Tennessee Counties – H

Pryor Records from Hamblen County

1887 Marriage – John PRYOR to Rena Hazelwood (The Morristown Gazette, 8 June 1887)

1900 Census Hamblen Co., TN
Dist. 7, page 86b, house 53 Margarett M. M–? 8/1828 71 widow, no children TN TN TN, Ireney? C. PRIOR 9/1859 40, married 12 years, 2 children/1 living TN TN TN, servant. Frank T. PRIOR 3/1889 11 TN TN TN.

Pryor Records from Hamilton County

1840 Census Hamilton Co., TN
Page 157 John H. PRYOR 2100001-0031001
(John H. Pryor
appears to be living in the 27th Dist. as his neighbors named J. Fryar,
Wm. Roberts, Lovelady, and Avery also appear in that district in 1850)

Page 157 H. W. PRYOR 00001-20001
(Is this the son of
John H. Pryor who researchers ID as Haden?)

Page 157 John Lecroy 002010001-0221011
Connected? John
H. Pryor’s line married in to the Lecroys in GA)

Page 163 Elizabeth PRYOR 00001-00000101
(the oldest
woman in household was 50-59 y.o. & another woman 30-39 y.o.)

1843 District Court of the United States. District of East Tennessee. Petition of John H. Pryor of Hamilton county to be declared bankrupt. Filed at Knoxville. (The Post, Knoxville, 14 March 1843)

1850 Census Hamilton Co., TN
Dist. 27, page 482B, House 1518 Harriet PRYOR 54 VA, Philip 18 farmer TN, Paul 16 TN, William 13 TN (John
H. Pryor md. Harriet Williams Pryor 1 Aug. 1817 in Roane Co., TN and
later lived in Hamilton and Marion Co., TN. Harriet was on the 1860
Census in Walker Co., GA)

Dist. 27 Page 433a, house 858
Jesse Hibbs 39 TN, Rhoda (FRYAR/PRYOR) 21 TN, Henry Lively 2 TN. (This family is on the 1860 Census in DeKalb Co., AL)

1860 Census Hamilton Co, TN
Dist 14 Chattanooga, Page 126, house 918 Eliza PRYOR 33 housewifery $20 TN, James 16 day laborer TN (Eliza and James Pryor were on the 1870 in Davidson Co., TN)
Dist. 1, Harrison PO, page 26, living with B. F. Dugger and family…
William B. PRYOR 14 TN (William B. Pryor age 3 is on the 1850 Census in Roane Co., TN.)

1880 Census Hamilton Co., TN
Chattanooga, 4th Ward, Page 221A, … John PRIOR 40 boarder, clerks in store, TN TN TN.
Chattanooga,3rd Ward, Page 182C, Becka Williams 43 washerwoman TN ?? ??, Jane Shudrick sister 21 “consumption” TN ?? ??, Nancy PRYOR 14 dau “disability” TN ?? TN, Mary PRYOR 6 dau TN ?? TN, Samuel 1/12 grandson TN.
Dist 17, page 43a, house 154 Charles W. Biese 44 dealer in agriculture implements Holstein Mecklinburg, Schles…?, Eliza (PRYOR) 42 wife TN NC TN, Robert 14 son TN, Katie 13 dau TN, Fanniei 9 dau TN, Carl 7 son TN, Adolph 1 son TN. (Eliza Pryor, daughter of Matthew Pryor Jr of Marion Co., TN)

1899 Newspaper NoticePhilip PRYOR “of Chatanooga, TN” arrived in Asheville, NC on 7 Feb 1899 (reported in Asheville Daily Gazette on 8 Feb 1899)

1900 Census Hamilton Co., TN
5th Dist., page 132b, house 177 Albert Edge 5/1870 30, md. 12 yrs. Eng Eng Eng, dairyman. Fannie (PRYOR) wife 4/1869 31, 2 children/2 living TN AL TN, Clifton son 3/1888 12 TN, William son 4/1898 2 TN, Martha PRYOR mother in law 3/1835 65 widow, 2 children/2 living TN NC NC. (Martha
and daughter Fannie are on the 1870 Census in Davidson Co., TN. Fanny
A. Edge was living in Long Beach, CA on the 1930 Census with sons James
A. b. 1903 and Harmon b. 1907)

