Tennessee Counties – L

Pryor Records from Lauderdale County

1870 Census Lauderdale Co., TN
Dist. 1, page 522B. Lucinda PRYOR 41 TN, Dicy 20 TN, Jonathan 18 TN, Martha 17 TN, Sarah 15 TN, Mary 13 TN, Nancy 12 TN, Amanda 9 TN, Lucinda 4 TN. (Lucinda Pryor widow of Nathan Pryor. This family is on the 1860 Census in McNairy Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Lawrence County

1820 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Thompson PRYOR 300001-101 (Thompson Pryor probable son of Richard Pryor & Mourning Thompson. “Tompson” Prior is named with “heirs” of Richard Prior in an indenture filed in Logan Co., KY in 1812)

1826 Tax List of Lawrence County, TN
Thomas PRIER

1830 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Page 303 Thompson PRYOR 2012001-020101
(Thompson Pryor md. Dicy Tripp, reported to be a son of Richard and Mourning Pryor).

1836 Tax List of Lawrence County, TN
Jonathan PRIER

1840 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Page 124, page 124, Jonathan PRYOR 0001 – 00001 (1839 Jonathan married Easter Brashears)
Page 126, Henry PRYER 10001-10001
Page 131, Dicy PRYOR 01201-2001001 (Widow of Thompson Pryor)
Page 131, James Hartlan 110001-20001 (married Sarah Pryor in 1845)

1843 Account
Sept. Term 1843
Dicy Prior guardian for William J., John A., Martha and Angeline Prior to said Wards
April 5th 1843,
Dr. To cash received on the 5th April 1842 $12.00
To Int. on same 12 months $00.72 $12.72
Cr. by sundry articles bought for said wards and trouble of keeping them $12.72

1850 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Dist. 2, page 318a, house 403 John Brashears 83 NC, Mary 73 SC,
Mary Matthews 17 KY
Dist. 2, page 318a, house 404 William PRIOR 21 farmer TN, Martha M. 23 TN, Nancy D. 3 TN, Susanna A. 1 TN. (Probable son of Thompson Pryor & Dicy Tripp>Wm Pryor md. Martha M. Brashears on 20 Oct. 1846 in Lawrence Co., TN)
Dist. 2, page 319b, house 421 James Harland 49 farmer SC, Sarah 27 TN, Julia A. 27 SC, Joseph G. 18 TN, George W. 16 TN, Nathan T. 4 TN, Elizabeth J. 1 TN. (James Harlan (sic) md. Sarah Prier on 25 Oct 1845 in Lawrence Co., TN.)
Dist. 4, page 346a, house 791 Peyton Manuel 69 VA, Dicy 52 NC, M. Elizabeth PRIOR 26 TN, Martha 14 TN, Hannah A. 13 TN, Wm Manuel 10 TN. (Dicy Tripp, widow of Thompson Pryor. Dicy md. Peyton Manuel on 30 May 1843 in Lawrence Co., TN)
Dist. 9, page 353a, house 884 Nathan PRIOR 36 TN, Lucinda 23 TN, Jas. J. 6 TN, Dicy E. 5 TN, Andy P. 3 TN, Jonathan L. 2/12 (Sept?) TN. (Thompson Pryor & Dicy Tripp>Nathan Pryor md. Lucinda Brashears 20 Aug 1842 in Lawrence Co., TN)
Page 380a, house 313, Berry Brashears 36 blacksmith TN, Frances 31 TN, Ethelenda F. 12 TN, John J. 10 TN, William J. 8 TN, Henry N. 5 TN, Reuben 2 TN, Sarah 4/12 TN. (Berry Brashears md. Frances Pryor on 13 Aug 1836 in Lawrence Co., TN)

1852 Marriage – Hillard C Harmon to DBB Pryor on 23 May 1852 (A report of the marriage in the Tuskegee Republican states that both parties were from Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL)

1853 Marriage – Dennis Balew married Martha Pryor on 18 Jun 1853. (they are on the 1860 Census in Lawrence Co., Martha was 25. Martha is the daughter of Dicy Tripp Pryor)

