau 10/1867 MO married no children. (James T. Pryor uncle of trombonist Arthur Pryor).

1910 Census Buchanan Co., MO
Ward 1, St. Joseph, Washington Twp., page 77a, Mamie Moseley 40 md. 4 yrs, no children MO NC MO clerk in store, Caroline PRYOR mother 67 widow MO KY KY, Frank PRYOR brother 37 MO plumber, Zula? McCain lodger 12 MO MO MO. (Death Record of Caroline Pryor states DOB 6/30/1843 in MO, died 1/11/1912, no parents info).
Washington Twp., page 125a, house 2109 Alice Hughes (PRYOR), 60, widow, no children, TX NC NC, no work listed. (aunt of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Ward 8, St. Joseph, sheet 6b, house 2835 S. 20th St., Leroy D. PRYOR 28 md. 5 yrs. MO England US, painter of dwellings, Mary A. wife 26 no children MO NY Canada, Matthew M. Goolsey father in law 52 divorced NY Ireland Ireland, Edward brother in law 19 MO, James E. brother in law 17 MO. (Leroy Pryor, son of James T. Pryor, cousin of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., Ward 3, St. Joseph, sheet 4b, house 537? North 3rd Ave., Benjamin F. Matthews 43 (md. 21) MO PA PA, Ollie D. (PRYOR) wife 38 no children MO SC MO, Dale PRYOR lodger 7 MO MO MO, Julia PRYOR mother in law 63 widow 5 children/4 living MO KY MO, Elmer? Scott lodger (md. 4) MO GA KY, Mildred R. (PRYOR) Scott sister in law MO SC MO, Harry PRYOR brother in law 19 single MO SC MO shoemaker at a factory. (Death record for Mildred Ruth Scott states she was born in St. Joseph on 10/5/1886 to James T. Pryor of MO, and Julia Price of Platte Co., MO. Mildred died in 1926.)

1920 Census Buchanan Co., MO
St. Joseph, page 247a, house 701 N. 6th St., Ben Matthews MO PA PA, Ollie (PRYOR) wife 48 MO VA MO, Julia PRYOR mother in law 63 widow MO MO MO, Elmer Scott roomer 43 MO KY MO, Mildred Scott (PRYOR) roomer 34 MO MO MO, Harry PRYOR brother in law 27 MO VA MO, Fred Robinson? roomer 37 IA US US, Irvine Birch roomer 66 MO MO OH, Dale PRYOR nephew 16 MO MO MO (Death record for Olive Dove Matthews states she was born 6/8/1869 in St. Joseph to James T. Pryor of SC and Judith N. Lewis of Sparta, MO. Olive died in 1928.Julia Lewis Pryor died in 1929, her death record lists her mother’s maiden name as Ruth Wallace)
St Joseph., page 154a, house 2109 South 17th Alice Hughes (PRYOR), 73, widow, KY Eng KY, no work lised. (aunt of trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Washington Twp., page 206a, house 438 Leroy D. PRYOR 38 MO Canada KY, saloon owner, Mary A. wife 36 MO NY MO, Leroy R. son 10 MO, Claude L. son 4 MO. Mildred dau 3 MO, Elmer Scott lodger 53 widow MO NY MD, Bottler at brewery, Frank Wyss lodger 30 MO Switz Switz photographer. (Death record states Leroy D. Pryor was born 10/7/1881 in St. Joseph to James D. Pryor and Julia Lewis, parents places of birth unknown. Leroy died in 1948.)
St. Joseph, ward 5, page 26a, house 416 Eighth St., Walter PRYOR 51 MO US US, musician, Ruby wife 42 MO Scotland OH, Anna Scaldiger servant 24 Germany, Frank Wright lodger 21 US US US miller, J. H. Alderson lodger 43 MO WV WV painter signs.

1930 Census Buchanan Co., MO
Washington Twp., St. Joseph, page 165a, house 416 Eighth St., Walter PRYOR 62 (md. 33) MO MO MO musician in orchestra, Ruby wife 53 (md. 24) MO Scotland OH (Samuel D. Pryor and wife Mary Coker>Walter Pryor. Walter was born Jan 27, 1868 and died in 1936)
Washington Twp., St. Joseph, page 114b, 1624 S. 25th St., James R. McCall 74 MO VA VA, Mary T. (PRYOR) 56 (md 37 yrs) IA Ireland NY. (Mary T. Pryor McCall is buried in Mt. Mora Cemetary in St. Joseph… born 2/14/1874, died 08/25/1952)

Records from Butler County, Missouri

1900 Census Butler Co., MO
Poplar Bluff, page 146a, house 372 Elihu PRIOR b. Apr/1854 46 married 12 years NC NC NC, Dora wife Oct/1865 34 IL NY IN, Grace M dau Mar/1889 11 IL NC IL, Frank W son Jan/1892 8 IL, not named dau Apr/1900 1/12 MO. (Death record dated 7 Aug 1926 states Elihu was born in TN to John Prior and Rebecca White. Informant was Dora Prior. Elihu Prior is on the 1880 Census in Henderson Co., KY living with his brother George W. Prior.)

Records from Caldwell County, Missouri

1860 Census Caldwell Co., MO
Blythe Twp., Kingston PO, page 679 E. L. Davis (m) 35 gunsmith IN, M. M. Davis (f) 24 KY, B. B. PRYOR (m) 38 merchant VA, G. W. McNeal (m) 20 clerk dry goods store KY, 1870 (Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA)

1870 Census Caldwell, Co., MO
Lincoln Twp., page 180, house 44, Nancy Knox 70 KY, Joseph L. 25 MO, Margaret E. 30 MO, Pleasant PRYOR 23 MO.

Records from Cass County, Missouri

1860 Census Cass Co., MO
Page 773, Sugar Creek, house 482, Alex Sigman 27 farmer NC, Artemesia (PRYOR) 22 MO, George N. 5 MO, Mary S 3 MO (Artemesia daughter of Walton Pryor, grandaughter of Jeremiah Pryor)
House 483 Robert Smith 27 farmer VA, Syntha (PRYOR) 24 MO, Isaac W. 6 MO, Joseph N. 4 MO (Cynthia daughter of Walton Pryor, grandaughter of Jeremiah Pryor. She is on the 1870 Census in Linn Co., KS)

Records from Cedar County, Missouri

1850 Census Cedar Co., MO
Dist 17, house 249, Wm PRIOR 52 farmer VA, Sarah 55 VA, Eveniah 22 KY, Alex. 21 KY, Sarah 18 KY, Josephus 15 KY.

