Tennessee Counties – G

Pryor Records from Gibson County, TN

1850 Census Gibson Co., TN
Dist. 6, page 215b, house 1271 Burgess Robinson 49 TN,
Elizabeth (PRYOR?) 48 NC, James 20 VA, John 18 TN, Sarah 16 TN, Andrew 14 TN,
Catherine 8 TN, Mary 6 TN. (Burgess Robertson md. Elizabeth Pryor in 12/13/1827 in Williamson Co., TN. Is the same couple?)
House 1271 David Robinson 22 TN, Nancy 21 TN, Mary 1, Rhoda Burgess 16 TN

1930 Census Gibson Co., TN
Dist. 5, Humboldt Twp., page 12B,
house 837
R. H. Meddows 48 (19) TN TN TN, Leona wife 47 (17) TN , Ethel dau 26 single TN , Robert son 21 TN , ???? dau 20 TN, George son 15 TN, Theda dau 13 TN, Jimmie son 7 TN, Elizabeth PRYOR mother in law 67 widow TN TN TN, Aloa Meddows niece 22 single TN TN TN.
CD#. 12, ED#22, page 10B, house
James H. Williams 54 (23) TN TN TN, Gillie A. wife 48 (17) TN TN TN, Odell dau 15 TN, Ivey L. PRYOR dau 18 widow TN, Sydney L. PRYOR grandson 4/12 TN TN TN, Margarett Williams mother 77 (23) widow TN NC NC.

Pryor Records from Giles County, TN

1830 Census Giles Co., TN
page 137 Dan’l C. PREYOR 0111201-10000001

1850 Census Giles Co., TN
Dist. 5, Page 97A, House 81 Henry N. PRIOR 33 blacksmith TN, Susan 32, Eliza Jane 11 TN, George W. 10, Grisey M 9 TN, Nancy H. 8 TN, Aaron L. 5 TN, Mary Ann 3 TN, Allen R. 1 TN, John A. laborer 19 TN. (Tandy Pryor>Henry Pryor & Susan Taylor. Henry N. and family are on the 1860 Census in Giles Co. Susan Prior and family are on the 1870 Census in Pope Co., AR.)

1860 Census Giles Co., TN
Page 46B, Northern Div., House 637 John PRYOR 27 blacksmith TN, Sarah J. 29 TN, Martin 8 TN, Mary A. 6 TN, John B. 4 TN, Robert D. 2 TN.
Page 59A, Northern Div., House 811 M. L. Wisdom 25 farmer TN, Jane
(PRYOR) 21 TN, John 3 TN, Babe (male) 1 TN.
Page 60B, Northern
Div., House 838
H. N. PRYOR 44 blacksmith TN, Susan 40 TN, Arol L. 16 TN, Mary A. 14 TN, Rufus A. 12 TN, Susan F. 8 TN, Louisa 4 TN, Samuel G. 20 TN, Ann 17 TN (Census indicates that Samuel and Ann were married within the year. Henry N. Pryor and wife Susan were on the 1850 Census in Giles Co. Susan and daughter Eliza Jane Wisdom are on the 1870 & 1880 Census in Pope Co., AR Daughter Mary Ann married Presley Dickey and is in Newton Co., AR in 1870).
Page 64B, Northern Div., House 892 David Petty 23 TN, Meandis (PRYOR)
20 TN.(David Petty and Grissy Meandris Pryor, daughter of 
Henry N. Pryor and wife Susan, married 1860.)
Page 99b, Linnville PO, house 1409 Wm. Hart 60 farmer NC, Mary A. 45 NC, W. P. (m) 13 TN, Mary E. 13 TN, Louisa J. 10 TN, James S. 5 TN, Louisa PRYOR 55 domestic

1870 Census Giles Co., TN
Dist. 13. House 257 George W. PRYOR 30 blacksmith TN, Eliza A. 28 TN, Willie J. 4 TN, Mary A. 2/12 (Mar. 1870) TN.
Dist. 19. House 99 John G. PRYOR 35 blacksmith TN, Sally J. 36 TN, Henry M. 14 TN, Mary A. 13 TN, John V. 11 TN, Jefferson 10 TN, George W. 8 TN, Aaron L. 5 TN (Death record of George Washington Pryor born 9 Jul 1861 states his parents as John V. Pryor and Anna).

