Tennessee Counties – F

Pryor Records from Fayette County

1830 Census Fayette Co., TN
Page 30, Absalom PRYOR 021101-210001 (Absolom Bostic Pryor was counted on the 1850 Census in Johnson Co., AR. His wife was Sarah Wood. On the 1830 Census he is recorded next to Blunt Woods. Five know children of Absolom B. Pryor born before 1830 are known: William, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and possibly Metricia born in 1830 or 1831)

1870 Census Fayette Co., TN
LaGrange Twp., page 442, house, house 534 David PRYOR 35 black TN, Susan 24 black TN, Mary 1 black VA.

1880 Census Fayette County, TN
5th Dist., page 27a, house 300 Zack Bland (bl) 38 TN VA VA, Kittie (bl) wife 37 TN VA VA, Nancy (bl) dau 16 TN, Emiline PRIOR (bl) mother in law 60 VA VA VA.
13th Dist., page 463a, house ?? Davy PRYER (bl) 40 farmer VA VA VA, Clara 25 wife VA VA VA, Edmond son 13 TN, Harriet dau 10 TN, Narcisie dau 8 TN, William son 7 TN, Mollie dau 6 TN, Susan dau 5 TN.

Pryor Records from Fentress County

1860 Census Fentress Co., TN
Dist 1, House 149 William Gunter 50, Cynthia 50, George W. 20, Lucinda 17, John 16, William 14, Mary 8, Eliza PRIER 28, Samantha E.PRIER 5, Melissa E. PRIER 4. (See 1870 Census… Eliza and children are the wife and children of Edward Pryor of Overton Co. It is speculated that Edward is a son of William and Spicy Pryor)
House 150 Thomas Huddleston and family
House 151 John Huddleston 77 VA (In 1850 Huddlestons were near Edward & Eliza Pryor in Clinton Co., KY.)
Dist 11
House 8 Louisa Garrett 60 NC, Campbell Bird 29, Hannah <Garrett> 25 TN,
Lewis 1 (Hannah married a second time to Henry Jackson PRYOR (son of Overton Pryor). Her son Lewis from first husband Campbell Bird has been confused as a son of
Henry Jackson Pryor)

1870 Census Fentress Co., TN
House 29 Chesley PRIAR 57, Susan 41, Parker 17, Van 15, John 10, Clementine 9
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Spicy Taylor & William Pryor> Chesley Pryor)
Dist 6
page 561
, House 85: Eliza PRYOR 34 TN, Lucinda 7 TN, William 5 TN, Hannah F. 2 TN (Probably Eliza Knight Pryor, wife of Edward Pryor)
Dist 11
House 7 Jackson PRYOR 27, Hannah <Garrett> 30, Lewis 11, Martha 5, James
1, Louisa Garrett 80 (Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Spicy Taylor & William Pryor> Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor. Louisa Garrett is the mother Hannah Garrett. Lewis is Hannah’s son from marriage to Campbell Bird)
House 8 Stephen Garrett 45 <Hannah Garrett’s brother?>, Artema 39, Anna 19,
Polly 17, Maggie 15, Elijah 12, Sarah 10, Abram 8, William 6, Anaheim 5, Bud 2,
Sis 2

1880 Census Fentress Co., TN
Dist 11

House 100 Charles PRIAR 25, Elizabeth 26, James M. 4, William C. 2, (Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Spicy Taylor & William Pryor>Chesley>Charles Levander Pryor)
House 101 Parker PRIAR 27, Mary 30, John M. 5, Susanah 3, Thomas 2, Matilda 7/12 (Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Spicy Taylor & William Pryor>Chesley>Parker)

1910 Census Fentress Co., TN
House 15 Parker Y. PRYOR 57 md 4 yrs TN TN TN, Arba Jane wife 48 (1/0) TN TN
TN, Milligan 17 TN.(Spicey & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Young Pryor
Y Arba Jane Bowden)

House 76 Allen Beaty 37 md 3 yrs TN TN TN, Mary J. wife 36 (7/7) TN TN TN, Henry G.
son ?/12 TN, James K son 1 TN, Cordell PRYOR step-son 12 TN, Tilda A. PRYOR step-dau 11 TN, Sherman PRYOR step-son 8 TN, Cansada PRYOR 6 step-dau TN, Leonard E. PRYOR step-son 5 TN (Ancestry.com tree shows Mary Ann Claiborne md Joe Pryor then Allen Beaty, dau Tilda was known as Abbie and born on 4/22/1899, son
Sherman Pryor was born 9/14/1901 and died in 1966 in Byrdstown, Pickett Co.)

1920 Census Fentress Co., TN
Dist. 1House 199 Parker Y. PRYOR 67 TN TN TN, Arba Jane 52 wife.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor)
Dist 2 Page12A&B, House 216/219 L. E. Clayborn 72 TN TN TN, Annie wife 57 KY KY KY, Donnie dau 19 TN, Ocie son 18 TN, Calvin son 17 TN, Rosetta dau 14, Leonard PRYOR son 15 TN TN TN. (Leonard Pryor,son of Mary Ann Claiborne and Joe Pryor. See 1910 Census Fentress Co.,ED 19)
Dist 4, ED#20
Page 15A, House 258 Walter A. Garrett 25, Ida wife 23, Panzy dau 6, Cord E. son
5, Pearl N. dau 3. Arbie H. son 2, Robert PRYOR boarder 33 widow. (Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>John Pryor>Robert Lincoln Pryor)

1930 Census Fentress Co., TN – Dist. 1
House 178 Martha PRYOR 61 TN VA TN, Arthur 20 TN TN TN, Coy 18 TN TN TN
(Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor & Martha Shoemaker.)

