A Colorado Pryor Goes On A Mesmerizing Treasure Hunt

Here’s an old news story that includes a Pryor.


Denver Police Disperse Crowd Digging Near Platte River

Denver, Oct. 27
Police were called upon to suppress a riot among several hundred persons attracted to a point along the Platte river by a report that treasure had been buried there.

A M Pryor, real estate agent, with another man and a woman were responsible for the stampede. They began digging yesterday and were arrested. Pryor, who is an amateur hypnotist, used the woman and man as mediums to direct him to the alleged “treasure hole.”

Today hundreds of persons assembled to finish the work begun by the trio.

The Evening Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) on October 27, 1914

There were 3 different men who went by the name A. M. Pryor who lived in Colorado at about the same time.

Archibald M. Pryor born about 1846 was the son of David Christopher Pryor. His brother, Ike Pryor, was a wealthy Texas rancher. This Archibald was in Huerfano County as early as 1885 and drops off the records around 1906.

The second man was Archibald M Pryor born about 1876-1877 in TN– He was the son of Archibald born in 1846. He was on Colorado census records from 1900 through 1920 when he was living in Denver.

Austin M Pryor born 1853 in MO was the son of Bennett Pryor. He was in Colorado as early as 1884 through the 1910 Census. His occupation changed from miner to ranch man between census records.

I wonder if A M was really practicing hypnotism or if this was some kind of dowsing or divining rod technique applied to searching for ore.

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