Tennessee Counties – C

Records of Campbell County, TN

1850 Census, Campbell Co., TN
17th Sub Division, page 317a, house 553 PRYOR Herrin 29 farmer TN, Margaret 29 MD, Lee Jesse 7 TN, Mary Ann 6 TN, James M 4 TN, Daniel 2 TN, William 9/12 TN (There’s a Pryor Herron in Titus Co., TX in 1855)

1860 Census, Campbell Co., TN

Dist 7, page 465, house 590, PRIOR Herrin 39 farmer TN, Lydia 31 NC, Jessie 18 farm laborer TN, Mary 16 TN, James 14 TN, David 13 TN, William 12 TN, Columbus 9 TN, Ayers 8 TN, Sophira 5 TN, Margaret 4 TN, Olive 2 TN, Thersa Bruce 23 domestic TN.
House 591 Major Bruce 53 TN, Nancy 40 TN, Margaret 19 TN, Lucy 16 TN, ___? female 13 TN, Margaret Stubblefield 32 domestic TN.

1866 Notice – Robert Bruce vs. Pryor Herron. The plaintiff, on affidavit, says the defendant is indebted to him and so absconds that the ordinary process cannot be served upon him, having obtained an attachment against the estate of the defendant, returnable before me, and the same having been levied on his property: It is ordered by me that publication be made in Brownlow’s Whig for four successive weeks, notifying said Pryor Herron to appear before me at my office in the 8th Civil District of Campbell County, on the 30th day of June, 1866, to defend said suit, or the cause will be proceeded with exparte.
(Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig, 20 June 1866. Also a notice of Andy Harmon Vs. Pryor Herron)

1910 Census Campbell Co., TN
Woolbridge, Dist 48, page 5a, house 26 James Brown 37 (md 15 yrs) KY KY KY, Vina (PRYOR) wife 35 TN TN TN, Ethel dau 14 TN, Bessie dau 10 KY, Gertrude dau 9 KY, G—-? (Jennings) son 6 KY. (This family is on the 1900 Census in Whitley Co., KY. James Brown and second wife are on the 1920 Census in Vincennes, Knox Co., IN)

Records of Cannon County

1880 Census Cannon Co, TN
Dist. 5 Page 519B, house 60 James L. PRYOR 47 TN VA TN, Mary E. wife 45 TN VA TN, Charlie son 17 TN, Samuel son 13 TN, Lucy L. dau 10 TN, Maima dau 7 TN. (James L. Pryor who married Mary E. Winston in Rutherford Co., TN. James was on the 1850 Census in Rutherford Co.)
Dist. 5, page 520C, house 61 George M. Lorance 26 farmer TN TN TN, Nanny B. (PRYOR) 19 wife TN TN TN, Leslie B. 2 daughter TN TN TN.

1884 Marriage – J M. Justice married Sinnie PRYOR 26 January 1884.

1900 Census Cannon Co., TN
5th Dist., page 50, house 146 James L. PRYOR 12/1830 69 md. 49 yrs., TN VA TN farmer, Mary E. wife 5/1833 67 8 children/4 living TN VA NC, Lucy L. dau 11/1869 30 TN, Nannie O. dau 4/1872 28 TN, Henry C.? son 6/1890 9 TN (James Luellen Pryor and Mary E. Winston)
5th Dist., page 50, house 147 George M. Lorance June 1858 45 md. 23 TN TN TN, Nannie (PRYOR) wife July 1860 39 TN TN TN, James M. son Oct. 1880 19 TN, Albert E. son May 1883 17 TN, Sannie May dau Dec. 1885 14 TN, George W. son Aug 1888 11 TN, Jesse son Jun 1891 9 TN, Addy dau Mar. 1893 7 TN, William son May 1895 5 TN, Foster son Nov. 1897 TN, Norah dau Apr. 1900 2/12 TN. (George M. Lorance married Nannie B. Prior 21 Nov 1876 in Cannon Co., TN)
5th Dist., page 51, house 169 Josie PRYOR 6/1867 32 widow 7 children/4 living TN TN TN farmer, Zula dau 12/1887 12 TN TN TN , Ester dau 6/1896 3 TN TN TN, Bertha dau 7/1897 2 TN TN TN, Abner Lorance brother 4/1875 25 TN TN TN , James Lorance brother 9/1880 19 TN TN TN (Josie Pryor is on the 1920 Census in Warren Co., TN)

1910 Census Cannon Co., TN
5th Dist, page 127A, Short Mountain Rd., house 79/79 George M. Lorance head 55 (md. 33) TN TN TN, Nannie E. age? (md. 33) 12 children/11 living TN TN TN, Addie L. dau 17 TN, Willie B. son 15 TN, Foster W. son 12 TN, Nora O. dau 10 TN, Holt P. son
4 TN, Mary E. PRYOR mother in law 76 widow 7 children/2 living TN VA NC. (Mary E.
Winston Pryor, widow of James L. Pryor of Cannon Co.)

