Tennessee Counties – S

Pryor Records from Scott County, Tennessee

1900 Census Scott Co., TN
Dist. 3, ED#128, Sheet 10B
215/216, William Moore, head,  41, b. Jul. 1848 b. TN  fb. TN mb. TN; married 27 yrs, Sarah (nee PRYOR) 50, b. Dec. 1850 b, TN fb. TN mb. TN, George 12, b. May 1879 TN, John 19, b. Mar. 1881 TN, Thursa 13, b. May 1887 TN
(Sarah Moore, nee Pryor probably daughter of Overton Pryor of Overton County, TN)
191/192,  Charles Hord, head, 31, b. May 1879, b. TN fb. TN mb. TN; married 0 years, Gertie, wife, 16, b. Mar 1884, b. TN, fb. TN, mb. TN; married 0 years
(Gertie Hord, nee Hord, probably daughter of William F. Moore and Sarah S. Pryor)

1910 Census Scott Co., TN
Dist 3, ED 164
Sheet 27A, House 485 William Moore 65 TN TN TN, Sarah (PRYOR) 62 TN TN TN, married 34 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Sarah Pryor Moore)
Sheet 28A, House 496 Chesley PRIOR 60 TN TN TN, Catherine wife 57 TN TN TN, married 29 years, 9 children/3 living, Joseph son 16 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Edward Pryor>Chesley A. Pryor)
Sheet 28A, House 501 Edd PRIOR 21 TN TN TN, Nellie wife 17 TN TN TN married 1 yr, no children
(Edd is the son of Chesley A. Pryor)

1920 Census Scott Co., TN (formerly part of Fentress Co.)
Dist. 2
(Smithers Rd.) Page 6A, House 122 Jessie
22, Julie 26 wife, Elbert 4, Margaret 1, Luzerna Pryor 66 mother.
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C. Pryor and Luverna York>Jessie Jackson Pryor)
(New River Rd.) page 7A, House 135 Chesley A. PRYOR 64 TN TN AL, Catherine 68 TN VA TN
(Edward Pryor and Eliza?>Chesley A. Pryor. Chesley’s death certificate states his father as Ed Pryor)
(Wolf Creek Rd.) Page 28A, House 353 Albert PRYOR 30 TN TN TN railroad laborer, Redney J. wife 40 TN TN TN, Pearl J. daul TN, Luther Constern 22 stepson TN TN TN, May wife 20 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Spicy Taylor Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor>James M. Pryor & Martha Shoemaker> James Albert Pryor & Rona?)

1930 Census Scott Co., TN – Civil Dist. 2
House 55 William Gunter 66 TN TN TN(46/24) and family.
House 56 Albert PRYOR 39 TN TN TN (19/31), Rene J. 51 TN TN TN, Luther A. son 6 TN, Versie niece 9 TN
(Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Henry Jackson Pryor & Hannah Garrett>James M. Pryor & Martha Shoemaker>James Albert Pryor)
House 286 Jesse PRYOR 34 TN TN TN (19/21), Julia 36 TN TN TN, Elbert 14 TN, Margaret 12 TN, Evaleen 9 TN, Alice 6 KY, Paul 4 TN, Jewel 8/12 TN.
(Obit for Paul Pryor in The Star Press (Muncie, IN) on December 19, 1994 states he was the son of Jesse J Pryor and Julie E Clark. Spicy Taylor & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin C. Pryor>Jesse Jackson Pryor & Julia Evelyn Clark)

Pryor Records from Sequatchie County, Tennessee

1860 Census Sequatchie Co., TN
(Sequatchie County was formed from Hamilton, Marion & Warren Counties)
Dist. 6, page 257A, Im. 3, House 202, Saml. Graham 60 Distiller, TN, Elizabeth PRYOR
35 TN, Harmon J. Pryor 16 TN
(There was a Samuel Graham aged 54 on the 1850 Marion Co. census. Harmon Pryor is counted on the 1870 & 1880 Census in Marion Co. and in 1890 in Rhea Co.)

Pryor Records from Sevier County, Tennessee

1880 Census Sevier Co., TN
Dist. 9, page 435A, Isobelle PRYOR 50 TN TN TN, Vina (2) dau TN TN TN , Lincoln 14 son TN TN TN, Isaac 10 son TN TN TN, John 8 son TN TN TN, Rebecca Shook 80 mother TN TN TN
(Isobelle is Dorcas I. Pryor widow of James Pryor who was on the 1870 Census in Knox Co., TN. Their son Abraham Lincoln Pryor is on the 1930 Census in Pushmataha Co., OK)

Pryor Records from Shelby County, Tennessee

1838 Deed – Recorded in Madison Co., TN Deed Book. ADAM R. ALEXANDER, Shelby Co., Tenn. for “natural love and affection” for his son and sons-in-law, JAMES H. ALEXANDER, Green PRYOR, both of Hardeman Co., Tenn. and NICHOLAS P. STONE, Madison Co., Tenn., 750 acres on the south side of the Forked Deer River. Feb. 12, 1838. Reg Feb. 20, 1838.
Wits Jno. H. Bell, Samuel W. Cowele
(Green Pryor was married to Jane Maria Alexander)

1849 Guardian Record – Joseph P Ward appointed guardian of Belfield W. PRYOR. Thomas Etheridge, security.

1850 Census Shelby Co., TN
Dist. 6, page 113a, house 520 B. W. PRYOR 21 MS, Elizabeth 18 NC, Eudora 6/12 TN (Apr?).
(slaves: males 2/females 2) (Belfield W. Pryor md. Elizabeth Ethridge 21 Dec. 1848 in Shelby Co., TN)
Dist. 7, page 150b, house 1068 Joseph Ward 43 VA farmer, Martha 27 TN, Mary Swanson 10 TN, Mary Sanderlin 10 TN, Virginia Ward 3 TN, Martha Ward 66 VA, William PRYOR 18 pupil TN, Edwin Buck 25 overseer 25 NC (Joseph P Ward was guardian of Belfield W. Pryor in 1849).

1852 Estate – Robert L Smith and B. A. Massey appointed special administrator for estate of Joseph E PRYOR, deceased. Dated 1 December 1852. Rober L. Smith was appointed special administrator especially for the purpose of collecting debts. (Robert L. Smith b. 1829 NC is on the 1860 Census in Shelby Co., TN. Joseph Everett Pryor of Pope County, IL?)

1854 Guardian Bond – M. D. L. Stewart appointed guardian of Rachel Medora PRYOR, daughter of John C. PRYOR. (probably John Cannon Pryor). Ann E. PRYOR administrator of estate in Desoto Co., MS. File includes accounts — one signed P F Pryor.

1856 Marriage – A E Bettis married Fannie Pryor on 26 Nov 1856

1857 Post Office Notice – Letter held for John PRYOR on 2 June 1857 (Notice in the Memphis Daily Appeal)

1860 Census Shelby Co., TN
Memphis Ward 1, page 49b, house 530, A. C. Bettis 27 brick maker TN, Fannie M (PRYOR) 24 AR
(Death record of son Robert Bettis states father Andrew Bettis and mother Fannie Mourning Pryor born in AL)
Dist 6, page 316, house 1129 B W Pryor 32 constable MS, Elizabeth 28 NC, Eudora 10 TN, Thomas C 8 TN, W. B. 6 TN, Mary 3 TN, George 6/12 TN, Mary Taylor 52 house keeper VA

1870 Census Shelby Co., TN
Memphis, 12th Dist., page 334b, house 325 P. B. Baker 42 merchant VA, M. R. (PRYOR) 36 TN, Asa B. 45 MS, Sydney 2 MS, A. A. PRYOR female 20 MS, John Manahan 22 laborer Ireland, Laura Baker 12 black MS.
(P.B. Baker and wife Martha R. Pryor were on the 1860 Census in Marshall Co., MS)

Dist. 6, page 148a, house 383 W T PRYOR 36 MS estate $130,000, Catharine W Pryor 32 VA, Geo H Millington 21 England Civil Engineer,Jas W Alexander 23 farmer TN, J M Merriwether 24 civil engineer VA, George Pryer 9 TN. (William Pryor, son of Calvin Pryor — of Warren Co., MS — married in Lynchburg, VA to Catharine Meriweather. James Marbury Meriwether is on the 1860 Census in Bedford Co., VA, son of James A Meriwether and wife Elizabeth. C. W. “Catharine” was in the Meriwether household in 1850 in Bedford Co., VA.)

1871 Criminal Court
Accused of keeping a gaming house, Richard Pryor
(Memphis Daily Appeal, 10 April 1871)

1872 Property Owner in Memphis Dr J B PRYOR on Second St.
(Public Ledger, Memphis, 28 Sept 1872)

1880 Census Shelby Co., TN
Dist. 1, page, page 17B, house 299 Sampson PRYOR (mu) 31 VA VA VA farm hand, Hattie (mu) 28 wife VA VA VA, Harriet (bl) 50 mother VA VA VA.
Dist. 1 – Deaf Mutes – This schedule lists Harriett PRYOR. No age or place of birth recorded.
Dist 3. page 58a, house 52
Wm PRYOR 48 doctor MS MS MS, Kate 40 VA VA VA
Dist. 3, page 68A, house 176
Wm (William) PRYOR 24 TN TN TN keeping store, Delia 19 wife TN TN TN, Inca dau 1 (born Feb.) TN TN TN .
(Wm was deceased by 1891; Delia was listed in the Memphis City Directory as his
widow at living at 345 Dunlap. William B. Pryor md Delia Megevney).

Dist. 3, page 58B, house 58 Jessie PRYOR (mu) 40 TN TN TN farming, Emma (bl) 30 wife TN TN TN, Neeley (bl) 8 son TN, John (bl) 6 son TN, Hattie (bl) 3 dau TN, Amelia (bl) 2 dau TN.
Dist. 5, page 310a, house 262
John PRYOR (bl) 53 MS, Caroline (bl) 40 wife MS ?? MS, Hattie (bl) 19 dau MS, Albert (bl) 18 son MS, Elizabeth (bl) 12 dau TN, William (bl) 10 son TN, Ada (bl) 5 dau TN, David (bl) 2 son TN.
Dist. 6, page 138B, house 535 Belfield W. PRYOR 50 MS Unk Unk, Mary E. 42 wife TN NC TN, Ruth 17 dau TN, Kate 15 dau TN, Anna 1 dau TN, Susan 10 dau TN, Rosa 7 dau TN, Mordica Watkins (bl) 36 boarder, laborer, AL VA VA.(B. W. Pryor is recorded in Shole’s Memphis Directory in 1883 as the secretary and treasurer of the county poorhouse.)

1900 Census Shelby Co., TN
Memphis Twp. 15th Dist., page 4a, Second St., house 137,James B. PRYOR Jul. 1844, 55, KY KY KY, barber. Mamie M. (Nancy Margaret) May 1851, 49, md 32 years KY, Robert E. L. son Jul. 1868 31 KY. John B. son Apr. 1874 26 KY, James L. son Aug 1879 20 TX, Ester dau Apr. 1886, 14, TX.
(James B. Pryor and family is on the 1880 Census in Grayson Co., TX. Family photos uncovered by a antique collector reveal photos taken in Sherman, Denton Co., TX – where the younger children were born? Widow Nancy Pryor is on the 1920 Census in

Memphis Twp. 15th Dist., page 4a, Second St., house 138
William Hogue Aug 1839 60 MS SC SC, Martha A. (PRYOR) wife Mar 1849 51 KY KY KY, Thomas G. son May 1872 MS, Nelson M. son Oct. 1877 22 TX, Emma J. dau Dec 1880 19 TX, Percy N. son Sept. 1884 15 TX, Itha M dau Apr. 1886 14 TX. (Martha
Pryor Hogue, daughter of William Pryor and Caroline Lockridge is on the 1880 Census in Grayson Co., TX.)