10th Dist., page 91a, house 616 Oak St. Elizabeth H. PRYOR 10/1837 62 widow 10 children/2 living VA VA VA, William H. son 7/1875 24 KY VA VA, Philip J. son 7/1883 19 TN VA VA. (William Henry Pryor death record 11 Aug 1957 Hamilton Co., states parents Samuel Pryor and Elizabeth Gaines)
Chattanooga, ward 6, ED#64, sheet 5b, house 816
Apr. 1845 55 (md. 34) SC SC SC mechanic, Emma J. wife Feb. 1842 58 (md.
34) (8 children/8 living) SC SC SC, Minnie J. dau Jul, 1869 30 SC,
Pauline V. dau Oct. 1879 20 SC clerk dry goods, Herbert M. son Nov.
1880 19 SC clerk furniture, Joseph N. son Nov. 1881 18 SC Clerk express
office, Robert E. son May 1883 17 SC office boy machine co., Josie E. PRIOR dau Jul 1871 28 SC, John G. PRIOR
son in law Nov. 1862 39 GA GA SC clerk express office, John G. Jr.
gr-son Apr. 1887 13 GA, Frank C. gr-son Aug. 1891 8 GA, Alice D. gr-dau
Jul 1893 6 TN, Bessie W. Walker dau Feb. 1874 26 (md. 2) (1 child) SC,
William G. Walker son in law May 1872 28 SC SC SC grocer, Pauline
gr-dau May 1899 1 SC, Emma Jones (bl) servant Sept. 1879 20 AL AL AL. (Mrs. Josie Pryor is on the 1910 and 1920 Census living with her mother in Chattanooga).
Page 78b, 14th Dist., East Terrace St., house 152
C. P. Wright 4/1857 43 NY NY NY, Lily M. wife 11/1859 40 SC SC SC,
Gertrude V. dau 6/1882 17 TN, Jessie E. dau 6/1884 15 TN, Clifton P son
7/1890 9 TN, Ethel dau 3/1893 7 TN, Maud PRYOR visitor 9/1880 19 GA TN GA.

1910 Census Hamilton Co., TN
Chattanooga 1st Ward, ED#45, sheet 4b, house 515 Douglas St., Emma Decks 68 widow 8 children/8 living SC SC SC, Minnie daughter 38 SC SC SC teacher high school, Josephine PRYOR daughter 36 widow SC SC SC, Anna PRYOR gr-dau 9 TN GA SC, Paulina Schenk daughter 30 md. no children SC SC SC, Herbert son in law 31 OH OH OH cashier at bank. (This family is on the 1900 and 1920 Census in Hamilton Co.)
Chattanooga 1st Ward,
ED#45, sheet 1b, house 203/15
William PRYOR 34 KY VA VA, insurance agent. Ruta wife 33 TN TN TN. Elizabeth PRYOR mother 72 widow VA VA VA (See 1912 death)

1912 DeathElizabeth Gaines PRYOR, daughter of Richard Gaines. Born 8 Nov 1838 in Charlotte Co., VA. She married Samuel E PRYOR on 4 Nov 1857 in Charlotte Co. She died at the home of her son William PRYOR in Chattanooga. (Obituary in The Tennessean on 28 Jun 1912 states she had died on the 28th)

1920 Census Hamilton Co., TN
Chattanooga, Ward 1, ED#157, sheet 6b, house 515 Emma J. Decks 77 widow SC SC SC, Minnie J. dau 50 single SC SC SC teacher public school, Josephine PRIOR daughter 48 widow SC SC SC, Annie Marie PRIOR
gr-dau 19 TN GA SC stenographer for government, Herbert Schenck
grandson 8 TN OH SC, Helen Hogge boarder 29 widow GA GA SC clerk. (This family is also on the 1900 and 1910 Census in Hamilton Co., TN.)

1930 Census Hamilton Co., TN
3rd Civil Dist., page 37a, house 173 Samuel C. PRYOR 45 (md 19) TN TN TN, Alvin J. wife 42 (md 16) TN TN TN, Alice J. dau 11 TN, Samuel B. son 7 TN (Samuel Pryor and family are on the 1910 Census in Bradley Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Hardeman County

1830 Census Hardeman Co., TN
page 339 Green PRYOR 210002-11001
(Robert Pryor & Betty Virginia Green>John Henry
Pryor & Margaret Gaines>Green Pryor & Susannah Perkins>John Pryor &
Elizabeth Perkins>Green Pryor b. 1796 VA was on the 1850 Census in
Marshall Co., MS)

1836 Tax List for Hardeman Co., TN –
Charles A Hutchison No 3, page 21 Green PRYOR, 913 and 113 acres and 15 slaves.
Jacob Grove No 5, page 36
Page 36. Edward L PRYOR, 0 acres, 5 slaves
Jacob Grove No 5, page 35 Green PRYOR – 335 acres and 810 acres, 1 slave.

