New Jersey

County Unknown– Simon PRYOR born in NJ 1760, served in Revolutionary War and settled in Bullit Co., KY.

Records from Bergen County, New Jersey

1745 Marriage – Johannis PRYER to Geertruyt Liggelse on 14 June 1745 (Records of Dutch Reformed Church)

1746 Marriage – Abraham PRYER to Martje Sickels on 18 December 1746 (Records of Dutch Reformed Church)

1753 Baptism – Casparus Pryer born to Anderias Pryer and Geertruy Sickkels

1761 Marriage – Niclaes Pryer to Hester Banta on 8 January 1761. (Records of Dutch Reformed Church)

1800 WillAbraham PRYOR, wife Peterlye PRYOR, daughter Sarah Vanderhoff, granddaughter Ariantye Vanderbelt wife of Aaron Vanderbelt, granddaughter Marietye Outwater wife of Jacob Outwater. Executors Capt. Caspharus PRYOR Jr. of Bergen, Peter Sickills son of Hendrick Sickills and his daughter Sarah Vanderhoff as executrix. Signed June (no day) 1799.

1824 WillJacob PRIOR, deceased. Wife Sally PRIOR. Daughter Abigail wife of John E Post, daughter Gitty Marselis, daughter Polly wife of John I Van Horn, nominated “friend” Casparus Prior, John E Post, and John I Van Horn as executors. Wits: (Sylvester) S. V. Beuren, Ann Van Beuren, Ann Jane Waugh. Signed 25 December 1824

Estate abt. 1826
Jacob PRIOR, deceased. First date on the account of the estate is 14 March 1826. Bad debts include Col. PRIOR, and Cash paid to Andrew PRIOR. (Obit for Jacob Prior published 4 Mar 1826 in The Evening Post, NYC, states he was an “old” resident of Prior’s Mills, NJ)

Records from Burlington County, New Jersey

1765 Resident – See Add in Sussex County, NJ, mentions Thomas PRYOR Jr. of Burlington.

1776 Quaker Member list for Bruglington – Thomas Pryor and Hannah, his wife. Thomas White, Hannah, Mary, Josiah, John, Jane, their children

1786 Notice – Those who have any demands against the estate of THOMAS PRYOR, late of Burlington, deceased, are desired to meet at his late dwelling on second day, the twelfth of next month, with thier respective accounts, in order to know the true state of his affairs, fix the mode of administration, and such other matters as appear necessary. HANNAH PRYOR. 29 May 1786. N. B. Those indebted to the estate are desired to make speedy payment. (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 7 Jun 1786)

1787 Notice – Estate Sale, “To be sold, a very valuable estate. Situated in the city of Burlington, on the river Delaware; is an excellent stand for a merchant’s or gentleman’s country seat, or the baking business, on which are several good buildings, a wharf, etc. formerly occupied by Thomas Pryor, deceased. For particulars and terms apply to Major Pryor, in Burlington, John and Chamless Hart, Philadelphia, or Wm. Pryor at White-Marsh. (The Independent Gazatteer, Philadelphia, 5 Apr 1787. White Marsh is in PA.)

1788 Administration of EstateHannah PRYOR signed in her own hand that she was the administrator of Thomas PRYOR estate.

1790 Notice of Sale – ” Land on the Delaware River in Burlington, NJ. “The whole will be sold together or separate, as may best suit and the conditions made know by James Starr or William Letchworth, in Philadelphia; Thomas W. Pryor, Whitemarsh, or the subsriber on the premises.” Listed by Hannah Pryor. (The Pennsylvania Packet, 12 Apr 1790)

1870 Census Burlington Co., NJ
Doane Academy, living at the school… Anna PRYOR 13 attending school TX.

Records from Cumberland County, New Jersey

1870 Census Cumberland Co., NJ
Sheet 104, house 1086 Thomas McClintock 78 retired grocer DE, Mary A 70 retired lady PA, Margaret PRYOR 86 keeping house PA, Elizabeth Philips 30 at home PA (Thomas McClintock was a druggist on older census records. The McClintocks were counted in Seneca, NY on the 1850 and later in Philadelphia, PA. Margaret Pryor was also in Seneca, NY on the 1850 Census)

Records from Essex County, New Jersey

1760 Birth – Simon PRYOR born. Simon Pryor married 1785 in Nelson Co., KY and died in Grayson Co., KY.

1768 Will – Andrew PRYER of Elizabeth, NJ. Names sons John, Simon, and Moses. John was not yet 21 years old at the time of the will. Daughter: Sarah, Jane. Witnesses Jabesh Rogers, Stephen Ball, Jonathan Elmore. Signed 20 January 1768. Executors Amos Potter, Alexander Simpson.
1930 Census Essex Co., NJ
Newark, 13th ward, sheet 6b, house 685 S. Eleventh St., John PRYOR 44 NY NY NY cook in restaurant, Amelia wife 31, md 19, PA PA PA, Joseph son 10 PA, Evelyn daughter 9 NY, George son 7 NJ, George Yaeger lodger 39 widow PA Germany PA. (John B. Pryor, son of John B. Pryor and Mary Glennon of Monmouth Co., NJ. He is on the 1920 Census in New York CIty)

Records from Hudson County, New Jersey

1845 Estate – Nicholas C PRIOR, deceased. of Hannah Prior, widow. William C Vreeland appointed administrator in her place. Signed 9 January 1845 in Jersey City.