1903 Death in Memphis – Edward Pryor, a plasterer, age 30. Died in 94 degree heat wave.
Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, GA), 9 July 1903.

1910 Census Shelby Co., TN
Memphis, 12th ward, page 307a, house 292 West Illinois, Charley C. PRYOR 45 md. 7 yrs, KY TN KY, Cora G. wife 35 (2 children/1 living) TN TN TN, Elretta J. dau 6 TN TN
TN (William B. Pryor of Henry Co., TN>William Lafayette Pryor>Charles C. Pryor. Charles is on the 1920 Census in Henry Co., TN)
Memphis, 14th ward, page 251a, house 968 Mississippi Blvd., Celisa J. Morris (PRYOR) 55 md2 4 children/4 living, AL VA AL, Victoria Q. Owen dau 22 AL AL AL
stenographer, Carrie Snyder grand dau 10 AL PA AL, Rothmeyer PRYOR niece 14 FL AL AL (Celisa/Celissa Pryor Owen Morris, daughter of Francis and Caroline Pryor of Butler Co., AL).

1920 Census Shelby Co., TN
Dist. 2, Memphis, page 109, house 975 Oak View St., Opie R. Cullins 36 TN TN TN, Esther L. (PRYOR) wife 34 TX KY KY, Lillian A. dau 15 TN, Nancy M. PRYOR
mother in law 58 widow KY KY KY. (Nancy is the widow of James Brock Pryor of Graves Co., KY)
Ward 33, Memphis, sheet 13b, house 116 Hale, Lunsford Luna 53 MS TN TN , Ollie 49 wife TN TN TN, Thelma PRYOR dau 18 married MS MS TN, Lucy dau 12 TN MS TN.
ED#180, Memphis, sheet 2b, house 1744 Will C. PRYOR 50 TN TN TN, Kate M. wife 45 TN Baden Ireland, Annie Maier sister in law 40 single TN Baden Ireland.
Ward 20, pct. 2, Memphis, sheet 18b, house 156 Yalloway, William PRYOR 31 TN TN TN, Nan M. wife 28 KY KY KY, Downing son 2 PA TN KY.
12th Dist., sheet 10b, house 185 Sam B. PRYOR 43 TN MS MS, Agnes wife 42 MS GA AL, Ernest son 18 MS, Chester W. son 16 MS, B—? son 11 MS, Wade son 8 MS, Maggie dau 8 MS, Eva Eskin mother in law 64 widow AL US US. (Sam B. Pryor is possibly the son of John R. Pryor and wife Annie who were recorded in DeSoto Co., MS in 1880)
M–? Hospital, Lucy Brinkley Annex, 18th Ward, sheet 12a, Elizabeth PRYOR 30 divorced, nurse pupil, TN TN TN.
20th Ward, pct. 2, sheet 4b, house 437 Avalon, George W. PRYOR 32 TN TN TN retail
merchant, automobiles. Nan M. wife 24 TN TN VA.

Pryor Records from Smith County, Tennessee

1801 Petition – Inhabitants of Smith County, on the Obed River. Signed by Joseph Pryor who was against consolidating Smith County with part of White County. Signed near Enoch Odle and Caleb Jobe.

1802 Smith County, TN Court Order
Tuesday, March 18, 1802 – Smith Co., TN. Ordered that Richard Lancaster, Tom Lancaster, William Pryor, James Pryor, Will Walker, John Goad and David Morrison view, mark and lay off a road from Lancaster’s Ferry on the Caney Fork River to intersect Walton’s Road at the most convenient (place) going toward Knoxville.

1802 Smith County, TN Land Record.
Deed Book B, Pages 94-95. Indenture made 10 May 1802. Names Thomas White & Mourning White (formerly Mourning Prior [sic]) Administrator & Administratrix of Richard Pryor decd. of Logan County & State of Kentucky of the one part and James Ewing of Smith County & State of Tennessee of the other part. Describes property part of Tract of three thousand acres lying on the Caney fork of Cumberland River, formerly the property of Howel Tatum,

1802 Smith County, TN Land Record – On 21 Jun 1802 Mourning and Thomas White deeded land to Richard Pryor in Smith Co., TN. William Pryor was a subscribing witness. No location, nor acreage information in the document.
(Mourning White the widow of Richard Pryor (Sr.?). Reported in Cal’s Column, June 19, 1952. What happened to this younger Richard Pryor?)

June Term 1802 – 200 acres deeded by Mourning and Thomas White to James
, proven by the oath of William Pryor who was also a subscribing witness. (Mourning White the widow of Richard Pryor (Sr.?)

1804 Deed James Pryor and John Dillard bought 100 acres near James Ewing‘s tract on Caney Fork. Witnessed by Henry Sellars.

White County formed 11 Sept. 1806 out of Smith and Jackson Counties

1820 Census Smith Co., TN
Page 76 William Newby 021301 -3111-4 slaves (eldest male 45 and Up)
Page 76 Henry Newby 00001 -00001-1 slave(eldest male 26-45)
Henry Newby married Susannah, possibly a dau of Richard and Mourning PRYOR. Henry and Susannah were in Clinton Co., MO by 1840. William Newby married Nancy, allegedly another daughter of Richard and Mourning PRYOR.

1830 Census Smith Co., TN
Page 106, line 22 Green Pryor 00001-20001
Page 106, line 23 Pleasant Pryor 1012001-002
(John “Pleasant” Pryor md. Elizabeth Palmer 1795 in Granville, NC. Father of Green Pryor, John Pleasant Pryor Jr. and Absalom Pryor of Fayette Co., TN and Johnson
Co., AR.)

Page 122, line 23 William Newby 00001001 – 1011101
(eldest male 50 to 60 years old. William Newby was the widow of a Nancy PRYOR.)

1838 Tax List of Smith County, TN
Pleasant PRYOR
(list is written in alpha order)

1840 Census Smith Co., TN
Page 232, Line 13 Pleasant PRIER
(eldest male between 20-30 years old.  Son of John Pleasant Prior who was on the 1830 Census in Smith Co.)
Page 268, Martha PRYER 0102-020001 (oldest female aged 30 to 39)

1850 Census Smith Co., TN
Page. 241B Cyntha PRYOR 33 NC, Hiram 12 TN, William 8 TN, Martha J. 10 TN, Clarissa 2 TN.
(Very unclear marriage record on Ancestry.com shows a Cyntha C. Copeland md to _____ in White Co., TN 1840.)
Page 242 A, House 425 Martin Whitten 39 farmer TN, Mary 35 TN, Robert 6 TN, William 5 TN, John 3 TN, Mary A. Sexton 26 TN, James 9 TN, Robert 7 IL, Levi Whitten 34 TN (idiotic), Mary A. Hawkins 11 TN.
(Levi Whitten was living with Cyntha’s son Hiram on the 1860 Census in Smith
Co. Martin Whitten is on the 1840 Census in Smith Co.)

Page 242B, House 429 Elizabeth Whitten 62 NC, Sarah Whitten 19 TN.
Page 244b, house 460 Henderson Petty 31 NC, Nancy 29 TN, Thomas 11 TN, Andrew J. 4 TN, Mary C 2 TN, Lydia A. 55 NC, John F. 23 NC, Stephen 11 TN
(Gravemarker lists Nancy Pryor Gresham as wife of Henderson Petty. She was the
daughter of Sarah King Gresham)

Page 304a, House 1296 John G. Martin 51 VA
(Living near Martha PRYOR on 1840 Census)
Page 304a, House 1300 Irvin Beasley 25 TN, Eliza 20 TN, Permelia 4 TN, Mary 1 TN (Mrs. Eliza Beasley married Jonathan PRYOR.)
Page 304b, House 1307 Lewis McFarland 71 NC (Living near Martha PRYOR on 1840 Census)

South Div., page 350a, house 597 William Lancaster 45 VA, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 37 NC,
Frances 11 TN, Manda 6 TN, Malissa 2 TN.(Pryor connection established from message 3301 on the Genealogy.com Lancaster board. See 1850 Census of Izard Co., AR for more Smith Co. Pryor and Lancaster connections.)

1860 Census Smith Co., TN
Dist. 2, page 274B, house 157 Danny West 39 TN, Rutha PYRON 35 TN, Claiborne
3 TN, William C. Canady 16 TN. (Census handwriting states “Pyron” not

Dist 10, page 345A, house 919 James Harris 27 TN, Nancy 31 TN, Alfred 7 TN, Mary 5 TN, Margaret 4 TN, Woodson 3 TN, Nancy 1 TN, James Beasley 5 TN, Sina 3 TN, J. A. B. 1 TN.
Dist. 10, page 345a, house 920 Cynthia PRYOR 41 NC, William 16 TN, Caroline 15 TN (In the previous household are 3 children surname Beasley. Is there a connection between the Eliza Beasley who married Johnathan Pryor in Smith Co. in 1859?)
Dist. 10, page 346A, house 934, Hiram PRYOR 23 TN, Ibby 23 TN, William W. 1 TN, Levi Whitten (insane) 40 TN (Hiram and family were in Gallatin Co., IL in 1870 and in McCracken Co., KY at the time of the 1880 Census)
Dist 10 page 347b, house 959, Henderson Petty 42 NC, Nancy (Nancy Pryor Gresham) 41 TN, Thomas 21 TN, Allen J. 14 TN, Mary C 12 TN, Martha E. 10 TN, Sarah 8 TN, Henderson 6 TN, Pryor 4 TN, Balaam 2 TN.

1870 Marriage, Smith County, TN
John PRIOR to Mahala A. Hazel on 3 January 1870, wit. Willis Dean
(Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm)

1870 Census Smith Co., TN
Dist. 2 Carthage PO. Page 21A
John PRYOR 35 TN, Haley A. 22 KY, Amos C. 4 TN, Sarah 8 TN, Nancy 74 SC. (Nancy the weaver > John Pryor. John is on the 1860 Census in Jackson Co., TN and then in 1880 in Macon Co., TN)
Dist 13, Rome PO, page 132b, house 28/family 36 Bob Bell (bl) 30 TN, Dianna (bl) 26, Thomas (bl) 10. house 28/family 36 J. B. Hale 26 carpenter TN, M. J. (PRYOR) 29 TN, Ida 2 TN.(Death record for Ida Hale states her parents as John Hale and Miss Pryor. Is this Martha Jane Pryor daughter of Cyntha Pryor on the 1850 Census?)

Records from Stewart County, Tennessee

1804 Deed – William Rasco (Christian Co., KY) to William PRYOR, 640a on S bank
of Cumberland River at the state line; wit: Thomas Brigham, Benjamin
Downs, William Hubbard –
(note Benjamin Downs was mentioned on the 1809 Stewart Co., TN Tax list with
William Pryor. See 1810 Census of Amherst Co., VA — There’s a Benjamin Downs)

1805 Deed – William PRYOR deeded land to William Haynes, witnessed by
Benjamin Downs and W.M. Hicks.

1805 Deed – William PRYOR deeded land on Pryor’s Creek to John Churchill, witnessed by Thomas Brigham and Benjamin Downs.

1806 Jury Duty – William PRYOR a juror for the March Term.

1807 Bond – John Allen, William Allen, William PRYOR, cotton inspector’s bond; 9 Apr 1807

1808 – Commissioners Joshua Williams, Thomas French, William PRYOR & David Hogan, and Clerk John Allen, certify that the center of the county is near Dover, and that the Seat of Justice for the county should continue to be at the Court House; 26 Jul 1808

1808 – William Haggard, William M. Cooley, William PRYOR, tavern bond for Haggard’s house in Dover; 26 Oct 1808

1809 Land Grant – State of Tennessee. William Pryor assignee of John Cotants. 180 acres in Stewart County in the first Dist. Near William Roscoe on Pryor’s Creek. 29 Jan 1809.

