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Records from Alamance Co.,NC

1755 Land Sale – William Cox, planter, bought of William Pegott, sadler, in September, 1755, in consideration of 28^ Virginia money one hundred acres of land on the south side of Haw river and on Cane creek. This being a tract of land granted to Wm. Peggott by Granville’s agents in February, 1755. In that year John Rogers bought of George Yate, Governor of Virginia, for 15^ Virginia money, a tract of land lying on the north side of Haw creek in Orange in the presence of John PRYOR, Trustee, and others (The History Of Alamance A Work For The Degree Of M. A. at The University Of North Carolina, by Miss S. W. Stockard)

1860 Census, Alamance Co.,NC
Graham PO, page 18, house 3 Geo. (George) PRYOR 26 laborer NC, Jane 26 NC, P. M. 10/12 male NC, Caty May 50 laborer NC

1870 Census, Almance Co., NC
Graham PO, page 66b, house 219/228 Jane PRIOR 37 NC no assets, Catherine Ross 28 NC, James Galis (or Gatis) 5 NC, Adolphus James (bl) 22 works on RR NC (The family above this entry is recorded as Gatis and there is a Joseph Ross 34 NC living in the household).

Records from Ashe Co., NC

1850 Census Ashe Co., NC
PRYOR Sexton 41 NC, L–? 36 (f) NC, Mahala 16, Elvira 14, Nancy 12, Marion 10, Sarah 18, Praton? 8, William 6, Hiram 4, David 1 (From online family trees… Parents of Pryor Sexton were Thornton Sexton and Easter Wallace, married to Mariah Lear, his grandfather was also a Pryor Sexton)

1860 Census, Ashe Co., NC
10th Eastern Dist., page 395a
House 1283 David Sexton 35…
House 1284 Hiram Sexton 30…
House 1285 Reuben Sexton 25…
House 1287 Susan Childress 30 wash woman…
House 1288 PRIOR Sexton 50 farmer NC, Mariah 43, Mahala 25, Vira 22, Marion 19, Thornton 17, Hiram 15, David 11, Sarah 6/12, Calvin Welch 5

1870 Census, Ashe Co., NC
Piney Creek, house 8 Pryor Sexton 62 NC, Mariah 55 NC, Calvin Eaton 14 NC
Piney Creek, house 15 Marion Sexton 29 NC, Mary 35 NC
Piney Creek, house 17 David Sexton 19 NC, Ruth 20, Pryor 5, Jane 1, Lydia Hawkins 57 NC, Charity Wyatt 23 NC, Celie 5 NC
Piney Creek, house 18 PRYOR Roberts 62 farmer VA, Leah NC, Susan 25, Creed 16 NC (Married to Leah Lear Sexton)

Records from Beaufort Co., NC

1850 Census, Beaufort Co., NC
Page 406, House 1191 Sidney PRIER (female) 58 NC, Thomas Hall 28 NC, Pierson Prier 9 NC, Margaret Ann Hall 3 (Sidney/Siddy Pryor is the widow of James Pryor. He died about 1841 in Craven County, NC)

1860 Census, Beaufort Co., NC
Chocowinity Twp, page 437, house 500 Thos. (Thomas) Hall 34, Sidney PRIER 70, Mary Hincock? 45, Pearson Prier 19, Ann Hall 14 (1856, 1857, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862 Warden/Vestry Records state Thomas Hall was allotted money earmarked for the poor. Sidney Pryor, widow of James Pryor of Craven County, NC)

Civil War – Pierson Pryor served with Co. A., 1st NC Invantry, a Union regiment. His widow Matilda (2nd wife) collected pension benefits.