1836 Estate – Samuel PRYOR (This is probably the Samuel Pryor of Montgomery Co., TN). May 2, 1836 record states E. L. Pryor was the administrator of the estate.
Six Legatees Dividend $375 each.
Mrs. Ann F. Pryor widow takes Hellen $475
Richard H Pryor takes Spencer $400
Miss Frances A Pryor takes Mary Ellen $400.00
Bernard H Pryor takes Turner $350.
Miss Attaway E Pryor takes Louisa $250.
Samuel B Pryor takes Beverly and Sydney $375
This 31st May 1836

1838 Deed – Recorded in Madison Co., TN Deed Book. ADAM R. ALEXANDER, Shelby Co., Tenn. for “natural love and affection” for his son and sons-in-law, JAMES H. ALEXANDER, Green PRYOR, both of Hardeman Co., Tenn. and NICHOLAS P. STONE, Madison Co., Tenn., 750 acres on the south side of the Forked Deer River. Feb. 12, 1838. Reg Feb. 20, 1838. Wits Jno. H. Bell, Samuel W. Cowele (Green Pryor was married to Jane Maria Alexander)

1840 Census Hardeman Co., TN
Page 286, Green PRYOR 1000001-01101
(Probably the Green Pryor in Marshall Co., MS n 1850)
Page 289, Edward L. PRYOR 000001-00022
(This may be the E.L. / Edward L. Pryor who was in Hempstead Co., AR by 1850. The E. L. Pryor in AR was born 1805 in VA and was married to Martha A. who was born in TN. Green Pryor and Edward L. Pryor are on 1836 Tax List of Hardeman Co., TN.
Edward L. Pryor is the son of Samuel Pryor on the 1830 Census in Montgomery Co., TN)

1842 Marriage Notice
MARRIED–at Cool Springs, Marshall county, Miss., by Rev. Mr. Baker, Mr. FENDALL WODD, of Hardeman county, Tenn, to MARY AGNES, daughter of Green Pryor Esq. “May their pathway through life be amonng the bright places of the earth.”

1850 Census Hardeman Co., TN
Page 95b, house 392 Fendal Wood 32 farmer VA, Mary (PRYOR) 25 AL, F. C. Maupin 27 overseer VA (Green Pryor and Olivia Mayberry Polk>Mary Pryor Wood. This family was in Marshall Co., MS in 1860)
Page 161A, House 1316 Evan McCammons 42 farmer NC, Drusilla 35 NC, Amanda PRYOR 9 TN.

1860 Census, Hardeman Co., TN
Bolivar, Dist. 6, page 68, C. W. PRYOR 40
photographer England, Bessie 34 England, Ellen 16 Eng, James 15 Eng, Gertrude 13 PA, Charles 8 PA, Emily 2 IL, William 1 IL, James Radford 26 dougerreon? England. (Cornelius W. Pryor and family were on the 1850 Census in Washington Co., PA)

Pryor Records from Hardin County

1860 Census Hardin Co., TNDist. 15, page 400a, house 1614 Mary (PRYOR)Hargraves 52 com. Laborer VA, Mary L. 19 TN, Thomas C. 18 TN, Robert L. 15 TN (Mary Janett Pryor Hargroves is on the 1850 Census
in McNairy Co., TN)
Dist. 15, page 400a, house 1615 Amanda (Hargrove) Cownan? 22 com
Laborer TN, William H. 3 TN, James F. 3/12 TN
Dist. 15, page 400a, house 1618 John H. Hargraves 27 farmer TN,
Marinda 21 AL, Mary A. B. 1 TN

1870 Census Hardin Co., TN
12th Dist., page 470a, house 130 Andrew PRIOR 23 TN, Margaret 26 MS, John Hollinsworth 32 farm laborer TN (Andrew
Pryor married Margaret R. Hollinsworth on 29 Aug 1867 in Hardin Co., TN. Andrew Jackson Pryor was the son of Jacob N. Pryor from Henry and McNairy Co., TN–a grandson of Philip Pryor).