1860 Census Cedar Co., MO
Benton Twp., page 111, house 781 Daniel Simpson 43 MO, Rachel J. 33 MO, James 11 MO, William D. 9 MO, Caroline 6 MO, Walker Long 11 MO, Andrew J. Long 9 MO, Richard Long 7 MO, Margaret 2 MO.(Daniel Simpson married Elizabeth Pryor and later Rachel J. who was a widow of Richard Long. James William and Caroline are probably children of Elizabeth Pryor Simpson. Daniel Simpson and wife Elizaeth Pryor are on earlier census in Gasconade Co., MO and Bates Co., MO. Daniel Simpson was last counted on the 1900 Census in Pulaski Co., MO)

Records from Chariton County, Missouri

1860 Census, Chariton Co., MO
Clark Twp., page 289, House 862 Thomas M. PRYOR 42 farmer VA, Elizabeth H. 39 VA, Mary E. 15 VA, Thomas 13 VA, Junius C. 9 VA, Samuel 6 VA, Sarah 3 VA, John H. 1/2 MO (Thomas Pryor returned to VA and is on the 1880 Census in Amherst Co., VA. His son Junius was in Marion Co., MO in 1880)

1870 Census Chariton Co., MO
Clark Twp., page 20, House 156 Thomas M. PRYOR 52 farmer, Elizabeth 50 keeping house, Sally 13, John 10, William 8.
Clark Twp., page 187, House 175 Thomas PRYOR 23 VA, farmer. Mary 25 IN, Harriet 1 MO

1880 Census, Chariton Co., MO
Brunswick Twp., page 566C, house 352 Thos. PRYOR 32 farmer VA VA VA, Sarah T. wife 31 TN TN TN, Hattie dau 13 MO, William France “ward” 9 TN TN TN. (Thomas M. Pryor & wife Elizabeth are on the 1880 Census in Amherst Co., VA. Thomas Pryor md. Elizabeth Haynes on March 6, 1843 in Campbell Co., VA.)

1900 Census, Charition Co., MO
Brunswick Twp., page 43a, house 96 Thomas A. PRYOR May 1847 53, md. 28 yrs, VA VA VA, Sarah T. wife Jan. 1846 54 md. 30 yrs. 3 children/3 living TN ?? NC, John T. PRYOR son Dec. 1874 25 Married MO VA OH, George H. son Feb. 1882 18 single MO VA OH, Lenora daughter in law May 1877 23 MO, married O years (married less than a year?) (Randolph Co., MO Death Record for John T Pryor states his father was Andrew Pryor b. VA and mother was Mary Speidel b. MO.).
Musselfork Twp., page 179b, house 59 Samuel J. PRYOR Aug. 1853 46 md. 17 yrs. MO MO MO, Laura E. wife Jan 1861 39 2 children/2 living MO MO KY, Nancy E. dau Jun. 1887 12 MO, William F. son Mar. 1892 8 MO.

Records from Christian County, Missouri

1860 Census, Christian Co., MO
Ozark PO, House 776 Matthew S. PRYOR 49 GA, Sarah 45 TN, Sarah J. 25 domestic TN, Charlotta 16 TN, James 14 TN, Lucinda 12 TN, Breda 6 MO, Emeline 4 TN.
House 777 Henry N. PRYOR 19 TN, Sarah Ann 18 MO.

1870 Census, Christian Co., MO
Finley Twp., page 392b, house 73 David PRYER 46 NC, Elizabeth 35 TN, Sarah E. 16 MO, Jacob 14 MO, Frances 13 MO, Laura 12 MO, Rebecca 11 MO, James L. 10 MO, Martha 9 MO. (David pryor md Elizabeth Buck in Lawrence Co., MO)
Galloway Twp., page 409a, house 83 Elizabeth PRYOR? 54 TN, Frances 16 MO, James M. 14 MO, Margaret 11 MO, Louisa 9 MO, William B. 7 MO. (Not sure is surname is Pryor or Payne)
house 84 James PRYER 32 AR, Mary C. 27 TN, Peter 7 MO, Sarah 10/12 MO, Joab Wilson 31 MO “Living in the family”

1900 Census, Christian Co., MO
Lincoln Twp., ED#13, sheet 7a, house 126 William C. PRYOR Feb 1847 53 md. 27 PA PA PA, Malise J. wife Oct. 1861 38 (1 child/1 child living) MO TN TN, Carl P. son May 1885 15 PA PA PA, Harry T. dau Oct. 1891 8 MO IL MO.
Galloway Twp., ED#16, sheet 10b, house 192 John PRYOR Dec 1839 60 md 28 yrs PA PA PA, Sara J wife Sept 1896 53 (8 children/8 children) IL OH IL, Roy son Jul 1881 18 KS, May dau Nov 1883 16 KS, Grace dau Apr 1887 13 MO.
Galloway Twp., ED#16, sheet 10b, house 193 Charles PRYOR Jan 1875 25 md 5 yrs KS PA IL, Magnora wife May 1877 23 (1 child/1 living) MO MO MO, Ada daughter Feb 1896 4 OK KS MO.

Records from Clark County, Missouri

1865 Birth – William C Pryor son of F. A. Pryor and Margaret J Pryor was born in Clark County, MO August 3, 1865 (Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for the Year, Southern Methodist Publishing House, 1898).

Records from Clay County, Missouri

1828 Execution – The first person ever hanged in Clay County for murder was a negro woman, owned by a man named PRYOR, residing near Greenville, in the northeastern part of the county. Executed 23/8/1828

1830 Census Clay Co., MO
Jeremiah PRIER 011301 – 01001 (1828 Jeremiah Pryor obtained land grant in Clay Co.)
Samuel Job 100001 – 00001
Henry Newby 00210001 – 000101

1832 Deed – Jeremiah Pryor and his wife Phebe of Clay County to George B. Finley of Clay County. On waters of Fishing River. East half of the south East quarter of section 21, twp 53, range 30, 17 September 1832. Deed book C, page 205.

1838 Clay Co., MO BLM Land Grants
George M. PRYOR 9/7/1838 in Clay Co., filed in Lexington Land Office.

1840 Census Clay Co., MO
Page 32, Deniard PRYOR 112001- 211001 (Denard Pryor was born before 1812. He was an orphan by 1820 in Guilford Co., NC. He is the father of Samuel D. Pryor and the grandfather of trombonist Arthur Pryor of St. Joseph. Denard Pryor has not been located on the 1850 Census– the next record he appears on are his Civil War Military records– see Buchanan County, MO.)
Page 32, Thomas PRYOR 1111001 – 211001 (oldest male 40-49 yrs., born 1791-1800. Thomas married Elizabeth Gerringer in Guilford Co., NC in 1822. They are on the 1830 Census in Orange Co., NC. His widow, Elizabeth, is on the 1850 Census in Lawrence Co., MO. It’s possible that when Thomas died Elizabeth made the move to Lawrence County to live near her Gerringer kin.)
*** NOTE *** This census is not in alpha order, so it is likely that these 2 Pryor families lived near one another and may have had some form of kinship.