Records of Carroll County, TN

1900 Census Carroll Co., TN
18th Dist., page 192b, house 245 John E. PRYOR 10/1845 54 NC SC NC, Lula A. wife 5/1864 36 TN TN TN md. 20 yrs, 7 children/6 living. Robt. (Robert) C. son 11/1882 17 TN, Walter son 3/1885 15 TN, Hattie L. dau 3/1887 13 TN, Cecil V. dau 4/1889 11 TN, Bertha D. dau 3/1894 6 TN, Minnie W. 3/1896 4 TN.

Records of Carter County, TN

1850 Census Carter Co., TN
House 675 Pryor Garland 46 carpenter TN, Margaret 37 NC, Malinda 16 TN, Isaac 15 TN, Wiley 13 TN, Samuel 9 TN, Bennet 6 TN, John 5 TN, Elizabeth 2 TN
House 676 Tabitha Garland 77 NC, Elizabeth 32 TN, Tabitha A. 11 TN, Eliza J Harrison 23 KY, (one research posted online that Lewis Garland b. Wilkes Co., NC married Tabitha Pryor b. NC. )

Records of Cheatham County, TN

1860 Census Cheatham Co., TN (formerly part of
Davidson Co.)
Dist. 1, Page 39 Mary TAYLOR 51 VA, Mary Jr. 26 TN, J. P. Taylor 25 (male) TN.(Widow and daughter of Chesley Taylor. Chesley was brother of Spicy and Massey Taylor Pryor)

1880 Census Cheatham Co., TN
Dist. 1 House 81 G B Allen 43 TN NC NC , Mary <TAYLOR> 47 TN TN VA, Berry 18, Mary 16, Zana 13, Martha 11, Orlie 8 dau, Florie 5 dau
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Chesley Taylor>Mary Taylor Allen)
House 82 J E TAYLOR 45 TN VA VA, M. H. 38, Catherine 18, Chesley 16, Josephine 15, Lutitia 14, Harriet 11, Jennie 9, Tommy 5, Walter 3, Alice 4/12
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Chesley Taylor>John Edward “JE” Taylor)

Records of Claiborne County, TN

1850 Census Claiborne Co., TN

Page 276b, house 481 PRIOR Adams 51 VA, Elizabeth 46 TN, Mary 11 TN, Emily 8 TN, Susan 5 TN
Page 286a, house 675 Pryor Garland 46 carpenter TN, Margaret Garland 36, Malinda Garland 16, Isaac Garland 15, Wiley Garland 13, Samuel Garland 9, Bennet Garland 6, John Garland 3, Elizabeth Garland 2 (Possibly full name Isaac Pryor Garland… Isaac Garland listed as father on Wiley Garland’s death record in Knox Co., KY)
Page 286a, house 676 Tabitha Garland 77 NC, Elizabeth Garland 32 TN, Tabitha A. Garland 11 TN, Eliza J Harrison 23 KY
Page 288a, house 703 Samuel Day 50 VA, Winny 46 VA, William 24 TN, PRIOR Day 21 TN, John 18 TN, Lewis 17 TN, Samuel 15 TN, George 13 TN, James 10 TN, Newton 7 TN (Find A Grave memorial for Prior L Day, possible namesake politician Prior Lea).
Page 300b, house 869 Abner Cloud 59 TN, Polly 46 TN, Samuel Cloud teacher 21 TN, Pryor L. Cloud 20 laborer TN, Benjamin Cloud 17 TN

Records of Clay County, TN

1880 Census Clay Co., TN
10th Dist, house 190 James Bruington 30 TN TN TN, Fina 64 mother TN TN TN, Blessing Bruington 87 gr-mother VA VA VA, Reuben 26 brother TN, Elizabeth 21 sister TN, William W 18 brother TN. (Blessed Bruington was the widow of James Bruington Sr. She filed for his 1812 pension in 1888, the application was witnessed by William H Pryor and John M Hummel.)
10th Dist., house 191 William H PRYOR 46 farmer TN TN TN, Rutha 47 wife KY VA VA, Nancy Bruington 22 daughter TN, John PRYOR 20 son TN, Wilborn 15 son TN, Robt M 12 son TN, Alice M. 10 dau TN, Lurana Bruington 2 grand-daughter TN
10th Dist., house 193 James Dial 26 TN TN TN, Mary L 22 wife TN, Luella 2 daughter TN, Leona E 2/12 (Mar) daughter TN (James Dial died in 1938–his death record states his mother was Rutha Dial, however no father’s name is recorded)
10th Dist., house 194 John Hummel 47 farmer TN PA VA, Judith H (PRYOR) 82 mother VA VA VA, William C 17 son TN (John McDonald Hummel died in 1915– his death record states his mother was Judie Pryor born in East Tenn and his father was William Huston Hummel born in Virginia.)

