Tennessee Counties – B

Pryor Records from Bedford County, Tennessee

1830 Census, Bedford Co., TN
Page 71, Saml. (Samuel) PRYOR 3211001-121101 (oldest male 40-49 years, born 1781-1790)
Page 71, James PRYOR 11112001-031101 (oldest male 50-59 years born 1771-1780)
Page 82, A. C. Sublett 100001 – 00001 (A.C. Sublett married Louisa Pryor, they are on the 1840 Census in Rutherford Co., TN)

1838 Tax List for Bedford County, TN (possibly Prior, handwriting hard to read)
Jesse Prior
James Prior

1840 Census Bedford Co., TN
Page 100, Robert PRYER 2210001-202001
(Robert Pryor and wife Mary were on the 1850 Census in Bedford Co., TN)

1850 Census Bedford Co., TN
Dist. 25, page 276A, house 142/142 Robert PRIER? 62 farmer $1500 ,
Mary 46, Elizabeth 25, Sary 24, John 22 laborer, Robert 20, Samuel 18, Milly
16, George 13, Hezekiah 12, Lucy 10, Frances 8 TN, James 22 TN. (Ancestry.com indexed this family as PREER. The  handwriting on this record is unclear and may not be Preer or Prier. Place of birth for all family members may be TN, although it is indicated by faint ditto marks. Frances and James are the only family members
clearly identified as born in “Tenn.”)

Dist 21, page 220b, house 22 Isaac Holt 33 waggon wright, Frances (PRIOR) 30, Jourdan 11, Hiram 9, Mariah 8, Samuel 6, Cynthia 5, Michael 1 (Isaac and Frances married in 1838 in Orange County, NC. Nashville death record of Samuel Moody Holt b. 1842 states his parents were Isaac B Holt born TN and Fannie Pryer born NC)

1860 Census, Bedford Co., TN
Western Dist., Dist. 18, Page 256, House 1361 Goodwin (Goodrum?) Davis 49 NC,
Henrietta (PRYOR) 45 VA, A. S. 25 male laborer TN, Abel 18 laborer TN,
Alabama 16 female TN, R. Y. (Robert Young) 14 TN, Sarah J. 12 TN, Mary M. 10 TN,
Valentine 7 male TN, Martha T. 5 TN, Jane W. 2 TN (mulatto?), Martha Ellis 61 NC (Henrietta Lee Smith Pryor daughter of John Hughes Pryor
and Sallie Smith. Alabama Davis married Pleasant Wade and is on the 1870
Census in Bedford Co. Living in her household was Jane W. Davis 12 who
is identified as mulatto. Martha Davis is on the 1870 Census in Bedford Co.
aged 14, living with Elizabeth Marsh 61 born NC, her son John Marsh and his
wife who appears to be Sarah J. Davis aged 22. John Marsh’s parents were identified on his death record as Goodman Davis and Miss Pryor and John’s gender was “female”- John Marsh died 1918 in Lincoln Co., TN.)

1880 Census Bedford Co., TN
Richmond, Dist. 19, page 328a, house 2 William H. Shepperson 35 miller TN VA VA, Elisa C. (PRYOR?) wife 35 TN TN VA, William H. son 9 TN, James M. son 7 TN, Sena B. dau 5 TN, Della E. dau 3 TN, George PRYOR bro-in-law 21 TN TN VA

1900 Census Bedford Co., TN
CD#2, ED#2, page 14b, house 75 Mitchan PRIOR (bl) Apr. 1854 46 (md. 22) TN TN TN, Annie (bl) wife Feb. 1850 50 (md. 22) 1 child/1 living TN TN TN. (Death record of Mitch Pryor d. 19 Feb 1922 in Coffee Co., TN, father Howe Prier born Bedford Co., TN., Mitch also born Bedford Co.)

Pryor Records from Bledsoe County

1815 “Petitioner’s” List, Bledsoe County
William Pryor

1830 Census – Elijah Brewer age 30-40 (married to Mary Pryor) – (They are on later census records in Rhea County)

1880 Census Bledsoe Co., TN
Dist. 5, page 28a, house 139 Peter Mercer 46 farmer TN VA NC, Bitha (Tibitha PRYOR) wife 38 TN VA TN, Mary A. 23 dau, James D. 19 son, Saran 15 dau TN, Harrison 13 son TN, Forester 11 son TN, Clementine 9 dau TN, Jane 7 dau TN, Floyd 6 son TN, Eli 4 son TN. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Grainger Co., TN. Peter Mercer and family are on the 1900 Census in Grayson Co., TX)

Pryor Records from Blount County

1805 Tax List for Blount Co., TN
NOTE: The Pryors who appear to be in Blount County on the Ancestry.com records are incorrect as they are page from Jackson Co. which have been mixed in to the wrong reel.

