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TN Pryor: Wild West Sheriff


Russell August Pryor born 1835 in TN was a real sheriff deputy in the wild west. In 1880 he and his family were recorded in Humbolt County, NV and his occupation was stated as deputy sheriff. Did they really have twins they named Florence and Lawrence? The 1900 Census (below) solves that question… no.

1880 Census Humboldt Co., NV – Winnemucca
Page 269B R. A. PRYOR 46 TN TN TN Deputy Sheriff, Maggie 33 Scot Scot Scot, Edward son 14 CA, Lorance son 12 NV, Florance dau 12 NV, Maggie J. dau 5 NV, Jane Jinerson (sic) mother in law 58 Scot Scot Scot

Santa Rosa Mountains

“Santa Rosa Range, NV 2008” by Zack Sheppard from San Francisco, USA – FlickrUploaded by PDTillman. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Santa_Rosa_Range,_NV_2008.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Santa_Rosa_Range,_NV_2008.jpg

Deputy Pryor got his name in the paper, praising his efforts track down a thief.

GOT HIS MAN. On the first inst. a man stole a watch and a sum of money in Winnemucca, and disappeared. Officer R. A. Pryor, of that town, took charge of the matter and followed the fellow so persistently that he could not escape, and the officer came upon him in Truckee ten days after…
(Nevada State Journal (Reno Nevada). 13 October 1878)

Sometime in the 1880’s Russell moved his family to CA. He started appearing on the California Voter Registrar in 1886 as Russell Augusts Pryor born 1835. By 1900 Russell Pryor and his family had moved to CA

1900 Census San Francisco, CA
ED#179, page 301A. 660 Broderick St., house154/219 Russell A. PRYOR Aug. 1835, 64, md. 30 TN TN TN watchman (day), Margaret wife Mar. 1850, 50, 4 children/4 living Scotland Scotland, Scotland, Laurence W. son Feb. 1870, 30, NV, Florence dau Sept. 1871, 28, NV, Margaret dau Sept. 1876, 23 NV.

His obituary confirms he died in 1906. I tried to figure out his birth date… I’m miserable at these types of calculations. Was his birthday 4 October 1835? If you’re tracing this line, there’s good news– there’s a death record in California.

PRYOR – In this city. March 11, Russell A. Pryor, beloved husband of Margaret M. Pryor, and father of L. W., E. R. and Miss M. Pryor and Mrs. C. W. Conlisk, a native of Tennessee. aged 71 years, 6 months, and 25 Days. Remains at the parlors of N. Gray & Co. 612 and 614 Van Ness avenue. between Golden Gate avenue and Turk street.
San Franciso Chronicle (San Franciso, CA. 12 Mar 1906)

I think Russell Pryor is the one Russell Pryor who was on the 1850 Census in Missouri:

1850 Bates Co., MO
Page 259B. House 424. William Pryor 59 TN, Elizabeth 22 MO, Russell 15 TN, James 17 TN

It’s speculated that Russell’s father, William,  is one of the sons of William Pryor of White County, TN who migrated to Missouri in the 1840’s.

I also think he’s the R. A. Pryor living in Mud Springs, California in 1860. This was after the Goldrush but men were still working as miners in Northern California. I looked up the Donner Party (you know that ill-fated immigration through the High Sierras in winter) and Russell’s friend Patrick Donner is not listed among them.

1860 Census, El Dorado Co., CA
Mud Springs, Page 980B, House 2367 G.H.H. Forester 45 miner MA, Patrick Donner 47 miner Ireland, R. A. PRYOR (male) 26 miner TN.

I think from MO he went to CA. His son Edwin Russell Pryor was born in Placerville, CA (Placer County) in 1866 (California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1895-1985). His daughter, Florence born 1868, has a stated place of birth as NV on census records. I’m wondering what he did during the Civil War.

1870 Census, Nye Co., NV
Page 238, Belmont, Twp., house 3 R. A. PRYOR 35 ranchman TN, Margaret 24 keeping house Scotland, Edwin 4 CA, L. W. 2 NV, F. J. 10/12 NV

Delaware Pryors


From The Pennsylvania Packet, published in Philadelphia (February 7, 1774):

Philadelphia, Feb. 7. MARRIED. VINCENT LOCKERMAN, Esq. of Dover, to Miss BETSEY PRYOR, the youngest daughter of Mr. John Pryor of the same place. Mr. BENJAMIN GIBBS, Merchant, to Miss HANNAH SHEWELL, both of this city.

The Lockermans are mentioned again in John Pryor’s will

1782 Will – Kent County – Will of John PRYOR. Heirs are wife Elizabeth, son John, son Abraham, daughter Hannah Barns (William Barns dec’d), Elizabeth Lockerman (Vincent Lockerman), grand-daughter Elizabeth Lockerman, grandson John Pryor Barns. Probate in 1785.

Why the interest in Delaware? I think part of this line or other Pryors from DE made their way to TN (read post Old Joseph of White Co., TN – Here’s the Monkey Wrench). The Barns or Barnes surname should be of interest because John Pryor and Ruth Sherrill’s son William married Rachel Barnes (probably after 1820 in White Co., TN. Read post TN Pryor DNA: New Results Shed Light on Williamson Co., Greene Co., and Jackson Co.)