1880 Census Giles Co., TN
Dist 5, page 83A William J. PRYOR 51 farmer TN NC NC, Paulina wife 51 TN ?? TN (Paulina Pryor and William J. Pryor were on the 1860 Census in Lawrence Co., TN, 1870 Census in Hamilton Co., IN and 1880-1900 in Giles Co., TN.)
Dist 5., Page 83A Joseph Cross and family… Lindsey PRYOR 16 farm laborer TN TN TN. (Aaron Lindsey Pryor son of John G. Pryor)
Dist.5, page 90a, house 24 Benj. Brashears 66 TN SC SC, Frances (PRYOR) 58 TN ?? SC, Nathan 19 son TN, Dicie Manuel 84 mother in law NC ?? ?? (Frances Pryor Brashears is the daughter of Thompson Pryor and Dicy Tripp. Dicy Manuel is the widow of Thompson Pryor and Payton Manuel)
Dist. 18, page 344a, house 81 James Madison 35 farmer TN, Elizabeth Myers 55 mother TN AL AL, Martha M. sister 32 TN, Ellen? E. sister 27 TN, George W. brother 26 TN, Nancy L. sister 18 TN, George W. PRYOR 19 servant TN TN TN. (George Pryor is the son of John and Sally Pryor on the 1870 Census in Giles Co., TN)
Dist. 19 Page 365C John. V. PRYOR 22 TN TN TN, Rebecca wife 19 AL MO AL, Jeff D. Pryor brother 20 TN, Henry brother 25 TN. (John G. Pryor & Sally>John V. and Jefferson D. Pryor. John V. Pryor married Rebecca Ann Pitts on July 20, 1879 in Giles Co., TN)
Dist. 19, Page 365D, House 154 Elizabeth PRYOR 26 TN TN TN, Cornelius 4 son “scrofula” TN, Martha 3 dau TN, James 2 son TN.
Pulaski Twp.Page 126B James G. McKissack 56 NC NC NC, Sylvina wife 58 ME ME ME, Ed F. son 25 TN, Mary dau 22 TN, Lucy J. PRYOR dau 30 TN, J. M. PRYOR gr-son 5 TN FL TN, Archie PRYOR gr-son 2 TN FL TN. (A. M. Pryor md. Lucy J. McKissack 12 Feb. 1873 in Giles Co. Their son Archie is on the 1900 Census in Las Animas Co., CO. Archibald M. Pryor Sr. born 1847 in LA or FL was the son of David C. Pryor and Emily McKissack on the 1850 Census in Desoto Co., MO)
Dist. 19., Page 368A, Rufus PRYOR 30 farmer TN TN NC, Mary wife 40 TN TN TN, Sarah 12 dau TN, Nancy 10 dau TN, Alice 7 dau TN. (Rufus A. Prior md. Mary Jane Hardin 24 Mar. 1867 in Giles Co.)

