Virginia – C Counties

Records from Campbell County, VA

1785 Will: “I, James Karr of Campbell, of sound and disposing mind and memory First, all my debts and funeral expenses to be paid. To my trusty friend, Charles Rork – 55 (pounds), “which the bonds is in the hands of George Hearon, being the price of my land on Pigg River“. Also, 25 (pounds) which I obtained [in a] judgment against Charles Bellue (Ballew/Ballow/Ballou). To my wife – one half of my still, which is now at my brother, Robert Carr‘s. To the said Charles Rork – the other half of the still, and half the accounts “of papers and Thomas James now in the hands of David Ross“. To my wife – the other half of said accounts, that is, the accounts in said Ross’ hands. To Charles Rork – all accounts and debts due me that were not before mentioned. Also to Charles Rork Jr, my bay horse. At Campbell Court of Dec 7, 1786, the will of James Karr dec’d was proved by the oaths of witnesses Wright and Pryor, and OR.” – wits. John Pryor along with Robert Wright and James Rock (or Rork) (Charles Ballew was married to Mary Crews. This is possibly a Pryor related to David Pryor of Buckingham County who was married to Susannah Ballow. Charles Ballow is named in a 1780 Chancery Court case in Cumberland County, VA as an heir of Charles Ballow, deceased.).

December 1, 1785 legislative petition from Campbell County, VA. Asking that the petition for removing the courthouse to Moormans or any other place may be rejected. The petition was from “sundry inhabitants” of the county. Includes JOHN PRYOR. Some names linked with the Pryors of Campbell County also appear on the document: Obadiah Pattison, Richard Oglesby, Littleberry Pattison, Barth. Stovall, Silvanus Massey/Maxey, Edmund Franklin, Samuel Davidson, John Thrumond, John Thurmond Jr., Landers Pattison (Landis Pattison?), Renny Crews (Wrenny Crews). (Library of Virginia website)

1787 Tax List: John PRYER

1788 Deed: John PRYOR purchased land from John Kitchen of Henry, Henry Truman, William Chenault, and Charles Rork. Witnessed by Thomas Dunn, William Page, William Bernett (or Burnett)(This land is probably now in Appomattox County. John Kitchen is on the 1830 Census in Anderson Co., TN – he applied for a Rev War pension.)

March 15, 1790 Bill of Sale: John PRYOR, Charles Rork, Martin Rector, for Murrell Cunningham of Campbell County. (Martin Rector married Betsy Burnett on Jan 5, 1789 in Campbell Co., VA. Martin Rector was counted on the 1830 Census in Morgan Co., TN and died in the same county on 11 Mar. 1832. Rector is connected to Prince Edward Co. and later Roane Co., TN. Murrell Cunningham served in the revolution and filed for a pension. States he was born in Cumberland Co., Lived in Buckingham Co. and migrated to Sumner Co., TN).

1791 Personal Tax – Recorded 1 June 1791. John PRYOR, over age

Petition dated August 1, 1791 Connected Campbell Co. Signers:

1799 Chancery Court Suit – Filed in Charlotte Co, plaintiff Samuel PRYOR states he had purchased land in Campbell Co. some years before the suit, from John Rogers.

1799 Marriage Campbell Co., VA – Sarah Cunningham to William Boteler Jr. Surety William Boteler, Murrell Cunningham. By William Flowers. (Murrell Cunningham on Bill of Sale to John Pryor in 1790. Wm Flowers performed marriages of Hezekiah Taylor to Mary Oglesby, and Elizabeth Pryor to John Harris. Henry Boteler married Kesiah Oglesby in 1796, Wm Flowers also performed marriage.)

1809 Campbell Co., VA Marriage: William PRYOR to Spicy Taylor. John Taylor surety. By Rev Samuel Davidson. (daughter of Edward/Edmund Taylor. William migrated to Overton Co., TN)

1809 Probate: VA, Campbell Co., Will Book 2, pg 408: Resurvey of 204 3/4 acres on Wick Island Creek adjoining Landis Patterson, Poindexter Patterson, John M. Walker and Charles Blunt. Surveyed for Tarlton Patterson decd, and William Evins (Evans?).
(1775 Landis Patterson witnessed will of John Wright — son in law of John Pryor and Mary New — Harris Pryor also a witness.)

1810 Census Campbell Co., VA
Page 8
Line 1 Samuel Irving
Line 2 John H. Irvine
Line 3 Israel Snead
Page 31
John Irvine Jr
(John Irvine was the grandson-in-law of Abraham Childress. Israel Snead is mentioned on 1746 deed with Pryors in Louisa County, VA)

1812 Campbell Co., VA Marriage: John PRYOR to Massie/Massa Taylor (daughter of Edward/Edmund Taylor. John migrated to Sumner Co., TN)

1812 Land Deed ??? :
John PRYOR and William PRYOR, heirs of John PRYOR sold land per a query at TSLA. (A 2014 check with the Campbell County Court, they were unable to locate this deed. They need more information. This query has been traced to a Childers researchers.)