Hope this helps the folks researching this line or lines.

Scipio Africanus Pryor of Benton Co., AR — Back to TN?

scipio-africanusBack to the TN Pryor named for the Roman General who defeated Hanibal. Is anyone looking for Scipio Africanus Pryor of Benton County, AR?  Scipio is one of the Pryors on my “mystery” list. He seemed to have come out of no-where when he shows up in Arkansas records. No kin living in the same county nor any living near by. (Photo above of the Roman named Scipio by Shakko at http://commons.wikimedia.otrg/wiki/User:Shakko)

Scipio Pryor, his wife and several of his children were buried in the small Goad Springs Cemetery in Benton Co.  The death records of several of his children state their mother was Sallie Colville (born 1820) in TN.

Ann Colville b. 1802 is buried in the same cemetery. Her grave marker states she was the wife of Joseph Colville.  Ann was already widowed by 1850—she was a head of household in Osage Twp., Benton County (page 69) and Ann was born in TN.

There’s a Joseph Colville in TN records.  I’m not sure if this is Ann’s husband. He seems more than a bit older than her.  TN land grant No. 6591 recorded that Joseph Colville assigned his land on Hickory Creek near the line of Thomas Wilcher to Elisha Pepper on 10 Jan 1815. I wonder if this was the same Thomas Wilcher of Warren Co. who was on the 1812 Tax List near Joseph Pryor and later on a suit in White County, TN with William Pryor. This is the same Joseph and William Pryor I mentioned in a post back in February (read Old Joseph of White Co., TN – Here’s the Monkey Wrench)

In 1844 S. A. Pryor (Scipio Africanus) is named on a Benton Co., AR deed with James Hubbard in deed book A, page 359. I haven’t had reason to believe this is my line, so I haven’t obtained the actual deed. There may be some good reading there a Pryor researcher from this line.

James Hubbard on the deed intrigued me, so I took a look at him too. I found some information online — http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/h/e/Dena-J-Chester/GENE14-0002.html. He also lived near Goad Springs and had lived in Warren County, TN! James Hubbard was on the 1850 Census in Osage Twp., age 77 born in NC.

It’s enough to give a girl an ulcer. I found grant No. 430 in Warren Co. filed 13 June 1809 for James Hubbard. Across the screen was deed No. 424 filed the same date for…. Here goes… DAVID ROSS whose property it states bordered “Hubbard’s Corner”. Just search David Ross on this site— I can’t keep tract of how many times he shows up among the Pryors!

This doesn’t tie up the family tree in a nice bundle, more work needs to be done. I can’t tell you if Joseph and William of Warren County were related or if there were 2 Pryor families in Warren County at that time. I can’t tell you if David Ross was associated with just Joseph, just William or BOTH. I also can’t tell you if Scipio Africanus Pryor was associated with just Joseph, just William or BOTH.

There are male Pryors of Joseph’s line who went to Illinois and probably some males from Scipio’s line that went to AR and later TX. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one male from each line did Y-DNA testing?

If you’re related to these lines — I’m interested if you’d pulled the deeds for the sale of the Warren County property and the AR land deed for Scipio and James Hubbard.

I think this line will get interesting!

James B Pryor of Stewart Co., TN and Pike Co., IL

I recently posted all the information I have on William Pryor in order of a timeline. Since William and James are mentioned in records together I’m now posting what I have on James.

