1850 Agricultural Census

I was able to glean some TN Pryor names from the US 1850 Agricultural Census.

Here’s the key to how the info is presented

Col. #1 – Name of owner
Col. #2 – Acres of Improved Land
Col. #3 – Acres of Unimproved Land
Col. #4 – Cash Value of the Farm
Col. #5 – Value of Farm Implements and Machinery
Col. #13 – Value of Livestock

Living in Overton County, TN
Overton Pryor –, –, –, 10, 85
Was Overton Pryor’s land worthless or did he just choose not to share the value with the “revenuers”?

Living in Montgomery County, TN
Henry Pryor 50, 50, 800, 100, 800
There’s no Henry Pryor on the 1850 Census in this county.  Any idea of who he is?

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