Tennessee Counties – M

Pryor Records from Macon County

1880 Census Macon Co., TN
Dist. 7, Page 100B, John PRIOR 44 TN TN TN, Mahaly wife 31 KY TN KY, Amos C. son 13 TN, Nancy A. dau 9 TN, Margaret E. dau 6 TN, William Y. son 4 TN, Mary A. dau 1 TN. (Nancy the weaver and Caleb Pryor of Jackson Co., TN>John Pryor)

1920 Census Macon Co., TN
Boiling Springs,
Amos PRIAR 55 widow TN TN TN, John T. son 24 TN TN TN, Cora M. dau 18 TN TN TN. (Nancy the weaver & Caleb Pryor of Jackson Co., TN>John Pryor & Mahaly>Amos Pryor)

1930 Census Macon Co., TN
Dist. 7 Burnett PRYOR (William Bennett Pryor) 51 (28/18) TN TN TN, Alice wife 42 TN TN TN, Daisy dau 28 TN, Cora dau 22 TN, Gervice son 20 TN, Comer son 18 TN, Richard son 16 TN, Willie D. son 14 TN, Wiley son 12 TN. (Wesley Pryor & Jane of Jackson Co., TN> Sidney Stanton Pryor & Abbie Scott>William Bennett Pryor md. Nancy Alice Speakman. Their children were Daisy Isabelle, Cora, Gervice, Comer,
Richard, Willie Dee, and Wiley. William was recorded as Bennett Pryor on the 1920 Census in Monroe Co., KY living next to Overt Pryor.)

Pryor Records from Madison County

1832 Notice. Letter held at Jackson, TN Post Office for Richard PRYOR.
(Southern Statesman, April 7, 1832)

1838 Deed – Recorded in Madison Co., TN Deed Book. ADAM R. ALEXANDER, Shelby Co., Tenn. for “natural love and affection” for his son and sons-in-law, JAMES H. ALEXANDER, Green PRYOR, both of Hardeman Co., Tenn. and NICHOLAS P. STONE, Madison Co., Tenn., 750 acres on the south side of the Forked Deer River. Feb. 12, 1838. Reg Feb. 20, 1838. Wits Jno. H. Bell, Samuel W. Cowele (Green Pryor was married to Jane Maria Alexander)

1860 Census Madison Co., TN
Jackson, page 233a, house 103/102 Nancy Williams 55 TN, Mary 17 TN
Jackson, page 233a, house 104/103 John Condra 35 KY, Kiza (sic) (PRYOR) 30 TN, William 11 TN, Sarah 9 TN, Mary 6 TN, Benjamin 1 TN (Kiziah Pryor and family were counted also in Marion Co., TN in 1860)
Jackson, page 233b, house 115/114 Wyat (Wyatt) Condra 31 TN, Nancy 23 TN, Laura 1 TN, William Laythram 22 farm laborer TN
Jackson, page 233b, house 116/115 Joce (Joyce) Condra 62 NC, Mary 25 TN, George 21 TN. (Lillian Joyce Condra, mother of John and Wyatt Condra)

1900 Census Madison Co., TN
331 Cumberland St., Jackson Twp., 15th Dist., page 318a, James PRYOR 12/1862 38 (md. 18 yrs) MS AL MS traveling salesman, James McCord wife 4/1863 37 (6 children/6 living) MS MS MS, Connie dau 4/1883 17 MS, Eugene E. son 5/1885 15 MS, Josie Lee dau 12/1888 12 MS, James T. son 12/1890 10 MS, Mary A. dau 8/1895 4 MS, Roger W. son 6/1897 2 MS, Percy Beloach boarder 4/1881 single MS MS MS dry goods clerk, Gertrude Denton boarder 4/1875 25 single MS MS MS dry goods…?

1920 Census Madison Co., TN
5th Dist., ED#173, sheet 14a, house 286, Cornelia PRYOR 50 widow TN TN TN

Pryor Records from Marion County

1822 Land Notice
By virtue of an order of slae issued and to me directed from the worshipful court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Marion county, I will expose to public sale for ready money at the court house in Jasper on the thrid Monday of February next, all the right and title that Abram White has to 70 Acres of Land in Marion county, the same on which said White lives, levied on by Samuel N. Pryor constable, to satisfy a judgment and costs that John Baker recovered against said White, before John Hickey Esq
James Jones, Sh’ff. of Marion county
by Alex Coulter
January 8, 1822
(Knoxville Register, January 15, 1822)

1830 Census Marion Co., TN
Page 47 Matthew PRYOR Sr. 0100100001-000010001
(1835: Matthew Pryor Sr. aged 75 counted on the
Pension Rolls. Served in North Carolina.)