1823 Birth in Blount Co., TN – Pryor Emerson Lee Gould born to Abraham Utter Gould and Jane W. Gould.

1831 Methodist Conference – John PRYOR represented Maryville, TN (Knoxville Dist.)

1840 Census Blount Co., TN
page 26, James PRYOR 20001-00001 (James on the 1840 Census and Samuel on the 1850 Census appear to be related– in 1840 & 1850 they had similar neighbors: the Michels, Archibald Hitch, Benjamin Duncan. James is on the 1850 Census in Knox County, TN. In 1900 Mrs Dorcas Pryor from Knox County was living in Blount County. I belive the James on the 1840 Census is the James who married Lucy Cruze and was on the 1850 Census in Knox County.).

1846 Marriage – Naomi Rose married Samuel Pryor on 13 Nov 1846

1850 Census Blount Co., TN

Dist 5, page 34b, house 468 Jesse James 55 VA, Mary 51 TN, Alvin 32 TN, Maston 23 TN, PRYOR James 18 TN, Elijah 16 TN, Jesse 14 TN, Benjamin 11 TN, Mary 9 TN
Dist. 14, page 112A, House 1437 Samuel PRIOR 45 TN, Aney 40 TN, Charlotty Rose 18 TN, Alex Rose 16 TN, Elijah J. 12 TN, Margaret 10 TN, Manerva 5 TN. (Samuel and Annie were in Blount Co. in 1860. In 1840 a James Pryor was counted in Blount Co.- amongst names who appeared on near Samuel Pryor on the 1850 Census: Michel, Archibald Hitch, Benjamin Duncan. Neoma Rose md. Samuel Pryor in Blount Co. on 13 Nov 1846.)

1853 Marriage – Isabella Perkins to P C James 17 Sept 1853 (Pryor C James, Pryor Clark James died in Washington state. Parents recorded on death record as Jesse James and Polly Rooker)

1860 Census Blount Co., TN

Dist 10, Louisville Twp., page 76a, house 7 H. Talbot Cox 44 merchant TN, Lucy A. 38 TN, Nathaniel H. 10 TN, Eliza O 8 TN, John C. 6 TN, Mary F. 4 TN, Sarah E. 3 TN, Charles C. 1 TN, Peter Nance 86 VA, William Goodlin 21 clerk TN, George M. Goodlin 17 TN. (Peter Nance widow of Mary Pryor of Botetourt Co., VA. Peter is on the 1860 Census also in Knox Co., TN)
Dist 10, Louisville Twp., page 76a, house 8 Nancy Cox 55 TN,

13th Dist., Ellajoy PO., page 114A, house 837/837 Saml. [Samuel] PRIOR 56 laborer $100, Anna 54, Margarett 13, Howard 11 (No places of birth are stated on this entry. Samuel and family are on the 1850 Census in Blount Co.)
Dist. 13, Ellajoy PO, page 104a, house 707 Lydia Graves? 73 NC, David Dixon 44 ??, Betsey 42 ?? (PRYOR), David 18, TN Thomas 14 TN, Ellen 10, David Cutshaw 8, William Cutshaw 6 (David H. Dixon md. Eliza Pryor in Blount Co. on 18 Aug 1864– A.J. Murrin? and Jeff Phelps.)

1870 Census Blount Co., TN
Dist. 13, page 222B, house 149/153 Elizabeth J. Hafely 66 keeping house TN,
Andrew C. 32 farmer labour TN, Charles A. 27 farm labour TN, Margaret PRYOR 24 domestic servant TN (Samuel Pryor & Anna > Margaret Pryor)
House 150/154 Charlotte Delozier (Rose) 35 keeping house TN, Ana M. 2 TN, John 1 TN. (Samuel Pryor & Wife? >Charlotte Pryor. Charlotte Rose Delozier (adopted daughter of Samuel Pryor) and Margaret Pryor above were living in same household in 1900 and recorded as half sisters.)
Dist. 12, Maryville PO, page 208, house 56/58 Samuel PRYOR 50 farm labor TN, Lucinda 40 TN, Sarah Dupes 65 retired house keeper TN, Sarah 7 at home TN.