  • Born 1778 in VA (per 1850 Census in Pike Co., IL) My Notes: If he is related to William Pryor, also of Stewart Co., TN, then James too may be from Botetourt County, VA.
  • 1802 Smith County court order_ William Pryor and James Pryor ordered to lay a road from Lancaster’s Ferry on the Caney Fork River to Walton’s Road.
  • 1809 Tax List Stewart Co.
  • 1812 Guardian Bond in Stewart Co. for orphans of Samson Trammell. William Pryor and James Pryor.
  • 1815 Stewart Co: Alexander Walker made a bastardy bond, with James Pryor & Richard Blanton securities, for keeping an orphan child of Alsey King from becoming a county charge
  • 1818 Land Grant in Stewart Co. The first grant in April assigned to James Pryor 100 acres in 1st District of Stewart Co. on the North side of the Cumberland River. In the barrens of …(not legible).  The second grant in May: James Pryor assignee of Duncan Johnson, Thomas Hickman, and John C. McLemore. 96 and 1/4 acres in the First District in the Barrens of the Cumberland fallons.
  • 1820 Stewart Co., TN census: James Pryor oldest male in his household was 26-44 yrs., born 1776-1794 and a second head of household Mary Pryor.
  • 1820 Stewart Co: James Pryor & Henry Powell vs. Robert Walker, administrator: plaintiffs drop their suit. William H. Henderson & Levi Wimberly testify that the signature of Alexander Walker on a bond given by him to James Pryor & Henry Powell for the conveyance of 2 tracts of land is Walker’s, and that Walker has died
  • 1825 Stewart Co: sale of the estate of Henly Acree by Joseph B. Neville; buyers include Mary Acree, John J. Acree, William Parker, Thomas G. Downs, Josiah Outlaw, Joseph B. Neville, John Fullerton, James Pryor, Berry Hambelton, Thomas Parker, Patience Acree, Hosea Boren, Ezekiel Harrell, Stephen Mallory; rec. August term 1825
  • 1827 Stewart Co. sale of the estate of Benjamin Griffin on 20 Nov 1826; buyers included Penelope Griffin, Jesse Stalls, Caleb Ellis, John Clary, Henry King, Elijah Fletcher, Joseph Griffin, James Pryor, Etheldred Wallace, John Lee, Eaton Wallace, Nathan Stancil, Edward Whitehead, Eli Ross, John Pryor, Nimrod Fletcher
  • 1829 Stewart Co: Appointed overseer of the road beginning at the Cross Roads where John Francis new mill road intersects with the said road to the State line and the following work: Clement Aldrey’s, William Williams, Ricks Henry, Henry E. Gibson, James Pryor, Lawson Pryor, and Mr. Edwards.
  • 1830 Stewart Co., TN census: James Pryor oldest male in his household was 40-49 yrs., born 1781-1790. Other Pryors on the census were Jane, John, and William. My Notes: I suspect William Pryor is the man who was on census records in White Co., Illinois (not TN). William in White Co., IL stated on Civil War records that he was from Stewart Co., TN. Perhaps he is a son of James Pryor.
  • 1832 Stewart Co. administrator’s return of Martin Howard by administrator Alexander Howard, with commissioners William Williams, James Pryor, Henry E. Gibson
  • 1833 Stewart Co:Deed of conveyance from Charles Matheny to Edward W. Moore, 80 acres on oaths of James Pryor and Cartwright Smith.
  • 1834 Stewart Co. sale of Jeptha Morris by administrators Lamuel Morris and William Morris; buyers include Polly Morris, James Tyson, Noah Tyson, William Morris, H. Rorie, Benjamin Morris, L. Williams, James Randolph, Joseph Kenady, L. Sills Sr., Charles Bogard, William Dunbar, R. Bagwell, Willie Baker, T. B. Sills, D. Bayliss, J. Pryor, L. Morris, Charles Matheny; returned Feb. term 1834
  • 1835 Stewart Co: will of Squire Reynolds: wife Cresey Reynolds, children Young Reynolds, Ewin Reynolds, Emaline Reynolds, Lavina Reynolds, Eliza Bailey; executors are George W. Atkins and James Pryor; test: Henry H. Gorin, Nathan Parker; written 31 Jul 1834, proven Aug. term 1835
  • 1836 Stewart Co: Joseph Griffin, James Pryor, indenture bond for orphan William Jobe (age 8); 2 Feb 1836. My note: Is William Jobe related to Caleb Job and Daniel Job who were heirs of Richard (and Mourning) Pryor?
  • 1840 Pike Co., IL census – James Pryor born between 1781 to 1790 with a female slightly older, 2 younger females and a younger male. My Notes: There are other Pryors in Pike Co. who appear to be related to John Pryor b. 1757 who was in Sullivan, Knox, and Jefferson Co., TN. Pike County is on the river as are the counties in which John Pryor lived. His family were boat builders and river pilots.
  • 1849 Notice of Rebecca Pryor’s death published in the Nashville Chirstian Advocate:
    REBECCA PRYOR wife of James Pryor, died Pike Co., Ill., Jan. 7, 1849; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Stewart Co., Tenn., to Pike Co., Illinois. My Notes: I suspect the William Pryor who appeared on records with James up until his departure from Stewart County in 1816 was a relation of James. This William purchased land in Christian County, KY. (see link to information on William at the top of this post).
  • 1850 Census Pike Co IL, James Pryor aged 72 (born 1778), occupation postmaster. Jane Pryor age 24 also in the household.

Possible Children of James Pryor and wife Rebecca – There were 11 children in his household in 1820 AND in 1830 – 6 males, 5 females.

  • Nancy Pryor who married Alfred Blake (b. 1817) in Pike Co., IL in 1841. Nancy deceased by 1850.
  • Sarah Pryor b. 1823 and is on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., IL (married to Moses Conner)
  • Jane Pryor b. 1826 and is on the 1850 Census in James’ household in Pike Co.
  • William Pryor b. 1802 in Sumner Co., son James b. 1825 in Stewart Co. Both lived in White Co., IL.
  • Lawson Pryor b. bef. 1809 – he was ordered to maintain road in Stewart Co. with James Pryor in 1829.
  • Possibly some of the Pryors in Trigg Co., KY, they were born in Stewart Co., TN

Revised Chart for Old Joseph Pryor… One More Link

Revised Old Joseph Pryor Chart

One little refinement of the my doodles to keep up with Joseph Pryor of White Co. and Greene Co., TN (see last post). I added a link to the right of the chart (see yellow arrow in image). It’s meant to show the connection between Robert Armstrong and John Pryor. These folks look like they’re linked up through both people and places