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D’Arcy, Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, etc., etc.

I looking at a surname that may have as many variable spellings as Pryor. Dorsey. Wait. Wait. Also spelled Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, D’Arcy. I’ve run into them before because I have a paper trail that solidly lands me into them (spelled Dorsey by the way) in Maryland during the first decade of the 1800’s. But that’s another line of my family tree and I was looking at Dorseys connected with Pryors.

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John Pryor and Liddy Dossey -1800 Halifax County, VA

Transcription of complaint in Chancery court case filed in 1800 This is possibly the same John and Lydia Pryor who migrated to GA.

To the Worshipful Court of Halifax County Sitting in Chancery
Humbly Complaining shewith to your worships your Orators & Oratrixes William Dossey, Guy Wallace & Charity his wife, Ben Riden & Clarissa his wife, George Wren and Alathea his wife, John Pryor & Liddy his wife, Jarred Dossey, Thomas B. Dossey and Wiley Dossey which said William, Charity, Clarissa, Alathea, Liddy, Jarred, Thomas and Wiley are all the children of a certain Nancy Dossey who will be hereafter mentioned. Also your orators William Brown, John Matthews, and Nancy his wife, James Brown, Lucy Brown, Becky Brown, Lydia Brown, Milly Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Jamima Brown, Russell Brown, Thomas Brown, & Mary Brown, which said last mentioned William, Nancy, James, Lucy, Becky, Lidia, Milly, Elizabeth, Jamina, Russell, Thomas, and Mary are all the children of a certain Lydia Brown hereafter mentioned. That on the 20th day of July 1799 a certain Thomas Beech late of this county made his will and then devised the whole of his estate except the negroes that are freed by his will to be equally divided among the children of his sisters Nancy Dossey and Lydia Brown. That the children of the said Nancy and Lydia sisters of the testator your orators & oratrixes as above described. That the said children are all of age except Lydia, Milly, Elizabeth, Jamima, Russell, Thomas, and Mary Brown that they being under age sue by their next friend Harvey Cook
and the complaint further shew that the estate of the said Thomas Beech so as aforesaid devised has been committed to the hands of a certain Beverly Barksdale of this county who is made defendant to this bill. That the said Beverly is administrator with the will annexed and has taken into his possession the slaves and personal property of the Testator, and has sold the perishable estate more than sufficient to pay the debts of the said estate. The complainant further shew that they have apprized the said administrator for a division and possession of the slaves and the residue of the personal estate after the payment of debts which the admin. has refused giving up, alledging that he will not be safe in so doing without the decree of this court for that purpose and for a division of said estate by commissioner. The complainant therefore pray that commissioners may be appointed to divide and deliver up to the complainants the slaves conveyed to them by the will of the said Thomas Beech together with the lands and residue of his personal estate after the payment of the debts of the said Thomas decd or that your worships would make such further or other decree in the promises as may be agreeable to equity may it please.

Jarred ad Thomas B Dossey are later mentioned in Wilkes Co GA. In “Early Records of Georgia Wilkes County” on Page 218

Jarrett Dossey decd est. Nancy and Thomas B Dossey exers. Returns for 1821 paid for land grant for wid and orphs. Returns for 1823, Nancy Lawson, exec formerly Nancy Dossey.

Rebel Colonel Pryor (b. 1798) Imprisoned in Knoxville, TN in 1863

Richmond Dispatch, 28 October 1863.

After these speeches, Colonel Pryor, an old citizen of Knox, who was under arrest, called on Brownlow, in order to induce him to effect his release from prison. Col. Pryor, who is 65 years of age, was led from prison into Brownlow’s house, expecting to secure his assistance in effecting his release from confinement. For many years he and Brownlow have been intimate friends. When the old man was led into Brownlow’s presence, Brownlow, raving like a madman, –? a pistol, declared that he would murder any scoundrel or rebel who dared to ask a favor of his hands. The guard interposed to save Col. Pryor’s life, and led him back to prison.