Page 48, Green H. PRYOR 1310001-001
Page 61, William PRYOR Sr. 0000001-000001
Page 61, William PRYOR Jr. 0011-1001
Page 64, John H. PRYOR 011001-22001
Page 65, Philip PRYOR 112001-110001 (Philip Pryor is in
McNairy Co. in 1840 & 1850)

1840 Census Marion Co., TN
Page 1: Jackson PRYOR 00001- no females
Page 2: Green H. PRYOR 22000001-20000001
Page 12: Matthew PRYOR 1012001-111001

1850 Census Marion Co., TN
record for Page 397B, house 285 Anderson M. PRYOR 22 farmer TN, Nancy 22 TN. (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Greenhill Pryor and Obedience Holloway>Anderson M. Pryor & Nancy K. Prigmore)
Page 401A, house 328 William H. PRYOR 22 TN, Mary 21 TN, Kesiah (male) 20 TN.(slaves: males 1/females 1) (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Matthew Pryor Jr. & Henrietta Williams>William Henry Pryor & Mary Cowan)
Page 401A, house 340 John PRYOR 27 farmer TN, Margaret 21 TN (slaves: males 2/females 1)
Page 401B, house 345 Matthew PRYOR 64 farmer NC, Mary 43 TN, Eliza 13 TN, Richard 10 TN, Nancy 8 TN, Mary 7 TN, John 5 TN, Madison 3 TN.
(Matthew Pryor md. Henrietta Williams on 22 Sept. 1808 in Roane Co., TN
and later her sister Mary Williams.)
Page 402B, house 364 Pleasant M. PRYOR 28 TN, Melinda 20 TN, July (female) 17 TN.(Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Matthew Pryor Jr. & Henrietta Williams>Pleasant Marion Pryor & Malinda Prigmore)
Page 403A, house 368 William PRYOR 30 TN, Amanda 27 TN, Mary A. 5 TN, Ephraim G. 1 TN. (slaves: males 1/females 0) (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary
Neely>Greenhill Pryor & Obedience Holloway>William Alexander Pryor & Amanda Prigmore)

Page 409B & 408A, house 449 Green H. PRYOR 61 farmer NC, Obedience 52 TN, Jeremiah 17 TN, Franklin 15 TN, Eliza J. 13 TN, Caroline 11 TN. (slaves: males 9/females 7) (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Greenhill Pryor & Obedience Holloway)
Page 410A, house 470 Jackson PRYOR 35 merchant TN, Bersheba 28 TN, John 1 TN, A. M. Griffith 24 clerk TN. (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Greenhill Pryor & Obedience Holloway>Jackson Pryor & Bersheeba Perkins)
Page 436A, house 807 Joseph Prigmore 36 farmer TN, Mary (PRYOR) 32 TN, Margaret 8 TN, Melinda 6 TN, Louisa 3 TN, Ephraim 9/12 TN. (John H. Pryor & Harriet Williams>Mary Ann Pryor Prigmore)
Page 436A, house 808 Washington PRYOR 25 farmer TN, Rully 22 TN, Ephraim Kelly 20 clerk TN. (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Greenhill Pryor & Obedience  Holloway>Washington Pryor & Ruth Kelly)

1860 Census Marion Co., TN
Dist. 4, page 236B. William PRYOR 39 TN, Amanda 37 TN, Mary 14 TN, Ephraim G. H. 11 TN, Samuel L. 8 TN.(slaves: males 0/females 6)
Dist. 4, page 237A, A. N. PRYOR (male) 31 TN, Nancy 32 TN, James 9 TN, Bidda 7 TN, Ephraim 4 TN, William 2 TN.
Dist. 4, page 237B Matthew PRYOR 73 farmer NC, Mary 50 TN, Richard S. 19 TN, Nancy 17 TN, Mary 15 TN, John A. 14 TN, Madison C. 12 TN, Henrietta 9 TN.
Dist. 4, page 238B Jeremiah PRYOR 27 TN, Caroline 29 TN, George W. 7 TN, China J. 5 TN, Mary J. 3 TN, Rutha 1 TN (Jeremiah son of Greenhill and Obedience Pryor. Married Caroline Hendrix)
Dist. 4, page 238B William H. PRYOR 31 millwright TN, Mary 30 TN, Samuel A 4 TN, Martha 2/12 TN.
Dist. 5, Page 247A. Washington PRYOR 35 TN, Jane 20 AL, Sarah G. 9 TN, William A. 5 TN, Philip PRYOR 27 blacksmith TN. (Matthew Pryor & Mary Neely>Green Hill Pryor & Obedience Holloway>Washington Pryor and his cousin Philip Pryor, son of John H. Pryor & Harriet Williams) (slaves: males 0/females 6)
Dist 5, Page 244B, House 279 Joseph K, Prigmore 45 retail store TN, Mary Ann (PRYOR) 41 TN, Margaret C. 17, TN, Malinda J. 15 TN, Louisa M. 12 TN, Ephraim M. 10 TN, James G. 8 TN, John A. 6 TN, Mary E. 2 TN. (Matthew Pryor & Mary Neely>John H. Pryor & Harriet Williams>Mary Ann Pryor Prigmore)
Dist. 7, page 261, Jasper PO, house 524 Green H. PRYOR 70 farmer NC.(slaves:
males 17/females 9)

Dist. 7, page 262, house 548 Jackson PRYOR 44, retired merchant, TN, Bersheba 36 TN, Ann E. 6 TN. (slaves: males 1/females 1)
Dist. 7, page 265, house 580 Pleasant M. PRYOR 37 sheriff TN, Melinda 39 TN, Susan J. 9 TN, Alexander 6 TN, Julia PRYOR 27 TN, James Brown 50 unk, Joseph Brown 25 TN, Thomas Brown 20 TN, Leroy Tucker 22 TN.

