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Samuel Pryor of Montgomery County, TN Also in Mercer County, KY

Pryor Will

I’m not sure Samuel Pryor actual lived in Mercer County, KY or if he was just transacting business there.

Samuel Pryor of Montgomery County, TN, Christian County, KY, and Hardeman County, TN was married to Frances Hooe. Samuel and his brother in law Thomas B. Hooe are named an instrument filed in Mercer County in 1820 (DB 11: 284)

“…bonds was taken by the Sheriff of Mercer County by Virtue of an execution issued from the office of the Mercer Circuit court in the name of Ezekiel Barber assignee against the Estate of said Saml Pryor and which rep9?)n bond is dated the 12th day of November 1819 and is for the total amount of Four hundred and forty eight dollars ten cents payable…”

“…the second which —-? bonds was taken by the said Sheriff by virtue of an execution issued from the same office in the name of Jesse Head against the Estate of the said Saml Pryor and is dated on the said 12th day of november Eighteen hundred & nineteen and is for the total amount of one hundred & three dollars thirty one & one half cent payable with in three months from the date thereof which Interest…”

“…The third of which rep(?)y Bonds was taken by the said Sheriff by virture of an execution (—?) from the said office in the name of David Epperson assignee against the estate of the said Saml Pryor and is dated on the said twelfth day of November Eighteen hundred & nineteen and is for the total amount of Two hundred & sixty eight dollars thirty Eight & half cent payable with Interest thereon within three months from the date there of…”

“…Pryor paid by the said Waugh & Hooe the receipt where of is here by acknowledged hath bargained & sold and by these presents doth Bargain & sell unto them the said Geo L. Waugh and Thomas B. Hooe the heirs & the following described property {to wit} Sam a negro man Slave aged about Twenty five years by profession a Blacksmith, Anthony a negro boy slave twelve years of age and Billy a negro man slave aged about forty years and also a certain Bay stud horse with a blazed face called Tanner. All which Slaves & which horse are now the property of him the said Pryor …”

The witnesses were Richard Sutfield and Robert McCoun


Edward L Pryor of Hempstead County AR and TN

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Tennessee Pryors

All roads lead to Tennessee, right? Looking at the relationship of Charles R Pryor to the Hempstead County Pryors, I ended up looking at Edward L. Pryor again. Why? Because Edward L. Pryor of Hempstead County signed the Executor’s Bond when Charles handled Virginia Pryor‘s estate in 1865. Did he sign as a relative or because he was a neighbor?

Edward L. Pryor b. 1805. Ryburn vs. Pryor filed in Arkansas confirms his father was Samuel Pryor of Montgomery Co., TN. Samuel had 2 other known children (see Samuel B Pryor and Bernard H. Pryor of McCracken County, KY). These other children were born in 1825 and 1835, perhaps they were children from a second marriage.

Samuel was born between 1771 and 1780 when counted on the 1830 Census (Montgomery County, TN)– I told you Tennessee would come into play again! That means he was possibly in his 60’s when he died and a guardian bond was filed for the two young Pryors in 1837.

Edward L. Pryor was on the 1836 Tax List in Hardeman Co., TN. In the same year his father, Samuel’s estate was being handled through the Hardeman County Probate court. Samuel must have died without a will because E. L. Pryor (Edward L?) was appointed the administrator.

Samuel Pryor and Edward Pryor

The probate file also names other Pryors who were heirs: Ann F. Pryor, widow, Richard H. Pryor, Miss Frances A. Pryor, Bernard H Pryor, Miss Attaway E Pryor.

Legatees: Ann F Pryor, Richard H Pryor, Frances A Pryor, Bernard H. Pryor, Miss Attaway Pryor

If Samuel was on the 1830 Census then surely he was on the 1820 Census. I’m thinking he may be the Samuel Pryor who was in Christian County, KY in 1820. The number of whites and slaves counted were very similar with both entries — 8 whites and 13 slaves in 1820, 11 whites and 12 slaves in 1830. Clarksville in Montgomery County is a bit over 30 miles from Hopkinsville, Christian County.

Bernard H Pryor was in Trigg county and counted on the 1850 Census. Samuel’s 1836 probate probably also explains the Bernard’s relationship to the Frances A Pryor age 23 who was living in his household on the 1850 Census — his sister. I’ve wondered if Ann F. Pryor, Samuel’s widow, is the woman who’s buried in Trigg County, KY under the name Frances Ann Pryor d. 1847 (see FindAGrave.com).

Entomb’d beneath this
sacred urn
She lies whom many
children mourn.
Not for her lone but there’s
she gone
To praise er Saviour
at His throne
Where songs of joy
and peace and love
Ever delight the blest above.
— inscription on Frances Ann Pryor’s grave marker

Newsletter #17

More Pryors added to the 1920 Census transcripts of TN. 3 households in Dist. 1 of Overton Co.


Does anyone know how to interpret the cemetery records on Ancestry.com? The book/source information is not present in direct context with the data. I found “William T. Pryor, Revolutionary Soldier, Virginia”. I’d like to clarify where his grave was found. Is it in the Cleveland Family Cemetery in Philadelphia, TN?

FOUND! Jackson Co., TN Pryors… Remarkably another Pryor family has been found on the 1860 Census. Sindarilla Pryor, widow of Allen Pryor from SC appears on the 1850 Census. She has now been found in District 13 of Jackson Co. with several of her children. If you try to find her in Ancestry.com… watch out! She’s indexed as Lindanter Pasc. No wonder it’s so hard to find our kin!


Charlotte Pryor b. 1816 in Mississippi added to the African American section. Read this interesting article to discover her connection to the noted Luke Pryor and his son John Benjamin Pryor of Adams Co., MS.

Did you know… the TN Pryor PDF file is searchable? If you’re using a PC press CTRL F. A pop up window will apear. Type in a word you’d like to search. Try searching by county. You may find some lost kin!

Cornelius Pryor of Hardeman (1860), Davidson (1870) and later Warren (1880) counties in TN has been identified as Cornelius Winter Pryor. He married in Dorset, England in 1844 and appears on the 1841 UK Census of Dorset.