Records From Franklin County, Tennessee

Franklin County was formed out of parts of Rutherford Co. and lost land to form Coffee County.

1812 Tax List Franklin County, TN – John PRIER

1818 Deed – Christopher Bullard to John C. Pryor. 17 July 1818. Bullard noted as the father of Ann E. Pryor, wife of John C. Pryor. Parcel in Winchester near Jame Estill’s house. Wits: J. N. Robertson, J. C. Isaacs. Book F, page 67.

1819 Petition for Divorce – Captain Hardy Doyle asking for a divorce from his wife,  Betsy E. Doyle. Named in petition: Samuel H. Doyle. Statements by Leo C. Tarrent, Samuel B. Moore, Nathaniel Hunt, James H.
Bradford, John C. PRYOR, William M. Rains, Isaac Estill, James & Polly Russey, Robert Sharp, Thomas Hill, William Brittain, H. M. Davidson, & Daniel Eaves also included.

1820 Census Franklin Co., TN
John C. PRYOR 00001-001

1823 Land Grant –
Isaac Thomas granted 70 acres in 2nd Dist. on the Elk River, bordered by Sampson Reese 100 acre tract, David Ross 1550 acre tract, line of Sampson Reese 24 acre grant, near David Ross 520 acre tract. (this is probably the David Ross who ran an iron foundry during the American Revolution in VA and NC. There and multiple land grants of thousands of acres in Franklin County and Rutherford County where his NC Land Warrant #1692 was reassigned to others)

1824 Power of Attorney in NELSON COUNTY, KY Austin F. Hubbard of Winchester, Franklin County, TN “for divers good causes & considerations me hereunto moving have made” appointed John C. Pryor of the Town of Winchester my true and lawful attorney for me. “My father Austin Hubbard who died in Bards Town in the State of Kentucky some time in the year 1823.” My attorney “to see out my interest in the estate of my father.” Signed 24 February 1824. Recorded February session 1824 by Edmund Russell clerk of the court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for Franklin County. Recorded in Nelson county on 22 October 1824. (Nelson County Deed Book 16, Pages 336-339)

1829 TN Supreme Court Case –
Thomas T. Napier v. Samuel Elam, et al. Names Nicholas B Pryor , Calvin Morgan, Gideon Morgan, and Rufus Morgan (Nicholas is possibly the brother of John C Pryor on the 1820 Census. See Davidson Co., TN. This decision appears to be the result of a suit noticed in the Nashville Whig in 1824)

1840 Census Franklin Co., TN
page 27, Thomas M. PRYOR 200201-00011
(Thomas M. Pryor born in Ireland is on the 1850 Census in Franklin Co., TN. Pryor isn’t on the 1830 Census, yet Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of …, Volume 8 By Tennessee. Supreme Court, West Hughes Humphreys indicates he was engaged in business in Winchester, Tn since 1826.)

1842 Letter to Hon. Isaac Van Zandt, a native of Franklin County, on his appointment as representative of the Republic of Texas. Signed by T M PRYOR (The Tennessean, 28 Nov 1842)

1850 Census Franklin Co., TN
Dist. 1., page 1a, house 2/2 Thomas M. PRYOR 50 clerk Ireland, Nancy 40 TN, William J. 13 TN, James Jones 11 TN, Mary C. 6 TN, Catharine Dardy 26 TN, Louisa Simmons 13 TN. (slaves: males 0/females 2) (T. M. Pryor was listed as the census enumerator at the top of the page.T. M. Pryor had 2 slaves per 1850 Slave Schedule. Census record states that Louisa Simmons was attending school which may indicate
she was a relative rather than a domestic servant).

1860 Census Franklin Co., TN
Dist. 1, Winchester PO., page 71A, house 53 Thomas M. PRYOR 55 boarding house Ireland, Nancy 50 TN, Mary 15 TN, Noah Crane 29 cigar maker NJ, Ezra Crane 44 silver plater NJ, John F. Vaughn 24 master tinner AL, Frank Whitey (Whitney?) 25 cigar maker PA, Anna M. 23 PA, Clara R. 1 NJ (In 1860 sons William J. and James J. were living in Nashville and working as clerks.)

1870 Census Franklin Co., TN
Dist. 1, page 23A, house 360/360 Thomas M. PRYOR 64 judge $400/$500 Ireland, Nancy 60 TN.
Dist. 1., Decherd PO, page 27, house 473 W. J. PRYOR 32 r.r. agent TN, Jenny 21 TN, James 2 TN, Bessie 8/12 (b. Oct) TN. (William J. Pryor who married Jennie Estill 1867 in Franklin Co. They are on the 1880 Census in Bexar Co., TX)
Dist. 2. Winchester PO, page 33, house 10/11 D. H. Laughton 36 IL…living in household Ann PRYOR 34 black cook TN.

1880 Census Franklin Co., TN
Winchester, page 7A, house 89 J. C. Garner (male) 43 merchant TN TN NC KY, M.C. 33 wife TN IRE TN, N. P. 13 dau TN, Beulah 11 dau TN, Nancy PRYOR 73 mother widow TN IRE VA. (Nancy Pryor is the widow of Thomas M. Pryor from Ireland)

1910 Census Franklin Co., TN
Winchester, sheet 16b, house 315 Bird Hunt? 22 (mu) TN TN TN, Emmie wife 18 (mu) AL TN TN, Frank Brazelton step son 5 (mu) TN AL TN, Jamimah (Jemmimah?) PRYOR mother 46 (mu) widow 3 children/2 living TN TN TN