1880 Census Blount Co., TN
13th Dist., page 186C, house 56 Charlotte (PRYOR) Delozier 43 AL VA TN, Annie M. 11 dau TN TN AL, John A. 10 son TN TN AL, Margaret PRIOR 33 sister TN VA TN. (Samuel Pryor and wifes Anna & Unknownr> Margaret Pryor & Charlotte)
13th Dist., page 186C-D, house 63 Nancy Dupes TN PA VA, Martha A. 12 dau TN, Ann E. 6 dau TN, Mary C. PRIOR dau 17 TN OH TN, William H. PRIOR 23 son in law TN TN TN (William Henry Pryor son of Isaac Pryor and Annie Baker – born Knox Co– per his TN Death Record)
13th Dist., page 184D, house 33 William PRIOR 22 TN TN TN, Mary J. 26 wife TN TN TN, Lucy 4 dau TN, Florence 3 dau TN.
13th Dist., page 184D, house 34 William M. PRYOR 37 TN TN TN, Lucy J. 37 wife TN TN TN, Mary J. 10 dau TN (Possibly son of William Pryor and Lavina Kennedy. They are on the 1870 Census in Knox Co.)

1900 Census Blount Co., TN
13th Dist., page 211b, house 90/93 Charlotte Delozier (PRIOR) Jun. 1836 63 widow (md. 36) 2 children/2 living TN TN TN, Margaret PRIOR half sister June 1847 52 single TN TN TN. (Charlotte Pryor is the daughter of Samuel and a first wife, Margaret is the daugher of Samuel and Anna Pryor.)
13th Dist., page 212a, house 101
Dorcas I. PRIOR 5/1835 65 widow 7 children/6 living TN TN TN, James Asbury grand son 11/1890 9 TN TN TN (Dorcas Isobelle Pryor who was on the 1870 Census in Knox Co. and in 1880 in Sevier Co.)
13th Dist., page 212a, house 103 Link PRIOR 5/1867 33 TN TN TN, Susan wife 10/1876 23, md. 5 yrs. 3 children/2 living TN TN TN, Elizabeth dau ??/1897 3 TN, John son 9/1898 1 TN. (Abraham Lincoln Pryor and family were in Pushmataha Co., OK for the 1910 Census)
13th Dist., page 216b, house 183 Isaac C. PRIOR 2/1862 38 TN TN TN, Mary wife 11/1858 41 md 3 yrs, 1 child/none living TN TN TN. Zephie V. dau 5/1884 16 TN, Anna L. dau 3/1886 14 TN, Dock H. son 5/1887 13 TN, Edgar F. son 1/1889 11 TN, James M. son 12/1890 9 TN, Williaim H. son 8/1892 7 TN, Sherman O. son 7/1894 5 TN. (Isaac Christian Pryor and wife Sarah C. Morton were the parents of William Harvey Pryor born 28 August 1892 per Delayed Birth Certificate filed in 1942)
13th Dist., page 216b, house 184 William H. PRIOR 12/1856 43 TN TN TN, Mary C. wife 12/1862 37, md. 21 yrs. 7 children/7 living TN TN TN, Pearlie Jane dau 8/1880 19 TN, Millard Roy son 9/1882 17 TN, George H. son 5/1885 15 TN, Anna M. dau 12/1887 12 TN, Eddie son 1/1891 9 TN, Nancy L. dau 4/1894 6 TN, Christie M. dau 4/1897 3 TN. (James & Dorcas Pryor of Knox & Sevier Co.>William H. and Isaac Pryor. William Henry Pryor and wife Mary Catharine Dupes.)

1910 Census Blount Co., TN
Dist. 13, Nailscreek Rd., page , house 34 James Townsend 47 (md. 26 yrs.) TN TN TN, Vinnie [PRYOR] wife 49 (9 children, 8 living) TN TN TN, Garfield son 25 TN, Harrison son 19 TN, Lee son 18 TN, Bessie dau 17 TN, Rachel dau 14 TN, Joseph son 11 TN, Nelia dau 7 TN, Dorcus PRYOR mother-in-law 73 widow TN TN TN (Dorcus I. Pryor widow of James Pryor who was on the 1870 Census in Knox Co., TN. Dorcus is on the 1880 Census in Sevier Co., TN)
House 35 Roy PRYOR 26 TN TN TN, Sallie E. wife 24 (md. 3 yrs.) (1 child/1living) TN TN TN , Davis son 2 TN.
District 13, ED#29 house 54 William H. PRYOR 52 (md 29) TN TN TN, Mary C. wife 48 (8 children) TN TN TN, Eddie dau 19 TN, Vinne dau 16 TN, Merla dau 13 TN, Corbin son 6 TN. (James & Dorcas Pryor of Knox & Sevier Co.>William H. and Isaac Pryor)
Not numbered, but appears to be on the same property as William H. Pryor:
Isaac C. PRYOR 48, md 2x, md 12 TN TN TN, Mary P. wife 50 (2 children, none living), TN TN TN, Dock F. son 22 TN, Edgar F. son 20 TN, James M. son 19 TN, William H. son 17 TN, Sherman O. son 16 TN. (James & Dorcas Pryor of Knox & Sevier Co.>William H. and Isaac Pryor)