1850 Census Clay Co., MO
Page 375A, Fishing River Twp., House 1104 Richard Morton 24 KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 17 KY, Richard Parish 11 KY. (15 Nov 1849 Richard C. Morton married Sally Ann Pryor in Clay Co., MO)
House 1207 William PRYOR 60 NC, Susan 50 NC, James 22 NC, Nancy 20 NC, William 18 NC, Tabitha 16 NC, Malinda 12 NC, Thomas 9 NC.
Liberty twp.
House 122 Joseph Lewis 70 VA, Nancy 62 KY, George M.(Morton) PRIAR 45 KY, Elizabeth C. 40 KY, Joseph 19 KY, Virginia M. 10 MO, John 8 MO, James 5 MO, Francis 2 MO. (Samuel Pryor & Mary Curd>George Morton Pryor & Elizabeth Lewis)

1860 Census Clay Co., MO – Liberty twp.*
Page 873, Fishing River Twp., house 247 George F. Lincoln 25 farmer MO, Motie (PRYOR) 20 MO (Vigirnia M. Pryor married George Lincoln on 9 June 1859, married by R. C. Morton)
Page 927/House 631 James L. PRYOR 29 MO, Margaret 23 MO
Page 928/House 633 (George) Morton PRYOR 56 KY, Elizabeth 50 KY, John MO 18, James 15 MO, Francis 12 MO (Samuel Pryor & Mary Curd>George Morton Pryor & Elizabeth Lewis)
Page 928/House 639 John PRYOR 40 KY, Martha 35 KY
*On the 1860 Slave Schedules for Clay Co. Joseph L. Pryor and Morton Pryor are listed as owners.

Letterhead: Banch of the Farmer’s Bank of Missouri
Liberty, MO – 10 June 1864

To Brig Gen B Fisk,
Dear Sir, Some several days since I addressed a short note to Gen. Bassett by Mr. Joseph Pryor of this county who visited Iowa City in behalf Two of his brothers who were imprisioned in our jail by or of the Provost Marshal charged with being engaged in the shooting of a negro as I stated in my letter. Mr Pryor informed me that Gen’l Bassett being sick my note was taken to you in that note I stated that I understood there was no testimony against the two young Pryors. I have since learned that one of the parties arrested on the same charge a Mr Brockman had testified before the soldiers making the arrest as to the guilt of the oldest Pryor. I directed Capt. White who went to St. Joseph this morning to see you and make the correction in my statement but for fear he may fail to do so I have thought it best to address you on the subject myself as I do not wish to make any statement that is not strictly in accordance with the facts as I have heard and seen them.
Your friend,
O P Moss

1866 – Joseph L PRYOR, age 30, born in KY. He served in the militia. Gave his statement under oath in regards to the Missouri-Kansas Conflict.

1870 Census Clay Co., MO
Washington Twp., page 819, house 77 Thomas J. PRYOR 32 dry goods clerk KY, Eliza J. 31 MO (Thomas Pryor son of Thomas Jefferson Pryor of Clinton Co., MO)
Liberty Twp., page 713a, house 46 Jas. (James) L. PRYOR 40 KY, Margaret E. 33 MO, Chatham L. 10 MO, James L. 6 MO.
Liberty Twp., page 711a, house 17 Joseph Lewis 89 superannuated VA, Geo. (George) M. PRYOR 66 KY, Elizabeth C. 60 KY, Francis 22 MO, James 24 MO, James Morton 14 MO, Ella Morton 12

1880 Census Clay Co., MO
Liberty Twp., page 385b, house 11/11 Joseph L. PRYOR 49 agriculturist KY KY KY, Margaret E. wife 45 MO KY NC, Chat. L. son 19 MO. (Born in Barren Co., KY on Jul 14, 1830, son of George M. Pryor b. Feb. 20, 1804, and grandson of Samuel Pryor and Mary Curd. )
Liberty Twp., page 387a, house 39/40 George M. PRYOR 76 agriculturist KY VA VA, Elizabeth C. wife 69 KY VA KY, Sallie Oringdulph gr-dau 7 MO MO MO, Morton Oringdulph gr-son 4 MO MO MO, Anna Baldwin servant 15 MO MO MO.
Liberty Twp., page 387b, house 44/45 James G. PRYOR 32 agriculturlist MO KY KY, Ruth wife 31 MO NC NC, J. Walter son 8 MO, Eugene son 5 MO, John Kennedy servant 13 VA VA VA. (James G. and Ruth Darby Pryor)
Liberty Twp., page 388d, house 68/69 Francis PRYOR 31 farmer MO KY KY, Maggie wife 25 KS KY MO, Lewis son 9 MO, Courtney son 5 MO, William son 2 MO. (Frank G. Pryor married Margaret Courtney on 4 October 1870 in Clay Co)
Platte Twp., page 333c, house 99 Frederick C. Owen 39 head MO VA VA, Ophelia H. (PRYOR) 28 wife MO VA KY, Samuel F. son MO, James T. PRYOR 3 boarder MO VA MO, Silas J. PRYOR 15 boarder MO VA MO, George B. Owen 78 boarder VA VA VA, Louisa Owen 75 boarder VA VA VA, Annie M. Owen 5/12 Aug “son of head” MO. (James and Silas are sons of Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA. Another brother was also a boarder in Clinton Co., MO.)

1900 Census Clay Co., MO
Liberty Twp., page 132b, house 164 Joseph PRYOR July 1830 69 md 43 KY KY KY, Maggie wife Dec. 1836 63 MO KY KY.
Platte Twp., page 191a, house 290 Mary E. Peddicord head… living in house Benjamin B. PRYOR boarder Mar. 1821 89 widow VA VA VA, James PRYOR boarder Sept. 1877 22 MO VA KY (This is Bennett B. Pryor son of James Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA)
Kearney Twp., page 86b, house 62 Thomas J. PRYOR Jun 1838 61 md 40 KY VA KY, Eliza J. wife Mar 1839 61 no children MO NC NC, Josephine Franklin (PRYOR) sister Jan 1829 71 widow 7 children/ 2 living KY VA KY (Thomas Pryor and his sister Josephine are on the 1850 Census in Clinton Co., MO, their father was Thomas Jefferson Pryor.)