1809 Stewart County TN Tax List
Capt. Ross’ Company
Name Acres Situation of Land WP TL BP SH
William Pryor 320 where he lives
William Pryor 100 Pryors Creek
William Pryor 40 Pryors Creek
William Pryor 224 where Benjamin Downs lives 1 2
James Pryor 180 where he lives 2
John Pryor 1

1809 Jury Duty – William PRYOR, William Hubbard et al.

1809 – (p.202) Jesse Denson, Attorney Jesse Hutchins, State of Tennessee Stewart County, appoint  Jesse Denson of Tennessee, Stewart County my lawful attorney for me, to sue for me and recover from the estate of General Griffith Rutherford, Dec’d, all such sums of money due me a lawful heir of James Hutchins, deceased. February 20, 1809. Witnesses: John Chambers and William PRYOR

1810 Stewart County TN Tax List
William Pryor 320 Pryors Creek
William Pryor 220 Pryors Creek
James Pryor 100 Pryors Creek 1 3 (per 1830 Census, age 20 – 29 years in

February Court Term 1811
Joseph Shaw vs. Pryor and Haynes/ $250 damages awarded.

1811 Stewart County TN Tax List
Capt Gray’s Company
James Pryor 100 Pryors Creek 1
#74 Shadrack Bird
#86 William Pryor 540 Pryors Creek 1 3
#87 Robert Cooper
(William Pryor sold his land to Cooper in 1816)
(William Pryor left Stewart Co. and was in Clarke Co., MS by 1816. On same page with  Thomas Childress, Yancey Thornton, Drury Bird, Shadrack Bird. The 1811 Tax list on Ancesty.com appears to have errors. It begins with 1811 and then on image 5 changes to 1812 for Stewart county and it’s signed by Robert Cooper clerk of the court.).

1812 Court Case (continued several times in 1811 and 1811)
William Pryor vs. Clintons Adminrs. (Administrators)

1812 Court Case – November 1812
William Pryor vs. Henry Jackson. Damages $1000

1812 Bond – guardian bond by William PRYOR, James PRYOR, Jesse Denson, for Edith Trammell, Isabella Trammell, Jarret Trammell, James Trammell & Jacob Hollingsworth Trammell, orphans of Sampson Trammell; 8 Aug 1812

1813 Birth – Jonathan PRYOR (Trigg Co. Death record for James Hartwell Pryor states his father Jonathan Pryor was born in Stewart Co. Jonathan Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Trigg Co., KY)

1814 Sale of Estate of Shadrick Bird William Pryor 2 gimlets and a bell $0.62, one hog $8.25, one iron wedge $0.75. Thomas Brigham and William Pryor were chosen by the estate administrators to “lay in” meat and corn for the widow and family.

1815 Bastardy Bond (Court Record) – Alexander Walker made a bastardy bond, with James PRYOR and Richard Blanton securities, for keeping an orphan child of Alsey King from becoming a county charge

1815 Deed – William PRYOR to James H. RUSSELL, 20a on the head of the east fork of Indian Creek for $55, ¾ miles SW of Dover, including a spring; tract was grant #4045; test: Thomas BUCKINGHAM, R. COOPER; 9 Oct 1815, Deed book O

1816 Deed – Stewart Co. TN Deed Book 5, page 401
This Indenture made this thirteenth day of March one Thousand eight hundred & sixteen Between William Pryor of the County of Clark & Mississippi Territory
of the one part & Robert Cooper of the County of Stewart & State of Tennessee of the other part Witnesses that for an ?? consideration of the sum of fifty dollars to Him the said William Pryor in hand paid before the Signing Sealing & Delivering of these presents this receipt where of is hereby Acknowledged….

1818 Land Grant in Stewart Co., TN
State of Tennessee.To James Pryor assignee of Duncan Johnson, Thomas Hickman, and John Lemore?. 9 May 1818.

1820 Census Stewart Co., TN
James PRIER 12121-5001 (oldest male 26-44 yrs., born 1776-1794)
Mary PRYER 1201-001

1829 State causes: Jefferson Pryor for affray (not prosecuted) (“affray” is fighting in public that distrubs the peace)

1829 Court Order: Appointed overseer of the road beginning at the Cross Roads where John Francis new mill road intersects with the said road to the State line and the following work: Clement Aldrey’s, William Williams, Ricks Henry, Henry E. Gibson, James Pryor, Lawson Pryor, and Mr. Edwards. [Feb 5 1829]

1830 Census, Stewart Co., TN – Page 250
Jane PRYOR 00011-0100101
James PRYOR 0014001-00330001 (oldest male 40 to 49 years, born 1781-1790, oldest female born 1771-1780)
(older woman b. 1781-1790 is possibly Mary Pryor who was living with a James Pryor on the 1840 and 1850 census records in Trigg Count, KY.
William PRYOR 10001-10001
(Oldest male 20-29 y.o. born 1801-1810. William Pryor and family are on the 1840 and 1850 Census in White Co., IL. His identity was determined by son James Pryor who states he was born in Stewart Co. in 1823. William Pryor born 1802 married Martha Ross.)
John PRYOR 20001-011
(Oldest male 20-29 y.o. born 1801-1810)

1836 Will – will of Vincent Cooper (continued):  heirs Archibald H. Cooper, John M. Cooper, Sarah J. Pryor, Elizabeth Fraser?; executors are son David C. Cooper and friends J. C. Ingram and William J. Fraser; test:  John Williams, Jonathan T. Williams, John H. Snuggs; written 10 Sep 1836, proven Oct. term 1836

1836 Court Order – Joseph Griffin, James Pryor, indenture bond for orphan William Jobe (age 8); 2 Feb 1836

1860 Census Stewart Co., TN
Dist. 3, Indian Mount PO, page 442, house 296 Josiah Dunn 35 TN, Sarah (PRYOR)
23 KY, Sarah 11 TN, Alonzo 6 TN (Josiah Dunn md. Jane Pryor on 17 Feb. 1859 in Stewart Co., TN– are Sarah and Jane the same person? On the 1850 Census in Trigg Co., KY there is a Sarah J. Pryor daughter of Wesley Pryor who had ties to Stewart Co.
Perhaps this is Sarah Jane Pryor?)

1870 Census Stewart Co., TN
Dist. 3, Indian Mound PO, page 244A, House 17/17 William Campbell 63 farm hand $4000/$723 VA, Jane 48 TN, James PRIER 33 $300 KY, Hellen 20 keeping house KY, Mollie 2 KY.

1900 Census Stewart Co., TN
Dist 3 Sheet 7, house 120 John W. PRYOR May/1851 49 (25), KY KY VA miller, Emaline wife Jan/1855 55 (25) 6 children/4 living KY TN KY, Joe W. son 2/1886 14 KY labor at mill, Hattie B. dau 9/1889 10 TN, Margaret C. sister Jun/1855 44 single KY KY VA.
(Wesley Pryor of Trigg Co., KY>John W. & sister Margaret C. Pryor. This family is on the 1880 Census in Trigg Co., KY.)
Dist 3, Sheet 7, house 126 Emmett S. Joiner 11/1868 31 md 2 yrs KY KY KY, Martha F. (PRYOR) 7/1878 21 TN KY KY, Lewis L. son 4/1900 1mo TN. (Martha F. Pryor is the daughter of John W. Pryor. She is on the 1880 Census in Trigg Co., KY)
Dist. 3, page 243, house 227 Joseph P. PRYOR3/1843 57 md. 28 yrs KY VA VA postmaster, Emily E. wife 1/1854 46 KY KY SC, Ivan R. son 8/1893 6 TN KY KY.(Death record for Joseph P Pryor in 1917 states he was a retired postmaster, son of William Pryor and Olive Elliott)
Dist 3, page 244a,, house 251 James Barbee 1855 KY TN TN, Adaline wife sept 1857 KY KY KY, Flavio? son 8/1880 19 KY, Earnest son 12/1888 KY, Sallie dau 6/1890 TN.(Joseph B. Coleman the son of Adaline Coleman and Clementine Pryor, see Trigg County Census records)

Long Hollow Pct., page 315a, house 103 Joseph B Coleman 10/1851 48 KY KY KY, Catherine wife 6/1858 42 TN KY KY, Charley son 1/1880 TN, Lizzie M dau 8/1887 KY, Lizabeth Kennedy mother in law 12/1822 KY KY KY. (Joseph B. Coleman the son of John Coleman and Clementine Pryor, see Trigg County Census records)

1910 Census Stewart Co., TN
Dist. 3, page 11A Chris W. Joiner 40 (12) KY KY VA odd jobs, Ozetta wife 37 (12) 3 children/1living KY KY KY, Emily D. daughter 7 4/12 KY, Joseph P. PRYOR father in law 67 widow KY KY KY, (1880 Census page 362B Trigg Co., KY Joe Pryor 36 KY KY KY,
Emily 26 KY NC KY, Ozella dau 7 KY, Albie dau 5 KY, Oscar son 3 KY.
Page 12A
Will Hillsboro 31 (10) TN TN TN, Rose A. wife 26 (10) 4 children/3 living TN KY KY, Homer B. son 9 TN, Geneva dau 6 TN, Grace dau 3 TN, Raymus? I. PRYOR
brother in law 16 single TN KY KY.
Bumpas Mill Rd. Dist 4, page 8B,
Joseph W. PRYOR 24 (2) TN TN TN sawmill, Bessie E. wife 21 (2) 2 children/2living TN TN TN, Holland M. son 1 5/12 TN, William W. son 5/12 TN. (Wesley Pryor of Trigg Co., KY>John W. Pryor>Joseph W. Pryor)

1920 Census Stewart Co., TN
Dist. 3 John W. PRYOR 67 KY KY VA, Emma L wife 64 KY KY KY, Jim Matthis brother in law 78 widow KY KY KY,
Dist 3, page 171a, Indian Mound and Layfayette Road, house 73 Emmet S. Joiner 52 KY KY KY, Fannie wife 42 KY KY KY, Irene dau 17 KY, Harold son 14 KY, Ester Lee dau 11 KY, Birdie dau 9 KY, Chrystell dau 4 KY (obit of Birdie Joiner Parker states she is the daughter of Emmett S. Joiner and Martha Pryor)
Dist. 4
Joe W. PRYOR 34 TN TN KY, Bessie G. (Wallace) wife 20 TN TN TN, William W. (Willaim Wesley  5 TN (Wesley Pryor of Trigg Co., KY, John Wesley Pryor>Joe W. Pryor)

1917 – Death Record
Joseph P. Pryor born 2 Mar 1833 in  Kentucky, died 15 Mar 1917 in Stewart Co., TN. Retired postmaster. Father was William Pryor and Mother was Olive Elliot. (Information from TN Death Record. Joseph P Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Stewart

Pryor Records from Sullivan County, Tennessee

1787 Petition – Petitioned to Release Sullivan County from NC to the the new state of Franklin (later Tennessee). Signed by John PRYOR.

1787, John PRYOR was living on land James Gaines had sold to James Anderson in 1780. “The large Cloud plantation adjoined the John Pryor plantation, and land owned by David Ross opposite the mouth of the North Fork Holston River. Together these
plantations covered today’s Ridgefields area. The Clouds and Pryors, in addition to managing their plantations, worked as flatboard builders and boatmen. and both…”

1797 Tax ListJohn PRYOR, 100 acres.

1804 Deed – John PRYOR to Jeremiah Cloud. Deed of Trust. For sum of $600; 135 acres on the south side of the Holston River, bounded by David Ross

1809 Survey – 1780 Land Warrant No. 21, to James Anderson assignee for John Thompson, and transferred by James Anderson to William Armstrong, and from him to John Pryor on 14th March 1809. Surveyed by Benjamin Cloud and Isaac Coud.