1849 notice titled Jersey City – Andrew PRIOR served on jury for rioters (in New York City?) New York Tribune, 17 November 1849

Records from Middlesex County, New Jersey

1761 Building– ” On March 25, 1761, the Board of the Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey (to give them their full title) proposed to construct a fine mansion worthy of serving as the residence of the Royal Governors. They hired the architect John Edward Pryor to design and build what they called the “Proprietary House.” This was Pryor’s first commission in America, though he would go on to design and oversee construction of a number of important buildings in colonial New Jersey and New York. He arrived from England on July 14, 1761…” ( The article also states he held an estate in Burlington, NJ and his family lived in Philadelphia. Encyclopedia of New Jersey edited by Maxine N. Lurie, Marc Mappe refers to John Edward Pryor as a New York builder. Pryor also was the architect of the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Manhattan, NYC)

Records from Monmouth County, New Jersey

1880 Census Monmouth Co., NJ
John B. PRYOR 69 white,  horse trainer VA England VA, Wm. (William) son 30 mu., horse trainer MS VA VA, David A. 27 son mu horse trainer MS VA VA, Henrietta dau 25 mu MS VA VA, Richard son 21 mu horse trainer MS VA VA, Luke son 17 mu horse trainer England VA MS. (John Benjamin Pryor and family are on the 1861 & 1871 UK Census in Cambridgeshire, England. He is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Adams Co., MS)

1900 Census, Monmouth Co., NJ
Atlantic Twp, page 131a, house 155 John B. PRYOR black Oct. 1857 62 MS VA MS, Mary Ellen wife white May 1861 md. 16 yrs, 9 children/6 living NY NY Ire, John Benj. son black Dec. 1885 14 NY MS NY, Henrietta dau black Dec. 1886 13 NY MS NY, George T. son black Mar. 1892 8 NJ MS NY, Joseph son black May 1894 6 NJ, Mary E. dau black Feb. 1896 4 NJ, Marguerita dau black Feb. 1897 3 NJ, Henrietta sister black Apr. 1855 45 MS MS Ire?, Thomas Glenon father in law white May 1833 67 Ire NY Ire.
house 156 Luke PRYOR black Nov. 1861 38 England MS unknown, Christina? wife white Mar. 1868 32 md. 14 yrs, 9 children/8 living NJ, Luke son white Aug 1881 12 NJ, Cordelia dau white 1888 11 NJ, Frank son white Nov. 1890 9 NJ, Mary Ellen dau white Dec. 1892 7 NJ, Wilton son white Mar. 1894 6 NJ, Allen D. son white Jan 1897 3 NJ, Julia Anna dau white Sept. 1899 NJ.

1910 Census, Monmouth Co., NJ
Atlantic Twp., page 253a, house 117 Benjamin PRYOR 57 (md. 26) NJ Mexico-Spanish VA, Mary wife 48 NY NY Ire 11 children/7 living, Catherine dau 24 NJ, Joseph son 16 NJ, Mary dau 14 NJ, Margaret dau 13 NJ, Agnes dau 6 NJ, Luke son 4 NJ, Thomas Glenon boarder 77 widow NY Ire Ire, Henrietta PRYOR sister 52 NJ Mexico-Spanish VA (all family members were recorded as white).
Atlantic Twp., page 257a, house 184 Walter Hughes 50 NJ Ire Ire….living in household David PRYOR boarder 12 NJ Eng NJ general farm labor. (John Benj. Pryor>Luke Pryor and wife Christina>Allen David Pryor)
Atlantic Twp., page 249a, house 49 Luke PRYOR 43 (md. 24) Eng AL AL, Chariton? wife 42 8 children/8 living NJ Ger Ger, Fannie Eagan dau 23 md. NJ, Cordelia PRYOR dau 21 NJ, Frank son 19 NJ, Mary dau 17 NJ, Walter son 15 NJ, Allen son 13 NJ, Juliana dau 10 NJ, John son 7 NJ. (all family members were recorded as white).
Asbury Park, ED#57, page 128b, house Samuel PRYOR boarder 30 (md. 11) MO MO MO musician in band, Vinne boarder 30 MO MO MO, Naomi boarder 10 MO MO MO. (Brother of musician Arthur Pryor. Samuel O. Pryor married Vinnie Rice in Buchanon Co., MO in 1898)
Asbury Park, 1st ward, page 110a, house 413 Lake Ave
, Arthur PRYOR 38 (md. 15 yrs) MO MO MO band leader, Maud wife 33 (2 children/2 living) UT PA PA, Arthur Jr. son 13 MO, Roger son 9 NY, Mary mother 61 widow (3 children/3 living) MO MO MO, Lucy Russell mother in law 67 widow (3 children/2 living PA PA PA (Arthur Pryor, trombonist, is on the 1900 Census in Buchanan Co., MO and in 1930 in Manhattan, NY).