1860 Census, Lawrence Co., TN
5th Dist.,
Lawrenceburg PO, Page 422, house 290
William J. PRIER 31 laborer TN, Martha M. 32 TN, Susannah Z. 11 TN, John G. 9 TN, William B. 8 TN, Berry B. 6 TN, James H. 5 TN, Sarah R. E. 3 TN, Martha L. 8/12 TN, Mary Brashers 82 SC. (This family appears on the 1870 Census in Hamilton Co., IN and 1880-1900 in Giles Co., TN. William John Pryor md. Martha M. Brashears)
9th Dist., Lawrenceburg PO, page 456, house 19 Dennis Belew 30 AL, Martha 25 TN, John A. 5 TN, Jesse L. 3 TN, Mary J. 6/12 TN, Dicy Manuel 63 NC.(Dicy is the widow of Thompson Pryor & Payton Manuel. Dennis Belew md. Martha Pryor 18 Jun 1853 in
Lawrence Co.)

1870 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Dist. 9, page 41b. house 383 Henry Lucus 42 farmer TN, Angeline 33 TN, William 18 TN, Franklin 16 TN, Burgess H. 12 TN, John 10 TN, Newton 7 TN, James 4 TN, Mary 2 TN, Poka Dick? 1/12 TN. (Henry Lucus md. Hannah A. Pryor on 19 Feb. 1853 in
Lawrence Co.)

House 384 Joseph G. Harlan 39 TN, William 4 TN, Dicy Manuel 73 VA (Joseph was the son of James Harlan and Sarah Pryor, and the grandson of Dicy Tipp widow of Thompson Pryor and Peyton Manuel. Dicy Tripp is on the 1880 Census in Giles Co., TN)
House 385 Dennis Belew 40 AL, Nancy 38 TN, John H. 15 TN, Jesse 13 TN, Mary A. 11 TN, Elizabeth 6 TN, Susan E. 5 TN, Sarah T. 3 (twin) TN, Louisa M. 3 (twin) TN, Cabel 2 TN (Dennis Belew married Hannah Angeline Pryor, daughter of Thompson and Dicy Pryor. In 1880 his mother in law Elizabeth Ezell was living with the family… it is
presumed that Nancy is a second wife and the daughter of Mrs. Ezell.)

Dist. 2, page 13b, house 39/40 James Harlan 69 SC, Sarah R. M. 47 TN, Aaron L. 18 TN, Martha L. 16 TN, Wm James 9 TN. (Thompson Pryor & Dicy Tripp>Sarah Pryor Harlan)

1910 Census Lawrence Co., TN
14th Dist., sheet 6b, Beaverdam Road, house 104 Mc Alexander
38 (md. 10 yrs) TN TN TN, Mattie (PRYOR?) wife 32 (4 children/3 living) TN TN TN, Neoma E dau. 9 TN, Dealy M. dau 3 TN, Milton E. son 8/12 TN, Cornelius PRYOR brother in law 33 single TN TN TN.

1930 Census Lawrence Co., TN
Dist. 16, page 12A, House 225 H. M. PRIOR 74 (34) TN TN TN, Marguerite wife 64 (24) TN TN TN, Rufus E. Nix son in law 29 (28) TN TN TN, Pauline Nix daughter 29 (28) TN TN TN. (Death record for Mattie Grace Pryor – Lawrence Co. 1916 – states her parents were H. M. Pryor and Margaret Cunnig)
House 226 Harvey P. PRIOR 37 (29) TN TN TN, Lillie R. wife 35
(25) TN TN TN, Leon D. son 6 TN TN TN.

Pryor Records from Lewis County

1850 Census Lewis Co., TN
Dist. 4, page 422b, house 455 Jonathan T.? PRIOR 38 farmer KY, Easter 24 TN, John C. Milican 32 sawyer NC, Elizabeth Lauderdale 4 TN, Lucinda E. Lauderdale 11/12 AL (Jonathan Pryor md. Easter Brashears on 19 Dec. 1839 in Lawrence Co., TN)

Pryor Records from Lincoln County

1819 Notice – Letter held at Fayetteville post office for JOHN PRIOR (Nashville Whig 14 Aug 1819)

1819 Land Survey for John PRYOR assignee of William C Kinney certificate 3324. 100 acres. bounded by William Lynthacum’s (?)