This story ID’s W. G. Brownlow. If you haven’t yet figured it out, Brownlow was an “intense Unionist” while editing a Tennessee newspaper during the Civil War. (Editors Make War: Southern Newspapers in the Secession Crisis. By Donald E. Reynolds). The Union had recaptured Tennessee in the fall of 1863 which coincides with the October date which describes Brownlow’s meeting with the “rebel” Col. Pryor.

1850 Census Knoxville, page 107b, house 194, William G. Brownlow 43 editor VA, Eliza A 30 TN, Susan 12 TN, John B 10 TN, James P 8 TN, Mary M 1 TN, William O’Brien 21 printer, Francis Small 18 printer, William Neal 19 printer, Daniel Patton? 17 printer, Susan O’Brian 20, Eliza A Brown 20.

I’m wondering if Brownlow became acquainted with one or more of the Pryors in Knox county through the Methodist Church. I found a reference to W. Brownlow attending a Methodist conference in 1836.

The thirteenth session of the Holston Conference was held at Reems’s Creek, North Carolina, commencing on October 12, 1836–Bishop Andrew presiding; Lewis S. Marshall, Secretary…. B.B. Rogers, A. Woodfin, J. L. Sensibaugh, J. Y . Crawford, J. Pryor, and W. G. Brownlow, located. (History of Methodism in Tennessee: From the Year 1818 to the Year 1840. By John Berry M’Ferrin)

James Pryor of Knox county was a known Methodist minister. He was counted on the 1850 Census in Dallas County, AR at age 60. (Brownlow was counted on the 1850 Census in Knox Count and his age was 43). In 1863 James Pryor would have been 73, not 65, and there’s no evidence that he was in TN during the Civil War.

Another book about Methodism mentions a John Pryor from Maryville who represented the Knox District at a conference in 1831. That could be the John Pryor of Pike county, IL whose son Alfred was born in Knox county in 1833. This John was born about 1797 which would make him about 65 in 1863. It’s conjectured by some researchers that John is a brother of Rev James Pryor of Dallas Co., AR.(Life and Times of Rev. S. Patton: And Annals of the Holston Conference. By David Rice McAnally)

Well, something to mull.

Pryor Logan County, KY and the 1807 Estate in Christian County

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Pryor geography KY and TN map
KY and TN county map – click to enlarge

In an older post I wrote about men named John Pryor Logan Co., KY and Christian County who seem to be connected (Richard and Mourning Pryor: Christian County, KY Tie-In). I looked again at the names in the John Pryor estate filed 1807 in Christian County. If we weren’t sure that the Pryors in Christian County were related to the Pryors in Logan County, then hopefully this Christian County document is a good confirmation of their Logan County residency.

This is an exercise in several project I’m working on that “builds neighborhoods” (looks at Pryor neighbors on early records).  Then looking at maps to see what the geography says. The maps are saying that Christian County, KY existed side by side with Logan County because Todd County was not formed until 1820.

I think what we have in the 1807 estate is a nice way of shedding light on who was living near each other in Logan County and… associating with each other.

So, here are the names on the documents and some information about them.

Robert SharrardRobert Sherrod received a land grant in Logan Co. in 1816 and is on the 1810 and 1820 census in Logan Co., KY. He may be the Revolutionary War soldier who filed for a pension in Todd County (next to Logan Co.) In 1790 he was in Edcombe County, NC.

Elizabeth PRIOR: Possibly the Elizabeth Crawford who married a John Pryor in Logan County, KY in 1803. It’s unknown if she married John Sr. or Jr. because there were both a Sr. and Jr. in Logan County. These men were involved in survey of Richard Pryor property in Logan County in 1796. 

John PRYOR: John Jr. or John Sr. who was in Logan Co., KY. 

Elizabeth Henkman (or possibly Kirkman): See Dunlop below.

James PRYER: My theory is that this is the James B. Pryor who was married to a Rebecca (surname unknown) and lived in Christian County, KY; Stewart County, TN; and Pike Co., IL per her obituary.