1870 Census Beaufort Co., NC
Chocowinity Twp., page 27b, house 31/31 Pierson PRYOR 30 farm laborer NC, Nancy J. 24 keeping house NC, Sidney 6 (female) NC, James 3 NC, William 3/12 NC (NC Death record (1917) from Beaufort Co. for William Thomas Pryors sates his parents were Pierson Pryor married Nancy Garrett, child Wiliam Thomas Pryor. NC. Death record of Sydney Francis Pryor Taylor states her parents were Pearson Pryor and Nancy Foreman and that she was born in 1863 )

1889 Tax Levies – Pearson Pryor’s
land noted on list published 8 Jan 1889 in Washington Progress, Washington, NC

1900 Census Beaufort Co., NC
Chocowinity Twp., page 64b, house 455 Pearson Prior May 1840 60 md.1 NC NC NC, Mary L. wife Mar 1875 25 NC NC NC no children, Samuel Corban servant Jun 1889 10 NC NC NC
house 456 William T Prior Mar 1871 29 NC NC NC, Fanny wife Jul 1872 27 md.8 2 children NC NC NC, William P son Oct 1893 6 NC, Jesse T son Dec 1897 2 NC

1910 Census Beaufort Co., NC
Chocowinity Twp., page 74b, house 229/237 Pearson Pryor 69 md2, 9yrs, NC NC NC, Matilda wife 53 md1 no children NC NC NC, Wilfred Augusta grand-dau 9 NC NC NC (Pierson Pryor died 4 June 1913, his obituary was in the North Carolina Christian Advocate, Greensboro. Matilda was still alive in 1917 when she was allotted $2.50 per month by the Beaufort county commissioners — see Washington Progress, Washington, NC 17 May 1917)
house 231 W. Thomas PRYOR 40 md1 16yrs, NC NC NC, Fanny wife 37 8children/5living NC NC NC, Wm P son 15 NC NC NC, Jesse T son 11 NC, Edward McKinley son 8 NC, Dora W. dau 6 NC, Minnie E 4 NC.

Records from Bladen Co., NC

1770 Deed –
Needham Tyler sold to Luke PRYOR for 100 pounds, 420 acres in Bladen County, a tract granted to Moses Tyler in 1757, and bequeathed by Moses Tyler in his last will and Testament to his son, Needham Tyler, on West side of Black River between Moses Tyler’s home place & Straughan’s place. (Bladen County, NC Abstracts of Deeds and Wills, Dated May 7, 1770. Moses Tyler’s 1762 will field in Bladen County stated he was leaving the plantation on which he lived to his son Needham Tyler. See Bladen County Deed Book 23, p102)

1772 Deed – John Hadson of Craven Co., South Carolina for L 55 proc. money, to John Starling of Bladen Co., land on W side Drowning Creek, granted to Hector McNeill 25 March 1757, conveyed to Stephen Cole, by deed 29 Oct 1757, thence to John Hadson 10 Oct 1768…..11 March 1772. Wits: Luke PRYOR, William Coward

1813 Deed – Josiah Sykes, Jr. to Wm. H. Beatty – $293 – 3 tracts of land – 183 acres being part of a survey patented by Geo. Moore on 13 June 1750 and conveyed by him sd Geo. Moore to Moses Tyler and by him in his last will to his son Needham Tyler and by him to Luke PRYOR and by him to Matthew Pridgen and from Matthew Pridgen to his 2 sons Jas. and Peter Pridgen and lower part from James Pridgen to Josiah Sykes…on west side of Black River near Pridgens landing. Wits: G. W. Bannerman, Will G. Beatty. (November term, 1814. 3 November 1813 Deed)

Records from Cabarrus Co., NC

1803 Birth – Mary PRYOR Gunn states on 1850 Census of Jefferson Co., GA that she was born in Cabarrus Co., NC. From online family tree… her date of birth was 13 Aug 1813, died about 1870 in Jefferson Co. GA. Married Lewis F Gunn.

Records from Carteret Co., NC

1870 Census, Co., Carteret Co., NC
Beaufort Twp., page 182, House 283/276 Elias PRIER 37 farmer NC, Mehaly keeping house 36 NC, Mary 9 at school NC, Thomas at school 7 NC, Elias at home 4 NC, William 1 NC, Sallie Glancy 51 domestic servant NC.