13th Dist., page 487b, house 183 George PRYOR 29 TN, Rebecca 29 TN, Mary J. 7 TN, Anna E. 5 TN, Sarah 4 TN, Rebecca 2 TN (Possibly George Washnigton Pryor, son of Philip Pryor from Marion and McNairy Co., TN)
Dist. 15, page 499a, house Mary (PRYOR) Hargrove 61 VA, Mary 26 TN, Thomas 25 TN, Robert 23 TN

1880 Census Hardin Co., TN
13th Dist., page 138C, House 28 Rebecca PRYOR 44 TN TN TN, Mary J. 18 dau TN TN TN, Amy E. 16 dau TN TN TN, Sarah L. 14 dau TN TN TN. (Rebecca is the widow of Greogre Pryor on the 1870 Census. Rebecca is on the 1900 Census in the household of her daughter Emma Pryor Wells)
13th Dist., page 140C, House 60 William Spencer 64 TN NC TN, Priscilla A. 44 wife TN NC SC, Susannah 19 dau TN, Tennessee 12 dau TN, John Frances 13 dau TN, Margret PRYOR 25 step dau TN TN TN, Elizabeth 10 dau TN, Robert 7 son TN, Charles Winchester 22 farm laborer TN TN TN, Sam Pugh 20 farm laborer TN TN TN.(Margaret Hollinsworth Pryor widow of Andrew Pryor. Margaret was living with son Robert and daughter Elizabeth on the 1900 Census in Hardin

13th Dist., page 144C, House 135 William PRYOR 29 TN TN TN, Sariah J. 23 wife TN SC SC, Martha L. 4 dau. TN.

1900 Census Hardin Co., TN
Civil Dist. 2, Dist. 29, page 46b, house 126 John W. Wells Feb 1859 41 TN TN TN, Emma E. (PRYOR)
wife May 1864 36 15 years 2 children/ 2 living TN TN TN, Fannie L dau Jan. 1881 19 TN, Lola P. dau Nov 1886 13 TN, Alice dau Oct 1899 1 TN, Rebecka PRYOR mother in law Oct 1840 59 widow 6 children 3 living TN AL TN. (Rebecca is the widow of George Pryor, possibly George Washington Pryor son of Philip Pryor)
Civil Dist. 8, Dist. 39, page 174a, house 162 William PRYOR unknown birth, married 7 yrs TN TN TN, Lizzie wife Apr 1863 37 6 children/5 living TN TN TN, Olive Eubanks step dau Apr. 1886 14 TN TN TN, Eddie PRYOR son Dec 1885 4 TN, Caldonia sister unknown TN TN TN (W.B. Pryor married E. Ewbank on 2 Nov 1892 in Hardin Co., TN. Caledona Pryor married James M. Head on 6 Sept. 1902 in Hardin Co., TN. William B.
Pryor and wife Mary E. are on the 1910 Census in Hardin Co. William’s age is noted as 59 in 1910. William B. Pryor is the son of Jacob N. Pryor, and a grandson of Philip Pryor).

8th Civil Dist, Sheet 11b, house 209 James R. Creasy, Sept 1863 34, md 11, TN VA NC farmer, Colestia J. (PRYOR) wife June 1861 38, 5/5 TN TN TN, Maud dau 12/1889 10 TN, Lucy dau 11/1892 7 TN, Mirtie dau 9/1894 5 TN, Jessie son 4/1896 4 TN. (Daughter of Jacob N. Pryor of Henry and McNairy Co., TN had son William B. and daughters C. J. and C. M)
Civil Dist. 8, Dist. 40, page 178a, house 23 Robert N. PRYOR Sept 1872 27 TN TN TN, Alice R. wife May 1872 28 md 3 years 2 children TN TN TN, Ulva A. son Apr 1898 2 TN, John F. son Dec 1899 6/12 TN, Margaret PRYOR mother 1858 42 TN TN TN, Elizabeth sister Aug 1870 29 TN TN TN. (Margaret Hollinswoth Pryor widow of Andrew Pryor. R. N. Pryor married Miss A. R. Sloan on 11 Jan 1897 in Hardin Co. Alice Pryor md E. E. Smith 4 Feb. 1906 in Hardin Co.)
Civil Dist. 8, District 40, page 191a Lum Baker May 1880 20 TN, Ella (PRYOR) wife Sep 1878 21 TN, Mela dau Apr 1897 , Sam son Jan 1898 1, and Elizabeth PRYOR grandmother Sep 1825 74 – 1 child 1 living. Elizabeth Pryor widow of Jacob N. Pryor of Henry and McNairy Counties. Ella Pryor married C. J. Baker on 9 March 1896. Elizabeth is Ella’s grandmother. Ella may be the daughter of Samuel Pryor, research is continuing. Columbus “Lum” Baker and wife Ella Pryor are on the 1910 Census in St.
Francis Co., AR)