1870 Census Marion Co., TN
Dist. 3, page 408b, house 40 John Condra 45 KY, Kissia (PRYOR) 41 TN, William 21 TN, Sarah 19 TN, Benjamin 12 TN, Luraney 8 TN, John 2 TN, Margery 40 domestic servant TN (Kisiah Pryor daughter of Matthew Pryor and Henrietta Williams. This family was counted twice in 1860 in Madison Co., TN)
Dist. 5, page 429A, house 43 Washington PRYOR 45 farmer TN, Jane 30 AL, William A. 15 TN, John 12 MS (bl), Thomas 19 TN (bl).
Dist. 5, page 433A, house 110 Richard PRYOR 59 farmer TN, Marium 23 keeping house TN, Saletie 1 TN.
Dist. 7, page 450a, house 143 Henry PRYOR 24 farm laborer TN, Mary A. 23 TN, William 1 TN. (Henry Pryor was recorded as Harmon Pryor on the 1860 Census in Sequatchie Co. and in 1880 in Marion Co.).
Dist. 7, page 450b, house 151, Jerry PRYOR 39 TN, Caroline 38 TN, Isabell 15 TN, Rutha 10 TN, Laura 8 TN, Charles 1 TN.
Dist. 7, page 452A, House 175 Benjamin F. PRYOR 35 farmer TN.
Dist. 7, page 453, House 190 Philip M. PRYOR 36 TN, Catherine 33 TN, Hetta D. 9 TN, Alexander 7 TN, Harriet 5 TN, Joseph 4 TN, Florinda 2 TN, James Martin Jr. 25 works in grist mill TN. (Catherine and children Alexander & Joseph are on the 1880 Census in
Dade Co., GA)

Dist. 7, page 453, House 191 William H. PRYOR 33 TN, Louisa E. 20 NC, Harriet 1 TN. (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>John H. Pryor & Harriet Williams>William A./H. Pryor & Louise Cox)
Dist. 7, page 453,House 191 Jackson PRYOR 54 farmer TN, Bersheba 48 TN, Eliza 30 TN, James Brown (black) 40 farm laborer TN. (Matthew J. Pryor & Mary Neely>Green Hill Pryor & Obedience Holloway>Jackson Pryor & Bersheba Perkins)

1880 Census Marion Co., TN
Dist. 1, ED#75, page 189c Caroline PRYOR 49 TN ? ?, Bell 25 dau TN TN TN, Ruth 22 dau TN TN TN, Laura A. 20 dau TN TN TN, Charles A. 11 TN TN TN. (Caroline Hendrix Pryor, widow of Jeremiah Pryor)
(Harmon Pryor is on the 1890 Census in Rhea Co. and in 1860 in Sequatchie Co. They are counted in Marion Co. in 1870, however Harmon is recorded as Henry Pryor.)
Dist. 4, page 214b, house 185 E. G. H. PRYOR 30 school teacher TN TN TN, Icie 27 wife TN TN TN, Hally 3 dau TN, William 5/12 son TN
Dist. 4, page 214c, house 190 Wm PRYOR 59 TN NC TN, Amanda 57 wife TN TN TN
Dist. 4, page 214c, house 191 S. L. PRYOR 27 TN TN TN, L. M. 21 wife TN TN TN.
Jasper, ED#77, page 228B, house 86/86 Richard S. PRYOR 39 Dry Goods TN NC TN, Marian L. 34 wife TN TN TN, Sole–? A. dau. 11 TN, Mary B. 8 dau TN, Rosco L. 2 son TN. (Rosco Leslie Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Curry Co., NM and later in GA)
7th Dist., page 226A, house 44 David Ketchem 67 TN VA ??, Frances (PRYOR) 64 wife TN NC VA, Sarah Brown 33 niece TN TN TN, Susan R. 10 niece TN TN TN, James 8 nephew TN TN TN, Emmanuel 7 nephew TN TN TN, Jesse J. 6 nephew TN TN TN. (Matthew Pryor & Henrietta Williams>Frances Pryor Ketchem)

