Attempted Pryor Murder in Mississippi Swamp

An Attempt to Assassinate W. L. Pryor.
(Special to the Picayune.)
Mico., Miss., via Laurel, Miss. Jan. 30.–An attempt to assassinate Mr. W. L. Pryor was made last night near here. He was coming from Laurel about 11 o’clock, and while passing through Tallahoma swamp, was fired on at close range by some parties concealed behind a fallen treetop. The ball knocked a cigarette out of his mouth. It is not known what the object of the attempted assassination is, as it is not known that Mr. Pryor had an enemy in the county. Mr. Pryor is the correspondent of the Picayune at this place.
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). 31 Jan 1896.

The Laurel Ledger reported in 1909 that W. L. Pryor was appointed as a “special agent for the United States government” for the purpose of collection of crop statistics. He was recorded on census records as a cotton specialist.

W. L. Pryor born 1875 is on the 1910 Census in Jones County, MS. His place of birth, as well as his parents, was recorded as MS. His full name is recorded as William L. Pryor on the 1940 Census.

I haven’t been able to pin down his place of birth or parents as there are no records before 1896. One lead is Eliza Jane Brady Pryor b. 1838 who is buried in the same cemetery as W. L. Pryor. Perhaps she was his mother. She had a son recorded as William J. Pryor on the 1880 Census in East Feliciana Parish, LA.  However Eliza was born in NY and she was the widow of William K Pryor who’s place of birth was stated as Ireland when queried on his children’s census records. The parents places of birth don’t jive with Mississippi which W. L. stated on all census records.

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