Cuts 2 DNA Tests – How to Transfer DNA Data

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On 6/5/2014 sent out an email to users to announce that they are discontinuing the male Y-DNA tests and female mtDNA tests. They will not longer be selling these tests. They will no longer be offering support for these tests and the way I understand it — in September if you’ve paid for a test you will no longer be able to see your matches.  It will all be gone.


Please note this email said their AncestryDNA product WILL continue to be sold and supported.

People who’ve tested through Ancestry have the option of downloading their male Y-DNA tests or their mtDNA tests and moving them to another company.  Apparently in response to the Ancestry announcement, Family Tree DNA ( posted special discounted pricing for  people who want to move their DNA data to FTDNA.


If you decide to continue your Pryor DNA research by moving your data to FTDNA, it’s recommended that your join the Pryor surname project where you can compare your test results with other Pryors in the project.  Here’s the link to join the surname project and order a transfers (33 marker and 46 marker test transfers are at the bottom of the page).

I’m the administrator of the FTDNA Pryor project. I am not a DNA expert, however if you have questions on which FTDNA product to select or how the transfer process works, please feel free to contact me.


1. Login to your account (Do not use the Google Chrome browser as AncestryDNA web pages have problems working on that browser)

2. In the top menu select DNA and click the Y-DNA and mtDNA link

3. There’s an orange button in the center of the screen that says “Learn about the new test” scroll past that. On the right side of the screen you’ll see “Download all Y results” and “Download all MtDNA results”. Select the link for the test you would like to download.

4. When you click the proper link a file will download onto your computer. Save it to a folder where you can find it again on your computer. This is the file you will UPLOAD to


It may take a few weeks for your transfer to complete at While waiting, be sure you have done your basic genealogy research: order your birth certificate, father’s birth record and grandfather’s birth record (go as far back as the records are available). Order death records for your male Pryor line and marriage records.

So, now you’re waiting for FTDNA and perhaps for some records– take the time to be sure your profile is complete on your FTDNA account. Look on the left side of your profile — does it confirm you’re in the Pryor project? (it’s an orange link)

When FTDNA has completed processing your transfer, your test results will be compared with other tests in the project and placed in a family sub-group. It’s likely that if your test matches to someone in the group, you will be contacted by other testers to welcome you into the group and to facilitate the exchange of family tree information. 

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