1910 Census Hardin Co., TN
10th Civil Dist., sheet 5b, house 89 William B. PRYOR 59, md 16 married 2x, TN GA TN, Mary E. wife 47 married 2x TN TN TN, William E. son –? TN TN TN. (William B. Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Hardin Co.)
10th Civil Dist., page 174a, Meridy A. Hopper 52 TN US TN, Beatrice wife 37 10 yrs no children TN TN TN, Marguerette PRYOR mother in law 65 widow TN US TN (Betty Pryor md M. A. Hopper on 16 Dec 1906 in Hardin Co.)
8th Civil Dist., page 159, house 33 James R. Creasy 46 TN VA TN, Hattie wife 26 TN TN TN, Caudie F. son 18 TN, Lucie P dau 16, Mirtie V dau 15, Jessey A. son 12 TN, Mattie L. dau 8 TN, Jerry H father 79 VA VA VA, Mitilda S. Mother 79 TN SC SC, Sincy J. sister 45 TN SC SC (James Ransom Creasy is the widower of Colestia Jospehine Pryor on the 1900 Census in Hardin Co., TN)

1920 Census Hardin Co., TN
10th Dist, sheet7b, house 145 William B. PRYOR 69 TN TN TN, Elizabeth wife 54 TN TN TN, Eddie son 22 TN TN TN (William B. Pryor
son of Jacob N. Pryor)

House 146 Meredy Hopper 58 TN ?? TN, Elizabeth (PRYOR) Hopper wife 48 TN TN TN (Elizabeth Pryor Hopper daughter of
Andrew Pryor and Margaret Hollinsworth.)

Pryor Records from Hawkins County

1830 Census Hawkins Co., TN
page 44 George Morrison 10001 – 00001 (married to Mary Pryor, daughter of John Pryor of Sullivan Co., TN)
page 44 James PRYOR 2112001-1120001
(Oldest male 40-49 y.o. born 1781-1790. son of John Pryor of Sulivan Co., TN)
page 44 Cl’ment McCullough 10011-00001
page 46 John PRYOR 100011-11001
(Oldest male 30-39 y.o. born 1791-1800, possibly son of John Pryor of Sullivan Co., TN. Same page: Joseph Cloud, Shedrick? Ross – names that were living near the Pryors in Sullivan Co., TN)

1836 Tax List Hawkins Co., TN
Civil Dist. 6, Isaac PRYOR (Son of John Pryor of Sullivan Co., TN. By 1838 Isaac was in Pike Co., IL)

Pryor Records from Haywood County

1830 Census Haywood Co., TN
page 437 W. B. PRIOR 001101-120001
(oldest male born 1791-1800 – probably William B. Pryor, who was in Warren Co., MS — W B Pryor of Vicksburg posted an ad for a Runaway slave that he says he purchased in Brownsville, TN — Haywood Co. The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY.)

1839 Estate Sale – George Moore, deceased
Purchased from estate: Green Pryor (barrell grass seed)

Pryor Records from Henry County

1840 Census Henry Co., TN
Page 479, William PRIOR 0020001-0201101 (oldest male 50-59, born 1781-1790.

1840 Marriage – E D PRYOR married Sarah Burton on 4 May 1848 (Emory D. Pryor had an earlier marriage in Guilford Co., NC)

1850 Census Henry Co., TN
Dist. 1, page 244a, house 40 Isaac Rainey 55 carpenter VA, Elizabeth H. (PRYOR) 42 VA, Isaac C. 20 saddler TN, James 11 TN, Sarah 8 TN (Isaac Rainey md. Elizabeth H. Pryor on 12/21/1824 in Lawrence Co., TN. Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of John Hughes Pryor. Son, Isaac Rainey is on the 1860 Census in Guadalupe Co., TX)
Dist. 5, page 277a, house 73/74 John J. Hurt 33 farmer VA, Martha A. (PRYOR) 27 NC, Sarah J. 4 TN, William G. 1 TN. (John J. Hurt md. Martha A. Pryer on 3 Feb. 1845)
Dist. 15, page 384, house 117
Emory D. PRYOR 51 teacher NC, Sarah 21 TN. (Emory D. Pryor md. Jane Knight on Mar. 13, 1820 in Guilford Co., NC. E. D. Pryor md. Sarah
Burton on 4 May 1848 in Henry Co., TN. Emory Dent Pryor signed his will in 1854 in Johnson Co., IL)