1900 Census Marion Co., TN
5th Civil Dist., sheet 9b, house 171 William PRYOR (bl) Mar 1879 21 TN TN TN, Ann mother unknown age (11 children/10 living) TN TN TN, Clara sister Mar 1882 18 TN, Bennett brother Jan 1886 14 TN, Amanda sister Jan 1887 13 TN, Zelpha sister Mar 1888 12 TN, Jane sister Jun 1891 9 TN, Allie sister Apr 1893 7 TN, Sallie sister Sep 1899 8/12 TN.
7th Dist., page 130a, house 323 Jackson PRYOR 1/1816 84 TN NC VA, Mary A. wife 6/1838 61, md. 17 yrs, no children TN AL TN, Eliza Alexander sister 1/1836 64 widow 3 children/3 living TN NC VA, Dora C. Hale niece 2/1876 24 AR single, Atty E. Hale gr-niece 5/1899 1 TN TN TN, Elizabeth Lurch? servant 12/1875 24 widow no children TN TN TN.
7th Dist., page 113b, house 15 Washington PRYOR 11/1824 75 TN NC TN, Mary N. wife 8/1838 61, md. 28 yrs., 2 children/2 living TN TN TN. Frances C. dau 2/1873 27 TN, Andrew W. son ??/1876 23 md. 7 yrs., TN. Mary E. dau in law 3/1877 23, 2 children/2 living TN TN TN, Andrew R. gr-son 1/1894 6 TN, Lynn C. gr-son 4/1896 4 TN, Abigail Clark orphan 4/1887 13 TN TN TN.
15th Dist., page 155a, house 4 James PRYOR 10/1850 49 TN TN TN, Biddie sister 7/1853 47 TN TN TN, Margarett sister 8/1860 39 TN TN TN.
15th Dist., page 155b, house 11 William PRYOR 2/1821 79 TN NC TN, Amanda wife 6/1822 77, md. 55 yrs, 3 children/3 living TN PA TN, Dan Prigmore nephew 1/1887 13 TN TN TN.
15th Dist., page 155b, house 12 Samuel PRYOR 10/1852 47 TN TN TN, Lucie M. wife 12/1858 41, md. 20 yrs, 6 children/5 living GA NC NC, Manda E. dau 9/1880 19 GA, Milton W. son 3/1884 16 TN, John D. son 9/1889 10 TN, Eva G. dau 11/1893 6 TN, Hugh McRae son in law 11/1875 24 TN TN TN, Mary A. McRae dau 11/1881 18, md. 1 yrs, 1 child, Clark H. McRae gr-son 11/1899 6/12 TN
15th Dist., page 155b, house 19 E. G. PRYOR 8/1849 50 TN TN TN, J Cie A wife 10/1851 48 TN VA TN, William G. son 12/1879 20 TN, Docia A dau 1/1881 18 TN, Samuel C. son 10/1884 TN 17. (Ephraim G. Pryor son of Samuel L. Pryor.)

1910 Census Marion Co., TN
2nd Dist., page 32a, house 124
Milton W. PRYOR 26 (md. 5 yrs.), TN TN GA, merchant. Alvinie E. wife 24 (1 child). TN AL TN. William J. son 5 TN. (California Death Record of Milton Williamson Pryor states him mother’s maiden name was Williamson. He was b. 3/9/1884 in TN. d. 7/31/1951 in Los Angeles Co., CA.)
7th Dist, page 195B, house 291 Ezekiel Haynes 67 (md. 38 yrs) TN NC TN, Zelpha wife 56 (6 children/6 living) TN AL NC, Gilbert PRYOR grandson 13 TN TN TN, Gladys PRYOR granddau 11 TN TN TN .

1920 Census Marion Co., TN
5th Dist., sheet 9b, Bennett A. PRYOR (bl) 31 TN TN TN, Emma (bl) wife 28 TN TN TN, Homer (bl) son 7 TN, Eugene (bl) son 5 TN, Roy (bl) son 1 6/12 TN, Church Springs (bl) father in law 49 widow TN TN TN (Father in law is Chruch Springs aged 25 on the 1880 Census of Marion Co., son of Ed and Thursday Springs).

1930 Census Marion Co., TN
Dist. 1, Whitwell Town, page 11B, house 203 Belle PRYOR 69 widow TN SC TN, Luther Chambers brother 55 widow TN SC TN. (next house is Joseph Prigmore 78 and family).
Dist 2, Victoria, unicorporated area, sheet 1b, house 17
Bennet PRYOR 50 TN TN TN, Emma wife 45 TN TN TN, Homer son 16 TN, Gene son 17 TN, Coy son 10 TN.

Pryor Records from Marshall County

1840 Census, Marshall County, TN
Pryor Davis 211101 – 002101 (Pryor Davis on 1820 Census in neighboring Lincoln Co.)

1850 Census, Marshall Co., TN
page 13b, PRIOR P Davis 50 TN, Nancy 47 TN, Elisabeth 21 TN, James P 20 TN, George W 18 TN, Francis 14 TN, Newton J 12 TN, Nancy E 10 TN, Lucinda 6 TN

1857 Marriage – P P Davis married Flordall Patterson on 15 Dec 1857

1860 Census, Marshall Co., TN
Prior P Davis 59 TN, Flora M 25, Newtown J 21, Lucinda 15, Mary H 1, Wesley L Williams.

Records from Maury County

1812 Tax List – Alexander Craig
(In 1786 a Luke Pryor deeded land to John Waller Pryor in Marlboro County, SC. The land was surveyed by Alex. Craig. This may be the Luke Pryor who was in Williamson Co., TN.)