John Burdine: ?

Obadiah Dewhit (DeWhitt): Obadiah Dewitt on 1800 Tax List Logan Co., KY

John Bayley (Bailey): Mourning Pryor White was counted on page 175 of 1810 Census, Logan County. John Baily is on page 176.

Vinson Layston: ?

Jacob Dalmaldson (possibly Donaldson?): Jacob Dollason (sic) counted on the 1810 Census in Russellville, Logan County on the same page with Robert Sherrod and Abel Crawford (sic)

Hoxa Boren: Hosea Borren was counted on the 1800 Tax list in Logan County, KY.

James Nunn: James Nunn counted on page 183 in Russellville, Logan County

Able Crawford: Abel (sic) was counted on the 1810 Census in Russellville, Logan County on the same page with Robert Sherrod and Jacob Dollason (sic)

Matthias House: Possibly the man by this name who was the father of Revolutionary War pensioner Adam House (see pension application https://revwarapps.org/r5260.pdf). Adam House served under Bohannon. Remember the Bohannons and the Pryors married and lived near each other in White Co., TN.

William Dunlop: William and Benjamin Dunlop are on the 1810 Census in Christian County, KY. On the line above William Dunlop is James Kirkman (see Elizabeth Kirkman above) and on the next page William Kirkman. Benjamin Dunlop received a land grant in Logan County in 1806. 

Peter Simon: ?

James B Pryor of Stewart Co., TN and Pike Co., IL

I recently posted all the information I have on William Pryor in order of a timeline. Since William and James are mentioned in records together I’m now posting what I have on James.