Records from Caswell Co., NC

1770 Land Deed – 4 Dec 1780 – Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie County VA to Armistead Rogers of Halifax County VA [son of Peter Rogers of Halifax County [VA], deceased] for 500 Pounds, 596 acres on Deep Creek, a tract Atkinson bought of John PRYOR. Witnessed by Peter Rogers. Caswell County Deeds 1777-1814. (Estate of Peter Rogers in Caswell Co., NC 1787 states he was from Halifax Co., VA)

1777 Deed
– Math’w. Flourney and Elizabeth (PRYOR), William Stone and Rhoda (PRYOR), David Womack and Mildred (PRYOR), John Womack and Lucy (PRYOR), Nicholas Perkins and Lea (PRYOR), Joel Pope and Rachel, Henry McNeill and Dolly (PRYOR), Henrietta Pryor, John H. Pryor, all of Caswell, to John Baird of same county, for 267 lbs., 955 acres on Mayo and Donaldson’s Creeks adj. Robert McFarland, now Josiah Allday’s line, and Robert Donaldson’s, entered by Lord Granville on 26 Dec 1762. 17 Oct 1777. Wts: Archd. Murphey, Lawrence Vanhook, George Moore.– (This deed was filed after the death of John Pryor Sr. whose will was filed 1771 in Orange Co., VA. These are all children, in laws and probably step children of John Pryor Sr.)

1778 Inventory of Estate – Abner PRYOR‘s estate, Margaret PRYOR administrator. Witnesses John Baird, Hue Barnes (Hugh Barnes), Absolom Tatum

1778 Deed – Tabitha PRYOR entered 1 October 1778. Deep creek, Tar River, 640 acres. Near John Day, William Tapp, Robert Dukin (possibly Robert Dickins mentioned on 1779 deed to Haden Pryor), John Thomas, John Bumpass?, Hardy Crews,

1778 Marriage – William Waite married Tabitha Pryor on 11 Dec 1778

1778 Deed – Hayden PRYOR and Moses Street were chain carriers for survey of land belonging to John Womack.

1778 Deed – John Henry PRYOR on Hico Creek. Entered 10 December 1778. 37 acres, on David Womack’s line, corner of George Pattison, corner of Roger Atkinson’s line

1779 Deed – Ann PRYOR, for 400 acres on Flat River, on Robert Kellier’s line, next to another parcel she had claimed with Olsen Jeffreys Jr., next to another parcel claimed by Jeffreys and James Mosser, and Robert Dickins’ line. Entered 3 March 1779.

1779 Deed – Hayden PRYOR and Moses Street were chain carriers for survey of land belonging to Robert Dickins and John Womack.

1779 Petition – Den PRYOR (Is this a misreading or shortened version of Haden?) signed 26 Oct 1779 asking the House of Burgesses to make an equal division of the county.

1780 Revolutionary War Service – Matthew PRYOR, Private under Capt. John Douglas, attached to Col. James Williams (SC). 1780, also a Private under Capt. Charles Yancey and Col. Joseph Taylor (Granville County Regiment).

1781 Revolutionary War Service – Jacob Neely, a resident of Copiah Co., MS in 1832, states on his pension application that he was a resident of Casewell Co. and that he entered the millitary as a substitute for Philip PRYOR

1782 Will of William Neeley – mentions daughter Mary PRYOR. Will witnessed by John Satterfield, James —? and John Womack

1783 Birth – Asa PRIOR – Asa is on the 1850 Census in Paulding Co., GA. All of his children were born deaf.

1783 Deed – Haden Pryor of Caswell Co, NC deed to John Angus of Prince George Co, VA December 9, 1783 (Deed Book O, Granville Co., NC)

1784 Tax List, Caswell Co., NC
Nash District
Pryor, J. Henry – 575 [acres] Hyco [location] 1-4 [white polls – black polls]
Pryor, Hadon – 200 Mill Cr. 1-2
St. James District
Pryor, Ann – 400 Flat 0-2
Pryor, Matthew – 200 Flat 1-0

1784 Relinquishment of Dower – Elizabeth PRYOR relinquished land and mill sold by her husband Hayden PRYOR to John Baird.