1814 LynchburgJohn and Sarah Pryor, Lynchburg Female Academy [Lynchburg Press, 5 May and 15 September 1814]. In addition to needlework, Mrs. Pryor taught “the arts of drawing, painting…”
(Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts. Pub. 1990)John and Sarah Pryor had a female school” (Lynchburg and Its People by William Asbury Christian)

1820 Census Campbell Co., VA
page 126, William Taylor (oldest male 26-44 years, 11 whites, no slaves, possibly the William B. Taylor who witnessed the will of Edmund Taylor in 1824)
page 127, Anderson Woodson Jr (executor of Edmund Taylor’s Will in 1824, Edmund Taylor father in law of John Pryor and William Pryor who married in Campbell Co., VA. Possibly the grandson of John Pryor and Mary New)
page 138, John Garrett, 010101
page 138, line 28 Landis Pattison 0000001 (Landis Pattison witnessed will of John Wright, son in law of John Pryor and Mary New, in Prince Edward County, VA in 1775, with Harris Pryor also a witness)
page 139, William Garrett, 000010-4201
page 139, Jacob Woodson, 120101 –
page 139, Charles Wright, 120001201 (witnessed Edmund Taylor’s Will)
page 139, Anderson Woodson Sr, (oldest male over 45 y.o, 11 whites, 28 slaves)
page 140, line 2 Isaac Crews (Isaac married Mary/Polly Oglesby the widow of Hezekiah Taylor who was killed in the War of 1812 in Canada. It’s believed that Mary was the sister-in-law of Edward Taylor on the same page of the 1820 Census)
page 140
Edward Taylor (oldest male over 45 y.o, 7 whites, 4 slaves)
(Edward/Edmund Taylor father of Spicy Taylor who married William Pryor & Massa Taylor who married John Pryor)
page 140 Hezekiah Taylor (oldest male over 16 to 25 yo, 5 whites, no slaves)
(Son of Edward/Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor)

1850 Census Campbell Co., VA
J. P. Jefferson 40 farmer, Sarah F. L. 29 VA, Catharine 14 VA, Ellen M. 11 VA, Thomas 8 VA (John Pryor Jefferson is the grand nephew of President Thomas Jefferson).

1860 Census Campbell Co., VA
Eastern Dist., Lynchburg PO, page 272, house 563 Richard J. Wade 42 manufacturer VA, Lucy M. 28 wife VA, Edwin K. 2 VA, Mary E. 5/12 VA.
Eastern Dist., Lynchburg PO, page 272, house 565 Samuel PRYOR 60 manufacturer, VA, Ann E. 60 wife VA, Fannie H. 23 music student VA, Lucy O. 21 music student VA, Agnes E. 18 music student VA, Martha Broadnax 26 domestic VA. (Samuel Pryor, son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland. Ann E. Withers, widow of General William H. Broadnax, married to second husband Samuel Pryor. Samuel and Ann were on the 1850 Census in Dinwiddie Co., VA. Samuel and his daughters are on the 1870 Census in Charlotte Co., VA. I suspect this is the Samuel Pryor who is on the 1880 Census in Hale Co., AL. Martha may be a daughter from Ann’s earlier marriage– Martha was living with John G. Broadnax on the 1880 Census in Rockingham, NC.).

1880 Census Campbell Co., VA
Lynchburg, page 376c, Cabell St.(“not numbered”), house 20 William L Woodson 25 grocery clerk VA VA VA, Hattie A (PRYOR) 33 wife VA VA VA (Harriet Atwood Pryor Woodson is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Lychburg. William was born in Albemarle Co, son of John S Woodson and wife Sallie C.)

July 1888The Engineering Journal (vol. 62) reported that Col. W. H. Pryor of Lynchburg was the Chief Engineer of the Atlantic, Atlantic & Great Western Railroad.