1907 Letters for Administration – Estate of Joseph L PRYOR, signed 16 December 1907. Heirs John W. Pryor, nephew of Clay Co; Eugene Pryor, nephew living in OK; Francis J PRYOR, brother of Audrain Co.; John D Ewing, Robertson C Ewing, Charles Ewing, Mary Ruth McRaney, Rose Harvey, Frances Hopkins, Mary Ella Hopkins, Randy Ballard, Martin Orendolph of Benson, NE. Joseph died 12th December 1907.

Records from Clinton County, Missouri

1840 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Page 46 Levy Cope 10001 – 10001 (Married to Sarah, Daughter of Jeremiah Pryor)
Page 46 Jerym. PRIOR 0002001- 00000001 (Jeremiah PRYOR, son of Richard & Mourning Thompson?)
Page 46 William PRIOR 00001 – 00001 (son of Jeremiah Pryor and wife Phoebe)
Page 46 M. Walton PRIOR 00001 – 22001 (son of Jeremiah Pryor and wife Phoebe)
Page 47,Charles PRIOR 20001 – 00001 (son of Jeremiah Pryor and wife Phoebe. Charles Pryor married Catherine Baldwin 31 Jul 1834 in Clinton Co., MO.)
Page 47, Henry Newby 0001000001 – 001000001 (Henry Newby md. to Susannah dau of Richard & Mourning?)
(Probably the same Jeremiah Pryor who was in Jackson Co., TN in 1820, later in Clinton and DeKalb Co., MO.)

1850 Census Clinton Co., MO
Dist. 16, page 399A, House 126 Miranda Riley 26 farmer KY, Martha (PRYOR) 20 KY, John J. 20 MO, Emma 50 VA, Clifton 16 MO, Louann 13 MO, Benjamin 10 MO. (Miranda C. Riley married Martha J. Pryor on 27 Dec 1848 in Clinton Co., MO. “History of Buchanan County and the City of St. Joseph…” by Chris L. Rutt states Martha J. Pryor was the daughter of Jefferson Pryor of Clinton County. This history also states that Jefferson Pryor came to MO from KY when Martha was 13 years old — 1843?)
House 129 Jefferson PRYOR 46 VA, Rebecca J. 38 TN, Gabriel M. 17 KY, Harriet S. 14 KY, Benjamin F. 8 KY, William M. Jones 9 MO, John H. Jones 7 MO, Tazewell Jones 3 MO, A H Orr school teacher 22 VA, William B Franklin 25 farmer MO, Josephine Franklin 21 KY, Harriet Irvine 50 MD.(David Pryor & Lucy Brown of Amherst Co., VA>Thomas Jefferson Pryor married Martha Elizabeth Irvine/Irving 2 JAN 1828 in Garrard Co. KY)

1860 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Jackson Twp., House 82 Jefferson PRYOR 55 VA, R J 37 TN, BF 14 KY, Nancy E 9 MO, SE (f) 6 MO, Melville W Jones 18 farm laborer MO, John H Jones 15 MO, Tasnell G Jones 12 MO, A B Alfone (m) 28 S Teacher NY, Harriet Irvine 62 MD.
Jackson Twp, House 83 T J PRYOR 22 KY, E J (f) 21 MO.

1870 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Hardin Twp., page 32b, house 72 Benet B. PRYOR 49 VA, Bettie 31 KY, Austin M. 20 MO, Ophelia 18 MO, Silas 3 MO, Howard Calvert 11 KS, Holt Calvert 8 MO, Franklin Calvert 6 MO, Louis Owens 17 MO. (Bennet B. Pryor died 1916, his death record states he was born 13 Mar 1821 in VA. Parents not named on his death record. He is from Ross co.., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA)
Twp 54, Range 31, page 109a, house 69/70 Jeffer PRYOR 66 VA, Rebecca J. 47 TN, W. L. Miller 33 IA, Nancy E. Miller (married in July) 19 MO, Hariett Irvin 72 KY, W. B. Sharp 20 VA, J. D. Franklin 40 KY.
house 70/71 B. F. PRYOR 27 KY, Maggie E. 24 KY. (Benjamin Franklin Pryor b. 9/13/1842 in KY. His death record states his parents were Jefferson Pryor from VA and Elizabeth Irwin from VA)
Twp 55, Range 31, page 131b, house 104 G. M. PRYOR 36 KY, Anna E. 38 MO, Joseph 13 MO, Lenora 11 MO, Grant 8 MO, Fanny 6 MO, Thom 3 MO.
Cameron Twp., page 178b, house 215 Andrew Dunn 45 blacksmith PA, Mary 27 IL, Catharine 1 MO, Will PRYOR 45 “nothing” KY.

1880 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Jackson Twp., page 618b, house 2 T. J. PRYOR 76 farmer VA VA VA, Rebecca J wife 56 TN TN TN, B. H. 37 son MO, Josie Franklin 51 dau KY, Ollie B. Miller gr-son 9 MO, ?? May Miller 7 gr-daughter MO. (Thomas Jefferson Pryor and family)
Atchison Twp., page 521D, house 171 W. H. Hawkins 48 KY VA VA, Louisa 47 KY KY KY, Fida Williams boarder 17 MO ?? MO, B. B. PRYOR 6 boarder MO MO VA. (Bennett Pryor Jr., son of Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA. Other brothers were also boarders in Clay Co., MO.)

1900 Census Clinton Co., MO
Atchison Twp, page 15b, house 306 George W. Fallis Sept. 1858 41 MO KY KY, Minnie C. (PRYOR) wife Apr 1871 29 MO VA KY, Margie dau Mar 1891 9 MO, George M. son May 1874 6 MO, Pryor son July 1898 1 MO, Mary J. mother Aug 1829 70 widow KY KY KY. (Minnie is the daughter of Bennett B. Pryor of Ross Co., OH and Harpers Ferry, VA. See Minnie Pryor on 1880 Census in Buchanan Co.)