1784 Will – Will of David Womack, wit. John H PRYOR on 17 Oct 1784

1784 Deed Caswell Co. – William Stone of Caswell to Gideon Paterson Senr. of same, for 160 lbs., 250 acres east side Hyco River adj. David Womack, John Henry Pryor, Burgess Harralson, Parker, Roger Atkinson. 18 Feb 1784. Wts: Ad Murphey, William Stone, Jun. [DB E:128 – ] (Siblings Rhoda Pryor married to William Stone, Mildred Pryor married to David Womack, John Henry Pryor. This is likely the William Stone who made his will in Nashville in 1792)

18 Jul 1785
– Indenture between John Henry PRYOR and Stephen Stewart.

1785 Deed – John Henry PRYOR in Hyco sold 300 acres on Fishing Creek which adjoined property of William Barnett.

1786 Apprentice – Pryor Payne, 5 year old orphan apprenticed to Artha Brooks. (Caswell County, North Carolina, Will Books, 1777-1814 …, Books 1777-1880 By Katharine Kerr Kendall, Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson)

1787 Estate Sale – Moses Moore estate on October 19, Philip PRYOR, a buyer.

1790 Chancery Case in Halifax Co., VA – Andrew Lee vs Robert Dickins
State of No Carolina
Granville County
This day came Ann Pryor personally before Micajah Bullock a justice of the peace for said county do make the oath that a certain tract of land lying in Caswell County of one hundred acres which land Robert Dickins and Jonathan Parker sold to the said Ann Pryor and the said Ann Pryor sayeth that the said Parker and Dickins did Execute a Deed to her for the said land of the said Ann Pryor further sayeth that she give the deed to the said Parker to get it recorded at Orange court and that she give said Parker one dollar to pay for the recording of the said deed of the said Ann Pryor further sayeth that she afterwards sold? the said land to the said Parker but never executed a deed to him the said Parker nor any other person what so ever and the said Ann Pryor further sayeth that she has often heard that the said Dickins did sell the said tract of one hundred acres of land to a certain Andrew Lee of Virginia
Sworn to before me this 23 Day of May 1790
Micajah Bullock
Ann (her mark) Pryor

1790 Census Caswell Co., NC
(St. Luke’s Dist.) Charles PRYOR  (census record has not yet been reviewed)
William Waite
(census record has not yet been reviewed. William Waite married Tabitha Pryor)

1791 Marriage – Robert Harris to Elizabeth Lawson. Pleasant PRYOR, bondsman. 18 Oct 1791.

1803 Marriage –
William PRYOR married Heaty Going on July 19, 1803

1834 Marriage – Garrett C. Layne married Elizabeth Wright Pryor. on 17 Dec 1834. They are on the 1850 Census in Amherst Co., VA

1840 Census Caswell Co., NC
Page 164 Jacob PRYOR 1100001 – 0110001
(On same page Thomas W. Womack)

1850 Census, Caswell Co., NC
Page 259B, House 1311 Jacob PRIOR 52 laborer VA, Elizabeth 52 VA, Elizabeth R. 21 VA, Martha J. 18 Caswell Co., Pinkney C. 16 laborer Caswell Co., Joseph L. 14 Caswell Co. (Jacob Pryor is also on the 1840 Census in Caswell Co.)

1860 Census Caswell Co., NC
Independence P.O., page 316, house 176/179 J. P. PRIOR 66 male farmer VA, E. Prior (female) 30 VA.
Graves PO, page 317, house 188 Jos. (Joseph) PRYOR 25 farmer NC, E. (f) 21 NC.
Graves PO, page 319, house 223 P. PRYOR 22 (male) farmer NC, M. 15 (f) NC, L. 6/12 (f) NC.