1900 Census Clay Co., TN
9th Dist. House 71 Nancy J PRYOR, Jun 1858, 42, Wd, 4 ch./2 living, TN TN TN, William, Nov 1883, 16, TN, Gilbert H, Nov 1889, 10, TN.(On the 1910 Census Nancy Pryor’s marital status is listed as “divorced”. Nancy J. Pryor daughter of William H. Pryor and Rutha Dial, md. J. B. Bruington on 6/10/1876. Nancy Jane Pryor and Buck Brewington were the parents of William Com Pryor and probably John Anderson Pryor too. Her sons appear to have used her maiden name after her divorce.)
House 82 John PRYOR 10/1859 40 md. 16 yrs TN TN TN, Arma wife M?/1865 35 (5/5) TN TN TN, Mary J. dau 10/1885 14 TN, James B. Baker son 3/1880 20 TN, John T. PRYOR son 1/1888 12 TN, William J. son 5/1891 9 TN, Luther M. son M?/1895 6 TN. (William H. Pryor & Rutha Dial>John Pryor & Armitage Conner)
11th Dist., House 147 Robert M. PRYOR 5/1868, Martha J. wife 2/1881 <2 lines for children appear on the census, but the writing is obscured by celaphane tape.> (William H. Pryor & Ruth Dial>Robert Milton Pryor)

1910 Census Clay Co., TN
ED#5 , House 54 Charles L. PRYOR 54 md 2 TN TN TN, Fannie J. wife 40 TN TN TN,
Maynard S. 6 TN, Nora A ?/12 TN. (Spicy & Wm
Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Charles Levander Pryor & Fannie/Frances Jane second wife)
ED#7, House 125 Gilbert PRYOR 21 md 4 yrs TN TN TN, Ethel wife 21 (2/1) TN TN TN, Laura A. dau 11/12 TN, Nancy J. (PRYOR) mother 50 divorced (4/4) TN TN TN. (Nancy J. Pryor daughter of William H. Pryor and Rutha Dial, md. J. B. Bruington
on 6/10/1876. Nancy Jane Pryor and Buck Brewington were the parents of William Com Pryor and probably John Anderson Pryor too. Her sons appear to have
used her maiden name after her divorce.)

1930 Census Clay Co., TN
Page 13A, William R. PRYOR 35 (md. 25) TN TN TN, laborer, Clara A. 25 (md. 24) OK TN TN, Herman H. son 9 TN, Jessie L. dau 4 1/12 TN, Floyd H. son 4 1/12 TN, Edward son 5/12 TN (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor and Susan Young>John Pryor & Mary Eliza Beaty>William Allen Pryor & Clara or Clura Sells)

Records of Cocke County, TN

1787 Church RecordMourning Pryor charter member of Big Pidgeon Ridge Baptist Church in Cocke Co., TN – per church minutes.

1850 Census, Cocke Co., TN – Town of Newport
Page 344B, house 12 Thomas PRYOR 36 carpenter TN, Margaret J.
35 TN, John C. 8 TN, Thomas D. 7 TN, Virginia 5 TN, William 3 TN, Smith 2/12
TN, John W. Stubblefield 24 carpenter TN, William C. Dobbins 18 carpenter
TN, Newton Hammons 19 carpenter TN, Margaret Davenport 13 IN. (This family was counted in Knox Co. in 1840 and in Jefferson Co., TN in 1860.
Thomas Pryor of Cocke Co., Henry Pryor in Sullivan Co. and Andrew John Pryor
in Jefferson Co. are possibly kin and sons or grandsons of John Pryor born
about 1757 in England and counted on the 1840 Census in Sullivan Co., TN and
1850 in Jefferson Co., TN.)

Records of Cumberland County, TN

1900 Census Cumberland Co., TN
13th Dist., house 350, sheet 17B John H. PRYOR 10/1867 32 md 13 yrs. TN TN TN contractor, Frances S. wife 4/1869 31 VA VA VA, Grace A. dau 1/1890 10 TN, Lillie M. dau 5/1892 8 TN, William G. son 7/1898 1 TN. Crit Daly boarder 2/1883 17 TN TN VA. (Grace A. married a Russell.)