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Pryor Records from Pickett County

1900 Census Pickett Co., TN
1st Dist.
House 74 Thomas PRYOR 2/1878 TN TN TN, Vina 12/1878 wife <Vina Gunter?>, Janie Guner 6/1872 sister in law. Married 3 years. (Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>Thomas Pryor)
House 75 Parker PRYOR 8/1852, Elizabeth 6/1848, Manda M 6/1882, Sherman 3/1884, Porter 2/1887, Nancy C. 1/1883. Married 25 years. (Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor)
House 76 John M. PRYOR 8/1871, Lee A. wife 9/1879, Mary M. 3/1898, Lee J. 5/1900. Married 6 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>John McHenry Pryor)
House 77 John PRYOR ?/1856, Mary E. (Beaty) 7/1872, Robert L. 4/1888, Rosa L. 7/1889, James B. 2/1891, Susie J. 2/1892, William A. 1/1895, Thomas R. 2/1897, Ella 2/1899
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>John Pryor)
House 111 Ellen Garrett 4/1857, Charles Lacy 10/1878 son, Elva M. Garrett 2/1889 dau., Daniel E. Garrett 11/1891 son.
(Speculated line: Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Edward Pryor>Melissa Ellen Pryor Lacy Garrett)
2nd Dist
House 143 ______? Dodson (m) 30 TN TN TN, “wife’s name not legible” 45 TN, md 9 yrs., William son 12/1891 TN, Mary E. dau 12/1896 TN, Winford PRYOR June/ <Year of birth obscured on census record> boarder TN TN TN, Sallie J. Harrison 4/1877 age 23
House 144 Mary PRYOR 47 Jan/1853 TN NC ??, James M. 23 Jul/1876 TN TN TN, William C. 22 Nov/1877 TN TN TN, McAllen 19 Feb/1881, Wilborn B. 12 Dec/1887, Lucinda S. 10 Oct./1889, John A. 7 Jun/1892, Massie? B. daughter 5 Mar/1895 (Mary Ellen Gunter wife of Charles Levander Pryor. Where was Levander Pryor?)
House 148 William Story 3/1829 age 71, Nancy C. 8/1860 <>, Susie D. 4/1893, Cora E. 7/1895, Jessie R. 2/1899. Married. 9 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Nancy Clementine PRYOR Story)
House 150 Chesley PRYOR 3/1825 TN VA VA, Susy 2/1827. Married 40 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor)
Dist 5

House 15 Eli Buckles b. 5/1828, Julia A. 8/1861 wife, Vertie PRIOR 3/1884 16 g-dau TN TN TN, Thrissey PRIOR4/1886 g-dau TN TN TN, Ezra C. PRIOR 3/1894 g-son TN TN TN
(Suspected line —Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Sarah Pryor & William Moore>Gertrude,Thurssa,& Ezra. Why are they listed as Pryor grandchildren when they were Moores?)
House 16 John Lacy 2/1871, Minnie 1/1875 wife
House 79 William G. PRIOR 10/1876 24 TN TN KY, Nancy C. 10/1879 TN wife, 4 children, Arthur Pitman stepson b. 11/1892 KY KY KY, Lewis A. 9/1895, Susie B. 1/1897, Leona C. 12/1899.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin Collum Pryor>William George Allen Pryor)
House 81 James M. PRIOR 3/1872 TN, Mary C. (Cargille) 7/1871 wife, TN Walter M. 7/1896 TN, Susan J. Cargille 7/1837 mother in law TN
Dist 6
House 52 Alvin C. PRYOR 3/1851, Vinia J. 4/1855, Mary 2/1883, Tilford 2/1886, Philip H. 4/1888, Julia A. 9/1890, Jesse 1/1892. Married 26 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin Cullom Pryor)
House 55 Overton PRYOR 6/1816 widdow. TN TN VA, Lucy 12/1847 dau. , Martha J. 8/1877 gr- dau. (Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor)
House 116 Overton PRYOR 7/1849 TN TN TN, Manda 1/1851 wife, Rachel R. 3/1881, Loretta 12/1883, Emily F. 12/1885, Henry D. 4/1890. Married 24 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Simeon Overton Pryor)

