Nottinghamshire, England

1859 Bankruptcy – “The bankrupt Alfred PRIOR, examined, said his father had carried on the business of shipbroker at Newcastle 12 years, and that of coal merchant 30 years. He died in 1840 (1849?), and they (the bankrupts) succeded him. Their father did a very large business. In 1849 ge (the bankrupt) was about 24 years of age. In 1856 there was a change in the directiors of the Eastern Counties Railway, when the carriage of coal was raised 25 per cent. This had prejudically affected their (bankrupts’) trade. The increased charge for carriage countinued till their stoppage. Their brother, Jonathan PRIOR was now an unsecured creditor for 4,000l., and Mr. North of Nottinghamshire, one of the assignees, a creditor for 6,000l., had expressed a favourable opinion of their (bankrupts’) conduct. At some of their coal stations they had realised a profit.” (The Times, London, 31 Dec 1859)