1873 BirthRobert Lawson Pryor born to P C Pryor and Margaret Marr, per his 1945 death record. (see records in Rockingham County, NC and Caswell Co., NC)

1893 Birth Harry M Pryor born to William Pinkney Pryor and Lena Walker. died 1972 (Obituary in The Bee, Danville, VA, 5 Jul 1972)

1898 BirthSam Pryor born to William Pinkney Pryor and Lena Walker, died 1963 (Obituary in The Bee, Danville, VA, 15 Jul 1963)

1901 BirthWilliam Henry Pryor born to William Pinkney Pryor and Lena Walker, died 1968 (Obituary in The Bee, Danville, VA, 27 Sept 1968)

1920 Census Caswell Co., NC
Pelham, sheet 13b, John W. Lewis 23 NC, Mamie wife 19 NC, William R. son 2/12 NC, Decator PRYOR laborer 17 NC NC NC (Decator Pryor is on the 1930 and 1940 Census in Pittsylvania Co., VA)

Records from Catawba County, North Carolina

1856 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. April Term 1846.
John Kelly, administrator vs. David Pryor. Petition for sale of land.
David Pryor and Thomas Pryor are non-residents of this State.
(Notice published in the Mecklenburg Jeffersonian on 8 May 1846. David is probably the David Pryor who is on the 1850 Census in Fayette Co., AL– he was from Lincoln Co., NC. There are also Thomas Pryor in Pickens Co., AL, next to Fayette Co., AL may be related.)

Records from Cleveland Co., NC

1850 Census, Cleveland Co., NC
Page 123A, house 100 William Collins 55 shoemaker NC, Nelly PRIOR 35 NC, John PRIOR 12 NC, Letty PRIOR 9 NC, Charlotte PRIOR 7 NC, William O. PRIOR 4 NC, Katharine PRIOR 2 NC, Thomas M. PRIOR 1 NC. (Notes in the margin of the census entry state that this family were paupers)
Page 125, house 125, William J. PRIOR 23 farmer NC, Matilda 17 NC, Henrietta 70 NC. (Notes in the margin of the census entry state that this family were paupers)

1857 Bond – Letty PRIOR (mother), April 1857, Richard Proctor and George Blanton, bondsmen (NC Bastardy Bonds)

1860 Census, Cleveland Co., NC
Page 729 house 654 Walter W. Greene 47 farmer NC, Ann 38 NC, Samuel J. 18 NC, Catherine PRIOR 12 mu NC, Henry P. PRIOR  10 mu NC.
Page 696, house 416 William Collins 60 farmer NC, Nelly PRIOR 46 NC, Charlotte PRIOR 18 NC, –y? PRIOR 9 (female) mu NC, Eliza W. PRIOR 5 NC
House 417 Susan PRIOR 24 NC, Lettie C. 20 NC, -ch–? M. 6 male NC, Wm. (William) P. 4 NC, Mary J. 2 NC.
Page 784, house 1065 Sarah Wolf 63 farmer NC, Nancy 55 NC, Robert S. PRIOR 17 domestic NC, Louisa Green 17 NC.
Page 691, house 379 W. A. PRIOR 33 NC, Matilda 25 NC, George T. 10 NC (Death record for George Thomas Pryor lists his father was Austin Pryor and mother was Tildie Whittes. His parents are likely William Austin Prior and Matilda who appear on 1870 and 1880 Census. Find A Grave memorial states his name as William Alston Pryor).

1862 Civil War Enlistment – Robert Pinkney PRYOR born abt 1845. Enlisted in Cleveland Co. (Robert Pinkney Pryor died in Spartanburg, SC.)

1870 Census, Cleveland Co., NC
Twp. 8, Camp Call PO, page 19B, house 9/10 W. A. PRIOR 49 male farmer NC, Matilda 40 NC, George 20 farm labor NC.
House 10/11 Delia PRIOR 67 keeping house NC.
Twp. 8, Camp Call PO, page 22B, house 54/55 Lucretia PRIOR 40 NC, Joseph 18 farm labor NC. (1875, Lucretia married Drury Covington and they are counted in the same household on the 1900 Census, Cleveland Co.)
Twp. 8, Camp Call PO, page 22B, house 56/57 Nelly Buck PRIOR 60 NC, Eliza 15 attending school NC, Elizabeth 18 mu no occupation NC, Lilla 4 mu at home NC.
Twp. 9, Gardener’s Ford PO, page 10A, house 132/136 Robert P. PRIOR 24 NC, Susanna 24 NC, Lemuel 2 NC (Robert Pinkney Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Spartanburg Co., SC. Robert married Susannah Cabaness/Cabiness. His death record states he was born in NC and his parents were John Pryor and Liza Hord.)