1818 Deed – James Dobbins and Saml. Witherspoon to Green Prior and Rober C. Foster. 24 December 1818.

1819 Deed – Robert Campbell to Green Pryor on 27 August 1819. 500 acres of land issued by John Armstrong entry officer of claims for NC to John Polk son of Ezekiel Polk which Campbell obtain by marriage with John Polk’s widow, no. of warrant 1955, dated 30 November 1784. Witnesses Willis Willeford and Angelina M. Harris. (Angelina Harris married Peter Pryor)

1820 Census Maury Co., TN
Williamsport, page 74, Green PRIER 00011-011
Williamsport, page 63b, line 5 Jasper R Sutton 00001 – 4001
(Jasper Sutton married Susannah Pryor in Davidson County, TN in 1808)
Unk. Town, page 68, Peter PRIER 00001-001
(Peter and Green Pryor were children of Elizabeth Perkins and John Pryor, son of Green Pryor and Susannah Perkins from VA)

1830 Census Maury Co., TN
Page 391, Jasper R. Sutton 020001-1101001 (Jasper Sutton md. Susannah PRYOR on 6 May 1811 in Davidson Co., TN. Jasper R. Sutton and family were on the 1840 Census in Madison Co., AL.)
Page 357, Hugh McCabe age 50 – 59, one female 40 – 49. No children. (Probably Hugh McCabe and wife Sarah Pryor Squires, daughter of Luke Pryor of Williamson Co., TN. Sarah is on the 1840 and 1850 Census in Williamson Co. and in 1820 in Hickman Co.)

1850 Census Maury Co., TN
Dist. 10, page 178a, house 347 McCoy Standfield 25 NC, Mary 24 TN, Aduella 5 TN, Elenora 6/12 TN. (Mary King Stanfield is named in the 1848 will of Luke Pryor of Williamson Co., TN. Mary is the daughter of Sarah Jane “Jincy” King)

1870 Census Maury Co., TN
Mt. Pleasant PO, Dist. 11, page 421a, house 2 John Millican 52 NC, Easter 47 TN, Mary 14 TN, Edd 11 TN. (John C. Milliken married Ester Pryor on May 16, 1860. Easter Brashears Pryor is the widow of Jonathan Pryor from Lewis, Lawrence & McNairy Co., TN. John C. Millican was living with Jonathan and Easter in 1850).

1880 Census Maury Co., TN
Dist. 11, page 329C, house 68, John Milliken 61 NC NC VA, Easter 56 wife TN NC NC, Margaret Kersey 24 step daughter boarder TN TN TN, J. F. Dicas 14 adopted son TN TN TN. (Easter Brashears Pryor is the widow of Jonathan Pryor)

1910 Census Maury Co., TN
Walnut St., Mt. Pleasant, 7th Dist., sheet 8b, A. L. PRYOR 44 md 3x – 8yrs. TN TN TN blacksmith-blacksmith shop, Ethel wife 26 md. 1x, TN TN TN, Robert son 17 TN TN TN, Kittie dau 15 TN TN TN, Willie son 6 TN TN TN, Lulu dau 4 TN, Clyde son 3 TN, Wilbur 7/12 TN. (Aaron Lindsey Pryor son of John G. Pryor in Giles Co., TN. Aaron is in Giles Co. in 1900 and 1920)

Pryor Records from McMinn County

1830 Census McMinn Co., TN
Page 173, Jesse Tittsworth 100001 – 210001 (Jesse Tittsworth and wife Nancy Pryor, a native of Sullivan Co., TN (see 1824 deed). They are on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., IL)

1860 Census McMinn Co., TN
Page 217b, House 187 Nancy J Nance 45 TN, William 18 TN, Blanton 16 TN (Daughter in law of Peter Nance and Mary Pryor of Knox Co., TN)

1880 Census McMinn Co., TN
5th Dist., page 307a, house 448 John PRYOR 35 laborer TN TN TN, Easter 39 wife TN TN TN, Sarah 16 dau TN, William 13 son TN, Frank 8 son TN, John 4 son, TN. (John PRIOR md Miss Easter Manis in McMinn Co. on 29 Aug 1864. Easter Manis was recorded on the 1860 Census in McMinn Co., daughter of Ephraim and Ann Manis. Counted on census near George Manis. Easter Pryor wife of John is buried in Union McMinn Baptist Cemetery, born Sept 1836, died Jul 1908..)