1900 Census Campbell Co., VA
Page 8a, Brookville, house 140 J. H PRIOR Apr 1860 40 md 18 yrs MO VA VA carpenter, Capitola wife 1860 40 VA VA VA, Walter F son Sept 1889 VA, Annie R dau Jun 1892 7 VA, Mamie R dau Dec 1896 3 VA. (John Henry Pryor born in Brunswick, MO, son of Thomas M. Pryor and Elizabeth Haynes of Chariton Co., MO and Amherst Co., MO)

Caroline County, Virginia

1740 Court Record – Samuel PRYOR fined 5 pounds for betting on cards and twice fined for shooting craps.

Charles City, Virginia

1657 Deed – Walter Aston wrote to Mr. Pryor asking him to file a deed in court. Aston had sold land to John Adams, witnessed by Col. Edward Hill and Edward Hill Jr. October 1657

abt 1658 – Howell Pryse (Price?) hath proved right by testimony produced to 3850 acres of land for the charge of importation of… Jo. PRYOR. (sounds like John Pryor was imported to Virginia as a headright).

1662 County Court Orders Daniel PRIOR age 35, was “deposed and expressed” by Edmund Davy. Signed with his mark “DP”. Robert Wynne, Coram me.

1664 Deed – Frances Bird sold to Capt. John Wall, Will PRYAR witness

1664 Court Case- Pryar vs Holmwood. A sloop hired from John Holmwood by Anthony PRYAR, comander of a ship, sunk with 1500 pounds of tobacco. George Farloe was deposed stating the ship was not well calked above the water and the “seams most of them open from stem to stern.” Peter Rowlett was deposed stating two men were on board at 10pm and it sunk at midnight. (There is also an Anthony Pryor mentioned in the records of William Penn in Philadelphia in 1683.)

abt. 1664 – Judgement to Anthony Pryer against Robert Rouse for 476 lb tobaco. and later… Robert Rouse orderd to pay Anthony Pryer, agent of Anthony Gasse 1473 lb tobaco

1676 – Col. Epps (sherrif) against Anthony PRIOR sued for 2000 pounds of tobacco, for non appearance in court case. Also named in case Dr. George Lee, John Turner. In 1677 The action of Dr. Geo. Lee Atty, of Anth. Pryor pltf. vs, Jno. Turner, deft., in Chancery non-suit granted, no cause for action seen.

1790 Personal Tax Record – recorded on 9 Jul 1790, Samuel PRYOR, 1 male over 16 years, 1 black over 16 years, 2 blacks over 12 and under 16 (Samuel Pryor who married Mary Finch, father of Samuel Wyatt Pryor and Christopher J D Pryor)

1791 Will Charles City– Anthony Tucker Dixon will dated Feb 1791, proved 18 Aug 1808. Brother Carver Dixon, friends Samuel Tyler, John Tyler Esq. executors, witnesses Mary Tyler, Eliza Fowler (her mark). Will proved by Elizabeth McClure formerly Elizabeth Fowler, other witnesses dead. $6000 bond posted by John B. Seawell and Brazure W. Pryor. (from Duke University Library, Manuscript Dept)

1795 Will – Will of Henry Duke, heirs were son-in-law Benskin Hopkins, neice Mary Marson Duke, brother Edward Duke, wife Elizabeth Duke, witnesses Samuel PRYOR, Richard L Lacy, John Walker, John Williams. Will was proved by oath of Samuel Pryor in court in July 1795.

1800 TAX List – Samuel PRYOR

1808 Will –
Anthony Tucker Dixson will proved 18 August 1808, Brazure W Pryor security for John Tyler administrator. (Duke Universtity Library, Manuscript Dept., The John R. Kilby Papers)

1813 Will – John C. PRYOR witness on will of John Tyler. (John C. Pryor who was on census in Elizabeth City. John C. Pryor was the son of Christopher Pryor and Catharine Clayton of Gloucester County. He was also the uncle of Brazure W Pryor)

1821 VA House of Delegates – “It appears also to your committee, that the names of John Morris, John Royall, Robert Pearman, Jacob Crew, Terrell Crew, Eleaser Crew, John Andrews, Edward Morris, Charles Hargrave, Samuel W. PRYOR, Reuben Gill, Ravely Vaughn, Temple E. Demoville, John A Arcer, William Wilson, and William B Morecock, are not to be found on the commissioner’s book, with a sufficiency of land to entitle either of them to a vote, and there being no evidence to the contrary.” ( Journal of the House of Delegates of the commonwealth of VA, Begun and Held at the Capitol, in the City of Richmond, on Monday The Third Day of December, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-One. Samuel W. Pryor was the son of Samuel Pryor and Mary Finch, his brother was C J D Pryor)

1824 Marriage – Samuel W. PRYOR married Sarah Dudley Graves on 12 Feb 1824. Edmund V Graves and Betsy W Graves, “hearts filled with deepest sorrow.”

1828 Will – Will of Elizabeth Gill, heirs were daughter Judith P Marable, son in law Abraham Marable, daughter Martha Temple. Executor Charles Barrow, witnesses Thomas Morecock, Samuel W. Pryor, and Sarah D. Pryor, also mentions Gill’s late husband noted as David Gill. Will was proved by oath of Samuel W. Pryor in court on 21 Oct 1830.