1900 Census Giles Co., TN
Bodenham, page 68, Henry N. PRYOR 5/1855 45, Margaret wife 2/1866 34 5 children/5 living, James W. son 7/1890 9, Harvey P. son 5/1892 8, Mayland son 3/1896 4, Annie M. dau 4/1898 2, Cornelius brother 9/1875 24 (All birthplaces on this page are recorded as unknown– it looks like the census taker may have gotten rushed or had forgotten to ask).
5th Dist, page 83a, house 109/111 William J PRYOR 51 farmer TN NC NC, Paulina 51 TN ?? TN, Thomas J Owens 25 farm laborer TN NC TN, Amanda 23 “wife of Owens” TN NC TN.
18th Dist., page 287, house 108 W. Brashears 1/1842 58 md. 26 yrs. TN Unk Unk, Nellie wife 11/1845 54 7 children/ 7 living TN TN TN, Nettie dau 2/1882 18 TN, Berry F. son 10/1886 13 TN, Thomas head 2/1878 22 TN, Sallie wife 8/1874 25 md. 1 yrs. no children, Polina PRYOR mother in law 3/1829 71 md. 26 yrs. 6 children/2 living TN TN TN. (Paulina Pryor widow of William J. Pryor who was on the 1860 Census in Lawrence Co., TN, 1870 Census in Hamilton Co., IN and 1880-1900 in Giles Co., TN. William John Pryor md. Martha M. Brashears)
19th Dist., page 292a, house 4, Aaron L. PRIER 5/1864 36 widow TN TN TN, blacksmith. Mary A. dau 12/1891 8 TN, Robert W. son 7/1893 6 TN, Kitty H. dau 3/1895 4 TN, Vern? Richardson boarder 8/1874 25 TN TN TN.(Aaron L. is the son of John G. Pryor, Aaron is in Maury Co., in 1910 and in Giles Co., in 1930. Death record for Robert Whittaker Prier d. 1943 states his father was A L Prier and mother Myrtle Peden)
19th Dist., page 293a, house 27 Geo. W. PRIER 7/1861 38 TN TN TN grocer, Anna E. wife 1/1876 24 (md. 9 yrs.) (5 children/2 living) TN TN TN, Samuel P. son 9/1894 5 TN, Edna dau 8/1897 2 TN.
19th Dist., page 293b, house 36 Jefferson PRIER 2/1865 35 TN TN TN teamster.

1910 Census Giles Co., TN
Dist. 19, page 80a, House 52 Jefferson PRIER 42 TN TN TN wagoner.
Pulaski 7th CD., Dist. 22, page 144a, House 568 James Hawkins (bl) 24 widow TN TN TN laborer odd jobs, Oceloa son 5 TN TN TN, Elmira PRIOR (bl) mother in law 69 widow TN TN VA.

1920 Census Giles Co., TN
Page 281b, Dist. 19, House 43/43 Aaron L. PRIER 55 TN TN TN, Ethel L. wife 35 TN TN TN, Kittie H. daughter 24 TN TN TN, Willie L. son 15 TN, Lula daughter 14 TN, Clyde U. son 12 TN, Wilber Lofton son 10 TN, Helen dau 7 TN, Eugene H. son 6 TN, Edith dau 3 TN, Henry M. son 2 TN, Darnell grandson 1 TN. (Aaron L. Pryor son of John G. pryor is on the 1910 Census in Maury Co., TN)

Records of Grainger County, TN

1840 Census Grainger Co., TN
Pryor Biber 0001001 – 00121001
Pryor Nance 10001- 10001 (on the same page
William Nance, James Hankins Sr, Edward Hankins)

1850 Census Grainger Co.,

Dist 7, page 53b, house 764 PRIOR Nance 32 TN, Mary 32 TN, Jane 12 TN, Calvin 10 TN, Preston 8 TN, Peyton 7 TN, Sarah A. 6 TN, Reuben 5 TN, Mary 1 TN.

Dist. 11, Page 83A, House 1185 John PRYOR 52 VA, Rebecca 34 NC, William M. 16 NC, George W. 14 NC, Vincent? R. 12, Mary A., 7 NC, John B. 4 NC, Amanda M. 2 NC. (Vincent Pryor is in Jefferson Co., TN in 1870-1900)
Dist. 14, page 120a, house 1690 PRYOR Mynatt 32 wagon maker TN, Sarah 29 TN, Emily A. 9 TN, Mary J. 7 TN, John H. 6 TN, Linville 4 TN, Wyatt B. 1 TN, Wm. Divatt 27 farmer TN. (This family is on the 1860 Census in Knox Co., TN) 
Dist 14, page 123b, house 1739 William P McBee 47 TN, Nancy 40 TN, Elmira 19 TN, Tabitha 15 TN, William 14 TN, Susanna 12 TN, Anderson 11 TN, Harriet E 9 TN, Winny 7 TN, Doctor C 6 TN, John H 4 TN, Sarah M 2 TN, John H 5/12 TN. (William Pryor McBee b.1803, son of Israel McBee and Nancy Hale)
Dist. 14, page 12b, House 1763 John C. Baker 30 farmer TN… living in household Peter Murser (Mercer) 16 laborer, TN. (Peter Mercer possibly married Tibitha Pryor… see 1870 Census)