Dist. 17, page 402, house 51 Pleasant PRYOR 34 farmer NC, Sarah 40 GA, Josiah 14 TN, Mary 11 TN, Julianna 9 TN, Angeline 7 TN, James 5 TN, Thomas J. 3 TN, Sarah F. 1 TN. (slaves: males 0/females 1) (John Pleasant Pryor, son of John Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer)
Dist. 17, page 399, house 6. Wm. B. PRYOR 50 farmer NC, Elizabeth 27 NC, Green E. 23 trader TN, Mary 17 TN, Clementine 14 TN, Isaiah Hedspeth 11 (black) TN, Ellis Hedspeth (female, black) 9 TN. (1850 Slave Schedule: males 2/females 3) (Sarah Clementine Pryor md. John B. Rainey Henry Co., TN 1851. Green E. Pryor was in Mitchell Co., GA for the 1860 Census.)
Dist. 15, page 386a, house 3 Wm M. Williams 38 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 40 NC, Martha Olive 17 TN, Robert W. Williams 16 TN, Mississy L. 12 TN, Wm Cicero 10 TN, Spencer Green 8 TN, Davidson 6 TN, Benj. Franklin 3 TN, Lucy Ann Word 12 TN (Nancy Pryor was a daughter of John Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer)

1860 Census Henry Co., TN
Dist. 1. page 332A, house 8/8 W. G. PRYOR (male) 32 farmer $300/$7000 TN. (slaves: males 3/females 3)
Dist 5, house 476 John J. Hurt 42 VA, Martha (PRYOR) 37 NC, Sarah 14 TN, William 11 TN, Tompkins 9 TN, Mary 4 TN, Harrison C.3 TN, Arabella Biles 7 TN, Fannie Biles 2 TN.
Dist. 5, page 362, house 408 John B. Rainey 32 saddler TN, Sarah C. (PRYOR) 26 TN, Sallie B. 1 TN. (Sarah is the daughter of Wm B. Pryor) Dist 12, page 425a, house 1283 Edward W Janes 23 merchant TN, Josephine J (PRYOR) 20 GA, Luco E 1 TN (Luco E Janes died in Graves Co., KY. His death record states his father was Washington Janes and his mother was Josephine Pryor).
Dist 15, Mouth Sandy PO, page 258, house 1767 W. W. Williams 49 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 50 seamstress NC, M. L. 22 TN, W. C. 20 TN, Spencer G. 17 TN, Richard
D. 15 TN, Ben. F. 13 TN, Sarah E. 8 TN, Nancy Wood 19 spinster TN. (daughter of John Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer)
Dist. 6, Mt. Holyoke PO, page 368, house 477 John J. Hurt 42 farmer VA, Martha A. (PRYOR) 37 NC, Sarah 14 TN, William 11 TN, Tompkins 9 TN, Mary 4 TN, Harrison C. 2 TN
Dist. 20, Mouth Sandy PO, page 502A, house 2348/2383
W. B. PRYOR 61 farmer NC $2000/$1700 NC (slaves: males 1/females 1) (William B. Pryor)
Dist. 20, Mouth Sandy PO, page 497A, house 2280/2315 John Burton 64 farmer $700/600 NC, Sarah PRYER 26 spinster $150 TN, Anna P. Burton 22 spinster TN, E. W. Simmons (m) 24 Teacher $150 TN.

1870 Census Henry Co., TN
Paris PO, Dist. 17, page 437b, house 453, W. B. PRYOR 70 NC, farmer, Nancy 56 NC, Manda 30 NC, George 9 NC, Maria 11 TN (black), Peter 8 TN (black) (I have in my
notes that William B. Pryor and Pleasant Pryor were brothers, sons of John
Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer. By the time of the 1870 Census Pleasant
Pryor was living in Van Buren Co., AR. Others siblings were Absolom Bostic Pryor
of Johnson Co., AR, Nancy Pryor Williams of Henry Co., TN, Green Pryor of
Marshall Co., MS, and Spencer Pryor of Sumter Co., GA.)

