Records from Addison County, Vermont

1850 Census Addison Co., VT
Page 288a, Lincoln Twp, house 126 Leonard PRIOR 29 VT, Catharine 41 VT, Clarinda 17 VT, Allen 14 VT, Norman 11 VT, George 8 VT, Benjamin 7 VT, Collista 2 VA
(Leonard Prior is on the 1880 Census in Wabasha Co., MN. George Prior is on the 1870 Census in Redwood Co., MN. )

Records from Chittenden County, Vermont

1850 Census Chittenden Co., VT
Page 127b, House 122 Robert PRIOR 54 CT, Clarence 35 VT, Cyrus 17 VT, Sidney 14 VT, Clara 5 VT, Homer 3/12 VT, Harman PRIOR 60 CT, Lucy 57 blind VT.
Essex Twp., page 144a, house 358 Alvah PRIOR 52 VT, Experience Prior 51 VT, Ellhunan Prior 17, Mary Prior 14, Nelson Prior 9 (Experience Austin Prior died in Chittenden Co in 1881. Alvah Prior is on earlier records in Franklin Co., VT)

1860 Census Chittenden Co., VT
House 1408 Isaac Blodget 42 Fact. laborer VT, Lucretia 41 VT, Orlena 15 VT, Frank 10 VT, Herbert 7 VT, Carrie 4, E. W. PRYOR 28 tinman VT, Malinda PRIOR 29 VT (The 2 Pryor names were spelled differently within the census record.)
Page 363, house 2246 Essex Twp. Calvin Buttolph 61 farmer VT (numerous names recorded with house numbers)… Alvah PRIOR 65 farmer VT, Experience 56 VT, Nelson 20 farmer VT, Ellen 6 VT, Adelina 5 VT,
Page 466, house 2560 Robert PRIOR 65 MA shoemaker, Clarissa 45 VT, Leonard 10 VT, Rufus Brown 45 farmer VT, Sarah 39 VT, Lucia 16 VT, Rufus 5 VT, Arthur Bostwick 81 gentleman VT, Harriet Burton 10 NH (Arthur Bostwick may be in house 2561 as that house number was not recorded in the field next to names).
Page 571, house 212 Joshua Martin 54 farmer NH, Rebecca 47 NH, Norris 16 VT, Herman PRIOR 71 CT blind pauper, Lucy PRIOR 67 CT pauper.
Page 699, house 231 Joshua Knight 30 pump maker VT, Sarah Knight 31 VT and their children… also in household Daniel PRIOR 78 CT, Mary Ann 26 CT.

Records from Franklin County, Vermont

1820 Census Franklin Co., VT

1850 Census Franklin Co., VT
Page 127b, House 29/32 Benj. Canfield 29 blacksmith VT, Aurelia 24 VT, Ansel T 7/12 VT, George PRYOR 21 VT

1870 Census Franklin Co., VT
Page 384, house 237 Thomas PRIOR 31 R.R. laborer Ireland, Betsy keeping house Ireland, Michael 12 Ireland, Helen 9 Ireland, James 6 Ireland, Thomas 4 Ireland, Patrick 3 VT, William 4/12 VT.

1908 DeathThomas Prior died in St. Albans, age 73 born in Ireland, Father James Prior, Mother Ellen McGuire.

Records from Lamoille County, Vermont

1840 Census Lamoille Co., VT
Line 20 Alva PRIOR 0122001 – 10002010001, Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services included in the foregoing: Elizabeth PRIOR age 82 (Elizabeth widow of William Prior who died in November 1849)

Records from Washington County, Vermont

1840 Census Washington Co., VT
Line 20 Leonard PRIOR 20001 – 010001

Records from Windsor Co., Vermont

1792 Ad – Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, on the 13th in stant, a light red OX, about four years old.–The owner is requested to apply to the subscriber, prove property, pay charges, and take him away.
Clothier Prior, Windsor, Sept. 20th 1792
The Vermont Journal, 24th Sept. 1792

1837 Notice – An act for the relief of Green PRYOR, and the heirs of Peter PRYOR
(The Vermont Courier, 23 March 1837)

1850 Census, Windsor Co., VT
Norwich, page 121b, 135/142 William PRIOR 76 CT, Lucy 66 VT
Norwich, page 121b, 135/143 Harry PRIOR 48 VT, Phila 42 VT, Polly Marsh 68 NH, Lydia Henry 13 VT, Charles Bowen 16 VT (This family is on the 1860 Census in Green Co., WI).

1902 Obit – George W PRIOR age about 50 died in a runaway wagon accident. The funeral was attended by his sister Julia Taylor of Sherbourne, his nephew Charles Prior of Chester, and his brother E W PRIOR of Woodstock. (Spirit of the Age, 26 April 1902)

1902 Prior Family Reunion – The annual reunion of the Prior family was held in Stickney’s gove, on the border of Echo Lake in Tyson, July 29th, the 101st anniversary of the birth of Franklin Prior. Members of the family and their friends to the number of 75 were present. Gov. Stickney, his mother, brother and sisters were among the visitors, and the day was passed in speech-making, singing and boat-riding. Five generations of the Prior family were respresented… A. C. Prior of Malden, Mass., was in town this week, attending the Prior family reunion.” (Spirit of the Age, Woodstock, 2 Aug 1902)