Dist 7
House 101 Chesley A. PRYOR 11/1847 TN VA AL, Catharine 6/1850 TN VA TN, Malissa E 7/1879, Edward 9/1887, Joseph 8/1892 (Edward and Eliza Pryor>Chesley A. Pryor, AKA Shadrick or Shade Pryor)
(This is the first time that Chesley A. Pryor appeared on an Overton Co. census. It is speculated that Chesley A. is an AKA for Shadrick C. Pryor, son of Edward Pryor and Eliza Knight. He appears as Shadrick on the 1850 Census in Clinton Co., KY with parents, disappears for the 1860-1880 census reports, In 1872 Shade C. Pryor married Sarah Walker in Overton Co., TN. Shade C. appears on the 1890 Veteran’s Schedule for Pickett Co, and then as Chesley on the 1900-1920 Census Reports. His death certificate states he is C. A. Pryor son of Edd Pryor. His wife, Catherine, has the maiden name Walker on her death certificate.)
Dist 10
House 33 Jackson PRIER 10/1843 TN TN TN, Mary J. 8/1854 KY KY KY. Married 5 Years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor)
House 34 James A. PRIER 5/1869, Martha J. <Shoemaker> 1/1871, James A. 12/1891, Hannah L. 1/1894, Nancy A. 10/1895, Louis R. 2/1898, Oney A. daughter 5/1899. Married 10 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James Albert Pryor)

1910 Pickett Co., TN
1st Civil Dist
House 12 Harden W. Winningham 61 TN, L.A. dau 32 TN, Kizzie J. Clarke dau 21 TN
widow, Flora E. Winningham dau 17 TN, Mary B. Clarke g-dau 3 TN.
House 15 Robert L. PRYOR 22 TN, Mary E. wife 19 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>John Pryor>Robert L. Pryor & Mary E. Winningham)
House 16 Thomas W. PRYOR 33 TN TN TN, Manda M. 31 TN, Ernest son 8 TN,
Thadeus O. son 5 TN, Susannah E. dau 3 TN, Delilah C. dau 6/12 TN
(Edmund Taylor>William & Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>Thomas Wilborn Pryor)
House 44 Jess Winningham 36, Alice 31 wife, Jessie O. son 2, Lola A. dau 1, Martha PRYOR 12 servant TN TN TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Young Pryor>John
McHenry Pryor>Martha Mary Pryor)

House 45 Louis S. Bird 51, Julie C. wife 58, Lou E. PRYOR (f) 20 TN TN TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor>Lou E. Pryor aka Hannah Louise Pryor b. 1894?)
(Henry Jackson Pryor md. Hannah Garrett, her first husband was Campbell Bird –
parents of Louis S. Bird)

Page 3B, House 48: James A. PRYOR 38 TN TN US, md. 19 yrs, Martha J.
wife, Nancy A. dau 15 TN, Louis R. son 12 TN, Orie A. dau 10 TN, Mary E. dau 8
TN, Arthur H. son 6 TN, Ben C. son 3 TN, Rona J. 33 TN TN TN (2nd marriage),
Vietta F. Garrett dau 16 TN, Luther M. Conaster son 12 TN, Pealie J. dau 3 TN,
Albert PRYOR husband 20 TN TN TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor)
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>James M. Pryor>James Albert
(James Albert Pryor married Mrs. Rona J. Conaster who was the mother of Luther M. Conaster)

Page 4B, House 61: John M. PRYOR 31 widow TN TN TN , William M. son 9 TN,
Virgil A. son 7 TN. (Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>John M. Pryor— not proven.not sure that this is John McHenry Pryor)
House 62 Porter P. PRYOR 23, Sarah wife 20 TN TN TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>Porter Pryor)
2nd Dist.

