Tennessee Counties – A

The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Tennessee. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sense of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records for Pryor in Anderson County, TN

Anderson County was formed in 1801 out of parts of Knox and Grainger counties. Later parts of Anderson county were aportioned to Campbell County (1806), Morgan County (1817), Scott County (1849), Union County (1850)

1805 Tax List
Jesse PRYOR (same page with Isaac Freels, Edward Freels, Thomas Freels, John Rector — John Rector is on the 1830 census recorded under Harris Pryor in Roane Co., TN. Jesse Pryor and John Rector are on a 1811 deed in Roane Co., TN)
Edward Freels (possibly son in law of Samuel Pryor)

1815 Estate of Samuel Prior. Fanny Prior adminstrix, Benjamin Procket (Locket?) and Edward Freele (Freels), Harris Prior and Berry Hudson were security. (Edward Freele is probably Edward Freels, Samuel’s son-in-law and possibly the father of Pleasant Miller Freels. Berry Hudson husband of Mary Polly Pryor of Roane Co.).

1830 Census, Anderson Co., TN
page 190 John Kitchen 1000000001 – 001011001 (Oldest male 70 to 80 years – John Kitchen sold land to John Pryor in Campbell Co., VA in 1788)
page 346, Line 6 Benjamin Lockett 1010001 – 112102 (oldest male 40-49 y.o., btn 1781-1791. Benjamin was married to Acy/Alsey PRYOR, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Frances Fanny Ferguson. Alsey is on the 1840-1860 Census in Roane Co., TN)
page 346, Line 10 William PRYER 20001-20001(Oldest male 20-29 y.o. born 1801-1810. William is probably the son of Frances Ferguson Pryor.)
page 346, Line 13 Rebecca PRYOR 11-01101 (oldest female 20-29 y.o., born 1801-1810)
page 346, Line 14 Isaac Freels
page 346, Line 18 Jacob Buter (aka Buleter, Butler) (Genealogy.com post states his sister Mary married a Rector)
Watch out… Ancestry.com has these families indexed also in Warren County… an errror.

1834 Will, Anderson Co., TN – Benjamin Lockett. Heirs: Wife Ailsy (nee PRYOR, children Frances, William. Appointed his wife Ailsy Lockett and Harris PRYOR his executors. Wits: William C. Griffith, William Right, Reuben Williams, a note payable by Richard Oliver. Signed 24 Oct 1834. (See Roane Co., TN records).

1840 Census Anderson Co., TN
Page 30, William Lockett 10001 – 10001 (oldest male born 1811-1820)
Page 9, Rebecca PRIOR 0000001- no females
(no free white females were recorded. Two slaves were recorded. In all, only
three people were counted, yet a total of 10 were counted as the household
total. It’s unknown who the older male was in the household.)

1850 Census Anderson Co., TN
Subdivision 16, page 19b, house 274 Drury L. Bradley 39 farmer VA, Nancy 39 TN, William 16 TN, John T. 13
TN, Margaret E. 9 TN, Samuel 7 TN, Andrew 6 TN, Drury 3 TN, Timothy R.
4/12 TN, Martha Thompson 74 VA, Sir PRIOR 42 mu farmer male TN. (This family counted near many of the families who were near Rebecca PRIOR on the 1840 Census in Anderson Co. Sy Prior was an emancipated slave. Emanicpaed by Harris Prior of Roane Co. in his 1846 will.)
Subdivision 16, page 60, house Christopher Hitch 37 merchant KY, Katharine 35 TN, William 15 tN, Harriet 14 TN, Caroline 11 TN, John 10 TN, Sarah 8 TN, Lloyd 5 TN, Phellaney Whitten 21 TN, Barton Mynatt 25 doctor TN, PRIOR BOWLES 24 farmer TN (Possilby related to Pryor Mynatt in Grainger and Knox Co., TN. Prior Bowles was the son of Martin Bowles, he married in 1854 in Lee Co., VA)
Page 60a, house 833 William Howet 48 none (occupation) VA, Sarah Howit 35 TN, Nancy 29, Pryor L 21 TN, James M 18 TN, Emmaline J 16 TN
Page 60b, house 834 Susan Stuksberry 45 TN, John 28 TN, Nancy 20 TN, Elizabeth 18 TN, Aletha 16 TN, Polly Kitchens 90 NC deaf. ( Polly Kitchen was the widow of John Kitchen of Henry Co., VA. John Kitchen sold John Pryor land in Campbell Co., VA in 1788. revwarapps.org/w2737.pdf )

1870 Census Anderson Co., TN
Dist 8, house 117 Miller Freels 56 TN, Lucinda 44 TN, Nancy 30 TN, William 18 TN, Richard 16 TN, Loucindy 14 TN, Pleasant 11 TN (Pleasant Miller Freels b. 1813/14 is the grandson of Samuel Pryor)

1900 Census Anderson Co., TN
13th Dist., page 170b, house 257 Nicholas V. PRYOR 12/1849 51 TN TN IA, Lula wife 8/1875 24 md. 8 yrs, 3 children/3 living TN TN TN, Mabel dau 10/1892 7 KY, Derwin son 4/1894 6 KY, Elmer son 5/1900 1/12 TN. (Nicholas is on the 1850 Census in Sullivan Co., TN. His father is Henry Pryor. Nicholas was on the 1880 Census in Shelby Co., IN)

1910 Census Anderson Co., TN
Dist. 13, page 160A, house 83/84 Nickolas V. PRYOR 60 (2nd Marriage, Md. 14 yrs.) TN Ireland Ireland, Lula wife 35 (5 children/5 living) TN US TN, Mabel Philips dau 17 (md. 2 yrs) (2 children/2 living) KY TN TN, Derbin Pryor son 16 KY, Elmer son 10 KY, Harold son 7 TN, Nickolas Jr. 3 TN. (Nicholas V. Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Shelby Co., IN, reporting parents born in PA and TN. Son of Henry Pryor of Sullivan Co., TN)

1920 Census Anderson Co., TN
Sheet 7B, house 132/132 Nicholas V. PRYOR 70 TN TN NC, Lula wife 46 TN TN TN, Nicholas Jr. son 13 TN TN TN. (See 1910 Census in Anderson Co. Lula Pryor died in Knox Co. in 1952. Her mother is recorded as Matilda Quillen)