Charles McClung on the American Frontier

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Charles McClung is mentioned in Kanawha County, VA– more precisely with George Clendenning’s fort that began the settlement of Charleston, WV (see researcher’s post). McClung, Clendenning, and 3 Pryors were recorded on the 1792 Kanawha Tithetables.

Joseph Carroll
Geo. Clendenin
Wm. Clendenin
Alex. Clendenin
Shadrack Harriman (married to Susannah Pryor, probably daughter of William Pryor of Amherst County, VA)
John Jones
Chas. McClung
Leonard Morris
Abner Pryor
Allen Pryor
Wm. Pryor

There’s record of Allen Prior (the man from Connecticut?) meeting with Clendenning and McClung in 1793.

Jan 27th, 1793 – George Clendenin to the Governor (of VA). Clendening wrote the governor concerning two scouts that were appointed to protect the garrison in Kanawha from Indian attach. The Scouts were Charles McClung and Lewis Newton. Clendenin sent the Governor a certificate of service to sign for the scouts. Allen PRIOR brought him the certificate and request for payment to the scouts. [Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts]

Earlier in the same month, Clendenning was recorded with the name William Pryor:

Jan. 1st, 1793 – Information from Col. Clendenin, Major Clendinin, and co. received Col. Donnelly (Donnally?) and Watkins. Received from Capt. John Morriss, from Capt. W. Morris, Leonard Morris, William Pryor, Joseph Carroll, and John Jones, with all their people,were at one time collected at Will. Morrisses–some continued two weeks some 6 some, 3 weeks.

In 1809 a  Charles McClung comes up again when a William Pryor was deeded…

35 acres on waters of the Indian Fork of Poplar Creek in Roane Co., TN Beginning on Charles McClung’s 3,000-acre tract…corner to Michael Hosstlar’s 25-acre survey…near foot of Waldens Ridge.

I have to wonder if this William Pryor mentioned in the Kanawha was the same man in Roane Co., TN or were names over-lapping as people moved into the frontier.