Page 7A, House 107 John PRYOR 51 TN TN TN, md 24yrs, Mary E. 41 KY, Rosy L. dau 20 TN, James B. son 19 TN, Susie J. dau 17 TN, William A. son 15 TN, Tommy R. son 12 TN, Etta M. dau.11 TN, Garfield son 8 TN, Callie dau 7 TN.
(Edmund Taylor>William & Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>John Pryor and wife Mary E. Beaty)
5th Dist., ED#74
page 2A, House 28 Samuel Branum 62 TN TN TN, Martha wife 56 TN TN TN, Nannie dau 20 TN, Fannie dau 16 TN, John M. PRIOR son in law 30 TN TN TN, Mary L. dau 26 TN, Willard A. g-son TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>Porter Pryor)
House 103 enumerated at the Mouth of Wolf Road: Creed Garrett 66 TN TN VA, md 40
yrs, Julia A. 67 (11 children/5 living) TN VA NC, Joe C. 36 TN, Lou I dau 25, Florida dau 22 Byrd 50 sister (or 80 yrs widow, Sallie Victory 60 sister widow.
(Edmund Taylor>William & Spicy Taylor Pryor>Mary Pryor & Loderick Garrett>Creed Garrett)
Page 10A, House 169: George PRYOR 36 TN TN TN, married 13 years, Eliza B.
39 TN TN TN, Tasso 17 son TN, Louis A. son 13 TN, Susie B. dau 12 TN, Lona E.
dau 9 TN, Verna dau 6 TN, Homer 4 son TN, Emma F. dau 3/12 TN.
(Wm & Spicy Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C.”Cull” Pryor>Wm George Allen Pryor)
Page 10B, James M. PRYOR 38 md 15 yrs KY TN TN, Mary K. wife 38 TN TN TN, Walter M. son 13 TN, Wanie M. dau 6 TN, Webster m. son 2 TN, Susie Cargille mo-in-law 74 widow TN TN TN.
6th Civil Dist., ED#75
page 7A, house 90: Simeon PRYOR 54 TN TN TN, md. 34 yrs., Mandy wife 59
TN US US, 6 children/4 living. Henry D. son 20 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Simeon Overton Pryor)
Dist. 8, ED#67, sheet 2b, house 24 Thompson Looper 63 TN TN TN and family…. Minne PRYER servant 15 TN TN TN (daughter of Charles Lavander Pryor)
Page 9A, house 122 William P. Lawson 23, md. 4 yrs., Mary O. wife 26 TN TN TN,
Jessie L. son 1 10/12 TN, Lou V. PRYOR 56 widow TN TN TN, Philip H. brother in law 20 TN, Jessie brother in law 16 TN
(Wm & Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C. Pryor & Louverna York Philip and Jesse are children of Alvin Pryor and Louverna York)
Page 11B, House 218 Margaret PRYOR 69 TN TN TN, Eliza Carr sister 74 TN
TN TN (James & Nancy Pryor>James Pryor & Margaret)
Page 11B, House 219 (ages for this family are not legible) James PRYOR TN, Buella TN, Hubert TN, Edward TN. (James & Nancy Pryor>James Pryor>James Pryor)
Page 11B, House 220 Jefferson PRYOR age ???, TN, wife J____? age ???
(James & Nancy Pryor>James Pryor>Jefferson Pryor)
9th Civil Dist., ED#77
Page 226A, sheet 3a, house 36 Sam Meaks 24 KY TN TN, Orna 19 wife TN TN TN married 3 years, Jack PRYOR Step-father 69 married 2x, married 13 years TN TN TN, Mary mother/wife 57 married 1x
(1child/1 living) KY KY KY, Lucy PRYOR boarder 65 TN TN TN (Wm Pryor & Spicy Taylor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson “Jack” Pryor)
10th Civil Dist., ED#77
Page 3A, house 36 Sam Meaks KY TN TN, married 3 yrs, Oma 19 wife TN TN TN, Jack PRYOR stepfather 69 TN TN TN, md 13 yrs., Mary mother/wife 57 KY KY KY,
Lucy PRYOR (f) boarder 65 TN TN TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson “Jack” Pryor and sister Lucy Pryor)

1920 Census Pickett Co., TN
Dist. 1
House 87/89 Bud Garrett 50 TN TN TN, Josephine 50 TN TN TN, Annie A. dau 15 TN,
Clayton son 10, Sallie E. PRYOR dau 29 widow TN, Walter C. PRYOR gr-son 9 TN.
(Sallie is Sarah Elizabeth Garrett wife of Porter Pryor. Porter was murdered in

House 72 Josiah C. Jackson head 47, married, TN TN TN, Martha (PRYOR) wife 22 TN TN TN, Vertie E. daughter 15 TN TN TN, Rubin R. son 13 TN TN TN, Maggie M. daughter 11 TN TN TN, Orvel D. son 3 TN TN TN (Per 1930 Census Martha married at age 21, so these childen appear to be her husband’s from a previous marriage.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Young Pryor>John McHenry Pryor>Martha Pryor)

House 72 Hardin Winningham 79 widow TN NC TN, Martha S. dau 43 single, Bertha E. PRYOR 10 TN TN TN, Nora E. PRYOR 7 TN TN TN, Vernie A. PRYOR 5 TN TN TN, Ona G. PRYOR 3 TN TN TN, Mary E. PRYOR 8/12 TN TN TN.
(William Pryor & Spicy Taylor>Chesley Pryor & Susie Young >John Pryor & Mary Eliza Beaty>Robert Lincoln Pryor & Mary Ellen Winninham. The Pryor children are all listed as grandchildren on this census entry. Mary Ellen died in 1919. Their father, Robert L. Pryor, was living in Dist. 4 of Fentress Co. on the 1920 Census, working as a coal miner.)
Dist 5