1900 Census McMinn Co., TN
1st. Dist., page 124b, house 207 John PRYOR 7/1875 24 TN TN TN, Mary wife 5/1877 23, md. 6 yrs, 2 children/2 living, TN TN TN. Charles son 6/1895 4 TN, Lee son 6/1896 3 TN.
1st. Dist., page 124b, house 208 John PRYOR 3/1842 58, Easter C. wife 10/1847 52, md. 33 yrs., 10 children/5 living TN TN TN, John Bauer son in law 2/1880 TN TN TN, Parthena dau 5/1883 17 TN, married less than a year.
1st. Dist., page 125a, house 24 William PRYOR 9/1867 32 TN TN TN, Mary wife 2/1865 34, md. 12 yrs, 4 children/3 living TN TN TN, George son 8/1888 11 TN, John son 6/1891 8 TN, Elmer son 3/1895 5 TN.
1st. Dist., page 123b, house 186 Frank PRYOR 10/1872 27 TN TN TN, Sallie wife 12/1873 26, md. 5 yrs., 2 children/2 living TN TN TN, Escel son 2/1898 2 TN, Edgar son 8/1899 1 1/12 TN.

1920 Census McMinn Co.,
1st Dist., ED#50, sheet 4b, house 75 William R. PRYOR 52 TN TN TN, Mary M. wife 56 TN TN TN, Elmer son 23 TN, Martha dau 13 TN, Easter Leasfield? dau 19 married TN.

McNairy County

1830 Census McNairy Co., TN
page 119 Saml. N. PRYOR 000001-00001
(Samuel N. Pryor is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Tippah Co., MS. Possibly the Samuel N. Pryor who was recorded as a surveyor in Marion Co. in 1824.)

1840 Census McNairy Co., TN
Page 25 William P Huddleston (William Pryor Huddleston. He was in Independence Co, AR on the 1850 Census)
Page 52, Line 14 Philip PRYOR 2111201-1021101 (Philip Pryor is in Marion Co., TN in 1830)
Page 52, line 26 Nicholas Childers (Possibly Nicholas Childers who served on a Baldwin Co., GA Grand Jury with Marlow Pryor in 1814)
Page 53 Brice M. Findley, Martin Findley

1848 West Tennessee Land Grant – Philp PRYOR 40 acres

1850 Census McNairy Co., TN
Dist. 2, page 52a, house 705, F. P. Duke (male) 34 merchant VA, Kitty 26 VA, Jane 9 TN, Findley 6 TN, Octava 4 TN, F. T. Degraffineau? physician 24 VA, John Taylor 24 saddler TN, T. C. Ashcroft 19 saddler TN, B. B. Duke farmer 22 VA, Judith A. (PRYOR) Duke 56 VA (Fountaine Duke married Judith Pryor on June 6, 1808 in Goochland Co., VA. Ancestry.com Family Trees state Judith was the daughter of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Robert Meriwether was surety for her marriage)
Dist. 2, page 56b, house 772 William Hargrove 47 grocer NC, Mary (PRYOR) 42 VA, Sarah 19 TN, John 17 TN, Monroe 15 TN, Amanda 12 TN, Mary 10 TN, Thomas 8 TN, Robert 6 TN (William Hargroves md. Mary Janett Pryor on 20 Dec. 1826 in McNairy Co., TN. A Pryor researcher reports Mary Jane Pryor was a daughter of John Hughes Pryor, also a child of William and Elizabeth Hughes Pryor of VA.)
Dist. 7. page 5B, House 67
Andy Smallwood 42 wagon maker NC, Nancy 24
AL, Almida 6 TN, William 5 TN, Charles 2 TN, Richard PRYOR 12 TN, Emeline Prichett 10 MS. (Richard James Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Blair Co., PA)
Dist. 7, page 5B, House 69 John Shull 73 farmer VA, Rebecca 72 VA, Nathaniel 31 TN, Leann Gillespie 34 TN, William PRYOR 17 TN.
Dist. 7, page 6B, House 76 Nancy Sweat 78 VA, Mary 35 NC, Alfred PRYOR 40 laborer TN, Mary Pryor 16 TN. (Alfred and Mary may be the Alfred and Sarah on the 1860 Census in Dist. 12. Reminiscences of the Early Settlement and Early Settlers of McNairy County … edited by Marcus Joseph Wright states Alfred Pryor married Cary Sweat, daughter of Allen Sweat and Nancy Ivens.)
Dist. 7. page 9A, House 114 Thomas Bell 53 surveyor & farmer TN, Henrietta 49 SC, Elizabeth 21 TN, Jane 17 TN, Martha 15 TN, Amanda 13 TN, William 11 TN, Albertine 9 TN, Asa 7 TN, Louisa 4 TN, Sydney Reece 20 school teacher TN, Daniel A. Reece 18 laborer TN, Martha A. Reece 16 TN, Peter A. Reece 13 TN, Mary PRYOR 17 TN.
Page 9B
, Two families are recorded as PRYOM, William R. PRYOM
36 TN and Joshua PRYOM 80 NC. Ancestry.com family tree has listed a marriage
of Joshua Pryon and Susannah Kerns of Orange Co., NC