1920 Census Blount Co, TN
12th Dist., ED#28, page 212a, house 54 Ben Dupes 67 TN TN TN, Dora sister in law 49 widow TN TN TN, Grace niece 17 TN TN TN, Harvy PRYOR nephew 27 TN TN TN, Estal PRYOR niece 25 TN TN TN. (Harvy may be William H. Pryor , son of Isaac Pryor)
13th Dist., ED#29, page 220b, house 36
Isaac C. PRYOR 57 TN TN TN, Sarah E. wife 46 TN TN TN,
13th Dist., ED#29, page 220b, house 37 Edgar F. PRYOR 30 TN TN TN, Pearl wife 28 TN TN TN, Juanita dau 7 TN, Clyde son 5 TN, Marle dau 3 TN, Katharine dau 10/12 TN. (Edgar F., Son of Isaac Pryor)
13th Dist., ED#29, page 221a, house 38 Jim PRYOR 25 TN TN TN, Oma wife 25 TN TN TN, Unis dau 5 TN, Pauline dau 3 TN, Earl W. son 10/12 TN. (Earl Wayne Pryor died April 3, 2010, per obit his parent were James and Naomi Pryor of Nails Creek.)
13th Dist., ED#29, page 221a, house
Charles? McCammon 41 TN TN TN, Leah wife 33 TN TN TN, Hazel dau 12 TN, Mildred dau 11 TN, Fred son 10 TN, Victor son 8 TN, Charalee dau 5 TN, Roy n. 4 TN, William E. son 1 TN, Sherman PRYOR brother in law 25 widow TN TN TN
13th Dist., ED#29, page 229a, house 199 John Delozier 50 TN TN TN, Jenet wife 47 TN TN TN, James son 24 TN, Sarah dau 19 TN, Edward son 13 TN, Geneva dau 11 TN, Hazel dau 9 TN, A.C. son 6 TN, Margaret PRYOR aunt 72 widow TN TN TN. (Margaret daughter of Samuel and Anna Pryor)
13th Dist., ED#29, page 230a, house 218 William PRYOR 63 TN TN TN, Mary R. wife 48 TN TN TN, William Jr. son 16 TN TN TN, John Davis hired hand 21 TN TN TN.
18th Dist., ED#33, page 281B Louis PRYOR 35 KY KY KY, Mabell 30 wife TN KY TN, Paris 9/12 TN, Eveline E. Young aunt 76 TN TN TN (Spicy and William Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Chelsey Pryor & Susan Young>Charles Levander Pryor>Lewis Winfred Pryor & Mable Young)
19th Dist., ED#23, page 5b, house 88, William G. PRYOR 57 TN VA VA, Eva wife 43 GA GA GA, Lida dau 19 AL, Maud dau 16 AL, Kathryn dau 14 AL, John J. son 12 AL, Frank B. son 4 TN.

1930 Census Blount Co., TN
Dist. 28, CD#19, page 6A, house 106 William G. PRYOR 68 (34) TN US US, Eva S. wife 55 (26) GA GA GA, John J. son 22 AL TN GA, Frank R. 15 TN TN GA.
Dist. 21, CD#13th, Uceba Twp., page 16A, house 157 Christian PRYOR 67 (2?) TN TN TN, Sarrah wife 52 (20) TN TN TN
Page 16B, house 159 Floyd PRYOR 42 (22) TN TN TN, Pearl 38 TN TN TN, Juanita dau 17 TN, Clyde son 15 TN, Anna May dau 13 TN, Erma Katherine dau 11 TN, Robert son 9 TN, Norma Leah dau 6 TN.
Page 16B house 160 Jim PRYOR 39 (23) TN TN TN, Naomi wife 35 (20) TN TN TN, Pauline dau 13 TN, Earl son 11 TN, Sam son 8 TN, Junior son 6 TN, Darrell son 3 TN.
Page 17A, house 165 Will H. PRYOR 73 (22) TN TN TN, Mary C. wife 66 (17) TN TN TN, Corbin? son 25 single TN TN TN.
Dist. 20, CD#12, Wildwood, page 3B, house 59 William H. PRYOR Jr. 38 (23) TN TN TN, Estel wife 35 (20) TN TN TN, Dora Dupee? mother in law 57 widow TN TN TN.

Pryor Records from Bradley County

1910 Census Bradley Co., TN

Dist 1, page 34a, house 198, Samuel L. PRYOR 25 md 5 years TN TN TN, Alvin J wife 23 one child TN TN TN, Green H. son 3 TN (This family is on the 1930 Census in Hamilton Co., TN. This is probably the same Samuel who is the son of Ephraim Pryor on the 1900 Census in Marion Co., TN)