1809 Deed – Entry dated the 14 day of March 1809 said Warrant to adjudged for Thirty Five Acres and value in John Pryor the Entered by Assignment thereby is granted by the Said State of Tennessee unto the Said John PRYOR, his heirs a certain tract or parcel of land containing thirty five Acres lying in the County of Sullivan in the District of Washington adjacent with a line of said Pryors property, south bank of Holston river at the mouth of a Branch. Surveyed May the 26 1809

1812 Tax List Sullivan County, TN
Capt. Everitt’s Company.
Benjamin Cloud
Joseph Everitt
David Ross
John Pryor
Joseph Pryor
Thomas Tittsworth

War of 1812
James Pryor
served in 2 REG’T (LILLARD’S) EAST TENNESSEE VOLS. Ensign. October 1813-February 1814. Commanded by Colonel William Lillard. His wife, Eurith Pryor, applied for his military pension. (James Pryor b. 1790 in NC was on the 1830 Census in Hawkins Co., TN, 1840 in Knox Co., and in 1850 in Dallas Co., AR)
William PRYOR served in 2 REG’T (LILLARD’S) EAST TENNESSEE VOLS., Private. Index states “New York Militia”

1814 Deed – . Jeremiah Cloud received from Said John PRYOR 135 Acres where said John Pryor resides. “For the purpose of indemnifying me against any liability as his Security to a Bill single for the sum of $393. 60 which I executed as his security to James Kaine formerly of Sullivan County” 24 March 1818.
Witness by John Hicks Senr.(his X mark)
& George Hale. Signed Jeremiah

1822 TN Supreme Court Case
– Peter Mosley and wife vs. Nicholas B Pryor. Estate dispute. Names: Mrs. Sally Mosely (Peter’s wife), Bedfored Brown dec’d, Samuel Mosley defendant.

1823 Deed – 19 August 1823. John Pryor Sr. listed as John Pryor Esq., constable for County of Sullivan. Indenture between Thomas ___ sheriff of Sullivan Co of one part and Samuel Rhea of the other part. Judgement rendered by John Pryor Esq. in favor of John Lynn against Isaac Slaughter. Executions were issued by John Pryor constable for said county on a town lot No. 28 in the town of Rossville (later part of Kingsport).
Witness: Robert G. Haile, John Cox and John Haile.

1822 Land
ONE LOT OF LAND in the town of Rossville, of ONE FOURTH OF AN ACRE No 28, in the plan of said town, levied on by John Pryor, Constable, to satisfy three judgments, two in favor of John Lynn & co. and the other in favor of John O’Brian, against said Slaughter, unless previously satisfied. James Phagan, sheriff of Sullivan County By his deputy, G F Johnson 3dolls. January 15 1822 (Knoxville Register, January 15, 1822)

12 June 1824 Survey. John Pryor Survey. 100 acres . On South side of Holston River adjacent to land of Benjamin Lewis, deceased, on the east and Bays Mountain on the South. Abraham Gregg one of the chain carriers.

1824 Deed in Sullivan Co., TN
Jesse Tittsworth (and wife Nancy PRYOR). (They are on the 1830 Census in McMinn Co., TN. Their oldest child Mary Ann was born 1822 in Sullivan Co.
Later they are in Pike Co., IL)

1829 Serving as Justice of the Peace
– State of Tennessee Sullivan County: On this 2nd day of December 1829
personally appeared before me the John Pryor one of the acting Justices of the peace in and for said County Richard Netherland Sworn to and subscribed before me the date above mentioned S/ R. Netherland and made oath that he was personally acquainted with Samuel Jackson… Signed John Pryor JP (Justice of the Peace?)

1830 Census Sullivan Co., TN
page 346 John PRYOR 002120001-00001001
(Oldest male 60-69 yrs., born 1761-1770)

page 347 Isaac PRYOR 00021-10011
(Isaac Pryor who went to Pike Co., IL)

1836 Deed of Trust – .
John PRYOR Sr., Sullivan Co., mortgages household furniture to George Morrison, (his son-in-law) Hawkins County for $69.11

1837 Tax List, District 12 –
John PRYOR 100 acres. value $500. school lands 65
John PRYOR 35 acres. value $70. school lands 100
Henry PRYOR, one poll.

1838 Deed of Trust – John PRYOR
mortgaged 3 parcels of land.

1840 Census Sullivan Co., TN
Page 132, Benjamin Cloud, 20121001 – 0211001
Page 134, George Morrison 000120001 – 00001001
Page 148, John PRYOR 10000100001-1000100001

1850 Census Sullivan Co., TN
Page 15A, house 55/53 Henry PRIOR
45 boatsman TN, Elizabeth 30 NC, John 7 TN, Mary 5 TN, Caroline 4 TN,  Nicholas 8/12 TN (Henry Pryor and family are on the 1860 census in  Sullivan Co. Thomas Pryor of Cocke Co., Henry Pryor in Sullivan Co. and Andrew John Pryor in Jefferson Co. are possibly kin and sons or grandsons of John Pryor born about 1757 in England and counted on the 1840 Census in Sullivan Co., TN and 1850 in Jefferson Co., TN.)

1860 Census Sullivan Co., TN
Dist. 12, Kingsport PO, page 10, house 414/414 Henry PRYER 54 farmer TN, Elizabeth 43 domestic NC, John 17 TN, Mary 15 TN, Caroline 13 TN, Nicholas 10 TN, Lilburn J. 6 TN, Mariah 3 TN. (Mariah married Fayette Light and was living with her parents on the 1880 Census in Sullivan Co.)

1870 Census Sullivan Co, TN
Kingsport PO, Dist 12 Page 491A, house 95 Henry PRYER 65 farmer TN, Elizabeth 52 NC, William N. (Nicholas) 20 TN, Mariah 13 TN, Judah 9 TN. (This family is on the 1850 Census in Sullivan Co.)

1878 Sullivan Co., TN – Catharine Bare Coates filed for War of 1812 Widows Pension, Justice of the Peace, Henry Pryor, signed the application.

1880 Census Sullivan Co., TN
Dist. 23, page 454c, house 86/86 Henry PRYOR 75 farmer TN England TN, Elizabeth 60 wife NC NC VA, Mariah Light (PRYOR) dau 22 TN, Fayette Light 21 son in law.

Pryor Records of Sumner County, Tennessee

1789 – Court Minutes
Robert Taitt vs. Samson Williams
Tresspass – Be it Armis
Robert Taitt complains of Samson Williams in Custody S. C. [Sumner County] for that whereas, JOHN PRYOR, then a Deputy Sherriff to the said Samson Williams, with forse [force] and arms, the House of the said Robert on the day of —- in the year of our Lord 1789, at Nashville in the district aforesaid, did break and Enter…
Jury: Thomas Thompson, William Donalson, Josiah Ramsey, James Hall, William Weyer, Zebulon Hubbard, Thomas Taylor, Edward Swanson, Thomas Simson, Joseph Hanah, Martin Duncan, Jeseee Martin
Sumner County Court Minutes, page 39

Davidson County Court House in Nashville April 7th 1789
Court meet according to adjournment. Members present the Worshipfull Samuel Barton, Elijah Robertson, and David Hay Esquires.
Deed – Deed of conveyance from Thomas Hickman to Joel Rice acknowledged by John PRYOR deputy Sherriff who Signed the sd. Hickman’s name thereto.
Sumner County Court Minutes. Page 273

1790 Deed – Joseph Pryor of Greene County Washington Dist. from Howell Tatum of Davidson County. For 200 pounds of Virginia money. Land on Caney Fork in Sumner County. Deed dated ___ November 1790. Registered 2 May 1796. Book 1, page 237.

1791 Court Document John PRYOR in Jan. 1791 was bonded in a Sumner Co. court case involving John Cotton and Howell Tatum (1790 Sumner Co. Tax record includes John Cotton one pole, James Hannah one pole, 200 acres of land the property of Eams? Hannah, William Walton 1650 acres, James and Archibald Bohannon on the same page. See 1802 Smith Co., deed that describes land as acres purchased from Howell Tatum)

1791 Marriage in Sumner Co., TN – Mary Pryor to John Hannah on 20 Jan 1791, William Pryor surety. (John Doak (or Dock) Hannah is on the 1787 Tax List of Sumner County, TN)

1791 Will in Sumner Co., TN – 9 June 1791 Joseph PRYOR witnessed will of John Shaver: Know in the presence of God and man and in due seses though in a low condition of health I do commit my soul and spirit to God it being my last will and Testament my first desire is my just and awful debts should be paid. Secondly, It is my will and desire that Elizabeth Hacker should have a certain tract of land lying on Drake’s Creek containing one hundred acres joining with Catron and Carr — Thirdly my will is that Frances Catron should give up all the papers _____ or bonds of John Shaver to Elizabeth Hacker to her use heirs and assigns forever. Fourth my will and desire is that Peter Shaver should have all that is of my estate in his hands to him his heirs forever–this being my last will and testament where unto I have set my hand seal this 9th day of June 1791.
John Shaver. Seal.
Witness presents, John Hutchinson, Joseph Pryor,
Thomas Lanner.
Recorded and Examined April 1792
(John Shaver and his son also named John resided in Greene Co., TN and in Sumner Co. See 1789 Petition in Greene Co., TN– signed by Joseph Pryor and John Shaver.)

1793 Tax List of Sumner County, TN – Capt. John Young’s Company
Line 6 Philip Trammel Sr.
Line 7 Philip Trammel Jr.
(a Philip Trammel was in Logan County, KY in 1797 per Robertson Co., TN
court min.)
Line 16 John PRYOR
Line 32 Elijah Ewing
Line 67 Willm PRIAR

1793 Land Grant in Sumner County, TN
State of North Carolina. No 2156. William Pryor assignee of Jesse Goldsmith a private in the Continental Line. 640 acres of land in Sumner Co. on Drakes Creek.
20 May 1793. Warrant 3724 Robert Ewing

1794 Tax List of Sumner County, TN
William Pryor, on Drake’s Creek
(recorded near Elijah Ewing, William Bird, Benjamin Downs – note: there’s a William Pryor and Benjamin Downs in records of Stewart Co., TN)

1794 Marriage – 14 February 1794
Jenny Pryor married George Fairly. William Pryor was surety

1794 Land Grant – November 1794 William Pryor obtained a land grant from the State of TN. In the first deed book of Sumner Co. (page 185), William Pryor bought land from William Fort and Howell Tatum— land bordered John Pryor and John Hannah.

1795 Tax List of Sumner County, TN
William Pryor  (recorded near Thomas Bird, Philip Trammell, )

1795 Deed – William Fort and Howell Tatum to John Hannah, land bordering Pryor’s line. 6 December 1795. (Deed book 1: page 186)

1796 Bond – In 1796 William Pryor signed a bond for Richard Pryor. for 200 pounds VA money, a tract of 2565 acres on the Cainey Fork of the Cumberland in Sumner Co., TN. The land was out of a tract granted to Capt. Howell Tatum. James Ewing and John Young wit. (Sumner DB 1, p. 229).

1796 Deed – William Pryor to Henry Newby. 14 November 1796. Wit: Tompson Newby. Land was near “the corner in which he is now cuttin of house logs.” (Deed Book A, page 160).

1796 Deed – William Pryor to Thomas Travis. Wits. Abrm. Landers, Wm. Armstrong. 15 December 1796. (Deed Book A, Page 160).

1797-1798 (Deed Book Vol. A  1797- 1798)
– No. 223 William PRYOR lease.(Sumner County: Register of Deeds: Roll #108: volume: 1,A,2-3 Tennessee State Library and Achieves Aug 1739-Oct 1805)

1798 Court of Pleas & Quarter Session, Sumner Co.
Wednesday April 4 1798 the court met according to agreement Present: David Wilson, James Winchester, James Douglass *(Page torn) Deed of lease for William Pryor to Henry Newby for 200 acres of land was proved by Thompson Newby, Jurat.
(contributed to Rootsweb by Linda Carpenter, Compiled by Leslie Garinger and Diane Payne©1998)

1802 Birth in Sumner Co.William PRIER on 1850 Census in White Co., IL stated he was born in Sumner Co. on his registered for Civil War.