Dist. 12, page 97A, house 1340
Jacob PRYOR 33 farmer TN, Elizabeth 27 TN, Sarah 5 TN, Jackson 3 TN, William 7/12 TN. (This family is on the 1860 Census in McNairy Co., TN.)
Dist. 12, page 97A, House 1341 Philip PRYOR 59 NC, Philip 17 TN, Mary 15 TN, Benjamin 12 TN, Washington 10 TN, Nancy McLaughlin 21 TN. (slaves: males 0/females 3. Philip Pryor b. 1791 is on the 1830 Census in Marion Co., TN and in 1840 in McNairy Co., TN )
Dist. 12, page 97b, house 1343 Samuel Moss 25? VA, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 20 TN, Rebecca 1/12 TN (Elizabeth and husband D. S. Moss are mentioned in the will of Philip Pryor. In 1860 Nancy who was living with Philip Pryor was living with Samuel & Elizabeth Moss in McNairy Co.)
Page 97B, House 1343 Samuel PRYOR 28 TN, Sarah 27 TN.

1860 Census McNairy Co., TN
Dist 2, Rise Creek PO, page 376, house 321 F. P. Duke 43 farmer VA, C. A. Duke 36 VA, Kindley E. 16 VA, Octavia K. 14 VA, Kate N. 9 TN, John F. 7 TN, Bettie F. 5 TN, Flora G. 3 TN, Wilson B. 1 TN.
House 322 Judith N. Duke (PRYOR) 74 VA, W. R. Hix 29 farmer NC. (Fountaine Duke married Judith Pryor on June 6, 1808 in Goochland Co., VA. Ancestry.com Family Trees state Judith was the daughter of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Robert Meriwether was surety for her marriage)
Dist. 7., Purdy PO, page 427, house 1038
Alford PRYER 48 farm labor SC, Sarah 24 SC. (Alfred PRYOR? was mentioned on 1855 and 1858 deeds [E:549; G:165]. Alford may be the Alfred Pryor on the 1850 Census in Dist. 7 of McNairy Co.)
Dist. 9, page 462A, house 1536 Nathan PRYOR 46 KY, Luvina 32 TN, James T. 17 TN, Dicy 14 TN, Andy A. 12 TN, Jonathan L. 10 TN, Martha F. 8 TN, Sarah L. 6 TN, Mary
J. 4 MS, Nancy A. 2 TN, Amanda F. 9/12 TN.(This family was on the 1850 Census in Lawrence Co.,TN, and on the 1870 Census in Lauderdale Co., TN)
Dist. 12, page 484a, house 1848 Samuel Moss 36 day laborer VA,
Elizabeth (PRYOR) 29 TN, Rebecca A. 10 TN, William C. 8 TN, Mary J. 7
TN, Nancy F. 3 TN, Martha A. 1 TN, Nancy McLaughlin 33 TN (Elizabeth Pryor Moss and daughter Martha are on the 1880 Census in McNairy Co.)
Dist. 12, page 493b, house 2011
J. N. PRYOR 43 TN, Elizabeth 34 TN, Sarah J. 14 TN, Andrew J. 13 TN, William B. 10 TN, Samuel J. 7 TN, Allen M. 4 TN, Thomas 1 TN. (Matthew Pryor of Granville Co., NC and Marion Co., TN>Philip Pryor>Jacob N. Pryor and family were on the 1850 Census in McNairy Co., TN and in 1870 in Henry Co., TN)
Dist. 12, page 492b, house 1993 S. C. PRYOR (male) 38 farmer TN, Sarah A. 38 TN, George W. 21 TN, William B. 5 TN. (Matthew Pryor of Granville Co., NC and Marion Co., TN>Philip Pryor>Samuel “S.C.” is on the 1850 Census in McNairy Co.) (S. C. Pryor, slaves: males 0/females 1. G. W. Pryor, slaves: males 0/females 1 G. W. is probably George Washington Pryor. Washington Pryor was in Philip Pryor’s household on 1850 Census)

1880 Census McNairy Co., TN
Dist. 16, page 186b, house 278 Elizabeth Moss (PRYOR) 49 TN NC NC, Martha A. 21 dau TN VA TN. (Philip Pryor>Elizabeth widow of D. Samuel Moss)
Dist. 12, page 176a, house 79 J. N. PRYOR 63 TN NC NC, E. 53 wife TN TN NC, Allen 24 son TN, C. J. 18 dau TN, N. J. 16 dau TN, C. 14 dau TN. (Jacob N. Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Henry Co., TN)
Dist. 12, page 176a, house 80 B. M. Findley (m) 60 TN TN TN, N. E. wife 28 TN TN TN, Sarah 25 dau TN, Drew 2/12 Mar 1880 TN, John Sewell 17 hired hand TN, J. PRYOR (m) 14 hired hand TN TN TN, R. Franklin? 18 hired hand TN (Brice M. Findley is on the 1870 Census in McNairy Co., near Andy Smallwood whom Richard Pryor was living with in 1850)
Purdy Twp., page 100b, house 223 Job Bell 54 physician TN VA TN… living in household Sallie PRIOR 41 servant TN TN TN.