1880 Census Cleveland Co., NC
ED# 69, page 533c, house 13/13 Wm A PRIOR 35 NC NC NC, Susan 35 wife NC NC NC, Barbary 4 dau NC NC NC, Sylvanius 3 son NC, Fanny Carpenter 15 step dau NC NC NC.
Duncans Creek Twp 8, page 593b, house 178 William A PRYOR 57 farmer NC NC NC, Matilda –5 wife NC NC NC (Find A Grave memorial for W Alston Pryor born 1823, died 1900. Buried Union Baptist Church Cemetery in Polkville.)
House 179 George T PRIOR 30 NC NC NC, Martha 32 wife NC NC NC, Mary E dau 4 NC, William P 2 son NC. (Death Record for William Perry Pryor states he was born 1877, died 1962 in Cleveland Co. and was the son of George Pryor and Martha Mayfield.)

1900 Census Cleveland Co., NC
Polkville, page 200b, house 273 Drury Covington Feb 1843 47 NC NC NC miller, Lucrecy wife Feb 1825 74 md 25 year, 5 children/4 living NC NC NC (Lucrectia Pryor)

Records from Craven Co., NC

1757 Court Order John PRYOR at a council held at New Bern 23 day of May 1757 ordered that tomorrow forenoon be set for bearing caveats about lands and the public notice thereof be given. Several patents were read and granted. Ordered that a commission and dedimus issue to [from Twenty-One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies, by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, Patricia Freeman, Compiler and Editor, 1985.]  

1774 Estate Sale – Estate settlement of Ephraim Lane, purchasers were Thomas PRYOR, Jeremiah Loftin, Shadrach Loftin, F. Green, Samuel PRYOR, and J. Green (Joseph Green?), William Bryan (Jeremiah Loftin, Rev War Patriot from Dobbs Co. Ephraim Lane signed his will in July 1773, proved in June 1774)

1777 Estate Sale – Estate settlement of Mrs. Sarah Lane, purchasers were Joseph Green and Samuel PRYOR. (Probably the widow of Ephraim Lane. His will states his wife was Sarah. Joseph Green’s will signed January 1791 left a horse named Liberty to his daughter Ann Prior Green)

1777 Revolutionary War – Pension application for William Witherington states he was serving in NC in April 1777. He names men in his company: Knight the adjuant, Capt Johnson, Lt. Jesse Bryan, Ensign Ephraim Pryor. Witherington served out of Lenoir County and filed for his pension in 1832 from Craven County. (Witherington mentions marching to the Yadkin River– see Yadkin County. Ephraim Pryor served under Capt Pasteur in Dobbs Co.)

1783 MarriageThomas PRYER married Cinea Chance on 15 Feb 1783, bondsman Joseph Green, witness Christian Neale. (Will of John Chance dated 20 Jan 1782 names his wife Sinia Chance. Will proved March 1782. Witnessed by Thomas Pryor.)

1784 Court Order – Folder: 1784 Information Warrant for John Henry PRYOR to appear and answer William Hooper of a charge of debt. (John Henry Pryor is listed as a resident of Caswell Co. in this record. See Caswell County records above)

1787 Marriage Ephraim PRYOR married Selia Pearson on 24 Jan 1787, bondsman Joseph Green, witness William Bryan. (This may be the Ephraim Pryor who served in Revolution — see 1777 pension notes above. He served in a regiment raised in Dobbs County, now a defunct NC County, near Johnston County and Craven County. A Selia Pryor who married Levi Truwhite (possibly aslo Truwitt) in 1804– possibly a daughter)

1787 Land Grant – To Samuel Prior — On the south side of Neuse River, East side Flatt Swamp joining the line of Thomas Wingate, and Wm Bryan Esq., and the line of a patent granted to Mr. Wallace. 100 acres. Signed by John Daly at New Bern on 1 May 1787. Warrant 318.