1830 Census Charles City, VA

Samuel W. PRYOR 111111 – 10001 (oldest male 30 to 39 years – born 1791-1800)
(Samuel W. Pryor is mentioned in the Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of VA in 1821 as not having enough land to vote. His death was reported in the Richmond Daily Dispatch – He was ambushed in Hampton and was known in Charles City County as “a useful mechanic”.)

1835 Court Record – Hustings Court. Richard T Booker discharged as its Barkeeper & Samuel W. PRYOR elected to fill the office.

1842 Notice regarding the estate of Samuel W. Pryor, deceased and father of minor children Christopher J D Pryor Jr, Samuel W. Pryor, and Mary E Pryor. Administrator Lucius F Cary. Sued by creditor Samuel S. Griffin, James Lee, and William H Jones.
(Richmond Enquirer, 28 June 1842)

1850 Census Charles City, VA
Page 407a, house 342 William S. Graves 45 VA, Elizabeth M. 31 VA, John 6 VA, Mary E. PRYOR 22 VA.

1860 Census Charles City, VA
William F Graves 40, Ellizabeth A 45, Rosa V 7, Thomas L Chirstian 12, Mary E. PRYOR 25
Page 125, House 87 Samuel W. PRYOR 30 wheelwright VA, George F Marabel 23 VA wheelwright, Travis Harwood 21 wheelwright VA, John H. Haney 21 blacksmith VA, William M. Walker 17 blacksmith VA. (Enlisted in Company D, Virginia 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 18 May 1861. at Bethel Church, VA. occupation mechanic. Samuel W. Pryor was an early casualty of the Civil War, killed before June 1861- Southern Historical Society Papers, by R A Brock . )

Records from Charles River County, Virginia

Land Grant – 11 July 1635 William Pryor grantee, 200 acres on the Charles River adjoining Lewis Cocke.

Land Grant – 23 May 1637 William Pryor grantee 200 acres adjoining Lewis Cocke.

Land Grant – 11 Aug 1637 William Pryor grantee 300 acres upon the divident of Capt Richard Townsend

Land Grant – 20 Aug 1638 Francis Morgan grantee, 100 acres adjoingin his own land and William PRYOR.

Records from Charlotte County, Virginia

1775 Ad
STRAYED, from the subscriber at Davis’s at the fork of Cocke’s and Namoxeen roads, in Dinwiddie county, about 10 miles from Petersburg, the 15th last, a sorrel mare, 15 years old, as had both the fistula and pole-evil, and was much terrified in the cure by burning, and is about 4 feet 6 inches high. Also a dark gray filly, one year old, has a star in her forehead, and a a remarkable scar on one of her sides, occasioned by being staked when young; the is neither docked nor branded, is of the Crawford breed, and shews it pretty much. I will give THREE POUNDS reward to any person who will contrive them to Charlotte courthouse.
(Rind’s Virginia Gazette, Oct 26 1775)

1779 Charlotte Order Book – Anne PRYOR daughter of Elizabeth PRYOR, and Samuel Fielder, son of Sarah Fielder, to be bound out to Samuel White. 3 May 1779 (Are these orphans who were bound out or slave children?)

1779 Will – Will of Robert PRYOR written in Dec 1779, proved Apr 1780. Names wife Mildred Pryor, son Samuel PRYOR (a minor), Martha PRYOR, Prudent PRYOR, Mary PRYOR, and Elizabeth PRYOR daus of Samuel PRYOR decd (Martha, Prudent, Mary, and Elizabeth were daughters of Samuel Pryor of Goochland County and unknown first wife his second wife was Frances Morton Meriwether Martha married Daniel Farely in 1786.).

1782 LetterJ. Pryor wrote from Charlottesville to General Sumner in Mecklenburg County, NC. Pryor advised that the French General, the Marquis de Lafayette would be sending troops. (from North Carolina, 1780-’81: Being a History of the Invasion of the Carolinas by the British Army Under Lord Cornwallis in 1780-’81 (Google eBook), published 1889. Probably sent by Capt Lt/Maj John Pryor.)

1785 Chancery Court Case – William Hubbard, guardian of Samuel PRYOR VS. Adam Huntsman, Jacob Huntsman and Paschal Greenhill (Samuel Pryor son of Robert Pryor, see 1779 will. In 1773 Paschal Greenhill was living in Prince Edward County, VA per deposition noticed in the Virginia Gazette. Possibly the William Hubbard from Goochland County who enlisted in 1775 under Capt. Fleming. )

1787 Marriage in Charlotte County – Mary Wimbish married Samuel PRYOR on 2 Apr 1787(Samuel Pryor son of Robert Pryor, see 1779 will. Mary was possibly the daughter of Benjamin Wimbush.)