House 33 Henry J. PRYOR 75 TN TN TN, Mary 67 wife, Sherman 18 grandson
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor)
House 119 Willie G.PRYOR 47 TN, Laura 32, Aurna 16, Homer 14, Emona F. 12, Lilly A. 9, Johnny 9, Rosa 5, Ruby 4, Relly 3, Sam 1
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C. Pryor>William George Pryor) 
House 154 John A. PRYOR 40 TN TN TN, Mary F. 35, Orbet 17 son.
(William H. Pryor & Rutha Dial>Nancy Jane Pryor & J. B. “Buck” Brewington>John Anderson Pryor) Nancy Jane Pryor married Buck Brewington. After their divorce their children went by their mother’s maiden name.)
Dist. 6
House 8 Overton S. PRYOR 66 TN, Mandy <Amanda Smith> 69, Emma N. 34 dau, Jimmie 10 grandson
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Simeon Overton Pryor)
House 9 Henry D. PRYOR 30 TN TN TN, Mary N. 28, Lizzie E. 8, Edmon C. 6, William J. 5, Alfred V. 2
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Simeon Overton Pryor>Henry D. Pryor)
Dist. 7

House 21/24 Joe M. Nicholas 34 TN TN TN, Lou H. (PRYOR) wife 26 TN TN TN, Jim D. son 7 TN, Fred O. son 6 TN, Hattie V. dau 3 TN, Maudie A. daul 1 TN
(William & Spicy Pryor> Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor>Hannah Lou Pryor & Joe Nicholas)
Dist. 9
House 57/57 Martha J. PRYOR 47 widow TN VA TN, Raymond L. son 19 TN, Ona A. dau 17 TN, Arthur H. son 13 TN, Ben C. son 12 TN
(William & Spicy Pryor> Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor & Martha J. Shoemaker).

1930 Census Pickett Co., TN
Dist. 1
page 27 Millard (or Willard) PRYOR 27 TN TN TN, Gleona wife 26 KY KY KY, Pauline dau 5 TN, Clara dau 4 TN, Thurman son 2 TN, Thatus brother 25 TN, Altha sister 16 TN, Ollie sister 14 TN.
Dist. 2
page 234a, house 19 Bramblet Garrett 38 TN TN TN, Sallie wife 29 TN TN TN… living in household Walter PRYOR step child 18 TN TN TN. (Walter son of Porter Pryor and Sallie Garrett)
page 242a, house 185 Thomas Price and family… Herman PRYOR 24 TN boarder odd jobs.
page 242a, house 187 Philip PRYOR 40 TN TN TN, Arzy wife 38 TN TN TN, Mary dau 17 TN, Minnie dau 15 TN, Hattie dau 13 TN, Ruble son 10 TN, Arthur son 8 TN, Lelon son 4 TN, Juanita dau 6/12 TN.
(Philip Harrison Pryor son of Alvin Collum Pryor, grandson of Overton Pryor)
Dist. 3
House 168
Mack PRYOR 55 male widow (22) TN TN TN
Dist. 4
House 26
William J PRYOR 37 (26) TN TN TN, Lucy F 37 (26) TN TN TN, Elsie 9 Tn, Eva 6 TN, D? son 2 TN
(Willie Joe Pryor & wife Lucy Dennis. Willie was the son of John William Pryor and “Tage”)
Dist. 5
Sheet 1B, House 15 Sam C. Meek 49 (27) KY KY KY, Oma wife 35 (13) TN TN KY, V. Aleta dau 7 TN, Mary PRYOR mother 75 widow KY KY KY
Sheet 4A, House 45 David PRYOR 39 TN TN TN (19/16), Mary 36 TN TN TN, Ethel 18, Carlis 17, Sam 15, Vernon 13, May 10, Buella 5, Odell 1 11/12, Mandy mother 79 widow TN TN TN. All children were born in TN.
(Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Simeon Pryor & Amanda Smith>Henry David Pryor)
Sheet 6A, House 106 Sherman PRYOR 28 TN TN TN (22/21), Wilma R. 28 TN TN TN, Marvin 5 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>Joe Pryor & Mary A. Claiborne>Sherman Pryor)
Sheet 11B, House 222, James M. PRYOR 56 KY TN TN (22/23), Mary K. 57 TN TN TN, Walter M. 29 TN, Webster M. 19 TN, Harvey M. 16 TN
(Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Charles Levander Pryor>James M. Pryor)
Sheet 12B. House 249. George PRYOR 58 TN KY TN (20/27), Laura 42 KY TN TN, John 20, Rosa 17, Ruby 14, Reba 13, Sam 11, Overt 9, Eva 7, James 2
7/12. All children were born in TN.
(Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C. Pryor>William George Pryor)
Dist. 7
page 6b, house 514
South Main St., James M. Maynard widow 70 and family… living in household Edna PRYOR servant/nurse for children 17 TN TN TN