About 1810 – Thornton Prior vs. John Hazlett
Jury trial: John Franklin, James Ball, Edward Kelly, Cornelius Evans, James Vincent, James Guthrie, Patrick Y??, Elisha Mires, Joseph Campbell, Josiah Barrett, Joseph Ally, & David King.
Minute book for 1810-1817, page 26

1813 Marriage  in Sumner Co., TN Nicholas B. Pryor, married Sally M.
Thomas on 16 Sept 1813. They are on records in Davidson Co., TN

1820 Census Sumner Co., TN
Elijah PRIOR
(believed to be Elijah Puryear and probably not related to Pryors in Sumner County)
Males: 3- under 10, 2- 10 to 15, 1- 45 or older
Females: 2- under 10, 2- 10 to 15, 1- 18 to 25
Cornelius Thomas, (census in alpha ordrer) 10020121001 (father of Sally Thomas who married Nicholas B. Pryor in Davidson Co. In 1812 Cornelius was living in Capt. Preston’s Co., in Sumner county–he was counted on the tax list.)

1825 Marriage – Nancy Pryor married John Swan on 28 Nov 1825

1827 Land Grant in Sumner County, TN – Daniel Kennedy, assigned to Emily (Kennedy), Prior (Kennedy) and Preston Kennedy. Aug 20 1827. ( See the will of John Kennedy dated 14 August 1823– it mentons daughter Emily, and sons Prior and Preston. 1813 Daniel Kennedy and James Fairly signed and a bond in Sumner county for Daniel to perform his duty as constable in Capt. Thompson’s District. Daniel Kennedy is on the 1820 Census in Sumner Co. age 16-26 (born 1794-1804), oldest female was also 16-26. Preston Kennedy born 1828 in TN and he is on the 1850 Census in White Co., IL — likely not the Preston Kennedy mentioned in this grant. Daniel Kennedy possibly the son of John Kennedy who was in Greene Co., Tn in )

1830 Census Sumner Co., TN.
Page 158,
line 1 Loderick Mandrill (Loderick married Nelley Ellis in Sumner Co. in 1811. Nelly is on the 1850 Census near David Taylor in Dist 17.)
line 2 John PRYOR
Males: 1411001 Females 100101
(Allen L. Pryor in the Goodspeed Biography states his parents were John Pryor and Massey Taylor, also stating his father moved to Sumner Co. from White County in 1828-1829. John is probably the father of Allen L. Pryor)
line 3 House 653 David Taylor Males 11001 Females: 110001
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor, probable parents of Massey Taylor PRYOR. David Taylor & Frances Russell md 11/25/1822 in Campbell Co., VA)

William Chilton vs. DAVID TAYLOR et al
1831 Sumner County, TN  Lawsuit #9309, Loose Records

This lawsuit involves William Chilton,
citizen of Overton County, TN, who bought a slave named Eliza from the
heirs at law of Edward Taylor, late of
Virginia, and Elizabeth Taylor, the older, widow and relect of said
Edward Taylor (having a life estate in his property).

The original indenture dated 5 February 1827 is entered into the
records of this lawsuit.  This indenture is also recorded in
the deed book of Overton County, TN.

The indenture of 5 February 1827 states that Negro woman named Eliza,
about the age of sixteen, a slave for life, is being sold to William
Chilton, for $500 ( or a piece of land or maybe the land was valued at
$500 – this part is confusing).  The indenture lists the heirs
at law of Edward Taylor as:

A. Chesley Taylor
B. Spicy Pryor, formerly Spicy Taylor and
her husband William Pryor
C. Massy Pryor, formerly Massy Taylor and
her husband John
D. Jane Taylor
E. Hezekiah Taylor
F. David Taylor
G. Pleasant Taylor
H. Polly Taylor
I.  Elizabeth Taylor, infant, by her guardian Hezekiah Taylor

The lawsuit occurs in 1831  – 1833.  The condition of her health at the time she was sold is the question. Depositions are given by many people, including relatives of Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor, the widow of Edward Taylor. There are other depositions are
given by doctors and people who hired Eliza.  There are about 103 pages in the lawsuit, which I printed off from microfilm. Some is very hard to read. The depositions were taken at different times by different people.

Witnesses include:
A. Benjamin J. Bledsoe, age 29, a physician, deposition dated 5 March 1833
B. Joanna Robertson, age 33, deposition dated 5 March 1833
C. Lilly Clark, aged about 33
D. Landon Armstrong, age 40, deposition dated 10 February 1832, who had hired Eliza
E. Ann Armstrong, age 40, wife of Landon Armstrong
F. John Coffee, age 64, depostion of 20 February 1832
(in 1850 John Coffee b. 1767 in VA was living with Benjamin Gabbard in Overton Co., TN. Gabbard was a neighbor of James Pryor on the 1830 Census)
G. William Wray, age 48, a witness to the contract for sale

A long, thorough reading is needed to glean everything possible from the lawsuit.  I have tried to extract the genealogical information which is part of the depositions regarding the Taylors and the Garretts.

Witnesses for the defendants (Taylors ) include:
A. Elijah Garrett, Jr., age 24, deposition 20 February 1832
B. David Garrett, age 34, deposition 22 February 1832
C. Elijah Garrett, Sr., age 55, deposition 2 March 1832
D. Mary Garrett, age 64, deposition 2 March 1832
E. Joshua Garrett, Sr., age 68, deposition 2 March 1832

The witnesses are asked a number of questions by both attorneys, with the questions numbered.

Elijah Garrett, Jr., states that Elija Garrett, Sr., is his father. (page 6).

David Garrett is asked, in his question number 9 on page 10, “What kin are you to the defendants?”  He answers (C below), “We are cousins and the (B below) old lady is my aunt.”  The old lady to whom he refers is Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor.  In question number 13 he is asked, “Are not the Garretts and the Taylors all related and are they not a very rational (?) kind of people, as the term is understood, that is are they not very friendly and will they not go great lengths for on another?”  Apparently, the attorney was implying that the Garretts and Taylors are so close that they would perjure themselves for one another.

David Garrett states on page 8 “I understand that she (meaning the slave Eliza) was not raised in this country but that the Taylors swapped for her on the road as they moved to this country from Virginia.”

David Garrett states on page 8 that “The plaintiff Chilton came to my house and he and my self went to (A below) my fathers Joshua Garrett, Sr. My brother Joshua Garrett, Jr., then went to Aunt Betsey Taylor’s who I understood had a life estate in the girl and brought her to my fathers and she and the plaintiff Chilton made an agreement about the girl and they did not at that time complete the contract by reducing to writing.  She told Chilton that she had not had the girl in her possession more than three or four weeks, that the girl was sound and healthy as far as she had seen (?) and that she would give the girl for a certain track of land claimed by Chilton to which Chilton agreed
and professed to be willing give the land for the girl.”

Joshua Garrett, Sr., on page 21,question number 2, states that ” Joshua Garrett, Jr., went for his  (B below) Aunt Betsey Taylor”

These statements tell us that :
A. Joshua Garrett, Sr., has two sons, David Garrett and Joshua Garrett, Jr.
B. Elizabeth “Betsey” Taylor is the aunt of Joshua Garrett, Jr., and David Garrett.
C. The Taylors,  listed as heirs of Edward Taylor, deceased, and his widow, Elizabeth Taylor, are cousins to David Garrett.

Therefore, Elizabeth “Betsey” Taylor is the sister of either Joshua Garrett, Sr., or sister to his wife since she is the Aunt to their children.

Also, based on the statement that the Taylors traded for the slave Eliza on their move from Virginia to Overton County, TN, and the statement that Elizabeth Taylor said she had only had possession of the girl for more than three or four weeks, the Taylors moved from Virginia to Overton County, TN, about the middle of January, 1827.

Summary of suit provided by Shirley Anderson

1838 Sumner Co., TN School Population

Pleasant Taylor, Dist. 11: 4 children
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor, probably parents of Pleasant Taylor who married widow Peggy Curry on Mar 16 1838 she had 4 children from her previous marriage: Mary, Pamelia, Margaret and William.)
David Taylor, Dist. 11: 5 children
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor, probably parents of David Taylor)
John PRYOR, Dist 11: 3 children
(Probably John Pryor and wife Massy Taylor)

1840 Census Sumner Co., TN
Pleasant Taylor
Males: 1 under 5, 1- 10 to 14, 1- 30 to 39
Females: 1- 5 to 9, 1- 10 to 14, 1- 40 to 49
(Pleasant Taylor — probable son of Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor)
Jane Taylor
Males: None
Females: 2- 20 to 29, 1- 30 to 39
(Jane Taylor, and sisters Mary and Elizabeth, probably children of
Edmund and Elizabeth Taylor)
David Taylor

Males: 1 – 5 to 9, 1- 10 to 14, 1- 40 to 49
Females: 1 under 5, 3- 5 to 9, 1- 10 to 14, 1- 15 to 19, 1- 40 to 49
(David Taylor, probable son of Edmund and Elizabeth Taylor)
Milly Taylo
Males: None
Females: 2- 15 to 19, 1- 40 to 49
(Researchers report in online family trees that Mildred Markham was the widow of Thomas Taylor. Unknown if related to Edmund and ElizabethTaylor)
Males: 1- 5 to 9, 1- 10 to 14, 1- 15 to 19, 1- 20 to 29, 1- 40 to 49
Females: 1- 10 to 14, 2- 20 to 29, 1- 40 to 49
(Probably John Pryor and wife Massy Taylor)

1843 Marriage, Sumner Co., TN – 25 May 1843, William PRYOR married Margaret Curry.

1845 Marriage, Sumner Co. , TN – 15 Dec 1845, Allen L PRYOR married Elizabeth A Talley

1846 Military Death – 21 Sept 1846 Edward PRYOR killed in the Mexican War at the Battle of Monterey (Edward’s name is on the memorial in Gallatin Cemetery. Edward is probably a brother of Allen L. Pryor, possibly named for their grandfather Edward
Taylor. )

1847 Marriage – 25 Sept 1847 George PRYOR married Mrs. Mary Odell (or Odle, or O’dell).

1847 Marriage – 27 Sept 1847 Alfred PRYOR married Sarah Stark (Alfred is probably the same man counted on the 1850 Mortality Schedule who died May 1850.)

1849 Deed – Jonathan Pryor and wife Ellender to William James. Witnesses: J. Bruce and James M. Gannett (or Garrett?). 16 January 1849. (Deed Book 21, page 136).

1849 Divorce Decree – 8 Oct 1849, William PRYOR and wife Margaret were divorced. Decree mentions “3 children”. The decree gave Pryor visitation rights while in the presence of ex-wife. It also made disposition of Margaret’s inheritance: “the court further decrees and orders that all the money or property coming to Compt in her own right from her guardian Hugh Elliot and that all the property coming to her from William Matthews as administrator of her brother William Curry be paid or delivered over to Compt. by her said guardian Hugh Ellilot and by William Matthews the said administrator. It is further adjudged and decreed that William Matthews pay to Compt the proceeds of a fifty five dollar note executed by the said Matthews to defendant for the loan of Compts money and it is further decreed that Deft. be excluded from taking any of the property or money that is coming to compt. from her mother’s estate and that the property which was attached at the
residence of the parties at the time of the filing the bill be equally divided between compt. and defendant by the clerk and Master.”
Witnesses George Elliot, Susan Elliot, B. H. Elliott, John Lindsy, William > John A–t?, Hugh Elliot, Pleasant Taylor, Frances …?, Henry….?, John Flease, Frances Elliott. E.B Rutledge.

