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Pryor Surname in Veracruz Mexico is offering a free trial of the 1930 Mexico Census today. !Esta es la dia a buscar de los Pryors in Mexico!

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I couldn’t resist looking for Pryors.  Not a “Pryor”, not even a “Praya” as was the Spanish spelling adopted by Nathanial Miguel Pryor in Alta California. No Pryor, however in 1930 there were people named “Prior” in Veracruz Mexico.

Raymundo P. Martinez 43 and wife Francisca Marin de Prior 32 were married in a civil ceremony, both were born in Veracruz, and both were Catholic. Their children were Raul Prior Marin 17, Regina Prior Marin 12, Refuto? Prior Marin 9.

Still in Veracruz, there’s another Prior household: Enedina Martinez V. de Prior 68 widow, Domaciana Prior 23 single, Luzaro Prior 15.

And counted next to them Buhman? P. Martinez 48 married in the church and in a civil ceremony, Genoveva Ortega de Prior 30, Emma Prior 23, Antonio Prior 4, Mario Prior 2, Maria Forres? 50, Eugenia Campo 45, Policarpo? Orillano 4.

And counted right after the above, yet another Prior family. Hermila Prior 35 single, Nereo Cerecido? 8, Elvia Cerecido? 6, Juana Hernandez 23 single, Josefa Vasques 12

And also in Veracruz: Simon Garcia 78, Josefa Prior Martinez 45, Simon H. Garcia 22 single, Leoncio Prior Martinez 20 single. The marital status checked for Simon and Josefa is “union libre”, perhaps this was like a common law marriage.

The last Prior household is Isaias Lechuga 27, Carmen Prior Martinez 25, Emelina Lechuga 2.

All of these Priors were born in the state of Veracruz Mexico (located on the Gulf of Mexico, north of the Yucatan peninsula).

I found one other Prior outside of Veracruz Mexico – yet they were born there. Living in Tamaulipas (the state to the north of Veracruz) Reymundo Cuervo 24, Felronio? Cuervo 21 born in Veracruz, Antonia Prior de Cuervo 41 born in Pachuca in the state of Hidalgo. Antonia was married in both the church and in a civil ceremony. Reymundo and Felronio? were recorded as both single, so they may be Antonia’s children.

Any idea how the Prior name got into Mexico?

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