Pryor Records from Putnam County

1850 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 15, page 124a,
house 1700 Leguard Henry 35 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 31 TN, Susan 11, George W. 10, Mary 7, Martha 5, John 3, William 7/12. (Death record for son William states his parents were Lige Henry and Nancy Pryor. A researcher has posted online Nancy Thomas is the daughter of George Thomas and Nancy Pryor)

1860 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 3
House 277 Pryor Robinson 23 TN, Lucy 16 TN
House 278 Thomas Robinson 72 VA, Susannah (PRYOR) 59 VA, Catherine 30 VA,
Alexander 18 TN, Elizabeth 15 MO, Wesley 13 TN.
(Susannah Pryor Robinson is reported to be a daughter of William Pryor of White
Co., TN. This family is on the 1850 Census in White Co., TN.)

House 289 John Bohannon 70 TN, Sallie (PRYOR) 65 TN, George W. 29 TN, Calvin 22 TN. (Sallie/Sarah Pryor Bohannon is reported to be a daughter of William Pryor of White Co., TN. John’s War of 1812 Pension Application states John Bohannon married Sarah/Sallie Pryor on 6 Jan 1812 in White Co by Thomas Bounds, Esq.)
Dist 4
House 571 L F Henry 42 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 40 TN, Susan 24 IL, George 18 TN, Mary 15 TN, Martha J 13 TN, William 11 TN, Rosa 9 TN, Cynthia A 7 TN, Lurancey 2 TN

1870 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 3 House 90 Thomas Robberson 82 VA, Susannah (PRYOR) 67 TN
(Susannah possibly a daughter of Williaim Pryor of White Co., TN. Surname recorded on other census as Robinson.)
House 112 Sarah (PRYOR) Bohannon 72 TN, Calvin 23 TN, Milly Phillips 37 domestic servant TN, Frances Bohannon 25 domestic servant (black) VA, Vina 6 (black) TN, Margaret 2 (mu) TN
(Sara/Sallie reported to be a daughter of William Pryor of White Co., TN, widow of John Bohannon)
Dist 5, page 142b, house 14 Ligard F Henry 50 TN, Nancy (PRYOR) 50 TN, Susannah 31 TN, William 20 TN, Rosa 15 TN, Synthia 15 TN, Eliza 13 TN, Lurana 10 TN, Bell 8 TN, Nancy 5 TN, Mary E. 10 TN, David Robinson 30 works on farm TN.

1880 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 3
Page 94A Thomas Roberson 93 VA farmer, Susan (PRYOR) 82 TN
(Susan/Susannah Pryor is reported to be a daughter of William Pryor of White Co., TN.)
Page 99C House 80 Sallie (PRYOR) Bohannon 84 TN VA VA, Crockett 46 son TN, Huston 23 g-son TN, Joseph 15 g-son TN.
(Sarah/Sallie Pryor is reported to be a daughter of William Pryor of White Co., TN. Sallie Pryor and John Bohannon married Jan. 14 1812 in White Co., TN. Children of Sarah/Sallie Pryor Bohannon are recorded on surrounding pages):
House 1 Crawford 43 TN,
House 79 Pleasant 54 TN,
House 81 Henry 58 TN,
House 82 Thomas 44 TN,
House 83 William 35 TN