1860 Census Grainger Co., TN
Dist 8, page 466b, house 903 PRYOR P Nance 44 farmer TN, Mary 43 TN, Preston 19 TN, Paton 17 TN, Sarah A 15 TN, Reuben 13 TN, Mary 10 TN, William 7 TN, Newton 5 TN, Jefferson 2 TN

1870 Census Grainger Co., TN
Powder Springs Gap PO, Dist. 13, page 144a, house 7 Peter Messer (Mercer)
36 farm laborer TN, Tibitha (PRYOR) 26 TN, Mary 14 TN, Tilda 12 TN, Prior
Lee 10 TN, James 9 TN, Sarah 6 TN, William 4 TN, Peter 3 TN, Elizabeth 11/12
(July 1869) TN (This family is on the 1860 Census in Union
Co., TN and in 1880 they were in Bledsoe Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Greene County, TN

Originally Greene County, NC and Washington County, NC, this area was noted for the “over mountain men”

1779 Land Record – Washington County NC –
State of No Carolina Washington County January the 9th 1779. To the Surveyor of Green County, Greeting. You are hereby req’d to ad—- and lay off according to law tow hundred acres of land for Benjamin Gist including the uppper cane brake onthe main fork of little Chucky fomeraly called Sharky’s Camp. Given at office this 13th day of April 1789. J. Carter, E T. 200 Adcres surveyed for Joseph Pryor by Joseph Hardis 14th Augt 1789

1783 Tax List – Richard Pryor and John Pryor are names on Tax List. Extracted by C. Hammett from “1783 Greene County, TN Tax List” by Mrs. Louise Wilson Reynolds, published April 1919, D.A.R. Magazine, reprinted in The Overmountain Men by Pat Alderman, Overmountain Press, Johnson City, Tennessee, 1970, pp. 239 and 242.

Feb .1783 Court TermRichard Pryor impaneled as a juror on the case of the State vs. John Hammond

Oct. 1783 Deed – Deed to Benjamin Holland on French Broad, parcel began on the mouth of the Big Pigeon river and ran to an area of Pryor’s Improvements.

1787-1797 – NC Grant # 948 : 200 acres, land grant in Greene Co., TN have Joseph PRYOR with land on the Nolichucky river (Cove Creek) by Adam and Aquilla Sherrill, Samuel Wilson

1787 Court Minutes – Mentions that Alex Outlaw deeded 3000 acres to Richard PRYOR.
20 Sept. 1787 Richard Pryor patented land in Greene Co., per later deed when he sold the land to James Penny. (Alexander Outlaw was a Revolutionary War officer and had multiple land grants registered in Greene and Knox Counites).

Dec 1787 Petition – Richard Pryor’s brother-in-law Whaley Newby (Newby was married to Richard’s wife’s sister Elizabeth Thompson Newby) signed the petition to create the “lost state of Franklin,” which indicates that he, too, was living in the vicinity of Greene County/Washington Co. at this time. John PRIOR was also a signer.
(John Prior singed near Moses Looney. I suspect this is John Pryor who was in Knox, Sullivan, and Jefferson Counties in TN. Moses was involved in setting up the first court in Sullivan Co. in 1780. John’s granddaughter Sarah married Samuel Looney.)