1910 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Atchison Twp., page 2a, house 35 George W. Fallis 51 MO KY KY, Minnie C (PRYOR) wife 38 MO VA MO, Margie dau 18 MO, George Morris son 15 MO, Pryor son 11 MO, Mary Mildred dau 9 MO, Bennett PRYOR father-in-law 88 wd VA VA VA,

1930 Census, Clinton Co., MO
Gower Twp., page 2b, house 68 George W. Fallis 71 (md. 31) MO KY KY, Minnie P. (PRYOR) 58 (md 19) MO VA MO (Minnie C. PRYOR Fallis is buried at the Allen Cemetery in Gower, Buchannan Co., born April 1871, died 1950)

Records from Cole County, Missouri

1836 Marriage – Stephen PRYOR married Zenith McDaniel on 8 May 1836 (This family is on the 1850 Census in Jasper Co., MO)

1873 State Census, Cole Co., MO
Nancy PRYOR (bl) washer woman born in VA, one male child, one female child. Ages unclear

Records from Cooper County, Missouri

1820 Census, Cooper Co., MO
Green Seat 0100001 – 20302001 (oldest male 40- 49 years, born 1771-1780.
(Researcher posted Williamson Co., TN record “Thomas Mason buying land from Green Seat now of Cooper Co. Missouri with a Luke Pryor as witness and on the same day Thomas witnessed a deed from Green Seat to Luke Pryor ” Nathaniel Seat was married to Sarah Pryor)

1850 Census, Cooper Co., MO
Page 135A, house 924/924 Thomas Starke 25 teacher $300 VA, Amanda 21 VA, Mary F. 2/12 MO, Sarah 68 VA, Lydia Horman 51 VA (Lydia is likely a numbering error and should be grouped within the following Horman household.)
Page 136A, house 932 Tipton J. PRIOR 30 farmer VA, Susan 25 IL, William 2 MO. (Tipton Pryor married Susan Jane Simmons 11 May 1847 in Cooper Co. Benton Co. Death Record for daughter Sarah Jane Prior states: DOB 4/25/1858 in Cooper Co., father Tipton J. Pryor from VA, mother Susan Simmons from NC. Sarah Jane was murdered 2/6/1916 and the informant on the death record was William A. Pryor. William A. Pryor was on the census records in Benton Co., MO.)
Page 141A, house 1009/1009 Samuel Paxton 55 farmer VA, Susan 35 VA, Jackson 21 VA, Catharine 20 VA, Alex 16 VA, William 15 VA, Elmira 11 VA, John 9 VA, Eliza 7 VA, Alphus 5 VA, Margaret 4 VA, Mary 3 VA, Martha 2 VA, Thomas B. 1 MO

Page 142A. house 1022
Dryden Starks 36 laborer $300 VA, Sarah (PRYOR) 34 VA, Leonora 11 VA, John 9 VA, Josephine 6 MO, Jefferson 4 MO, Sarah 2 MO. (Dryden Starke married Sarah P. Pryor on Jan. 22, 1838 in Kanawha Co., VA. Tipton and Sarah Pryor Stark are reported to be the children of James Pryor and Lucy Hudnall.)
Page 142A, house 1023 Milton Stark (or Starks) 38 cabinet maker VA, Sarah 29 NC, John 9 VA, Creed 7, VA, Roxcy L 5 MO, Ipasia ? 2 MO, Infant male 2/12 MO
Page 142A, house 1029/1029 Charlotte Stark (or Starks) 36 VA, Milton 15 TN, John 13 TN, Richard 8 TN, Dallas 4 MO, Elizabeth 3 MO

1860 Census, Cooper Co., MO
Lebanon Twp, page 693, house 253 Susan PRIOR 30 “N. Carolina”, H. Simmons 87 “New Jersey”, W. Prior (m) 12 MO, J. H.(m) 8 MO, S. J. (m)7 MO.
Lebanon Twp., page 708, house 354 Dryden Starke 42 farmer $9000/$5000 VA. L. 20 (f) VA, L. D. 18 (m) VA, L. 15 (f) MO, R. L. 13 (m) MO, S. P. 11 (f) MO, Lelia 7 (f) MO, Augusta 5 (f) MO, L. P. 2 (MO), S. P. 43 (f) VA. (Sarah Pryor Stark/Starke)

1870 Census, Cooper Co., MO
Lebanon Twp., page 464a, house 139 Susan PRYOR 40 NC, William A. 20 MO, James H. 17 MO, Sarah J. 15 MO, Hannah Simmons 95 NJ. (William A. Pryor was in Benton Co., MO in 1880)
Lebanon Twp., page 476a, house 300/296 Dryden Stark 52 VA, Sarah P. 53 keeping house VA, Leonora 29 VA, Lelia S 18 MO, Augusta E. 14 MO, Louis P 12 MO, John D. Skaggs 18 works on the farm, MO (Sarah Pryor Stark.)

1880 Census, Cooper Co., MO
house 9 LeRoy Hogan 49 farmer VA — –, Leonora 40 wife WV WV WV, Jeff Kelly 18 laborer MO — –, Jim Culbertson 8 bound MO — –, Dryden Starke 62 father in law farmer WV VA VA, L. P. Starke 22 brother in law MO WV WV. (The census actually says “bound”. Culbertson was a white male. Dryden Starke is the widow of Sarah Pryor. His marital status was “M” on the census.)

Records from Crawford County, Missouri

1830 Census, Crawford Co., MO
Page 179 , line 6 Lindsey W. PRYOR 00001 – 10001 (eldest male 20-29 years)
(Lindsey W. Pryor married Jane Renfro on 16 Apr. 1826 in Washington Co., MO. Lindsey W. Pryor died en route to the California Gold Rush. He was from VA. In 1840 Lindsey W. Pryor was in Franklin Co., MO)

1860 Census Crawford Co., MO
Meramec Twp., House 151 Leroy PRYOR 34 TN, Elizabeth 34 TN, Malinda J. 12 TN, Rebecca 10 TN , John 8 MO, William 7 MO, Sarah A. 4 MO, Leroy 4/12 MO (Leroy Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry from Jackson Co., TN)

1863 – signed an Oath of Allegiance denouncing all fellowship with the Confederate Armies. Leroy Pryor, age 35, blue eyes, brown hair, living in Rollo, 5′ 7″

1900 Census Crawford Co., MO
Osage Twp., James T. Brooks Jun 1873 26, Belle (PRYOR) Dec 1872 27 MO, May 7 MO, Leona 2 MO, James E. 2 MO (This family is on the 1920 Census in Iron Co., MO)

Records from Dade County, Missouri

1870 Census Dade Co., MO
Polk Twp., page 93b, house 213 William PRYOR 39 MO, Elizabeth 37 MO, James M. 16 MO, William A. 13 MO, Robert F. 10 KS, John D. 8 MO, Samuel T. 4 MO, Nancy J. 2 MO. (This family is on the 1860 Census in Vernon Co., MO.. head of household was recorded as Richard, not William. 1880 Census in Vernon Co., MO. William Pryor married to Elizabeth Elvira Capehart. See Capeharts and Pryors in Bates Co., MO)

1900 Census Dade Co., MO
Cedar Twp., page 140a, house 61 Henry Walker Nov 1832 67 (married 41 years) 9 children/7 living TN TN TN, Mary A wife Feb 1837 63 MO Unk TN, James son Mar 1862 38 MO, Emma dau Apr 1876 MO, William PRYOR grandson Aug 1884 15 MO MO MO.