Henry Station, 5th Dist. page 251b, house 9 J. J. Hurt 59 VA, M. A. (PRYOR) 49 NC, SJ female 22 TN, Wm. G. 21 TN, TJ male 18 TN, MJJ female 15 TN, M. L. 10 female TN, E. T. 8 female TN, C. F. 6 male TN. (Martha Ann Pryor md. John Hurt)
Dist. 3, page 230a, house 48 J. N. PRYOR 56 TN, E. 44 (f) TN, S. J. 23 (f) TN, W. B. 19 (m) TN, Sam’l J. 15 TN, A. M. 13 (m) TN, C. J. 9 (f) TN, N. A. 6 (f) TN, M. 4 (f) TN (Jacob N. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in McNairy Co., TN)
Dist. 1, Paris PO, page 197b, house 29, W. L. PRYOR 42 retail grocer TN, E. J. (f) 30 KY, May 7 TN, C. 5 (m) KY, William 1 TN, Kate Greer (bl) 35 cook TN, J. West Cook 50 retail KY, Bettie 18 KY, Margaret 15 KY, Frank Williams 21 saloon keeper TN. (William
B. Pryor>William Lafayette Pryor. William L Pryor death record states his mother was Sarah Alman. He was killed by a train. Story written by Charles Cook Pryor in 1939 describing his father William Lafayette Pryor’s exploits to California in 1848. W. L. Pryor was elected the mayor of Paris, TN in 1873, pulished in the Weekly Intelligencer)

1880 Census Henry Co., TN
1st Dist., page 26D, house 407 J. W. Cook (male) 61 farmer KY KY ??, Bettie PRYOR 30 daughter divorced KY KY ??.
1st Dist., page 26C, house 402 W. L. PRYOR 51 TN NC ??, E. J. 39 wife TN KY ??, Mary 17 dau TN, Charles 15 son TN, William 11 son TN, Daisy 8 dau TN, Roger C. 2 son TN, Lewis Allman mulatto 31 servant/laborer TN TN ?? (William B. Pryor>William Lafayette Pryor. Story written by Charles Cook Pryor in 1939 describing his father William Lafayette Pryor’s exploits to California in 1848.)
Dist 4, page 12c, Alexander PRYOR (bl) 31 father TN NC NC, Sally 30 mother TN TN TN, Arthur 6 son TN, George 4 son TN, Emma 1 dau TN.
8th Civil Dist, Page 126A, Martha A Hurt (PRYOR) 56 widow NC NC NC, Sarah J. 30 dau TN VA NC, Mary B. 22 dau TN, Martha L. 19 dau TN, Emma P. 16 dau TN, William G. son 28 TN, James T. 26 son TN, Charles F. 14 son TN. (Martha Pryor widow of John J. Hurt).
17th Dist., page 219C, House 1 William B. PRIOR 81 overseer NC NC NC, Nancy 65 wife NC NC NC, Almenthy 40 dau NC NC NC, George W. 18 son farmer NC NC NC (William B. Pryor)
23rd Dist., page 199c, house 9 W. C. Williams 40 TN TN NC, M. C. 32 wife TN TN TN, Ardell 14 dau TN, N. P. 12 dau TN, Jack 1 son TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 70 mother NC NC NC. (Daughter of John Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer)
Paris, page 3b, house 37 Betsy Rainey (PRYOR) 75 VA VA VA, Sallie 35 dau Mantua Maker, TN VA VA. (Elizabeth “Betsy” H. Pryor, widow of Isaac Rainey, daughter of John Hughes Pryor)

1899 WillClara PRYOR “now” Canada. Daughter Sarah Pryor who married Davie Dunlop, son Tom Canada, son Marion Canada. Mentions 44 acres in the 17th Dist of Henry Co. Appointed W.L. PRYOR the executor of her estate. Witnesses: W. L. Pryor and Jos. S. Alden. Will proved 12th April 1900.