1789 Petition of Sundry Inhabitants South of French Broad. The petition was to the state of North Carolina requesting restitution and protection from Cherokee attacks.
Signers include:
(page 15)
John Hannah
John Hannah Jr (John Hannah married Mary Pryor in Sumner Co., TN)
Sam’l Houston (Samuel Houston) (Father of Sam Houston)
(page 34)
Caleb Odel
William PRYOR (see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
William Whitson (Exec. Enoch Odle’s father’s estate, Enoch married Catharine Pryor)
Thomas Odle
Joseph PRYOR
Daniel Job (married Mourning Polly Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor)(see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
Ezekial Ray (married Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor)(see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
Isaac Odle
(page 35)
William Cunningham (see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
Joseph Copeland (see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
(page 36)
William Russell (see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)
James Wilson, Joseph Wilson
John Shaver (See Sumner Co. 1791 will of John Shaver witnessed by Joseph Pryor)
(Page 37)
David Walden (see Capt Fitzgerald Dist., 1802 Tax List Jackson Co., TN)

Dec 26 1791 Land Grant in Greene Co., TN to Joseph PRYAR
No. 1105, Greene County, Tennessee
200 acres, Grant No. 948, Issued 26 Dec 1791
Warrant No. 1090. Entered 9 Jan 1779, Book 77, Page 261
Location: on Cove Creek
State of N. Carolina Washington County
January the 9th 1779, No 1090
To the surveyors of Green County,
You are herby req’d to Adminstrate say of according to laws tow hundred acres of land for Benjamin Gest including the upper Cove Creek on the Main Fork of Little Chucky formerly called Sherley’s Camp given at office this 13th day of April 1789.
J Carter.
Benj. Gist (Gest/Guest)
200 acres, No. 1090
I do hereby sign over the within warrant to Joseph Pryor it being for due rec’d this and — the surveyer to return the warrant in the said Pryor’s name. Given under my hand this fourth of May 1790
Bej. Gist.
Test.: James Stinson, William Wilson
land borders Aquilla Shirell
Chain carriers: John Hutcherson, Isaac Sherrill

1793 Land Sale Richard PRYOR purchased property from Thomas Hardwick on 21 May 1793 and sold it in 1795 to James Penny. This is purported to be the Francis Hughes home and stagecoach stop. A transcript of Richard Pryor’s purchase notes it was 284 acres and “650£ Virginia currency.”

1793 Deed – Richard Pryor deeded land to Daniel Kennedy. 109 acres on the south side of the Nolichucky River. Recorded in Court Minutes Feb. 1794. Minutes state the sale occured on 12 Aug. 1793. Book 2, page 371.

1793 Court MinutesRichard Pryor appointed overseer of the road from Camp to Cove Creek. May 1793.

1793 Court Minutes – Richard Pryor lent a dollar by the court.

Feb. 1795 DeedRichard PRYOR sold his land in Greene County to James Penny. Book 6, page 432.

1795 Deed Joseph Pryor Sr. to Joseph Pryor Jr. 200 acres for $1000 cash. Property borders Aquilla Sherrill’s corner. Wits: W. Wilson Jr., John Russell. Proven in court January Session 1798.

See 1796 Deed in Sumner County, TN: Mentions Joseph Pryor of Greene County, TN and Richard Pryor of Logan County, KY

1799 MarriageCatharine PRYOR married Enoch O’Dell (Odle) on 22 Aug 1799, marriage bond was signed by Joseph PRYOR and Enoch O’Dell. (“Early Marriage Bonds 1783-1820 Of Greene Co. , Tenn.”)

1804 Will –  Aquilla Sherrill in his will names daughter Ruth Prior, wife of John PRIOR.

1805 Estate –  John PRIOR is at the estate sale of Aquilla Sherrill in Greene Co., TN

1850 Census Greene Co., TN
9th Div. of E. Dist., page
208B, House 1133
William McCoy 22 farmer TN, Ruth 16 TN, William Kent 27 TN, John 8 TN, James PRIOR 5 TN. (William Kent may be the same William Kent with sons John 19 and James 16 who was living in Jefferson Co., KY in 1860. James appears as James P. Kent on Jefferson Co. census thru 1900).