1891 BirthRobert Ben Pryor bon on 4 October 1891. Parents Joseph Monroe Pryor and Martha Rodgers

1906 Birth – Sarah Belle Pryor born on 2 July 1906. Parents Joseph Monroe Pryor and Martha Rodgers.

1900 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 12, page 134, house 58/58 Robert Peak 3/1836 64 md. 8 yrs., TN VA TN, Adaline (Stafford) wife 2/1854 46 2 children/2 living TN TN TN, Mabele dau 3/1894 6 TN, Roscoe son 3/1897 3 TN, Ridley Cantwell grandson 12/1888 12 TN TN TN (Adaline was a daughter of Elizabeth Young and Dow Stafford, a step daughter of Alfred Pryor)
Dist. 1, page 23, house 446 Robert F. McBroom 1/1856 45 married 12 yrs. farmer, TN TN TN, Sarah B. (PRYOR) wife 9/1864 35 TN TN TN, Conner? K. son 2/1878 22 TN TN TN, John S. son 6/1880 20 TN TN TN, John –t? boarder 9/1833 66 married 27 yrs. lumberman OH OH OH
(Alfred & Serena Pryor>Alfred & Elizabeth Young Stafford> Sarah Belle Pryor)

Dist. 10, page 116, house 65/65 James Scarlett b. 2/1868 33 (md. 5 yrs.) TN TN TN, Mary [PRYOR] wife b. Jun 1877 22 (2 children/2 living) TN TN TN, Mattie dau Oct. 1894 5 TN, Robert son ??/1896 3 TN.
Dist. 20
House 233 James PRYOR 5/1847 53 md 31 yrs TN TN TN, Mary wife 4/1847 53 (3/2) TN TN TN
(James and Polly/Mary appear in Dist. 1, Jackson Co., TN on the 1880 Census
House) 234 Thomas PRYOR 5/1872 25 md. 5 yrs. TN TN TN, Lucy wife 5/1877 23 (3/2) TN TN TN, William J. son 4/1897 3 TN, Mollie dau 5/1899 1 TN.
(Thomas is the son of James and Polly/Mary. Thomas is listed as William T. on the 1880 Census)

1910 Census Putnam Co., TN
ED#78, Dist. ,1, page 10A,
Cookville & Bunker Hill Rd., House 196
Chesley Malone 61 (2nd marriage, md.
14 yrs.) TN US NC, Nancie M. wife 56 1 child/0 living, Albert T. son 18 single
(Chesley Malone is the son of Candis Malone and a half brother of Mary Ellen Pryor of Overton Co.)
ED#88, Dist. 10, page 2A Mary J. PRYOR 59 widow TN TN TN
page 2B Robert F. McBroom 57 md 21 yrs TN TN TN, Sarah B. wife 44 (0/0) TN TN
TN, John McBroom brother 60 TN TN TN, Elizabeth PRYOR mother in law 77
widow (6/4) TN TN GA.
(Elizabeth Pryor TN TN GA is on the 1870 & 1880 Census with her daughter Sarah in Dist. 1 of Jackson Co,TN)

page 3A Joseph M. PRYOR 37 md. 23 yrs. TN TN TN, Martha wife 33 (9/7) TN
VA TN, Robert B. son 19 TN, James W. son 15 TN, Edith J. dau 13 TN, Freddie son
8 TN, Sarah B. dau 3 TN, Linis son 2 TN, Hazel? son 3/12 TN. (Joseph Monroe Pryor is the son of Elizabeth Pryor above. ).

1920 Census Putnam Co., TN
Dist. 1, Cookville, sheet 23a, house 323 Alfonso Crowley 37 TN Canada TN, Mabel 26 TN TN TN, Addie R. dau 1 6/12 TN, Martha L. dau 1 6/12 TN, Adaline (Stafford) Peek 66 widow TN TN TN
(daughter of Elizabeth Young and Dow Stafford, step daughter of Alfred Pryor)
10th Dist., sheet 3B, house 55/55 Robert F. McBroom 66 farmer TN
TN TN, Belle wife 55 TN TN TN, John brother 71 TN TN TN, Elizabeth PRIOR sister in law 87 widow TN TN TN.
19th Dist., Algood, Washington Street, sheet 13b, Thomas R. Masters 47 TN TN TN, Millie A. wife 35 TN TN TN, Flora M. dau 17 TN, Isaac H. son 13 TN, Zeb S. son 8 TN, Willie F. son 4, Chesley Malone father in law 66 widow TN TN TN
(Chesley Malone half brother of Mary Ellen Pryor Engler)

1930 Census Putnam Co., TN
ED# 71-2, page 214b, Chess Malone 78 married 40 TN TN TN, Fannie 59 md 20 TN TN TN. (Chesley Malone son of Candis Malone, half brother of Mary Ellen Pryor).