1787 Marriage in Charlotte County – Joseph Grammer (also spelled Grammar) married Elizabeth PRYOR on 4 Jun 1787 (Joseph and his wife were in Roane Co., TN in 1850. He was recorded as 100 years old. Joseph applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833. He recounted volunteering in France for the Frence army. He stated on the pension declaration that he lived in Botetourt County, VA for 8 years after the war — exact years not given.)

1787: The appointment, dated 28 June 1787 and signed by Beverly Randolph, of William Hubard as county lieutenant of Charlotte County; papers of estate of Samuel Pryor; papers dealing with Susannah Watson Bolling Wilcox’s affairs and Edmund Wilcox’s estate. Also around this time is a claim made by William Hubard against the executor of John Thruston’s estate, at Gloucester County, VA, for property bequeathed to Hubard’s wife, Frances Thruston Hubard, who had married William Hubard in 1768. (

1788 Chancery Court Case – Paschal Greenhill VS. Hantz Huntsman. Hants was AKA Adam Huntsman. Claims that in 1784 Huntsman purchased 150 acres from William Martin adjoining land belonging to Robert PRYOR, deceased. Mentions William Hubbard, guardian of Samuel Pryor.

1790 Personal Tax Record – recorded 11 Mar 1790, Samuel PRYOR, 2 white males over 16, 4 blacks over 16, 1 black over 12 and under 16, 3 horses, mules, mares or colts.

1793 Charlotte County, VA, Order Book 9, 1792-1794, page 71, 8 March 1793 – George Lawson, Plaintiff vs. William Smith, Defendant – In Debt. The Defendant being arrested and not appearing on the motion of the Plaintiff by his Attorney, it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the said Defendant and Samuel Pryor, Security for his appearance, the sum of 10 pounds, the debt in the Declaration mentioned and his costs and the said Defendant on mercy. But this Judgment except the costs is to be discharged by the payment of 5 pounds current money with legal interest thereon from the __ day of December 1790 until payment.

1801 Chancery Court CaseSamuel Pryor vs. John Harvey, mentions a parcel of land that Pryor purchased in Campbell Co., VA in Aug 1799. Purchased from John Rogers.

1802 Marriage – Samuel PRYOR married Sarah Stembridge, AND Siney Stembridge married Barry Shorter. John Stembridge was surety for both marriages on the same day 2 Aug 1802. (John Stembridge died 1811 in Wilson Co., TN — Samuel Pryor bought items from the estate).

1811 Chancery Court Case – John W. Thornton and William Thornton VS. Claiborne West. Samuel Pryor. Paper from Samuel Pryor that states in 1806 Douglas Hancock was to have met him at Halifax Court House and when he didn’t show Pryor gave Hancock’s bonds to Claiborne West for collection.

1821 Chancery Court Case – John Williamson Vs. Philip Claiborne, etc executors of Burrell Wilkes, dec. states he made an agreement with Philip Pryor, executor of the estate of — Wilkes, deceased. Philip Claiborne of Brunswick Co. answered the suit. The disagreement concerned ownership of a stud horse named Potomac. (Philip Pryor was on the 1820 Census in Brunswick County. He was married to Susan Cordle Wilkes.)

1835 Arrested Slave – Taken up and committed to the Jail of Mecklenburg county, on the 12th instant, a negro boy named Archer, about five feet six inches high, dark complected, with a large scar on his forehead, and sayd he belongs to Richard PRIOR, a speculator, of Charlotte, VA. Clothes very ragged. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law directs. (The Charlotte Journal, 25 Dec. 1835 – The notice was published in Charlotte, NC, but states Richard was from Charlotte, VA)

1840 Census Charlotte Co., VA
Benjamin S. PRYOR 000000011 – 0000001 (This is probably Banister S. Pryor who was appointed postmaster in 1840 and who was in Prince Edward Co. in 1809)

1840 Postmaster – Appointed postmaster in Red House, Charlotte County Banister S. PRYOR.

1860 Census Charlotte Co., VA
Charlotte Court House, page 247 house 422 Richard J Gaines 60 farmer Charlotte VA, Eliza W. 58 Charlotte VA, Mary C 28 Charlotte VA, Robt. H. 26 Charlotte VA, Robt. C. Bouldin 27 lawyer Charlotte VA, Mary R. 27 Charlotte VA, M. M. Bouldin (f) 8 Prince Edward Co. VA, Eliza L Bouldin 1 Charlotte VA, Sallie H. Morton 12 Charlotte VA, Wm J Roach 20 overseer Charlotte VA
Charlotte Court House, page 247 house 423 Sam E. PRYOR 26 Dinwiddie Co VA, Bettie F. 22 Charlotte Co. VA, R. G. Pryor (m) 2 Charlotte Co. VA (This family is on the 1870 Census in Todd Co., KY. R. G. Pryor is Richard Gaines Pryor who died 1892 in York, AL. His obit states Samuel Morton Gaines, a son of Richard Gaines, was his uncle.)