Records from Daviess County, Missouri

1850 Census Daviess Co., MO
Dist. 27, page 392b, house 531, Wiley PRYOR 42 farmer VA, Rachel 29 VA, Mary J. 11 OH, Arvilla P. 7 OH, William Galloway farmer 22 OH, Catharine 19 OH. (Probably from Ross Co., OH)
Dist. 27 page 393a, house 532
, Hiram A. PRYOR 44 blacksmith VA, Rebecca 39 OH, Charles M. 16 OH, Jane H. 15 OH, John P. 11 OH, Missouri A. 7 OH, Bennett A. 6 OH, Anna PRYOR 69 VA (Hiram Pryor was on the 1840 Census in Ross Co., OH. Ann is probably the widow of James Pryor who was counted in Ross Co., OH in 1840… he was born between 1771-1780)
Dist. 27, page 393a, house 533
Silas H. PRYOR 40 farmer VA, Levina F. 26 OH, Tarlton J. 7 OH, James C. 4 OH, Virginia A. 2 OH. (Silas Pryor and family are on the 1870 Census in Buchanon Co., MO. Death record of Tarlton Pryor born 3/29/1843 states his father was Silas H. Pryor and mother was Lavina Fulton).
Dist. 27, page 410a, house 762
, Bennett B. PRYOR 29 farmer VA, Mary A. 20 KY, Quentin M. 3/12 MO, Henry Johnson 8 MO, George U. Johnson 6 MO. (Bennett Pryor md. Mary Ann Ray on 22 Apr. 1847 in Daviess Co., MO)

Grand River Twp, page 365, house 122 Wesley N. PRYOR 47 farmer $7000/$2500 VA, Rachel 27 OH, Arvilla 16 OH, Crittenden 9 OH, Thurston 4 OH. (Westley N. Pryor was a postmaster in Crittenden, Daviess Co.)
Page 365, house 124 Capt. S. H. PRYOR 50 $5000/$7000 farmer VA, Lavina 26 OH, John 20 OH, Tarlton 17 OH, James 15 OH, Missouri 6 MO, Virginia 18 MO, Fillmore 4 MO, Florence 2 MO.(Captain Silas H. Pryor and family are on the 1870 Census in Buchanon Co., MO)
Gallatin Twp., Page 550, house 10 Louisa PRYOR 41 $2000/$300 VA, Marcellus 16 OH, Olive 10 IN, Millard C. 4 MO, J. Douglas 2 MO.

1876 MO State Census, Daviess Co., MO
Louisa PRYOR, over 45 Years,
Marcellus, 21 to 45 years,
Priscilla, 21 to 45 years
Maggie, under 10 years
Ella, under 10 years
P. Carroll, under 10 years

1880 Census, Daviess Co., MO
Colfax, page 82b, house 57 Alfred Cleaver 32 farmer KY KY KY, Sarah M. (PRYOR) 28 wife MO TN ??, Lucy A. dau 11 MO, John S. 9 son MO, Cora 6 dau MO, James 2 son MO (Sara died 1888 and is buried in Dekalb Co., MO. Her husband is also buried there — gravemarker states the was born in Millerstown, KY. Sarah is probably the daughter of John Pryor of Dekalb Co.)

Records from Dekalb County, Missouri

BLM Land Grants, Dekalb Co., MO
Walton PRYOR, DeKalb Co., 1838
Jeremiah PRYOR, DeKalb co., 1838
John PRYOR, DeKalb Co., 1839
William PRYOR, DeKalb Co., 1839
Charles PRYOR DeKalb Co. 9/201839 filed in Lexington.(First deed filed in Dekab county was Charles Pryor and wife Catherine of Gentry Co., MO to John Montgomery of Jackson Co., MO on 27 Aug 1845. Charles Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Gentry Co.)

1850 Census DeKalb Co., MO
Dist. 28, page 416, house 54 Jeremiah PRYOR 60 TN, Phebe 61 KY, Henry 31 TN “insane”.(Henry may be the same person counted on the 1860 Census in Washington Co., AR – also recorded as “insane”.)
Dist. 28, page 416, house 55 Levi B. Cope 35 KY, Sarah (PRYOR) 28 TN, Jeremiah 12 MO, Kesiah 10 MO, Wyley 9 MO, Pheobe J. 7 MO, John 4 MO, Susan E. 3 MO, Charles 1 MO. (Sarah PRYOR md. Levi Cope on July 24, 1837 in Clinton Co., MO)
Dist. 28, page 416, house 56 John PRYOR 32 TN, Myriam 20 KY, William M. 2 MO, Susan J. 1 MO.
Dist. 28., page 419 William PRYOR 34 TN, Eliza 26 TN

1853 Notice of letters of administration on the estate of JEREMIAH PRYOR, deceased, dated 23 Dec 1852.
Administrators WILLIAM PRYOR, JOHN PRYOR. (Weekly St. Joseph Gazette, 16 Feb 1853)

1853 Notice – William Pryor appointed guardian of the “person and estate” of Henry Pryor, an insane person. Filed on 8 Feb 1853 in Dekalb. (Weekly St. Joseph Gazette, 23 Feb 1853) William Pryor filed for a final settlement of the estate of Henry Pryor, deceased on (Weekly St. Joseph Gazette, 3 May 1854)

1853 Notice of the sale of negroes (slaves) from the estate of Jeremiah Pryor: Louisa 35, Elizabeth 24, William 19. George 15. Ann 6, Jane 2, William 1 month. (Weekly St. Joseph Gazette, 23 Nov 1853)

1860 Census DeKalb Co., Grand River Twp., P. O. Cameron
Page 677/House 778: William PRIER 45 farmer $2000/$2500 TN, Eliza 37 TN
Page 677/House 781: John PRIER 40 farmer $4785/$962 TN, Nancy 38 KY, William N. 12 MO, Susan 13 MO, Sarah 8 MO, Emily 5 MO, Miriam 6/12 MO, Mary Well 20 MO. (Son of Jeremiah & Phoebe Pryor. 1880 & 1910 John Pryor was counted in Gentry Co., MO)