1820 Census Lincoln Co., TN
page 11, PRIOR Davis 100100001 (neighbors Short, Patterson. See 1840 Census in Marshall Co., TN)
page 303, John PRIOR 100301-01101 (oldest male over 45 years)

1820 Land Grant in Lincoln County, TN – To John Pryor assignee of William C. Kennedy 100 acres in the 2nd Dist. of Lincoln Co., south side of the Barron Fork of the Flint River, bounded by William Lynthacum’s (?) tract. 25 Oct 1820

1823 Deed – John Edmonson of Lincoln County and John Pryor of same county. Wits: Thos Fears, John Pryor Jr. , Wm. Pryor. 6 August 1823. Deed book G1, page 76.

1823 Deed of Trust in MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA
George Campbell and his wife Jane W. Campbell. William Evans of the second. Thomas Miller and John Pryor of the third part all the parties being of Madison County, Alabama except Pryor who is of Lincoln County, Tennessee.
Signed G. Campbell, Jane W. Campbell, Wm. Evans, Thos. Miller and John Pryor.
Witnesses Thos. Fears, as to G. Campbell & wife
Wm Pryor, Evans and Miller
John Pryor, Asa Pryor as to John Pryor
Recorded October 1823
(Asa Pryor died about 1832 in Madison County, AL)

1824: Announced in the “Village Messanger” of Fayetteville letters unclaimed at the post office as of March 1824: Green PRIOR and Wm. PRYOR.

1830 Deed – David Waggoner to John Pryor, 120 acres. 18 February 1830. Deed book H1, page 636.

1830 Census Lincoln Co., TN
page 188 PRYOR Davis 11001-21001
page 198, John PRYOR 00001-00001 (Oldest male 20-29 y.o. born 1801-1810. Also on page with Andrew Moore)
Page 277, John PRYOR 000011001 – 000010001 (oldest male 60 to 69 years. Neighbors on same page Elizabeth Flint and Richard Flint, Lydia Campbell)

1832 Deed of Trust IN MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA. Elijah Franklin and his wife Elizabeth of the first part, John W. Estell trustee of the second part and of Madison County, and John Pryor of Lincoln County Tennessee of the third part. 23 January 1832. Book N, page 579.

1835 Deed – Heirs of William Campbell to Nathan PRYOR. Heirs George Hunt, Wm. B. Campbell, George Campbell, Mary Beller, Shadrack Webster and Nancy A. Horton. William. Horton and William Pryor clearly witnessed this deed. “640 acre survey granted to George Doherty _________(illegible) by John Pryor of which the said William Campbell, dec., died seized and possessed and which tract of land is a part of the same tract heretofore conveyed to John Pryor by George Hunt and George Campbell.” (see post). William Campbell and George Doherty was on the 1783 Tax list for Greene Co., TN)

1836 Tax List, Lincoln Co.
Nathan PRYOR
William PRYOR

1840 Census Lincoln Co., TN
page 45, Nathan PRYOR 20001- 000251
page 51, William PRYOR 0000001-20001 (Wife Jane C Hopkins)
page 52, John PRYOR 0000000001-0000010001 (age 80-89, born 1751-1760)

1841 Will – John Pryor Sr. deceased. Heirs: wife Mary, daughter Mildred and her two daughters, daughter Ann R. Estill, daughter Mary Estill, sons John, Nathan, William. Signed 24 September 1841. Registered 11 January 1842. Witnesses: Charles McKinney, William Bonner.

1842 Deed – John W. Estill, Mary Estill his wife, John Pryor, Nathan Pryor, Martin Flynt, and Ann R. Flynt his wife legatees of John Pryor, deceased. Wits: Geo. V. Webb, James Selden, 22 February 1842. Deed book N1, page 463.

1850 Census Lincoln Co., TN
Subdivision 2, page 6a, house 73. William PRYOR 52 NC, Jane C. 37 AL, Mary 12 TN, Rebecca Ann 10 TN, Mahala J. 8 TN, Nancy W. 7 TN, Florinda 5 TN, Martha G. 3 TN, Samuel A. 1/12 (July?) TN. (William was on the 1840 & 1860 Census in Lincoln Co., TN. Nashville death record of Mary A Gill states her parents were William Pryor and Jane Hopkins.)
Subdivision 2, page 73a Daniel McPhail 26 TN, Angus 66 farmer Scotland, William B. Martin 27 physician TN (Angus McPhail is probably the husband of Sarah Pryor of Williamson Co., TN. They may have been estranged at the time of the census and at the time of her death in 1851)
Subdivision 2, page 78b-79a, house 1325 Nathan PRYOR 44 NC, Elizabeth 44 GA, John 16 TN, Wm. (William) 14 TN, Ann 12 TN, Elizabeth 4 TN, Nathan 2 TN. (slaves: males 6/females 9) (Nathan was on the 1840 & 1860 Census in Lincoln Co., TN)
Dist.8, page 112b, house 121 PRYOR Buchanan 34 TN, Fanny 22 TN, Sarah 4, Mary 3.