1861 Chancery Court Case – Richard N Venable and the heirs of E W Morton Vs. the Executor of Elizabeth W Morton. One of the heirs was Elizabeth “Betty” Gaines the wife of Samuel Pryor, daughter of Martha W. Gaines, a daughter of Elizabeth W Morton. NOTE: a 1864 Chancery Court Case for the estate of William Gaines includes his daughter Elizabeth F Gaines Pryor and her husband Samuel E. Pryor.

1870 Census Charlotte Co., VA
Madison Twp., page 88a, house 655 Samuel PRYOR 65 farmer VA, Fannie 28 VA, Agnes 25 VA (Samuel Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Dinwiddie Co., VA)

Records from Chesterfield County, Virginia

1764 Chancery Court Case – Major Pryor vs. Joseph Watkins.

1818 MarriageWilliam B Pryor married Jane B Atkinson Oct 12, 1818 in Chesterfield Co., VA. (William Bland Pryor son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland. He is on the 1820 Census in Brunswick Co., VA)

1820 Census Chesterfield Co., VA
Fleming Preyear 0002

1827 MarriageTheodrick Pryor married Lucy C Atkinson on Sep 22, 1827 in Chesterfield Co., VA (Theodorick Pryor was on the 1850 & 1880 Census in Nottaway Co., VA )

1830 BirthMartha Pryor (bl) born 1830 in Chesterfield County died 1880 in same county. (Probably wife of Henry Pryor)

1852 Birth
– Frances Peterson (bl) born 1852, in Chesterfield County, married Ben Pryor. Died 1894 in same county.

1857 Birth Mary PRYOR born 1857 in Chesterfield County, died Sept 1884 in Chesterfield County. Father Lewis Pryor, mother Rachel Pryor.

1870 Census Chesterfield Co., VA
Chester Station, page 219a Henry PRYOR (bl) 40 VA, Martha 40 (bl) VA, Holdman 10 VA, Henry T. 9 VA, William J 5 VA, Caroline 2 VA, Laura 1 VA (Holdman Pryor married in Newton, MA in 1895)
Dale Twp. sheet 164, William PRYOR (bl) 30 miller VA, Frances 24 VA, William A 1 VA, Joseph 1/12 VA.
Chester Twp., page 208 Benjamin PRYOR (bl) 21 laborer VA, Isaac Ford (bl) 25 RR laborer VA

Records from Cumberland County, Virginia

Cumberland County was formed out of Goochland County in 1749

1747 Deed – Deed dated 15 Sep 1747 George Carrington deeds for 17.10 to John & David Pryor, sons of David Pryor deceased, 250 acres, land falling in Goochland and Albemarle. bounded by Phineas Glover, Isaac Bates, Abraham Childres & Richard Taylor

1759 Deed – 22 Jan 1759 From Samuel Taylor of the county of Cumberland to John Meadors of the same county for 50 lbs., about 305 A. on the branches of Mill Branch in the county aforesaid, and part of a tract of land granted to Richard Taylor by patent dated August 20, 1745 containing 1200 A., and the said 305 A. of land is bounded southerly by the said Samuel Taylor, easterly by James Gilliam, northerly by James Daniel and easterly by land belonging to the estate of James Nevel, deceased, and Philip Mayo. Signed . . . Sam’l Taylor (Tayler). Witnesses. Micajah Turner, Jesse Meador, Jonas Meador. At January 22, Court, this deed was acknowledged by Samuel Taylor, party thereto and by the Court ordered to be recorded.

1759 Deed – 23 Apr 1759 George Carrington to James GILLIAM £74, 371 acres Bounded by Geo. Carrington, David Pryor, Wm. Rowlane, John Prior, Samuel Taylor part of larger tract of 5660 acres granted by patent 26 July 1755 to Geo. Carrington.

1759 Deed – 23 Apr 1759 Samuel Taylor Cumberland to James GILLIAM Cumberland 5 lb. 29 Ac. part of a larger tract of 1200a granted to Richard Taylor father of the sd. Samuel Taylor by patent on 20 Aug 1745.