Margarett Prior vs. William Prior
Final Decree
Be it remembered that this cause came onto me heard on the 8th of Oct 1849 before the Hon B L Ridley Chancellor upon the pleadings and proof in the cause. The court being satisfied that complt was a woman of good and unexceptionable character, and that the Deft was an habitual drunkard and that Deft had maltreated Complt his wife by taking down his gun and threatening to shoot Complt And the Court being furher of the Opinion that Deft had used violence upon the person of Complt and that Deft had frequented houses of ill fame. Order adjudge and Decree that the bonds of matrimony now subsisting between Margaret Prior and William Prior be for ever dissolved. The Court being further satisfied that there are three children the issue of the marriage is pleased to Order adjudge and Decree that the complt Margarett have the exclusive custody of said three children, and that the priviledge of visiting said children be extended or granted to Deft while in possession of complt. the court further Decree and Order that all the mondy or Property coming to Complt in her own rights from her Guardian Hugh Elliott and that all the money and other Property coming to her from William Matthews as the admr of her brother Wm Curry be paid or delivered over to Complt by her said Guardian Hugh Elliott and William Matthews the said admr. It is further Ordered and decreed that Wm Matthews Pay to complt the proceeds of a fifty five dollar note executed by the said Matthews to the Deft for the loan of Complts money. And it is further Decreed that Deft be excluded from taking any of the property or money that is coming to Complt from her mothers estate And that the Property which was attached at the residence of the Parties at the time of filing the Bills be equally divided between Complt & Deft by the Cler & Master And that Guild & McMurray the Counsel for complt be allowed /25 dollars each and that Compts Guardian Hugh Elliott pay over said fees or $25 and that Deft pay the costs of this suit for which Execution may issue. It is futher Ordered that Complt Pay one half of the witnesses and that [fi fa] issue.
Enrolling Dockets, page 169-70.

1850 Marriage – 12 Jun 1850 Elizabeth Louisa PRYOR married David McCulley/McCullough (Elizabeth is probably the sister of Allen L. Pryor, and daughter of Massey Taylor Pryor. She purchased items from Massey’s estate and her children are named as heirs on a deed created by her brother Samuel Pryor)

1850 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist 1 These First Dist. Priors are ALL from the PURYEAR family.
House 12 Martha PRIOR 48 VA, Sarah 20, Locky 17, Elijah 14 <Martha
is probably the widow of Elijah Puryear>

House 13 James PRIOR 47 VA, Sarah 40, William 18, Elizabeth 20, Thomas 16, Elisha 14, David 12, Sarah 10, Lucy 8, Nancy 4, James 1.
(James is probably a son of Elijah Puryear)

House 14 David PRIOR 45 VA, Nancy 36, James 16, Mary 14, Thomas 12, Elizabeth 8, Daivd 5, William B. 1 (David is probably a son of Elijah Puryear)
Dist. 3
page 151b, house house 345 Amanda F. Bate (PRYOR) 40 VA, William B. 23 TN, Elizabeth P 17 TN, James H. 8 TN (This is possibly Amanda Pryor Batte, daughter of John Hughes Pryor & Sallie Smith. Amanda md William Batte in Rutherford Co., TN on 28 Feb 1827- Overton W. Crockett was surety.)
Dist 7
House 11 Allen PRYOR 34 mechanic TN, Elizabeth 24, Ann Eliza 4, William 2, Lycurgus 8/12 (Allen L. Pryor, probably son of John Pryor and Massey Taylor. Slaves: males 1 aged 7/females 0)
House 15 William Talley 50 VA, Mary 50.
(Father of Elizabeth Talley who md Allen L. Pryor. William Talley married Polly Dowdy in Cumberland Co., VA)
Dist. 1
House 64 Pleasant TAYLOR 38 VA, Margaret 50, Samuel 12, Malvina 8
(Pleasant, probable son of Edmund/Edward Taylor and Elizabeth and brother of Massey Taylor Pryor)
House 68 Jane TAYLOR 48 VA, Elizabeth 35, James 12
(Jane and Elizabeth, probably daughters of Edmund/Edward Taylor and Elizabeth and sisters of Massey Taylor Pryor)
House 69 David Cullom 24 wagoneer, Eliza 22
(David Cullom aka Culley/McCullough, husband of Eliza Pryor, probable daughter of John Pryor and Massey Taylor)
House 71 James TAYLOR, Rebecca, Leonard Philips
(James is reported by researchers to be the son of Thomas Taylor and Mildred Markham)
House 96 Massa PRYOR 50 VA, Jonathan 25, Elizabeth 28, Samuel 15
(Massey Taylor Pryor wife of John Pryor)
House 97 George PRYOR 24 Mary 23, Permelia 12, Crockett 4, Clayton 5, Monroe 2
(George probably a son of John Pryor and Massey Taylor– Allen L. Pryor was the executor of his second wife’s estate. George married 1st Mary Odle on 25 Sept 1847 in
Sumner Co., Clayton and Crockett are possibly Mary’s sons from another relationship.  It has been speculated that Permelia is Permelia Talley, a daughter of William A. Talley, who married Thomas Jefferson Pryor, son of William Pryor and Margaret Curry.)

House 102 Margaret (Curry) PRYOR 23, Thomas 6, James 4, Elizabeth 2
(Margaret Curry married to William Pryor in 1843. They divorced in 1848. She remarried to John Calvin Hunter in 1853. She is probably the daughter of Margaret Curry and the step-daughter of Pleasant Taylor, probably brother of Massey Taylor Pryor) who married Margaret Curry. Thomas Jefferson Pryor- age 6 on the census, married Permelia Talley)
Dist 1
House 154 John Fuqua 35 TN, Mary (TAYLOR) 40 , Sarah 10, William 9, James 7, Mary 6, John 4, Thomas 3 (John Fuqua married Mary Taylor in 1841 in Sumner Co. Mary is the probable sister of Massey Taylor Pryor)
Dist 13
Page 176a, house 676 Benj Griffin 45 TN, Lucy 40 TN, Nancy 12 TN, Lucind 4 TN, Malvina 3 TN, Susan F. 3 TN, Mary J Gregory 19 TN, Elizabeth Anthony 17 NC, Polly Gregory 85 TN
Page 176a, house 679 James Crews 38 TN, Francis 27 TN, Almira 17 TN, Nancy A. 13 TN, Nanny 10 TN, Green D 9 TN, Wm 7 TN, james 4 TN, Renny 83 TN blind. (Wrenny Crews from Campbell Co.,TN)
Dist 1
House 83 David TAYLOR 48 VA, Frances (Russell) 51 VA, Elizabeth 17, Edmund 15, Mariah 11, Matilda 10 (David Taylor married Frances Russell in 1822 in Campbell Co., VA, Daniel Wright as surety–bride’s father listed as simply “Daniel”– was her  father Daniel Wright?. David Taylor is the probable brother of Massey Taylor Pryor.)
House 84 James TAYLOR 26 TN, Catherine (May) 22, Thomas 1, William 21
(James is possibly the son of David Taylor in house 83. James Taylor married Catherine May in 1848 in Sumner County, TN. See house 116 below– Catherine May Taylor and Mary Ellen Pryor Kincade (a daughter of Jonathan Pryor) are on census
records in White Co., IL)

House 105 Nelly Mandrill 60 NC, Mary 30 TN. (Nelly Ellis married Loderick Mandrill in Sumner Co., 1811. The Mandrills were counted on the same page with David Taylor and John Pryor (husband of Massey Taylor) in 1830).
House 116 Jonathan PRYOR 30, Ellen (Lee) 30, William 4, Philip 6/12
(Jonathan and Ellen were married June 27, 1847 in Sumner Co. They were the parents
of William E. Pryor and Mary who were living with Major May and family in 1860. Jonathan Pryor was sued in Sumner County over on-going financial problems. The suit names a deceased wife named Ellen and three children, and states he was incarerated. Update: ?p=2599 )

House 120 Major May 45, Jane 40, Elisha 15, Mary 8, James 10, Joseph 5 (no
birthplaces stated)

1854 Deed – Jonathan Pryor to Eleanor Pryor. Book 23, page 77

1859 Deed – Jonathan Pryor to Guild and Head, his security on an assault and battery case. 11 March 1859. Book 24, page 517.

1860 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist. 1
page 167A, House 651/651
, Elizer PRYOR 26 TN $3000 $150, Permelia Beasley 14 TN, Mary 11 TN, John 10 TN, James 7 TN, Lune PRYOR (male) 9/12 TN. (Eliza was first married to Irvin Beasley– they are on the 1850 Census in Smith Co., TN. Eliza married John Pryor on 2/13/1859 in Smith Co.)
Dist. 4
house 194
George PRYOR 32 TN, Lucy J. 34 VA, Monroe 10 TN, James W. 7/12 TN, Rachel A. Chennworth 11 TN. (George married Lucy Jane Chennywoth in 1859. James W. is their only known child and named in Lucy’s will)
Dist. 7
house 734
W.A. Talley 61 VA, Mary 57 VA, Lucy 30 VA, Permelia 21 TN (William
Anderson Talley was father in law of Allen L. Pryor. Permelia Talley is possibly his daughter and the same Permelia who was living with George Pryor family on the 1850 Census.)
11th Dist.
House 17
J. C. Hunter 26 TN, M. 35 TN, J.T. PRYOR (m) 15 TN, J. M. PRYOR (m) 14 TN, M. E. PRYOR (f) 12 TN.
(Margaret Curry divorced William Pryor in 1848 . She married John Calvin Hunter in 1853. Her children are Thomas Jefferson Pryor, James M. Pryor and Mary Elizabeth
“Molly” Pryor)

House 104 Fereby PRIAR 24, James PRIAR 10, William PRIAR 7 … also living in household John Keyser 37 TN, John Ryan? 27 GA, Silas Ryan? 52 PA. (This is
probably the Phereba Pryor who living with Spicy Taylor Pryor on the 1850 Census. Jonathan Pryor, son of Spicy stated that he had a sister living in Sumner Co. in about 1860)

House 105 Widow Montgomery 52, Margaret 12, Charley 14, Samuel TAYLOR 22, Betty TAYLOR 20, James W. 1/12
House 107 Masy PRIAR 60, Betsy 40, Samuel 26, Joseph 5, Samuel 8
(Massey Taylor Pryor, widow of John Pryor, daughter of Edmund/Edward Taylor. Joseph Pryor may be the Joseph D. Pryor who lived with Allen L. Pryor in 1870 and was working as a farm laborer in 1880 in Sumner Co.)
House 108 David McCullar 33, Elysa ( PRYOR) 28, Mary 8, James 6, John 4, Samuel 2 (David McCulley married to Louisa/Eliza Pryor. David was also recorded as Culley and McCullough. Mary appears as Martha on other census records.)

12th Dist
House 236 Allen PRYOR 44 TN, Elizabeth 33, A. E. 13, William 12, Lycurgus 10, J. E. 8, Sarah C. 6, Mary 5, Henry D Witt 1 (Allen L. Pryor, probable son of John Pryor and Massey Taylor)
House 241 Pleasant TAYLOR 52, Sarah 29, Mary 7, George 5, John 3
(Pleasant Taylor, probable son of Edmund/Edward Taylor, brother of Massey Taylor Pryor.)
House 248 James Lee 65 NC, Frances 63, Mahala Brown 27 TN, George Brown 7, William TAYLOR30, Jane TAYLOR 26, Daniel Carville?
(spelling unclear) 21 (It is not known if Lee or the Taylors in this household are connected to Edward/Edmund Taylor.