1870 Census DeKalb Co., Grand River Twp., P. O. Stewartsville
House 69 Henry PRYOR 27 works in grist mill MO, Susan 24 MO, Charles 4 MO, Sarah 23 MO. (Wife susan died in 1879 and is buried in Christian Chapel Cemetery in Dekalb Co.)
House 89 Catherine PRYOR 58 TN (Catherine Baldwin Pryor, widow of Charles Pryor of Clinton Co., MO. Charles was a son of Jeremiah & Phoebe Pryor)
House 90 Sallie (PRYOR) Cope 42 KY, Calvin 22 MO, Nancy 18 MO.
House 113 John PRYOR 53 farmer $1600/$1000 TN, Nancy 49 KY, Susan 21 MO, Miriam 12 MO, George 9 MO, Mary Culp 72 VA (Son of Jeremiah & Phoebe Pryor. 1880 & 1910 John Pryor was counted in Gentry Co., MO)

Records from Dent County, Missouri

1880 Census Dent Co., MO
Osage Twp., Page 391a, J. M. England 35 TN TN TN, Elizabeth wife 37 TN TN TN, Margaret 7 dau MO, F. Lorraine 3 dau MO, Permelia b. Apr 1880 MO. (Mayhew/ Mahue England from Jackson Co., TN. He is on the 1900 Census in Iron Co., MO. Grandson of Jeremiah England.)
Osage Twp., page 392c Marion Nelson 30 TN TN TN, Martha 30 wife TN TN TN, Jane 10 dau TN, Ellen 4 dau MO, William 1 son MO (William Marion Nelson and wife martha King, he is the son of Robert Nelson and Jane PRYOR of Overton Co., TN and Jackson Co., TN)

1900 Census Dent Co., MO – Short Bend
House 17 John PRYOR b. Nov. 1852 age 47 MO TN TN, Martha J. b. Apr. 1865, age 35 MO MO MO, Fritz O. 11/1881, Mary E. 4/1883, James E. 4/1886, Lou A. 9/1888, Andrew H. 12/1889, Sarah P. 2/1895, Forrest F. 1/1898 (Leroy Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry of Jackson Co., TN>John Pryor)
Linn Twp., page 36b, house 153 Robert Anderson Mar. 1849 51 (md. 35 yrs.) TN TN TN, Margarett (PRYOR?) wife ??? 1852 48 TN TN TN, Robert F. son May 1881 19 TN, Lucy A. dau Jan. 1886 13 MO, Vida L. dau. Nov. 1888 11 MO, Pattent P. son Feb. 1891 9 MO, Ada dau May 1893 7 MO. (Margaret is reported to be the daughter of Alfred and Surena Pryor of Jackson Co., TN)
Osage Twp., Howe’s Mill, page 38B, house 27/31 James PRYOR Oct. 1837 62 md. 29 yrs. TN NC NC, Mary D. wife Jun. 1856 43 (4 children/4 living) TN TN TN, Mannie Ogle (f) boarder Mar 1890 10 MO MO MO.
Osage Twp., Howe’s Mill, page 38b, house 31/35 Wyatt L. King May 1854 45 md. 13 yrs TN TN TN, Elizabeth (PRYOR) wife Dec. 1869 30 6 children/6 living TN TN TN, Josephine A. dau Apr. 1888 12 MO, Estell M. dau Feb. 1890 10 MO, James L. son Sept. 1892 7 MO, Sadie L. dau Feb. 1895 5 MO, Nora B. dau Sept. 1896 3 MO, Margie dau Dec. 1899 5/12 MO.(Wyatt King married Elizabeth Pryor May 20, 1887).
Osage Twp., Howe’s Mill, page 39A, house 38/42 William B. PRYOR Jan 1868 32 md. 12 yrs. TN TN TN, Jane wife Mar. 1872 28 (7 children/6 living) TN TN TN, Henry W. son Aug. 1888 11 MO, Alva L. son Mar. 1890 10 MO, Frederick son Jun 1892 7 MO, Milton C. son Jul 1894 5 MO, James son Feb. 1898 2 MO, Ettie L dau Feb. 1900 ?/12 MO. (Henry Walter Pryor b. Aug 10, 1888 per his 1956 death record – father William B. Pryor and mother Jane Nelson)
Dist. 14, Osage Twp., page 37a, house 3/3 James Short May 1868 32 (md. 10 yrs.) MO MO MO, Luella B. (Luella Bell PRYOR?) wife Feb. 1871 29 (6 children/6 living) KY TN TN, Charles P. son Feb. 1890 10 MO, William M. son Dec. 1891 8 MO, Bessie E. dau ?? 1894 5 MO, John L. son Feb. 1896 4 MO, Virdie A. dau Jan. 1898 2 MO, Ernest W. son Dec. 1899 MO.
Dist. 14, Osage Twp., page 37a, house 3/4 Wesley Anderson Apr. 1842 57 (md. 37 yrs.) TN TN TN, Elizabeth (PRYOR) wife Feb. 1842 58 (8 children/6 living) TN TN TN (Alfred & Serena Pryor of Jackson Co., TN>Serena E. Pryor. Serena is on the 1880 Census in Barren Co., KY)
Osage Twp, page 41a, House 67/73 Joseph Nelson, b. Dec. 1848, 51, md. 31, TN TN KY, Nancy J., wife, Dec. 1849, 50, 3 children/3 living, TN TN TN
John W. F. son, Mar. 1876, 24 MO TN TN, Mincey L. daughter, Jan 1879, 19, MO TN TN, Cora A. dau, Dec. 1885 14 MO TN TN, Bertie V. Knott, gr-dau July 1892, 7 MO MO MO, Joseph S. Knott, grson Nov 1894. 5 MO MO MO
William C. Crocker, widow, son in law Jan 1875 25 Mo TN TN, Nettie B. Croker, gr-dau, Jun 1896, 3, MO MO MO, Effie A. Crocker, gr-dau, Aug 1898, 1, MO MO MO (Jospeh Nelson son of Robert Nelson and Nancy Jane Pryor)

1910 Census Dent Co., MO
Short Bend, Dist. 29
John PRYOR 29 MO TN TN, Martha 45 MO MO MO (married 29 years), Andy H. 20 MO, Sarah P. 15 MO, Ferris F. 12 MO (Leroy Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry>John Pryor)
Kaolin Twp, Dist. 24, sheet 7b, house 116 Wesley Anderson 67 (md. 48 yrs.) TN TN TN, Serena E. (PRYOR) 68 (8 children/8 living), Otto grand son 13 MO KY MO. (Serena is the daughter of Alfred Pryor and Serena of Jackson Co., TN. Wesley served in “CO” or “CA” during Civil War per census record).