1759 Deed – 24 Sept 1759 from George Carrington of the county of Cumberland, to Samuel Taylor of the same county for 12 lbs., 10 sh., one certain tract of land in Cumberland County, containing about 51 A., part of a tract of 5650 A. patented to the said George Carrington on March 1, 1743, and the 51 A. is bounded by James GILLIAM, Cannon’s Branch, the said George Carrington. No Witnesses.

1760 Land Record – Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Vestry Book: processioners in this record George Carrington, Samuel Taylor, Philip Mayo, Benjamin Cannon, Phineus Glover, John PRIER, James Gillam, David Reynolds, Jeremiah Cannon, Thomas Fields.

1761 Deed – 24 Aug 1761 Benjamin Cannon sold 200 acres of land in Cumberland Co. to Drury Woodson. The land was adjacent Pheneas Glover, John PRIOR, David PRIOR, William Rowland, and Jeremiah Cannon. Susannah Cannon, wife of Benjamin Cannon, appeared in court and released her dower rights in the land. “It has been noted above that John Pryor was a grandchild of Abraham Childers III and his wife Elizabeth (Cannon) Childers.” Cumberland Co, Deed Book 3, p. 190. Cumberland Co. VA Order Books 1767-1787, p. 391.

1763 Deed – 5 Jul 1763 John PRIOR of Cumberland Co sold to Samuel Taylor, 125 acres for £65. “whereas George Carrington did convey to the said John Prior and to David Prior 250 acres” the land in Cumberland on Mary Gwinns Branch or Taylors Creek. John and David PRIOR were joint tenants, and John’s part of the land bounded by Abraham Childers, Junior, Daniel Jones & Samuel Taylor.

1763 Property – Drew line between Drurey Woodson and David PRYER, Present James Gilham.

1764 Deed – 27 Dec 1764 David Pryior of Albemarle sold to Samuel Taylor the other 125 acres, on Mary Gwinns Branch or Taylors Creek. bounded by Hezekiah Davidson, James Gilliam, Joseph Calvert, Drury Woodson, John Bates and Samuel Taylor. Wit: Phineas Glover, Hezekiah Davidson, Wm Burnet, John Glover, Joseph Taylor.

1773 Marriage – John Ford Jr. maried Frankey PRYOR on 25 June 1773. Surety: John Ford and William Davenport. Francis Pryor was the daughter of James Pryor and Mary Cox.(Cumberland County Marriage Bonds, William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 1. (Jul., 1911), pp. 21-30. James and Mary were also the parents of Catey, Mildred, Croxton — see 1754 will in Essex Co., VA)

1776 MarriageWILLIAM PRYOR JR married Elizabeth Hughes on 16 May 1776 in Cumberland Co, recorded in register of St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County. (Son of Col. William Pryor and Sarah Wood. Father of Judith Neville Pryor, who lived in McNairy Co., TN, Polly Wormely Pryor, Martha Pryor who married Robert Meriweher, William Pryor who was in Goochland Co. in 1850, John Hughes Pryor who was in TN by at least 1830, and son Samuel Pryor)

1782 Will – Will for George Carrington Jr. of Cumberland Co. Willed two tracts of land to his sons Codrington Carrington and Robert Carrington that he purchased respectively from John PRYOR and Samuel Taylor (see Amherst Co. records/. George Carrington was the son of Col George Carrington of Boston Hill plantation, and grandson of Dr. Paul Carrington and Henningham Codrington)

26 Sept 1795 – Suit filed by Richard James against the estate of WILLIAM PRYOR, deceased. States “On or about the ___ day of 1770 your orator (the plaintiff) executed his bonds to William Pryor for the sum of 90 pounds” and that William Pryor was from Goochland County. Executor is a Samuel PRYOR. Mentions a John PRYOR in 1782: “… paid by your orator to the WILLIAM PRYOR dec’d as in the bill stated and whether your orator did not pay to JOHN PRYOR at the —- insistence of the defendant SAMUEL PRYOR the sum of 20 pounds as in the bill stated in the amounting to 60 pounds the sum for which your…” and also mentions James Harris, E. Harris, B. Carrington. Richard James swore out his complaint to Codrington Carrington who was a Justice of the Peace in Cumberland Co. at the time. Also mentions Richard Crump a surviving partner of Trent and Co. (perhaps a bank?) . This is William Pryor who married Sarah Wood, his son Samuel was the executor of his estate There are several suits against the estate in Goochland County)