17th Dist.
House 279 Robert Childs 24 MD Woodyard for Railroad, J. Rigsby (male) 21 TN, E. Rigsby (female) 24 TN, Crockett Odle 20 TN, Claton Odle 17 TN, Amelia Odle 23 TN (Crockett and Clayton Odle/Odell were probable stepsons of George W. Pryor, recorded in his household on the 1850 Census.)
House 288 Major May 56 NC, Virginia 55 VA, Mary May 20, James 23 TN, Jo. F. (male) 14 TN, William E. PRYOR 12 TN, Mary PRYOR 9 TN.
(William Pryor and Mary Pryor were probable children of Jonathan Pryor and Ellen Lee who lived in this Dist. on the 1850 Census. In 1860 Jonathan Pryor was incarcerated
in Nashville. In 1870 William E. Pryor was living in Franklin Co., MO– his death record states his father was John Pryor. In 1870 Mary Ellen Pryor was married to William
McDonald Kincade and living in White Co., IL)

House 366 James TAYLOR 35 VA, Catherine 32 TN, William T. 10, M. J. 8 female, Louisa 6, harriet 4, James 2, Fanny 3/12 (Catherine May Taylor went to White Co., IL as did Virginia May and Mary Ellen Pryor in house 288)
House 383 Sally Ann TAYLOR 37 TN, David G. 9, Elizabeth 7
House 388 David TAYLOR 65 VA, Fanny, 61 VA, Matilda 20
(Probable son of Edward/Edmund Taylor. Brother of Massa Taylor Pryor)

1870 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist. 11
House 91 Samuel PRYOR 30
(Probable son of Massey Taylor and John Pryor. )
House 92 Henry Linsey 45, Eliza 44, James 21
House 92 David McCully 39, Eliza (PRYOR) 35, Martha 18, James 16, John 14, Franklin 12, Joseph 9 (Eliza/Louisa Pryor McCulley, probable daughter of Massey Taylor and John Pryor)
House 93 George PRYOR 40, James 11
(George Pryor, probable son of Massey Taylor and John Pryor)
House 94 Elizabeth PRYOR 50
(Elizabeth Pryor is possibly the Betsy Pryor age 40 in Massey Taylor Pryor’s household in 1850 and 1860.  Her relationship is unknown.)
House 100 Pleasant TAYLOR 66, Sarah 34, Mary 17, George 15, William 12, James 10, Laura 9, Alice 4, Charles 1 (Pleasant, probably son of Edward/Edmun Taylor and brother of Massey Taylor Pryor)
House 114 Grant TAYLOR 23 (m/mulatto) TN stonemason, Annie 22 (m/mulatto) TN.
(Grant Taylor purchased Bible from estate sale of Massey Taylor Pryor in 1867. Update: ?p=2643)

Dist 12, Gallatin
House 163 Allen PRYOR51 TN, Amanda 22, Lycurgus 20, John 17, Catharine 16, Lucy 14, Alice 9, Bettie 6, Joseph 15 (Allen L. Pryor, probable son of John Pryor and Massey Taylor Pryor.  Daughter recorded as “Amanda” was recorded on future census and family histories as “Ann Eliza”)
House 164 William Talley 72 VA, Permelia 24 (Allen L. Pryor’s father in law)
House 167 Margaret Hunter 46, John 9, Thomas PRYOR 25, Mary PRYOR 21
(Margaret is the ex wife of William Pryor – see 1849 divorce. )

Dist 17, Richland Post Office
House 56 M. G. TAYLOR 27 TN, Susan 20 TN, B Z male 2, J W male 1/4
House 111 W. T. TAYLOR 53 grocer VA, G. O. Taylor 60 farmer VA, Mary 45 TN, William 19, John 12, Josephine 10, Henry 8, Mary 3, August 1/4. (Researchers report G. O. was George Overton Taylor who married Mary Vann/Vaughn. Their relationship to other Taylors in Sumner County is unknown.)
House 201 E. R. TAYLOR
35 TN, Elizabeth 30, W. D. 10, Mary A 8, Eddy 5, C. N. 2. (Edmund R. Taylor, probable son of David Taylor and probable grandson of Edward/Edmund Taylor)
House 202 David TAYLOR 62 VA, Matilda 30, Nancy 38 TN (Who is Nancy? David is probable son of Edmund/Edward Taylor)

1880 Census Sumner Co., TN Dist 9
House 116 Martha TAYLOR 54 VA Mulatto, Sylva TAYLOR 78 mother VA black
House 118 Monroe PRYOR 30 TN, Mary 29 wife, Ida 2 dau.
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George>Monroe)
House 119 Samuel D. PRYOR 45 TN VA VA, Ann C. 40 wife TN NC NC
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Samuel)
House 123 James Lindsay 32 TN, Martha E. 27 wife <Martha E.McCullough>, Simon F. 5, Mary L. 4, Estella B. 1, Louisa Rutledge 55 mother TN.
House 125 John Lindsay 52, Permelia 42 wife, William Slicer 11 stepson, Charles Slicer 10 stepson, Mollie Slicer 6 stepdau.
House 126 John McCullough 25, Louisa (PRYOR?) TN VA VA 48 mother, James W. 27 bro, Franklin 22 bro, Joseph 19 bro (Louisa McCullough is a daughter of Massy Pryor.)
Dist. 10
House 99 J. W.TAYLOR 28 ill with consumption, Malvina 22 wife, L. B. 6 son, L. P. 4 son, L.E. 2 dau
House 135 Clayton Odell 37 TN TN TN, Martha 35 TN TN KY, William 12 TN, Arminnie 9 TN, Vandelia 7 TN, Maggie 3 TN. (Clayton is a son of Mary Odell and step son of George W. Pryor)
House 140 W. G. TAYLOR
28, N. E. 23 wife, Mary J. 4 dau, Virginia C. 2 dau
House 149 Allen L. PRYOR
64 TN VA VA , Maggie 44 wife, Lycurgus 28 son, John 24 son, Lucy 22dau,
Bettie 16 dau, Alice 16 dau.
(Maggie McWhirter was Allen
Pryor’s second wife. Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Massy
Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor)

House 150 J. W. Simmons 35, A. E. 31 ,Clara 4,
Lizzie 2
(Ann Eliza Pryor Simmons
daughter of Allen L. Pryor. In 1900 She was in Collin Co., TX with her
brothers Lycurgus and William Thomas Pryor)

House 158 J. D. PRYOR
25 TN TN TN servant living with the Albright family (Joseph
D. Pryor was living with Massa Taylor Pryor in 1860 and with Allen L.
Pryor in 1870).

House 169 J. M. PRYOR
32, Margaret Hunter 52 mother
(Margaret Curry Pryor
Hunter, divorced from William Pryor a son of John and Massa Taylor)

House 171 W. A. Talley 81 VA (William Anderson Talley, father in law
of Allen L. Pryor)

House 172 Thomas PRYOR
35, P. A. 40 wife, Willie A. 9 dau, Walter A. 5 son, Burley 4 son (Thomas is son of William and Margaret
Curry Pryor. P. A. is Permelia Talley, another daughter of William
Anderson Talley. Willie was the second wife of Thomas W. Gregory who
first married Bettie Pryor the daughter of Allen L. Pryor)

House 177 Sarah TAYLOR
45, Inman 19 son, Louisa 16 dau, Alice 13 dau, Willmouth 8 son, Richard
S. 5 Son, Lorie 1 dau.
(Edmund & Elizabeth Taylor>Pleasant Pryor & Sarah Andrews)
House 179 George Branham 45, Jane 40 wife,
Mary PRYOR 18 dau, Jim
22 son in law, Georgia Branham 14 dau, Jesse 9 son, Nora 4 dau, John 6 son, Sallie 1 dau.
(George Pryor, son James Pryor md Mary Branham)
House 185 W. H. TAYLOR
53 TN VA VA blacksmith, Ellen 61 wife TN VA VA, Malvina 22 dau, Mary 19 dau, George PRYOR 54 boarder TN TN TN
(George Pryor, probably son of John Pryor and Massy Taylor)
Dist. 14
House 70 Crockett Odell 38 TN TN TN, Niecy wife 38 TN VA TN, John 17 TN, William H. 11 TN, Rosie 9 TN, Evie 5 TN, Eugene 6mos TN.
(Crockett is a son of Mary Odell and step son of George W. Pryor)

1900 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist. 9
Frank McCully 8/1861 TN KY TN, Bell 12/1868 TN TN TN, John 2/1882, George 8/1883
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Eliza Pryor & David McCullough>Franklin McCullough) 
House 262 James McCullough 12/1853, Mary 2/1859, Carrie 2/1883, Albert 2/1884, William 8/1886, Jesse 9/1887, Levi 1/1890, Elvis 5/1895.
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Eliza Pryor & David McCullough>James McCullough)
House 271 Samuel D. PRIOR 2/1835 65 TN VA VA, Ann Kate 2/1830 70 TN TN TN, married 30 years, no
children. (Edmund
Taylor>Massy Taylor Pryor>Samuel Pryor)

House 275 James M. Lindsy 1/1848 TN TN TN, Martha M. 7/1851 TN TN TN, Simon 6/1875, Mary L. 4/1877, Estelle 9/1878, Ella 9/1883, Fannie 1/1889, James A. 2/1891 (Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Eliza Pryor & David McCullough>Martha McCullough)
House 276 Jackson Baskerville and family, Laura 3/1864 wife, William TAYLOR ??/1861 bro in law TN TN TN, occupation wood chopper.
(Edmund aylor>Pleasant Taylor & Sarah Andrews>Children William and Laura Taylor – Baskerville.)
House 277 James PRYOR 9/1846 TN TN TN Carpenter
(William Pryor & Margaret Curry>James Pryor)
Dist. 10
House 58 AJ Wright 1/1856 <Andrew Johnson>, LL 6/1856 <Lucy PRYOR>,
CV 4/1883 <Cecil Venuel>, RO 2/1885 <Opal>, AE 1/1887 <Mary Elizabeth>, WC 12/1888 <Willie Carter>, CB 7/1892 <Cliffie Bodie>. Married 20 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>Lucy Pryor Wright)

House 103 JW PRYOR 10/1854 <James W.>, NE 2/1864 <Nora E. Branham>, JW 9/1881 son, REL 4/1885 son, JE 7/1886 dau, GW 12/1892 son, GE 9/1895 son, EB 4/1897 dau, LJ 2/1899 dau, ____ Branham 3/1880 bro-in-law, Lige Branham 8/1884 bro-in-law. Married 10 years.
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor>James W. Pryor)
House 104 T.J. PRYOR 7/1845 <Thomas Jefferson >, P.A. 4/1838 <Permelia
Ann Talley-dau of William Anderson Talley>, W.A. 2/1873 <Willie Ann Pryor>, W.A. 2/1875 <Walter>, B.B. 12/1875 <Burlington Dority>, H.R. 6/1881 <Hugh Love>. Married 29 Years.
(William Pryor & Margaret Curry>Thomas Jefferson Pryor) Note: Willie Ann Pryor above became the second wife of Thomas Washington Gregory below.
House 109 T.W. Gregory 8/1864 <Thomas Washington>, Bettie <PRYOR> 7/1861 , A.F. 7/1887 <Allen Foster>, V.H. 12/1891 <Vernon Head, named for Dr. Head>, E.J. 8/1893 <Elizabeth Jane>, A.L. PRYOR 3/1816 fa-in-law <Allen L. Pryor, son of Massa Taylor and John Pryor>. Married 13 years. (Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>Elizabeth Pryor Gregory)
House 112 J.C. PRYOR 12/1851 <John Edward PRYOR>, E. 6/1870 <Eugenia Hill>, F. M. 10/1887 <Floyd>, J.B. 1/1889 <Jessie>, P.I. 5/1891 <Paul Isaac>, K.M. 5/1896 <Kate> (Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>John Edward Pryor)
Dist. 13 (ED#123)
Page 16A, House 300 Burley PRYOR 12/1875 24 TN TN TN, living alone, merchant.
(John & Massy Pryor>William Pryor & Margaret Curry>Thomas Jefferson Pryor & Permelia Talley>Burlington Dority Pryor Burlington Pryor was counted twice on this census. He is counted also as B.B. Pryor living with is father T. J. Pryor in District 10)
Dist. 14 (ED#124)
Page 10B, House 194 Monroe PRYOR 4/1848 52 (32) TN TN TN railroader, Mary C. wife Mar.1853 48 TN TN TN, Ida dau 5/1878 22 TN, John W. son 6/1882 17 TN, Cleveland son 9/1884 15 TN, Burnis son 1/1887 13 TN, Aubrey son 4/1890 10 TN, Joedy S. son 1/1893 7 TN, Rosy gr-dau 2/1898 2 TN (John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor & Mary Odle>Monroe Pryor & Mary Stanson)