Pryor Records from Meigs County

1920 Census Meigs Co., TN
1st Dist., Page 10a, Birchwood Road, house 185 Andrew PRYOR 40 TN TN TN saw mill, Virgie wife 39 wife TN TN TN, Casie son 5/12 TN.

Pryor Records from Montgomery County

Montgomery County is on one of Tennessee’s oldest counties. Formed in 1796, parts of Montgomery county were later apportioned to Cheatham County (1856), Dickson County (1803), Houston County (1871), Stewart County (1803).

1828 Deed between Samuel Pryor to E. M. Simpson. Samuel Pryor was indebted to Robert Kenner for $110. Pryor sold a black “boy” named James. Witnesses John H. Fields, William Neely. 28 August 1828

1829 Deed between Samuel Pryor and Thomas W. Frazer. Samuel was indebted to Robert Kenney for $136.30. Wits: Robert Vause? and William J. Lynn. 13 April 1829

1830 Writ of Attachment – 20 Jan 1830 writ returned to the Montgomery County Court of Please and Quarter Session, “commanding E.L. Pryor to be attached to answer the complaint of Saml. Pryor. (Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Law and Equity of the State of Arkansas, Volumes 13-14, pub. 1889)

1830 Judgement – Judgement for $1427.50 in favor of Samuel Pryor against E. L. Pryor (Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Law and Equity of the State of Arkansas, Volumes 13-14, pub. 1889)

1830 Census Montgomery Co., TN – Census is in alpha order

Joseph Hise 10001 – 00001 (possibly the Joseph Hise who married Harriet P Prior in Christian Co., KY on 14 Dec 1824. Was Harriet the woman who filed for guardianship of Samuel’s children in 1837?)
Page 42, Samuel PRYOR 11111001-1012001 (Oldest male 50-59 yrs., 1771-1780)

Page 46, Matthew Ryburn 1110101 – 00211 (Matthew’s daughter Martha married Edward L. Pryor, as son of Samuel Pryor. Edward L. is on the 1840 Census in Hardeman Co., TN. He is on the 1850 Census in Hempstead Co., AR…. he was born in VA)

1833 Death
– On March 31, 1833 William PRYOR was found murdered in Nashville with friend Michael Hoover after a night of gambling (reported in the Nashville Banner). He was a Navy midshipman from Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN (The Military and Naval Magazine of the United States, Vol. 1, from March to August 1833).

1837 Guardian Bond
– 7 Aug 1839, Burnard, Allaway, and Bolen PRYOR infant heirs of Saml. PRYOR. Ann F. PRYOR was appointed their guardian. Signed by Felix H. Badger and his attorney Chas. Bailey. Harriet Patteson (or Pallson) and her attorney G A Henry. (Estate of Samuel Pryor (Sr.) was filed in Hardeman Co., TN in 1836. Burnard Pryor, Allaway Pryor is probably Burnard H. Pryor of McCracken Co., KY and Bolen is probably Samuel B. Pryor of McCracken Co., KY and Vandenburgh Co., IN. Online family trees state Felix Harvey Badger married Mary Amanda Pryor. Badger is on the 1850 Census in Hickman Co., TN with wife Mary b. 1813 in KY and a son named Bolling aged 7 born in GA.)

1880 Census Montgomery Co., TN
Samuel E. PRYOR 45 KY KY KY, Eliz F 40 wife KY KY KY, Mary C 14 dau KY, Sam 14 son KY, Martha 12, William 5, Virginia 3. (In 1870 this family was in Todd Co., KY. This is probably Samuel E. Pryor who married Bettie F. Gaines in Charlotte, VA 4 Nov 1857. Samuel’s place of birth was recorded as Dinwiddie (VA) on the marriage. Elizabeth Gaines Pryor was in Hamilton Co., TN in 1900.)

Pryor Records from Morgan County, TN

1816 Birth – Born on 15 Jan 1816, Jackson Pryor son of Green H. Pryor and Biddy Halloway. (From the Manuscript Division of the TSLA, Jackson Pryor papers).

1820 New Court House – Chapter 70, An act to provide for establishing a new Court House in the County of Morgan (1820)
“… Be it enacted, That PHILIP PRYOR, Ezekial Philpot, John M. Davis, Benjamin Hagler, and Joseph England, shall be, and they are hereby appointed commissoners to carry this act into effect, and a majority of them shall at all time be competent to transact any business, or perform any duty imposed upon them as commissioners.

1830 Census Morgan Co., TN
Levi Trewhite 211011 – 11001001 (Levi Trewhite, age 30-40. A Levi Trewhite married Celia PRIOR 5 Nov 1804 in Craven Co., NC)

1900 Census Morgan Co., TN
Dist. 5, page 123a, house 75 Joseph PRYOR 2/1881 19 TN TN TN, Mary wife 7/1875 25, md. 4 yrs, 2 children/2 living, TN TN TN, ??? L. dau. 4/1898 2 TN, ??? A. dau 5/1899 1 TN.