1900 Census Henry Co., TN
17th Dist, page 89b, house 169 Will PRYOR 5/1828 72, md. 41 yrs. TN TN TN, Ella wife 2/1841 59, 8 children/6 living KY KY KY. Char. (Charles?) C. son 9/1864 35 TN TN TN, Jerry Osborn lodger 9/1885 14 TN TN TN. (William Lafayette Pryor and wife E. J. are on the 1880 Census in Henry Co. Son Charles Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Shelby Co., TN)

1910 Census Henry Co., TN
Paris, 1st Civil Dist., Dist. 108, page 21a, no house number, William L. PRYOR 82, married 1x, age not legible, TN VA NC, farmer. (William B. Pryor>William Lafayette Pryor b. 1828)
Paris, 1st Civil Dist., Dist. 110, page 21a, house 376 James M. Pierce 63 (md. 39) TN TN TN, Ellen P. wife 60 (10 children/6 living) TN TN VA, Susie PRYOR 28 widow (1 child) TN TN TN, Alma Pryor grandson 9 TN TN TN, Dickson Pierce son 23 (married less than a year, no children), Annie dau in law 21 TN KY KY, Crawford Chambers
grandson 12 TN TN TN, Sybell Wright grand dau 5 TN TN TN.

1918 Death Record – William Lafayette Pryor born 1 May 1828 in Henry Co., died 24 Feb 1918. The record states his father was William B. Pryor and his mother was Sarah Alman, both of NC. William Lafayette Pryor was run over by a train. A notice of his death was published in the Nashville American on February 25, 1918 stating he had walked down the tracks to his mail box as was his custom. It also reported the he had gone to the Gold Rush in 1849 and had used the money to buy land upon returning to TN.

1920 Census Henry Co., TN
ED 103, page 26a, Paris and Fair Ground Road, house 578 Charles C. PRYOR 55 KY TN KY, Cora wife 35 TN TN TN, Elretta dau 16 TN, Ezell Rushing boarder 14 TN, Mary E. Gramer (or Grasser) mother in law 65 widow TN Ireland Ireland. (William B. Pryor>William Lafayette Pryor>Charles C. Pryor – who was on the 1910 Census in Shelby Co., TN. )

Pryor Records from Hickman County

1791 Death – Edwin Hickman, surveyor and Revolutionary War soldier buried at Defeated Creek in Centerville. Online family tree (undocumented) states wife was Elizabeth Pryor and son John Pryor Hickman. Possible marriage 23 Sep 1787 in Henry, Virginia

1820 Census Hickman Co., TN
Page 175, Hugh McCabe over 45, one female over 45. 2 white persons in family. (Possibly the Hugh McCabe who married Sarah Pryor of Williamson Co., TN. Sarah was born 1784 and had no known children).

1850 Census, Hickman Co., TN
Page 81B, House 1160 R. K. Carter 47 iron master NC., Sarah 38 TN, Margarettte 19 TN, Ann 17 TN, Louisa 14 TN, George Eskerzee 27 watchman TN, Samuel B. PRYOR 18 clerk TN, Wm. Durett 43 iron master KY, Robert M.(or McDurrett) Durrett 42 founder Ireland, Mary Carter 14 TN.

Pryor Records from Houston County

1880 Census Houston Co., TN
7th Dist., page 37A, House 2, M. V. Patterson (male) 40 TN TN TN, Eliz. J. 40 wife NC NC NC, Joseph H. 18 son TN, Wilbert W. 16 son TN, George C. 13 son TN, Allen V. 11 son TN, Leanna J. 8 dau TN, Minnie F. 6 dau TN, Martin L. 11/12 son TN, Eliz. Waynick 84 mother in law widowed, ill with “rhu-tis” NC NC NC, Elizabeth PRYOR 72 aunt single NC NC NC. (This is the Pryor & Winnick/Waynich family on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Dickson Co., TN. Part of Dickson County was apportioned to form Houston County in 1871.)
page 37a, house 5 George M. Waynick 50 farmer NC NC NC, Sarah J. wife 32 NC, Engon dau 6 TN, Mary W. 3 dau TN, Anna E. 3/12 dau TN.

Pryor Records from Humphreys County

1850 Census Humphreys Co., TN
Page 171b, house 356 Denard Wanick 25 NC, Elizabeth 22 TN, John 2 TN, William 3/12 TN (born June?), Elizabeth Cooley 19 TN. (Denard is the son of Elizabeth Pryor and George Winnick who were in Dickson Co., TN in 1850)

1870 Census Humphreys Co., TN
Dist. 2, page 16, house 129 Minor Bibb 57, farmer, VA, Lyddia (PRYOR) 50 LA, Lucretia Horton 27 TN, Alexander Bibb 14 TN, James M. 5 TN, Cordelia Horton 1 TN. (1860 Lydia Pryor Bibb was ini Timishongo Co., MS and in 1840 and 1850 in Dickson Co., TN. Sister of William O. Pryor and Sarah Pryor Davis.)