1910 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist 10
House 60 James PRYOR 55, Nanny 38, William 28 widow, Robert 24, George
17, Ed 15, Clara 14, Lucy 11, L–? son 4, Annie 2, Connie 1, Mattie gr-dau 6, Zella gr-dau 4 (John Pryor & Massy Taylor>George Pryor & Lucy Jane Chennyworth>James W. Pryor)
House 78 Thomas PRYOR 68, Permelia 71, Matthew <son> 35.
(William Pryor and Margaret Curry>Thomas Pryor and wife Permelia Talley)
House 316 Bulrey PRYOR 25, Gary wife 26, Erma dau. 2
(William Pryor and Margaret Curry>Thomas Pryor>Burllington/Burley Pryor)
House 328 John PRYOR 61, Eugenia 40, Floyd 22, Paul 18, Kate 14, Dewey 9, Owen 8, Alice 6. (Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>John Pryor)
House 335 Tom Gregory 45, Willie <PRYOR> 34, Maynard 7
(William Pryor and Margaret Curry>Thomas Pryor>Willie Ann Pryor Gregory)
(Thomas Maynard Gregory is a son of Tom Gregory and his first wife Elizabeth Pryor, a daughter of Allen L. Pryor)
Dist. 14
House 131 Crockett Odell 52 md2 md 9 years TN TN TN, Annie 42 md2 (8/7), Lillie 26,
Charlie 24, Beulah 22, Bridget 15, Harold 8, Maud 7, Marilu 4, Clarence 3, Artell (f) 1/12. (Crockett is son of Mary Odell, step son of George W. Pryor)
Page 21B, House 470 Mun PRYOR 53 (35) TN TN TN , Mary 58 (35) TN TN TN (8/6), Ida dau 30 TN, John son 26 md 5 yrs TN, Cleave son 24 TN, —? son 21 TN, Joe son 16 TN, Willis dau in law 23 md 5 years (2/2), Monroe gr-son 4 TN, Russell gr-son 7/12
TN. (John Pryor & Massy Taylor>George Pryor & Mary Odell>Monroe Pryor & Mary Stanton)

1920 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist. 9
James M. PRYOR 73 TN, Mary E. 48 wife, Willie M. 10
<James is a son of William Pryor and Margaret Curry Pryor Hunter>
Dist. 10
Page 8A, House 142
Paul PRYOR 28 TN TN TN, Lula wife 27 TN TN TN, Alpha dau 6 TN, Margaret dau 1 7/12 TN, Susie Campbell boarder 46 widow TN TN TN
(John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor & Elizabeth Talley>John Edward Pryor & Genie Hill>Paul Isaac Pryor & Lula Martin)
Page 8B, House 150 Walter  PRYOR 45 TN TN TN, Amelia Ann mother 82 TN VA VA,
Willie Ann Gregory sister 47 TN TN TN, Anna Mae Gregory niece 9 TN
William Pryor & Margaret Curry>Thomas Jefferson Pryor & Permelia Ann Talley>Walter Pryor and sister Willie Pryor Gregory. Willie married Thomas Gregory who had  previously been married to Betty Pryor, a daughter of Allen L. Pryor and Elizabeth Talley)
House 178 John E. PRYOR 69, Gennie 49, Kate 24, —? 16, Russell 11, Owen 9
<John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor and Elizabeth Talley>John Edward Pryor and Eugenia Hill)
House 180 Burlington D. PRYOR 44, Garo Ann 43, Irma 11, Charles Odell 9, Wesley F. 4 (William Pryor and Margaret Curry Pryor Hunter>Thomas Jefferson Pryor>Burlington Pryor)
Page 14A, House 253 Gentle E. PRYOR 25 TN TN TN, Anna Mae wife 18 TN TN TN, Lilliam Belk dau 1/12 TN TN TN <John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor & Lucy Jane Chennyworth, James W. Pryor & Nora Branham>G. Edward Pryor
House 306 James W. PRYOR 69, Nora <Branham> 47, Lucy 20, L. W. (m) 18, Annie G. 15, Connie M. 10, James W. 5 <John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor & Lucy Jane Chennyworth, James W. Pryor>
Dist. 14
Page 7A, House 138 Floid PRYOR 33 TN TN TN, Myrtle wife 26 TN TN TN, Ruby dau 4 3/12 TN, Harold son 3/12 TN. <John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor & Elizabeth
Talley>John Edward Pryor & Eugenia Hill>Floyd Pryor & Myrtle Hall)

Page 16A, Bernice PRYOR male 44 TN TN TN brakeman for railroad, Bessie wife 30 TN TN TN (John & Massy Pryor>George Pryor & Mary Odell>Monore Pryor & Mary
Stanson>Burnis/Bernice Pryor)

House 392 Cleve PRYOR 35 TN TN TN, Willie wife 38 TN TN TN, James 13 son TN , Henry 10 son TN , Gertrude dau 3 4/12 TN. (John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor & Mary Odell>Monroe Pryor & Mary Stanton>Cleveland Pryor)

1930 Census Sumner Co., TN
Civil Dist. 3

Page 13B, William PRYOR 49 (20/16) TN TN TN, Ida wife 40 TN NC TN, Floyd P. son 20 TN, Stella V. dau 15 TN, Henry son 12 TN.
(Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & Lucy Chennyworth>James
W. Pryor & Mary Branham>J. William Pryor & Florence Ida Webb)
Page 30 B. Aubrey PRYOR 39 single TN TN TN jailor at County Jail, WWI vet
(Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & Mary Odell>Monroe Pryor & Mary Stanton>Aubrey Pryor)
Civil Dist. 7
Page 4B James W. PRYOR 74 (22/16) TN TN TN, Martha wife 58 KY TN TN
(Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & Lucy Chennyworth>James W. Pryor )
Civil Dist. 8
Page 5A: Robert L. PRYOR 45 (25/15) TN TN TN, Flora wife 35 TN TN TN, Cecil son 14 TN, Lucy dau 12 TN, Florence dau 9 TN, L.P. son 7 TN, (Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & Lucy Chennyworth>James W. Pryor & Mary Branham> Robert
E. L. Pryor)
Civil Dist. 9
Page 14A: James PRYOR 83 (50/35) TN TN TN, Mary wife 58 TN TN TN, Willie M. dau 18 TN. (Williaim Pryor & Margaret Curry>James M. Pryor)
Civil Dist. 10

House 23 John PRYOR 79 TN TN TN (35/20), Ginnie wife 60 TN TN TN, Russell (f) 20 single TN, Flora Ventreese 84 mother in law TN TN TN (30)
(Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>John Edward Pryor)
House 137 Dewey PRYOR 31 TN TN TN (27/18), Levetta 22 TN TN TN, Edna 3 TN, Odie 1+ TN
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>John Edward Pryor>Dewey Pryor)
House 192 (on Dobbins Pike) George PRIOR 37 TN TN TN (18/15) , Lillie wife 34 TN TN TN, Dentis 15, Milton 10, Odell 8, Emmyleen 4, Adelphus 2, Dan under 1. All children were born in TN.
(Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & Lucy Chennyworth>James W. Pryor & Nora E. Branham> George W. Pryor & Lilah “Lillie” Satterfield)
House 203 Ann PRYOR 92 widow TN TN TN, Walter son 55 TN TN TN. Thomas Gregory son-in-law 55 TN TN TN, Willie daughter 57 TN TN TN (20/22), Annie M. grand-dau 19 TN.
(Ann Pryor is the widow of Thomas Jefferson Pryor, son of William Pryor and Margaret Curry)
(This was a second marriage for Thomas Gregory and also possibly a second marriage for Willie Pryor. Thomas was first married to Betty Pryor a daughter of Allen L. Pryor. Willie was over 35 when she married Thomas Gregory so it is assumed that age 22 was her age for a first marriage. I found a divorce in Sumner Co. dated 1918 between a John W. Pryor and a Willie Pryor. It states they were married 15 years before the divorce.)
Civil Dist. 14
Page 9A: Floyd PRYOR 42 TN TN TN (26/20), Myrtle wife 36 TN TN TN, Ruby dau 14 TN, Harold son 12 TN, Nathan son 10 TN, Wayne son 8 TN, Ruth dau 5 TN, Ezma dau 2 TN
(Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>John Edward Pryor>Floyd Pryor & Myrtle Hall)
Page 12A Joe PRYOR head 38 md 22, TN TN TN, farmer, general farm, Hettie wife 47, md. 15 TN TN TN, Stella dau 24, wd, md. 17, TN, Hershel son 17 TN, Henry son
14 TN, Frances dau 12 TN, Louise Baskerville, gr-dau 5 TN TN TN (Edmund Taylor>Massy Taylor & John Pryor>George Pryor & wife Mrs. Mary Odell>Monroe Pryor & Mary Stanson>Jody “Joe” S. Pryor)

1940 Census Sumner Co., TN
Dist 10, page 212, sheet 1a, house 3 Dewey PRYOR head 41 grade 8, TN. Lavelle wife 31 grade 8 TN, Edna dau 13 grade 5 TN. Otis son 11 grade 5 TN, Marjorie dau 9 grade 1 TN. Mabel dau 7 grade 0 TN. Zunzika? dau 4 grade 0 TN. Rebeckah dau 2 grade 0 TN. (Dewey Pryor , son of John Pryor and a grandson of Allen L Pryor.)
Dist 10, page 212, sheet 1a, house 3 John PRYOR head 88 grade 8 TN, Eugenia wife 69 grade 8 TN, Owen son 39 grade (John Pryor, son of Allen L. Pryor)
Dist 10, Dry Fork Creek, page 218a, sheet 7a house 109
Leonard Lee 32 grade 6 TN. Annie wife 29 grade 8 TN, Betty dau 6 grade 0 TN, Nellie dau 4 grade 0 TN, James son 2 TN, Willie (PRYOR) Gregory mother in law 67 widow grade 8 TN, Walter PRYOR uncle 65 grade 8 TN. (Walter Anderson Pryor and
Willie Ann Pryor Gregory were children of William Pryor and Margaret
Curry Pryor Hunter)

Dist 10, Rockbridge Rd, page 218b, sheet 7b house 113
Lila PRYOR head 44 widow grade 8 TN, Milton son 20 grade 4 TN, Evelyn dau 14 grade 6 TN, Dorothy dau 12 grade 3 TN, Lynard son 10 grade 2 TN, Louise dau 9 TN, Gene dau 7 grade 2 TN, George son 5 grade 5 grade 0 TN.
(Lila Satterfield Pryor, widow of George Washington Pryor, great grandson of John Pryor and Massa Taylor Pryor)

Dist 10, Rutledge Lane, page 221b, sheet 10b, house 167
Ed PRYOR head 45 grade 6 TN, Annie wife 36 grade 6 TN, Mary dau 15 grade H1 TN, Howard son 13 grade 5 TN, Willie son 10 grade 2 TN, Katherine dau 7 grade 1 TN. Eugene son 4 grade 0 TN, Harold son 1 grade 0 TN.