1851 Appointment – William Pryor appointed magistrate of the 22nd dist. Reported 21 jan 1851 in The Fayetteville Observer (TN).

1855 MarriageJoseph Nicks married Anna Land in Jan 1855. Marriage performed by William Pryor esq. Reported 11 January 1855 in The Fayetteville Observer (TN).

1860 Census Lincoln Co., TN
Dist. 22 House 1206 Nathan PRYOR 55 SC, Elizabeth 55 GA. William 22 TN teacher, Ann 20 TN sewing, Elizabeth 14 TN. (slaves: males 10/females 5)
Dist. 23, page 198B, house 1145/1115 William PRYOR 63 farmer NC, Jane 46 sewing AL, Mary 22 sewing TN, Rebecca 20 sewing TN, Jane 18 student TN, Nancy 16 student TN, Florinda 14 TN, Martha 9 TN.

1867 Deed – Nathan Pryor and Elizabeth Pryor to A T. Nicks and N M. Jenkins. Recorded 14 September 1867. Deed book C2-588.

1870 Census Lincoln Co., TN
Dist 22, Lynchburg PO
Page 481A, Jane C. PRYOR 55 AL, Jane 28 TN, N. W. (f) 26 TN, M. G. (f) 21 TN, Asa 20 TN, Mildred 18 TN, Five additional Pryors listed as black domestic servants Lucinda 36 TN, Anecia? 15 TN, Shadrick 12 TN, George 10 TN, Alsie 6 TN.
House 51 Fountain Townsend (mu) 47 TN, Kity (PRYOR) (bl) 44 TN, Amy PRYOR (mu) 16 TN, Lizzie PRYOR (mu) 12 TN, Thomas (mu) 10 TN,, Alex (mu) 5 TN, Jim (mu) 3 TN, Frank Townsend 5/12 (mu) TN, Fillis 9 (mu) AL (Fountain Townsend married Kitty Pryor on 7 Jan 1869 in Lincoln Co., TN)
Dist. 23, Lynchburg PO, page 493, house 107 E. E. PRYOR female 64 GA, W. A. 34 TN, Ann, 27 TN, Elizabeth 24 TN. (E. E. is Elizabeth widow of Nathan Pryor)
Dist 23 page 437a, house 166, James PRYOR (bl) 45 farmer TN, Lucy (bl) 49 TN, Andy 11 TN, Albert 8 TN, Dora 4 TN.

1873 Legal Notice
– SHERIFF SALE, no. 2.310. “In favor of Travis Ashby an against W. A. PRYOR, M. A. Pryor, E. E. Pryor, and E. H. Pryor… all the right title, claim interest, that W. A. Pryor, M. A. Pryor, E. E. Pryor, and E. H. Pryor have in and to the folloing described TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND lying in Civil District No. 23, Lincoln county, Tennessee and bounded as follows on the North by the lands of W.E. Carter, on the East by the lands of Thomas White and Jincie Taylr on the south by Mrs. Kelly norman and Boyers and the heirs of Iredell Bray, deceased, and on the West by the lands of Jacob Stonebraker’s heirs, known as the dower or home place, and containing 366 acres…. to satisfy one judgment against them for $191.41. (Fayetteville Observer, 23 May 1873)

1873 Legal Notice – SHERIFF SALE. Nos. 23,311 and 2,313. By virtue of two writs of venditioni exposnas to me directed from the honorable Circuit court of Lincoln County, Tennessee at its March Term 1873, in favor of J. B. Corn and W. E. Turley and against W. A. Pryor, M. A. Pryor, A.O. Edwards. and wife E. H. Edward, E. E. Pryor, Peter Cunningham and John Graham…and on the South by the lands belonging to the heirs of Nathan Pryor, deceased, containing 35 acres. (Fayetteville Observer, 23 May 1873)

1874 Action – J. W. C. Bryant the gauger of the 4th Dist., seized and destroyed the distilleries of William Pryor and Alex Sanders, near Kelso. Reported 51 tubs of mash and beer. Reported 9 Apr 1874 in The Fayetteville Observer (TN).