1802(?) Chancery Court CaseWilliam Gray vs executors of Richard Eggleston deceased. The actual case is missing from the file, contains notices of depositions to be taken. 1st Deposition: James Pryor taken 22 Sept 1802 at the home of William Pryor in Cumberland County. He states that the case surrounds the trade of tobacco, iron, etc. for a Peacock Gelding (horse) in 1782 or 1792. Names included are Richard Eggleston, John Eggleston, and Clough Eggleston. 2nd Deposition: In November 1804: Clough Eggleston in Amelia County, Clough was an overseer from 1780 to 1781, signed Thomas Randolph JP, James P Coke JP – noticed on 15 Oct 1804 by William Meriwether and Joseph Eggleston. (notes online state William Meriwether was an executor of estate of Richard Eggleston)

1808 Marriage in Cumberland County – Hannah Rebecca Eggleston married Banister L PRYOR on 4 May 1808 (Banister Pryor is named on a Chancery Court case in 1809 with Zachariah Pryor in Buckingham Co.)

1810 Census, Cumberland County, VA
William B. Langhorn
John Woodson
Sally Anderson
John Hopper for Creed Taylor

1813 War of 1812 EnlistmentCreed Taylor PRIOR age 16 born abt 1797. 12th US Infantry. 5′ 6″, red hair, hazel eyes, red complexion, Dis. List of Recruits sent to principal rendezvous Sept 26 1813. Capt. Post’s Co.– clo. acct. 1814. M. R. Capt. S. R. Moore’s Co. Feb. 28 1814, and April 30. Absent left at Sacketts harbor, transferred from Capt. Charlton’s Co. 115 (Pat.) at Sacketts Harbor–Re-enlisted. See Creed T. Prior US Rifles. Enlisted Sept. 25 1813 for 5 years by Capt. Page. When he reenlisted he was described as sandy-haired with fair complexion. Order Book 1813/15, Conjocquita Creek Dec 5 1814. Tried by D. N. C. M. for for unsoldier like conduct– aquitted. D.R. Capt. Geo. Gray’s Co. Feb. 16 and I. R. Feb 28 and April 3 1815 present.

1815 Chancery Court Case
Names heirs of George Eggleston:
Rebecca Pryor and Ban. L. Pryor (daughter of George Eggleston)
Elizabeth and M. Smith (daughter of George Eggleston)
Henry L. Eggleston, no guardian
Mary C. Eggleston and Edm. Eggleston
Sally (Sary) Eggleston, no guardian
Judith Eggleston, Edmund Eggleston
Lucy Ann Eggleston, John P Smith Jr.
Jane Eggleston, no guardian
Elizabeth Eggleston, married to Daniel C. Edwards (widow of George Eggleston)

28 Jan 1833 Will of Robert Ferguson proved in Cumberland County. Wife Nancy. Witnesses: John Rice, J W Womack, James Madison. Subsequently a case was filed in Prince Edward Co. Chancery Court titled Administrator of Elizabeth Stone vs. Executor of Robert Ferguson. This suit mentions Robert’s sister Frances Ferguson Pryor and her children in Roane Co., TN. A copy of the will is in the Chancery Court file.

1839 Chancery Court Case
Filed about 1839 in Cumberland County, VA
Executor of Robert M Bondurant v
Executor of Robert Ferguson, et al
Page 61 – Robert Ferguson has also departed this life having first duly published his last will and testament of which Jno W. Wilson of the County of Cumberland is executor – that by the said will Nancy Ferguson of said County the widow of said Robert and Boler Blackburn and Lucy his wife, formerly Lucy Ferguson,   —– Stone and Elizabeth his wife formerly Ferguson (and which said Lucy and Elizabeth are the only children and heirs of John Ferguson deceased), Frances Pryor, Alcey Lockett, Berry Hudson and Polly his wife, Harris Pryor and William Pryor which said Alcey, Polly, Harris and William are children of the said Frances Pryor), Lucy Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Thomas Reynolds, William Roberts and Mary his wife, formerly Mary Reynolds, Harry Ames and Ellizabeth his wife, Samuel Hughes and Fanny his wife and Seymore Reynolds (the said Robert, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Fanny and Seymour, are children of the said Lucy Reynolds) are entitled to that portion of the said 192 acres of land  which the said testator Robert Ferguson bought as aforesaid of the said Thomas B. Randolph.
(Mrs Frances Ferguson Pryor and her children are on records in Anderson Co. and Roane Co., TN)

1850 ProbateHarris Pryor of Roane County, TN died in about 1847 in Cumberland Co., VA. Inventory of the estate of Harris Prior dec’d in Cumberland County, State of Virginia, 27 May 1850. Received of the Executor of Robert Fergensand (Robert Ferguson) dec’d. Received of the adm’r of Francis Prior dec’d. Signed 1 July 1850 by William Ellis adm’r. (Frances Ferguson Pryor was the mother of Harris Pryor and she was deceased by 1846)