1788 Marriage David PRYOR married Sarah Loftin on 23 Jan 1788, bondsman Samuel Pryor, witness William Bryan.(Sarah was the daughter of Thomas and Frances Loftin. She is named as Sarah Pryor in his 1794 will in Craven Co.)

1789 Grant – Samuel PRIOR, 80 acres on the South side of Neuse River and West side of Coore Creek. Near line of William Bryan, Wingets Corner. 6 November 1789. Witness Samuel Johnston. No. 448. Deed book 2, page 237.

1790 Census Substitute, Craven Co., NC
Page 432 Newbern Dist., In same column,
Joseph Lofton
Longford Lofton
Thomas Lofton (1796 will names daughter Sarah Pryor)
Farnifold Green (1774 will for his father. Christopher Neale and John Bryan exectutors)
Frederick Lane
Samuel PRIER 112
Peter Gilstrap
Hardy Bryan (1795 estate- Frederick Lane, Joseph Loftin, Thos A Green surety)
Richard Gilstrap (Peter Gilstrap and Richard Gilstrap land patents dated 1789 & 1792 on South side of Neuse River. Thomas Loftin wrote his will in 1794 and it names his daughter Sarah Pryor.)
Page 433 Newbern Dist., Col. 1
Thomas PRIOR
Page 433 Newbern Dist., Col. 2
Isaac Bryan, William Lane, David Bryan, David PRIER 2031, Shadrach Loftin, James Gilstrap (Shadrack Loftin land patent dated 1791 on South side of Neuse River)

1792 Deed – To Thomas PRYOR — On the north side of Flatt Swamp, on both sides of Laurel Branch. Entered land bordering Ebenezer Slade and Richard Gilstrap. 75 acres. 1 November 1792. Warrant 850.

1795 Will – Thomas PRYOR witnessed the will of Peter Gilstrap.

1800 Census, Craven Co.., NC
Newbern Dist.,
Page 251, THOMAS PRIER 1-0-2 (one male over 45 years)
Page 314, line 5 Celia PRIOR (Widow of Ephraim Pryor? 2 males under 10, one female 26-45)

1804 Marriage – Levi Trewhite married Celia PRIOR on 5 Nov 1804. (There is a Levi Trewhite in Morgan Co., TN on the 1830 Census. Is she the older woman in the household )

1834 Notice – announced the partnership of Campbell and Prior. John Campbell and Warren Prior (Fayetteville Weekly Observer, 3 June 1834)

1836 Marriage – James PRYER to Sidney Hall 13 APR 1836 Bryan Heath. J. G. Stanly

1840 Census, Craven Co., NC
North Side Neuse River
page 41 James PRIOR 0000001 – 0100001 (The oldest male and female in the household were 40 to 50 years old, born 1790-1800. Other names recorded on the same page: Spicer Lane, Joseph Tyre, Caswell Garner, Joseph L. Bryan).

1841 Estate – James PRYOR. States he died in April 1841. Estate file contains 1824 note from Samuel P. Lane. File also contains petition of Siddy PRYOR for letters of Administration. Additional petition in file using name Sidney received one year’s provisions. Sidney received one year’s provisions. (Sidney/Siddy Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Beaufort Co., NC)

1850 Marriage Craven County
Joshua Jones to Nancy PRIOR on 12 Apr 1850. Bondsman Jesse Riggs

1860 Census Craven County, NC
Page 78b, house 91 Joushua Jones 41 NC, Nancy Jones 28 NC, Caroline Jones 5, Emily Jones 4, James Jones 2, Elizabeth Jones 1, David Jones 17 (Nancy Prior Jones is on the 1880 Census in Pamlico Co., NC states both parents born in NC. Son’s (J P Jones) death record states she was born Chocowinity, Beaufort County. Possibly a daughter of James and Sidney Prior?)

Records from Cumberland Co., NC

1776 Revolutionary War Pay Voucher
Captain John Atkinson To Frances Pryor on November 1, 1776 at Cross Creek. For the nursing and lodging of Phill. Johnston.