1920 Census Dent Co., MO – Short Bend
House 21 John PRYOR 68, MO TN TN (20 yrs), Martha J. wife 54 MO MO MO, Farris F. son 22 MO.
House 227 William PRYOR 66, MO, Adaline wife 65 MO (Williams’s children were Lenora and Alameda)

1930 Census, Dent Co., MO
Osage Twp., ED#7, page 4A, house 65 William B. PRYOR 63 (20) TN TN TN, 60 (17) TN TN TN, Otis son 28 MO, Earnest son 26 MO, Lewis son 22 MO, Corbet son 20 MO, Fannie dau 18 MO, Harley son 16 MO. (Alfred & Surena Pryor of Jackson Co., TN>James Y. Pryor & Mary Collins>William Berry Pryor & Jane Nelson)
Short Bend Twp., ED#8, page 1B, house 18 Frank F. PRYER 32 (28) MO MO MO, Ida L. wife 27(23) MO MO MO, Verna L. dau 4 MO, Harry F. son 2 MO. (Leroy B. Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry>Frank Forrest Pryor b. 1/1898)
House 21 John PRYER 78 (22) MO TN TN, Martha J. wife 66 (15) MO MO MO (Leroy B. Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry>John Pryor)
Page 2A, house 24 Andy H. PRYER 40 (24) MO MO KY, Mary L. wife 34 (18) MO MO MO, Walter A. son 14 MO, Estelle O. dau 12 MO. (Leroy B. Pryor & Elizabeth Mayberry>John Pryor & Martha J.>Andy H. Pryor b. 12/1889)

1940 Census Dent Co., MO
Pryor Rd near Boss, Osage, house 71 William B PRYOR 73 TN, Jane C wife 70 TN, Otis G son 38 MO, Louie R son 32 MO
Pryor Rd near Boss, Osage, house 72 Erna A PRYOR 36 MO, Fannie wife 26 MO, Walter Camden father in law 53 MO
Pryor Rd near Boss, Osage, house 73 Corb. PRYOR 30 MO, Donnie M wife 29 MO, Alberta Jean dau 8 MO, Lotie D son 6 MO.

Records from Douglas County, Missouri

1870 Census Douglas Co., MO
House 42 Joseph A. PRYOR 20 MO, Lavina 19 MO, William J. 1 MO, Nancy E. 7/12 MO (born Nov. 1869) (Joseph A. Pryor is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in the household of William H. Pryor in Greene Co., MO. Joseph A. Pryor married Vina Howard)
Campbell Twp., page 652A, house 3 William PRYOR 58 dry goods merchant, TN, Mary E. 38 TN, McKindrick R. 22 MO, George W. 10 MO, Caroline 8 IL, James L. 6 MO, Josephine 4 MO, Mathie 2 MO, Francis M. 5/12 MO, Thomas Benton 14 TN, William PRYOR 87 NC, Sarah 80 VA (William Pryor b. 1788 in Granville Co., NC was the son of Matthew J. Pryor who settled in Marion Co., TN. William is on the 1860 Census in Webster Co., MO)
Campbell Twp., page 652A, house 5 William H. PRYOR 29 MO, Mary E. 25 AR, Mary E 9 MO, Viola A. 6 MO, Artelia C. 4 MO, Martha F. 2 MO, Mack R. 8/12 MO (Daughters Mary E., Viola, and Artelia were in Baxter Co., AR in 1880. William H. and Mary E. Pryor were in Atchison Co., KS in 1880. Daughter Viola and a son William born 1875 were in Wise Co., TX in 1900. William Harrison Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Taney Co., MO. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Shipley)
Spring Creek, page 685B, house 25 John M. Gray 37 TN, Martha J. (PRYOR) 38 TN, Sarah F. 14 MO, William T. 12 MO, James C. 9 MO, Jahu M. 3 MO, John R. 10/12 born July 1869 MO. (Martha J. is the daughter of William Harrison Pryor and Nancy Griffith).

1880 Census Douglas Co., MO
Buchanan Twp., page 468a, house 2 McKindree R. PRYOR 32 farmer MO TN TN, Margaret A. 27 wife IL KY OH, William E. 7 son MO MO GA, Mary R. 2 dau MO MO OH, Joseph A. 1 son MO MO OH, John M. 1 son MO MO OH, Mack R. 10 nephew MO MO unknown. (McKindree/McKindrick Pryor and family are on the 1900 Census in Brown Co., TX)
Spring Creek, Page 497B
William PRYOR 67 TN NC VA, Mary Elizabeth wife 48 TN TN TN, George W. son 20 MO, James L. son 16 MO, Caroline dau 14 IL, Matthew son 12 IL, Marion son 10 IL, Green H. son 8 MO.
(Matthew Pryor & Mary Neely>Wm Pryor & Sarah Williams>William Harrison “Buck” Pryor and wife Mary Elizabeth Shipley. Mary Elizabeth Shipley Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. Her son Marion is in the same location in 1900.)
Spring Creek, page 499B, house 46 Jahu M. Gray 47 farmer TN SC KY, Martha J. (PRYOR) 48 TN TN TN, James 18 son MO, Jahu M. 13 son MO, John R. 10 son MO, Martha J. 8 dau MO.
Campbell Twp., page 491a, house 7 Joseph A. PRYOR 30 farmer MO TN TN, Vina 29 wife MO TN TN, William J. 11 son MO, Nancy E. 10 dau MO, Sarah J. 8 MO, Joseph L. 6 son MO, Simon J. 3 MO, Lina C. b. Jan 4/12 MO. (Joseph A. Pryor and family were on the 1900 Census in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.)

Records from Dunklin County, Missouri

1940 Census Dunklin Co., MO
Clay, page 2b, house 50 W. J. PRYOR 63 MO, Ida wife 56 TN, Opal dau 20 MO, Susa dau 18 MO, Mabel dau 16 OK, Pauline dau 13 AR, Francis Young gr-dau 1 AR – 1935 resided in Mississippi Co., AR. (W. J. PRYOR married Ida Nobles 5 Jun 1910 in Jackson Co., AR. They are possibly the Pryor family who were on the 1920 Census in Pottawatomie Co., OK census.)
Kennett, page 61b, house 100 George Lee PRYOR (bl) 30 md 7 TN -1935 in Dunklin, MO. Minne Lee wife (bl) 22 MS.- 1935 Penniscot, MO.