1920 Census, Monmouth Co., NJ
Fair Haven Boro., page 257a, house 38
, John B. PRYOR 61 MS VA VA, Mary E. wife 58 NY NY Ire, Joseph son 26 NJ, Mary Ellen dau 24 NJ, Agnes dau 15 NJ, Luke dau 13 NJ, Henrietta sister 63 MS, Margaret gr-dau 7 PA. (all family members were recorded as white).
Red Bank Boro., page 118a, house 104 1/2 DeForest Ave., Luke PRYOR 58 (Naturalized citizen 1874) Eng VA MS horse trainer, Christina wife 52 NJ Ger Ger operator clothes factory, Mary E. dau 27 NJ operator clothes factory, Julia A. 27 NJ operator clothes factory, John B. son 16 NJ cutter clothes factory (all family members were recorded as white)

1930 Census Monmouth Co., NJ
Red Bank, sheet 11b, house 333 Joseph F. PRYOR 35 md. 27 NJ VA NJ proprietor lunch wagon, Agnes wife 31 NJ NJ Ireland, Joseph F. Jr. 5 NJ (Joseph married Agnes E. Ashe of Leonardo NJ. Joseph is the son of John B. Pryor and Mary Glennon of Monmouth Co., NJ. Joseph Pryor born 15 May 1894, died Dec. 1973 in Red Bank, Monmouth Co.)

Records from Morris County, New Jersey

1850 Census Morris Co., NJ
Chatham Twp, page 182a, house 134 Isaac C PRYOR 27 paper maker NY, Jane A 25 NJ, Margaret 66 NY, Margaret Addison 21 NJ, Margaret A 11/12 NY

Records from Salem County, New Jersey

1830 Census Salem Co., NJ
Samuel PRIOR
0010001 – 201001 (Samuel Prior arrived with wife and two children, eleven packages and bedding in 1816 in Philadelphia on the ship Factor)

1840 Census Salem Co., NJ
Samuel PRIOR Jr
00002 – 20002

1850 Census Salem Co., NJ
house 439 Samuel PRIOR Jr. 38 asst marshall England, Cleary A 37 NJ, Elizabeth 14 NJ, Luvenia 10 NJ, Preston J 8 NJ, Frank 5 NJ

1860 Census Salem Co., NJ
Page 235, house 515 Samuel PRIOR Sr 80 Coggeshall, Eng., Rosamond 79 Coggeshall, Eng, Rosamond 44 Coggeshall, Eng.

1870 Census Salem Co., NJ
Page 170, house 402 Frank O PRIOR 25 captain steamboat NJ, Catharine 25 NJ, William W. 1 NJ|
Page 170, house 403, Samuel PRIOR 57 sec. seamboat co. England, Mary 56 NJ, Carhelen? 18 NJ, Margaret Swing? 35 no occupation NJ, Rebee Craven 58 DE, Mary Craven 38 DE

1865 DeathSamuel PRIOR b. 1780 in England, died 14 April 1865. Parents John and Maria. Grave inscription states “Coggeshall England
born 25 June 1778″ (Find A Grave. Coggeshall is in Essex)

1880 Census Salem Co., NJ
Oak St., house 16, Samuel PRIOR 68 farmer Eng Eng Eng, Mary Ann 67 NJ NJ NJ, Kate A 26 daughter in law PA PA PA, William W. 11 NJ, grandson, Samuel 9 grandson NJ, Corenila 27 daughter NJ.

Records from Sussex County, New Jersey

1765 Ad – “Also 200 Acres of Woodland, lying in the County of Sussex, adjoining Lands of William Henry, the Legatees of Thomas Lambert and Joseph Sacket. For Terms of Sale, apply to Thomas PRYOR, junior, in Burlington, or Samuel PRYOR, in Philadelphia. The Purchaser paying Part of the Purschase Money down, may have Time for the Remainer.” (The Pennsylvania Gazette, 4 Apr 1765)

1774 Notice – “The Moiety of a Tract of Land, situate in the township of Greewich and county of Sussex, containing 200 acres, held in common with Samuel PRYOR, adjoining lands of Philip Willard and the Devisees of Thomas Lambert.” (The Pennsylvania Gazette, October 19 1774)

Records from Union County, New Jersey

1910 Union Co., NJ
Plainfield, page 130b, house 1112 Edward A. Lyon 42 KY KY KY…. Olivia P. Fenner cousin 53 TN RI TN (Olivia P. Fenner was the daughter of Dr. Christopher Smith Fenner and Olivia M. Pryor of Nashville & Marshall Co., MS. Both Fenner and Lyon are on earlier census records in Jefferson Co., KY. Edward A. Lyon is on the 1920 and 1930 census in Union Co., NJ)