1837 Marriage – Warren PRIOR and Louisa McIntyre. Bondsman Thomas Cochran and John M Lerant, 29 Mar 1837

1850 Census, Cumberland Co., NC
Fayetteville Dist. page 109A, house 83 Warren PRIOR 38 merchant MA, Louisa W. 32 NC, John M. (probably John N Prior) 12 NC, Warren 10 NC, Ellen R. 2 NC, William 6/12 NC, Elizabeth Mickle 33 NC.

1860 Census, Cumberland Co., NC
Fayetteville, page 509, house 1183 Warren PRIOR 48 watch maker MA, Louisa 42 NC, Ellen 12 NC, William 10 NC, Warren 8 NC, Eliza 5 NC, Robert 1 NC (Warren born 1852 died in Anderson Co., SC in 1925. His death record states his parents were W. S. Prior Sr. and Louisa McIntire. His Find A Grave memorial states his middle name was Stebbins. The older Warren Prior may be the son of Isaac Prior and Roxanna– his 1811 birth was recorded in Northfield, MA)
Page 479, house 916 J. N. PRIOR 23 male dry goods merchant NC, Hattie 20 NY. (this is probably John N. Prior noted in the Fayetteville Weekly Observer 17 September 1860 who was in receipt of goods in the commercial record.)

1870 Census, Cumberland Co., NC
Cross Creek, Fayetteville PO, page 45B, house 146/155 Warren PRIOR 58 watch repairer MA, Louisa 52 NC, John 32 clerk in store NC, Eliza 15 at school NC, Robert 11 at school NC, Jackson 9 at school NC.

1880 Census, Cumberland Co., NC
Fayetteville, page 589c, house Warren PRIOR 68 jeweler MA MA MA, Louisa 62 wife NC NC NC, John 42 son Commander Calvary NC MA NC, Stebbins 28 son NC MA NC commercial traveler, Leaner 20 dau NC MA NC, Robert 21 son NC MA NC clerk, Jackson son 18 NC MA NC clerk, Nanny Lawrence (bl) 30 cook NC NC NC.

1900 Census Cumberland Co., NC
Cross Creek, page 118b, house 386 Russell, Eliza Rankin Aug 1854/45 NC MA NC, Warren PRIOR father Dec 1811 88 widow MA MA MA watchmaker, Robert son, Oct 1858 41 NC MA NC grocer

1909 Obit – Death of Warren PRIOR. Known as the oldest jeweler in the US, his business was established in Fayetteville in 1834. He was born 1811 in Northfield, MA to Isaac PRIOR and Roxanna Stebbins. He married Louisa McIntire. Four of his children died in 1852 — Warren, Mary, Louisa, Frank. His son John N. Prior was running the business since 1887. Surrvived by Mrs. E. R. Atkins of Richmond, VA (Ellen PRIOR daughter?) Mr. William PRIOR (son?), Mr. W. Stebbins PRIOR, Mrs. Eliza Rankin (Eliza PRIOR grandaughter?) and Messrs. Robert M PRIOR and J. L. PRIOR (grandsons?). (Fayetteville Weekly Observer, 14 Jan 1909. My calculations are that Warren Prior was about 98 years old in 1909. The same paper carried notice os the estate of Warren Prior, Robert M. Prior administrator.)

Records from Currituck County, North Carolina

1830 Census, Currituck Co., NC
Page 239, James PRIOR 1010001-210011

Records from Dobbs County, North Carolina

NOTE: Dobbs County, NC is now a defunct county. It was posititioned between Johnston County and Craven County.

Approx. 1780 Revolutionary War – Ephraim PRYOR served an ensign in Dobbs County Regiment under Capt. Thomas Pasteur with Lt. Jesse Bryan. (See Craven County, NC records for futher mentions of Ephraim Pryor)

Census records from “Twenty-One Southern Familes: Notes and Genealogies,” by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, Patricia Freeman, Compiler and Editor, 1985.

1790 Census, Dobbs Co., NC

Ephraim PRIER

1800 Census, Dobbs Co., NC
Ephraim PRIOR