  • Born 1778 in VA (per 1850 Census in Pike Co., IL) My Notes: If he is related to William Pryor, also of Stewart Co., TN, then James too may be from Botetourt County, VA.
  • 1802 Smith County court order_ William Pryor and James Pryor ordered to lay a road from Lancaster’s Ferry on the Caney Fork River to Walton’s Road.
  • 1809 Tax List Stewart Co.
  • 1812 Guardian Bond in Stewart Co. for orphans of Samson Trammell. William Pryor and James Pryor.
  • 1815 Stewart Co: Alexander Walker made a bastardy bond, with James Pryor & Richard Blanton securities, for keeping an orphan child of Alsey King from becoming a county charge
  • 1818 Land Grant in Stewart Co. The first grant in April assigned to James Pryor 100 acres in 1st District of Stewart Co. on the North side of the Cumberland River. In the barrens of …(not legible).  The second grant in May: James Pryor assignee of Duncan Johnson, Thomas Hickman, and John C. McLemore. 96 and 1/4 acres in the First District in the Barrens of the Cumberland fallons.
  • 1820 Stewart Co., TN census: James Pryor oldest male in his household was 26-44 yrs., born 1776-1794 and a second head of household Mary Pryor.
  • 1820 Stewart Co: James Pryor & Henry Powell vs. Robert Walker, administrator: plaintiffs drop their suit. William H. Henderson & Levi Wimberly testify that the signature of Alexander Walker on a bond given by him to James Pryor & Henry Powell for the conveyance of 2 tracts of land is Walker’s, and that Walker has died
  • 1825 Stewart Co: sale of the estate of Henly Acree by Joseph B. Neville; buyers include Mary Acree, John J. Acree, William Parker, Thomas G. Downs, Josiah Outlaw, Joseph B. Neville, John Fullerton, James Pryor, Berry Hambelton, Thomas Parker, Patience Acree, Hosea Boren, Ezekiel Harrell, Stephen Mallory; rec. August term 1825
  • 1827 Stewart Co. sale of the estate of Benjamin Griffin on 20 Nov 1826; buyers included Penelope Griffin, Jesse Stalls, Caleb Ellis, John Clary, Henry King, Elijah Fletcher, Joseph Griffin, James Pryor, Etheldred Wallace, John Lee, Eaton Wallace, Nathan Stancil, Edward Whitehead, Eli Ross, John Pryor, Nimrod Fletcher
  • 1829 Stewart Co: Appointed overseer of the road beginning at the Cross Roads where John Francis new mill road intersects with the said road to the State line and the following work: Clement Aldrey’s, William Williams, Ricks Henry, Henry E. Gibson, James Pryor, Lawson Pryor, and Mr. Edwards.
  • 1830 Stewart Co., TN census: James Pryor oldest male in his household was 40-49 yrs., born 1781-1790. Other Pryors on the census were Jane, John, and William. My Notes: I suspect William Pryor is the man who was on census records in White Co., Illinois (not TN). William in White Co., IL stated on Civil War records that he was from Stewart Co., TN. Perhaps he is a son of James Pryor.
  • 1832 Stewart Co. administrator’s return of Martin Howard by administrator Alexander Howard, with commissioners William Williams, James Pryor, Henry E. Gibson
  • 1833 Stewart Co:Deed of conveyance from Charles Matheny to Edward W. Moore, 80 acres on oaths of James Pryor and Cartwright Smith.
  • 1834 Stewart Co. sale of Jeptha Morris by administrators Lamuel Morris and William Morris; buyers include Polly Morris, James Tyson, Noah Tyson, William Morris, H. Rorie, Benjamin Morris, L. Williams, James Randolph, Joseph Kenady, L. Sills Sr., Charles Bogard, William Dunbar, R. Bagwell, Willie Baker, T. B. Sills, D. Bayliss, J. Pryor, L. Morris, Charles Matheny; returned Feb. term 1834
  • 1835 Stewart Co: will of Squire Reynolds: wife Cresey Reynolds, children Young Reynolds, Ewin Reynolds, Emaline Reynolds, Lavina Reynolds, Eliza Bailey; executors are George W. Atkins and James Pryor; test: Henry H. Gorin, Nathan Parker; written 31 Jul 1834, proven Aug. term 1835
  • 1836 Stewart Co: Joseph Griffin, James Pryor, indenture bond for orphan William Jobe (age 8); 2 Feb 1836. My note: Is William Jobe related to Caleb Job and Daniel Job who were heirs of Richard (and Mourning) Pryor?
  • 1840 Pike Co., IL census – James Pryor born between 1781 to 1790 with a female slightly older, 2 younger females and a younger male. My Notes: There are other Pryors in Pike Co. who appear to be related to John Pryor b. 1757 who was in Sullivan, Knox, and Jefferson Co., TN. Pike County is on the river as are the counties in which John Pryor lived. His family were boat builders and river pilots.
  • 1849 Notice of Rebecca Pryor’s death published in the Nashville Chirstian Advocate:
    REBECCA PRYOR wife of James Pryor, died Pike Co., Ill., Jan. 7, 1849; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Stewart Co., Tenn., to Pike Co., Illinois. My Notes: I suspect the William Pryor who appeared on records with James up until his departure from Stewart County in 1816 was a relation of James. This William purchased land in Christian County, KY. (see link to information on William at the top of this post).
  • 1850 Census Pike Co IL, James Pryor aged 72 (born 1778), occupation postmaster. Jane Pryor age 24 also in the household.

Possible Children of James Pryor and wife Rebecca – There were 11 children in his household in 1820 AND in 1830 – 6 males, 5 females.

  • Nancy Pryor who married Alfred Blake (b. 1817) in Pike Co., IL in 1841. Nancy deceased by 1850.
  • Sarah Pryor b. 1823 and is on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., IL (married to Moses Conner)
  • Jane Pryor b. 1826 and is on the 1850 Census in James’ household in Pike Co.
  • William Pryor b. 1802 in Sumner Co., son James b. 1825 in Stewart Co. Both lived in White Co., IL.
  • Lawson Pryor b. bef. 1809 – he was ordered to maintain road in Stewart Co. with James Pryor in 1829.
  • Possibly some of the Pryors in Trigg Co., KY, they were born in Stewart Co., TN