Two More Immigrant Pryors

It’s not often that we find early Pryors entering the U.S., so happy to pass on information of two (or is it three?) Pryors who arrived more than 200 years ago.

In Charleston, SC…

1786 Ad for Sarah Pryor, At No. 40, Elliott-street, Begs leave to inform the Ladies, that she has a great variety of the newest fashions from London in the Mantua-making business; she also makes Italian cosoys and German jackets on the most reasonable terms. October 11th, 1786.
Charleston Morning Post (Charleston, SC) 11 October 1786

1786 Ad for Adam Pryor, Pastry Cook and Confectioner, (From London,) At No. 40, Elliott-street, opposite the Printing Office, Performs the Art of Cookery in all its variety, particularly after the French and English modes–receives orders for and dispatches dinners any time between 12 and 3 o’clock–An will be happy in receiving commands in his line from ladies and gentlemen of the city, which they may rest assured will be punctually complied with.
Charleston Morning Post (Charleston, SC) 17 June 1786

1786 Marriage – MARRIED. Mr. Adam Pryor, to Miss Sarah Folks, both of this City. Charleston Morning Post (Charleston, SC) 28 July 1786

1787 Ad for Adam Pryor, Pastry Cook and Confectioner, Having taken that well situated House, No. 126, Broad-street, will open on Monday next, An ORDINARY, where gentlemen or select companies may be furnished with all kinds of soups, relishes, dinners, &c. &c. on the most reasonable terms. Orders for dinners &c. to be sent out, will be carefull complied with.
Charleston Morning Post (Charleston, SC) 22 February 1787.

Did he go to New York?

Daily Advertiser (New York, NY), 18 May 1789

In Baltimore, MD…

1805 Ad – Edward Pryor, Callico Dyer, from London, begs leave to inform the merchants and store-keepers of Baltimore, that since his arrival he has dyed many hundred yards of damaged and other Manchester goods for some of the principal importers of this city…”
Federal Gazette & Baltimore Daily Advertiser (Baltimore, MD) 27 August 1805.