1875 Deed – C. W. Gill and Mary Gill his wife, Asa Pryor, W. N. Pryor, M. G. Pryor, and Millie Pryor, Jane Pryor all of Lincoln County, and Thomas M. Haston and Ann R. Haston his wife of Madison County, AL, all legal heirs at law of William Pryor deceased and James M. Ramsey of Lincoln County, TN. 27 January 1875. Deed book J2, page 84.

1880 Census Lincoln Co., TN
Dist 8, page 108b, house 306 Stephen Carter (mu) 36 works in brick yard TN ?? ??, Amanda (PRYOR) (bl) 33 wife TN ?? TN, Lona (bl) son 18 TN, Newt (bl) son 17 TN, Andy (bl) 13 son TN, Johnny (bl) son 7 TN, Mary (bl) dau 5 TN, Maud (bl) dau 3 TN, Ida (bl) dau 2 TN (Death record for John Carter b. 1869 states his parents were Steve Carter and Amanda Pryor–both born in Lincoln County).
Civil Dist. 22, Page 241D. Jane C. PRYOR 67 widow AL SC NC, Jane 38 dau TN NC AL, Nannie 36 dau TN NC AL, Mattie 33 dau TN NC AL, Mildred 38 dau teacher TN NC AL. (Jane is the widow of John Pryor)
Dist. 23, page 271A Elizabeth E. PRYOR 74 widow GA NC VA, William A. 40 son TN NC GA, Anna 39 dau TN NC GA, Amanda C. PRYOR (black) 11 servant TN TN TN. (Elizabeth is the widow of Nathan Pryor)
Dist. 23, page 271A Tobe PRYOR (bl)18, Jane Pryor 20, Mary Pryor 3, John Pryor 1 (Richard Pryor b. 1886 stated on SS application his father was Tobe Pryor and mother Jane)

1900 Census Lincoln Co., TN
3rd Dist, page 19b house 52 Harry PRYOR (bl) Dec 1848 51 TN TN TN, day laborer, married 20 years. Lou (bl) wife Oct 1857 42 no children AL AL AL, Maggie Bishop (bl) boarder Jun 1877 22 TN TN TN day laborer, Johnson W. PRYOR son Jun 1880 19 TN TN TN day laborer.
3rd Dist, page 19b house 55 Walter Shook (bl) Mar 1863 37 married 11 years TN TN TN, Flora (bl) wife 1864 45 children 8/5living TN TN TN, Garfield PRYOR stepson 1883 17 TN TN TN,
3rd Dist, page 19b, house 56 Fannie PRYOR (bl) 1862 37 widow 8 children/4living TN TN TN, Jenny Snoddy dau 1881 18 TN TN TN, Cleaveland Snoddy son 1885 14 TN TN TN, Catharine L Snoddy dau 1889 10 TN TN TN, James PRYOR stepson Mar 1882 18 TN TN TN, Albert PRYOR stepson Aug 1883 17 TN TN TN, Robert PRYOR stepson 1888 11 TN TN TN. (Death record for Cleaveland Snoddy states his parents were Frank Snoddy and Frances Buchanan)
3rd Dist, page 19b, house 57 Lucy PRYOR (bl) 82 TN — — , Thomas Fulton 1882 17 grandson TN TN —
22nd Dist., page 255, house 33/38 Mat PRYOR 11/1848 51 TN NC AL, Mary Love? niece 3/1881 29 TN AL TN

1900 WillTobe PRYOR. names mother Lucy, wife Fannie, children Robert, James, Albert. Executor J A McKinney. Witness Harry PRYOR

Pryor Records from Loudon County

1920 Census Loudon Co., TN
5th Dist., ED#154, page 6b, house 127 John PRYOR 26 TN TN TN, Lana wife 21 TN TN TN, George brother 28 single TN TN TN